Thirty Years Among the Dead



Dr. Carl Wickland









































CHAPTER I -- Inter-Relationship of the Two Worlds

THE reality of an invisible world surrounding the physical world is for
many difficult to comprehend, since the mind sphere is often limited to the
visible and tangible; however, it requires but little thought to realize the
constant change of matter as it occurs in three forms, solid, liquid and
gaseous, in its range back and forth between the visible and invisible.

Visible nature is but the invisible, the Real, made manifest through a
combination of its elements; science informs us that fully ninety-five per
cent of vegetation is derived out of the air, or atmosphere. Is not mankind
living at the bottom of an invisible ocean, the atmosphere, which is even
more important to physical existence than any of the visible physical
substances, since life can continue but a few moments out of it?

Nitrogen gas, constituting the greater bulk of the atmosphere, enters
vitally into vegetable and animal growth and existence. Hydrogen and oxygen
gases are constantly changing from a state of invisible vapor to visible and
solid form. Carbon offers another example of similar transformation. Sounds,
odors, the thermic law of heat and cold. and multitudes of other phenomena,
ranging from the infinitesimal electron to the energy which moves the planets
and suns, are all intangible, invisible factors.

All activities, whether chemical, vital or mental, operate invisibly, as
observed in chemical affinity, in energy, in plant life, in animal life, in
intelligence and mentalization. So in every department of our manifest
physical nature it is evident that all elements have their root and permanence
in the invisible. The invisible is the source of the visible.

Thus when we realize that the objective is only a combination of
invisible substances and forces, the existence of an unseen world is readily
comprehensible. Considering the wonderful advancement of science into the
field of nature's finer forces, it is inconceivable that any thinking mind can
fail to recognize


the rationale of the independent existence of the human spirit apart for the
physical body. No subject has been better authenticated through the ages and
in all literature than that of spirit existence and a future life.

Fiske, the historian, says: "Among all races of men, as far as can now be
determined, ancestor worship" (contact with the spirits of the departed) "was
the earliest form of worship. . . . prevailing in Africa, Asia, China, Japan,
among the Aryans of Europe and the American Indian tribes."

Allen, in his "History of Civilization" writes: "Rude tribes the world over
are found to have ideas of a human soul, a spirit world, and generally a belief
in immortality. Savages consider the next life simply a continuation of this;
they also recognize an other self which has mysterious powers. Death is the
abandoning of the body by this mysterious other self, which is conceived of
as still existing in the near neighborhood. The loves and hates of this world
are transferred to the spirit world."

Confucius said: "Bemoan not the departed with excessive grief. The dead
are devoted and faithful friends; they are ever associated with us."

The writers of classic times-Socrates. Herodotus, Sophocles, Euripides,
Plato, Aristotle, Horace, Virgil, Plutarch, Josephus, Maximus of Tyre-
repeatedly refer to spirit existence as a well known fact. Cicero wrote: "Is not
almost all heaven filled with the human? Those very gods themselves had
their original here below, and ascended from hence into heaven."

That early Christianity recognized spirits is too well authenticated in the
writings of St. Anthony, Tertullian, Origen and their contemporaries to
require emphasis.

The Bible is replete with references to spirit existence. "We also are
compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses." Heb. 12:1. "Beloved,
believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they are of God." 1 John
4:1. "The spirits of just men made perfect." Heb. 12:23. "There is a natural
body and there is a spiritual body . . . First that which is natural, and
afterward that which is spiritual." 1 Cor. 15:44, 46. Many other similar
biblical citations might be given.

Swedenborg contributed volumes on this subject. Dr. Samuel Johnson
said: "I do not believe in spirits-I have seen too many of them."

John Wesley wrote in "The Invisible World": "It is true that the English
in general-indeed most of the men of learning in Europe-have given up all
accounts of witches and apparitions as


mere old wives' fables. I am sorry for it, and I willingly take this opportunity
to offer my solemn protest against this violent compliment which so many
that believe in the Bible pay to those who do not believe it. Such belief is in
direct opposition, not only to the Bible, but to the suffrage of the wisest and
best of men in all ages and nations. They well know that the giving up of
witchcraft is in effect giving up the Bible."

That psychic phenomena occurred at the house of Mr. Samuel Wesley,
father of Rev. John Wesley, at Epworth, and continued with noises and
disturbances of various kinds for many months, is well known.

Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth, Tennyson, Longfellow, and many other
poets wrote with profound understanding of the continued existence of man.

We are all familiar with the convincing results of the psychical
research work of modern scientists, philosophers, ministers, physicians,
psychologists and other investigators-Prof. Crookes, Alfred Wallace, Sir
Oliver Lodge, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rev. R. J. Campbell, Archdeacon
Colley, Rev. Newton, Rev. Savage, W. T. Stead, Camille Flammarion, Dr.
Baraduc, Dr. Janet, Prof.Richet, Cesare Lombroso, Dr. Hodgson,
Dr. I. K. Funk, Prof. James, Prof. Hyslop, Dr. Carrington and many others.

Dr. Thomas J. Hudson, author of "The Law of Psychic Phenomena,"
wrote: "The man who denies the phenomena of spiritualism today is not
entitled to be called a skeptic, he is simply ignorant."

The Rev. Dr. George M. Searle, Rector of the Catholic Church of St.
Paul the Apostle, New York City, said: "The reality of the existence of
spirits in modern spiritism is no longer an open question, even among 
scientific men who have examined the subject. Any one who considers 
the manifestation of them as mere humbug, trickery or delusion, is
simply not up to date."

"In our times no one denies the real existence of spiritualistic facts,
except a few who live with their feet on the earth and their brains in
 the moon," wrote G. G. Franco, S. J., in "Civilta Cattolica." 
"Spiritistic phenomena are external facts which fall within the range 
of the senses and can easily be observed by all, and when such facts
are attested by so many well informed and credible witnesses, it is
useless, as well as foolish and ridiculous, to fight against proved evidence.
The facts remain assured, even for reasonable men."

The spiritual world and the physical world are constantly intermingling;
the spiritual plane is not a vague intangibility but


is real and natural, a vast zone of refined substance, of activity and
progress, and life there is a continuation of life in the physical world. On the
physical plane of expression the soul obtains knowledge through experience
and contact with objective things, and intelligence finds itself by manifesting
through physical organs; in the spiritual plane progression of the individual
continues, the mind unfolding along lines of reason, through spontaneity of
service, the attainment and appreciation of high ideals and an ever broadening
conception of life's purpose.

The change called "death,"-the word is a misnomer-universally regarded
with gloomy fear, occurs so naturally and simply that the greater number,
after passing out of the physical are not aware that the transition has been
made, and having no knowledge of a spiritual life they are totally
unconscious of having passed into another state of being. Deprived of their
physical sense organs, they are shut out from the physical light, and lacking,
a mental perception of the high purpose of existence, these individuals are
spiritually blind and find themselves in a twilight condition-the "outer
darkness" mentioned in the Bible-and linger in the realm known as the Earth

Death does not make a saint of a sinner, nor a sage of a fool. The
mentality is the same as before and individuals carry with them their old
desires, habits, dogmas, faulty teachings, indifference or disbelief in a future
life. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Prov. 23:7.

Assuming spirit forms which are the result of their thought life on earth,
millions remain for a time in the earth sphere, and often in the environment
of their earth lives, still held by their habits or interests. "Where your
treasure is there will your heart be also. Matt. 6:21.

Those who have progressed to the higher spirit world ever endeavor to
enlighten these earthbound spirits, but the latter, due to preconceptions
concerning the hereafter, labor under the delusion that the departed are
"dead," or are "ghosts," and often refuse to recognize their friends or to
realize their own condition.

Many are in a state of heavy sleep, others are lost or confused; troubled
minds may be haunted by fear of the strange darkness, those conscience
stricken suffer in anguish or remorse for their, earth conduct; some, impelled
by selfish or evil inclinations, seek an outlet for their tendencies, remaining in
this condition until these destructive desires are outgrown, when the


soul cries out for understanding and light, and progressed spirits are able to
reach them and aid them.

Lacking physical bodies through which to carry out earthly propensities
many discarnated intelligences are attracted to the magnetic light which
emanates from mortals, and, consciously or unconsciously, attach themselves
to these magnetic auras, finding an avenue of expression through influencing,
obsessing or possessing human beings. Such obtruding spirits influence
susceptible sensitives with their thoughts, impart their own emotions to
them, weaken their will power and often control their actions, producing great
distress, mental confusion and suffering.

These earthbound spirits are the supposed "devils" of all ages; "devils" of
human origin, by-products of human selfishness, false teachings and
ignorance, thrust blindly into a spirit existence and held there in a bondage of

The influence of these discarnated entities is the cause of
many of the inexplicable and obscure events of earth life and of a
large part of the world's misery. Purity of life and motive, or
high intellectuality , do not necessarily offer protection from
obsession; recognition and knowledge of these problems are the
only safeguards.

The physical conditions permitting this impingement are varied; such
encroachment is often due to a natural and predisposed susceptibility, a
depleted nervous system, or sudden shock. Physical derangements are
conducive to obsession, for when the vital forces are lowered less resistance
is offered and intruding spirits are allowed easy access, although often neither
mortal nor spirit is conscious of the presence of the other.

This encroachment alters the characteristics of the sensitive, resulting in a
seemingly changed personality, sometimes simulating multiple or dissociated
personalities, and frequently causes apparent insanity, varying in degree from
a simple mental aberration to, and including, all types of dementia, hysteria,
epilepsy, melancholia, shell shock, kleptomania, idiocy, religious and suicidal
mania, as well as amnesia, psychic invalidism, dipsomania, immorality,
functional bestiality, atrocities, and other forms of criminality.

Humanity is surrounded by the thought influence of millions of
discarnate beings, who have not yet arrived at a full realization of life's higher
purposes. A recognition of this fact accounts for a great portion of unbidden
thoughts, emotions, strange forebodings, gloomy moods, irritabilities,


impulses, irrational outbursts of temper, uncontrollable infatuations and
countless other mental vagaries.

The records of spirit obsession and possession extend from remotest
antiquity to modern times. Dr. Tyler, the noted English Anthropologist, in
his "Primitive Culture," says: "It is not too much to assert that the doctrine
of demoniacal possession is kept up, substantially the same theory to
account for substantially the same facts, by half the human race, who thus
stand as consistent representatives of their forefathers back in the primitive

In Muller's "Urreligionen" we find: "The general belief of the barbaric
world today is that such attacks as epilepsy, hysteria, delirium, idiocy and
madness are caused by some demon gaining control of the body."

Homer referred repeatedly to demons and said: "A sick man pining away
is one upon whom an evil spirit has gazed." Plato held that demons obsessed
mortals. Socrates speaks directly of demons influencing the possessed
(insane). Plutarch wrote: "Certain tyrannical demons require for their
enjoyment some soul still incarnate; being unable to satisfy their passions in
any other way, incite to sedition, lust, wars of conquest, and thus get what
they lust for." Josephus says: "Demons are the spirits of wicked men."

Obsessing or possessing spirits are frequently mentioned both in the Old
and New Testaments. In I Samuel 16:23, we read: "David took an harp, and
played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit
departed from him."

So common was the belief in spirits and spirit obsession in the time of
the apostles that the ability to cast out evil spirits was considered one of the
most important signs of genuine discipleship, and it must be admitted that a
considerable portion of the work accredited to Jesus was the casting out of

A few quotations from the New Testament will suffice. "Jesus gave his
twelve disciples power against unclean spirits, to cast them out." Matt. 10:1.
"'Jesus preached . . . and cast out devils." Mark 1:39. "A certain mad which
had devils long time . . . Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit to come out
of the man ... He that was possessed of the devils was healed." Luke 8:27,
29, 36. "Vexed with unclean spirits." Luke 6:18. "The evil spirits went out of
them." Acts 19:12.

"Master, I have brought unto thee my son, which hath a dumb spirit ...
And he asked his father: How long is it ago since this


came unto him? And he said, Of a child ... Jesus rebuked the foul spirit,
saying unto him, Thou deaf and dumb spirit, I charge thee, come out of him,
and enter no more into him. And the spirit cried, and rent him sore, and came
out of him: and he was as one dead; insomuch that many said, He is dead.
But Jesus took him by the hand, and lifted him up; and he arose." Mark 9:17,
21, 25-27. (Similar occurrences are not at all uncommon in psycho-
pathological research.)

Among the writers of early Christianity we find that St. Anthony says:
"We walk in the midst of demons, who give us evil thoughts; and also in the
midst of good angels. When these latter are especially present, there is no
disturbance, no contention, no clamor; but something so calm and gentle it
fills the soul with gladness. The Lord is my witness that after many tears
and fastings I have been surrounded by a band of angels, and joyfully joined
in singing with them." Tertullian with authority challenged the heathery to a
trial of superiority in the matter of casting out demons. Minucius Felix, a
Roman advocate and apologist, wrote in "Octavius": "There are some
insincere and vagrant spirits, degraded from their heavenly vigor . . . who
cease not, now that they are ruined themselves, to ruin others."

Dr. Godfrey Raupert, of London, who several years ago was especially
delegated by Pope Pius X to lecture to Catholic audiences in America on
Spiritualism, said in substance: "It is no longer possible to put the subject
of psychic phenomena aside. The scientific men all over the world have
recognized spiritism as a definite and real power, and to shelve it is a
dangerous policy. Consequently the Pope has asked me to tell Catholics the
attitude to take toward the subject ... The Church admits the reality of these
spiritistic phenomena and their external intelligences, in fact, it has always
admitted their reality. The problem at present is to discover the nature of the
intelligence. We are now on the borderland of new discoveries which may
revolutionize the world. It is not the time yet for an explanation of all the
phenomena. We must suspend our judgment until the subject is better
known. The study of spiritism is a new one and therefore dangerous . . . A
partial knowledge of the subject may cause grave dangers." (Resulting in
obsession or possession.)

"There is no doubt about the fact of diabolical obsessions in the olden
time. That the Church (Catholic) recognizes the possibilities is evidenced by
the rules prepared for exorcising," is


the quoted statement of Monsignor Lavelle, Rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral,
New York.

Julian Hawthorne wrote, in one of the leading newspapers: "Thousands
of evil-minded and evil-acting men and women die every day. What becomes
of their souls, or spirits? They want to get back here . . . the increasing
boldness and frequency with which they take advantage of their
opportunities is illustrated in many ways. . . Two acts of defense are open to
us. We may stop the source of supply of these undesirable visitors and we
may close the doors."

Dr. Axel Gustafson', who publicly acclaimed his views regarding the fact
of spirit obsession, in quoting cases which had come to his attention, said:
"The spirits of the revengeful have power after death to enter into and
possess the living under certain conditions."

Prof. Herbert L. Stetson, of Kalamazoo College, Michigan, stated, in a
lecture at the University of Chicago: "Demon obsession is no myth; illness is
often due to demoniacal possession.

Belief in demons is widespread."

"I often see the spirits who cause insanity," is the statement of Dr. E. N.
Webster, of the mental section of the American Medical Association. "At
times I even hear their voices. Insane persons who are spoken of as
hopelessly insane are frequently lost under the overwhelming control of a
spirit or crowd of spirits. We frequently find by post-mortem examination
that no physical disorder exists in the brain or nervous system of such persons."

Prof. William James wrote in "Proceedings S. P. R.": "That the demon-
theory will have its innings again is to my mind absolutely certain. One has
to be 'scientific' indeed, to be blind and ignorant enough to suspect no such

Prof. James H. Hyslop, while editor of the Journal of the American
Society for Psychical Research, wrote: "There is growing evidence of the fact
of obsession which lies at the basis of much insanity and can be cured. The
medical world will have to wake up and give attention to this problem or
materia medica will lose control of the subject."

In one of Prof. Hyslop's latest books, "Contact with the Other World,"
we find the following: "The existence of evil spirits affecting the living is as
clearly taught in the New Testament, and implied in the Old Testament, as
any doctrine there expounded. . . . The term obsession is employed by
psychic researchers to denote the abnormal influence of spirits on the


living....The cures effected have required much time
and patience, the use of psychotherapeutics of an
unusual kind, and the employment of psychics to
get into contact with the obsessing agents and
thus to release the hold which such agents have,
or to educate them to voluntary abandonment of
their persecutions. . . . Every single case of
dissociation and paranoia to which I have applied
cross-reference has yielded to the method and
proved the existence of foreign agencies
complicated with the symptoms of mental or
physical deterioration. It is high time to
prosecute experiments on a large scale in a field
that promises to have as much practical value as
any application of the scalpel and the microscope."

In "Modern Psychical Phenomena," Dr. Hereward Carrington states: "It
is evident . . . that spiritual 'obsession' is at least a possibility which modern
science can no longer disregard, while there are many striking facts in its
support. This being so, its study becomes imperative-not only from the
academic viewpoint but also because of the fact that hundreds and perhaps
thousands of individuals are at the present moment suffering in this manner,
and their relief demands some immediate investigation and cure. Once grant
the theoretical possibility of actual obsession, and a whole vast field of
research and investigations is opened up before us which demands all the
care, skill and patience which modern enlightenment and psychological
understanding can furnish."

Never before in the history of medical science has there been such
widespread interest, by the public at large, as well as by medical men and
public officials, in the subject of the cause, treatment and cure of nervous and
mental diseases. Statistics show that insanity is increasing with alarming
rapidity everywhere, yet medical experts differ widely as to the causes of
mental deterioration, and science is not yet in possession of knowledge of the
exact etiology of functional insanity. "The whole world will go mad before
long," declared Dr. Winslow of England.

The greater number of neurologists and alienists entertain the belief that
the active and underlying cause of insanity has its origin within the deranged
nervous system, but very little as yet is actually known of the true cause.

Dr. W. M. L. Coplin, Director of the Bureau of Health and Charities,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said- "Insanity, in most cases, is unaccompanied
by any perceptible change in the brain structure. The brain of the patient,
when examined under a


microscope, shows absolutely nothing which differs in any way from the
appearance of the brain of the perfectly sane person. It is therefore evident
that the insanity might be due to toxemia, the effect of some subtle organism
in the nature of bacilla.... Something causes insanity but what it is, we do not
yet know."

Dr. Britton D. Evans, Superintendent of the Morris Plains, New Jersey,
Insane Asylum, stated: "Brain tumor or brain fever may not affect the
mind.... A man may have trouble of the brain and still have a normal mind."

Dr. Th. Ziehen, a noted German alienist, and an authority on hysteria,
wrote: "For many functional neuroses there is as yet no accurate limitation
and definition. As pathological anatomy does not aid us, no uniform and
exclusive cause for hysteria can be demonstrated."

. Dr. William Hanna Thomson, physician to the Roosevelt Hospital and
Professor of the Practice of Medicine and Diseases of the Nervous System,
New York University Medical College, in referring to Tuke's Dictionary of
Psychological Medicine, asserted that: "The contributors to this great
encyclopedia are from the most eminent professors, experts, and
superintendents of insane asylums in Great Britain, the United States,
France, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Russia. In
the articles by the writers on kleptomania, dipsomania, chronic mania, etc.,
there is not a word about the pathological anatomy, (because none can be
found). Just so it is in the article on melancholia, puerperal insanity,
katatonia, circular insanity, homicidal insanity or epileptic insanity; in none
of these is there a word about pathological anatomy, for the sufficient reason
that not one of these forms of insanity shows any pathological or diseased
condition in the brain different from the sound brain of a healthy man killed
in an accident."

He also said: "It is high time that we now look in the direction of toxemia
(or blood poisoning) for the explanation of the insanities which produce
no changes whatever in the brain."

Recent announcement was made that a large percentage of cures reported
by the New Jersey State Hospital for the Insane at Trenton were effected by
the removal of diseased teeth, tonsils or affected organs. In a resume of the
Trenton method, Dr. R. S. Copeland wrote: "The hypothesis upon which
this treatment is founded is that insanity is a toxemia or poisoning due to
germ infection in some part of the body. If this is true it follows that removal
of the infected tissue, when the case has


not gone too far, will be followed by disappearance of the mental disturbance."

When statistics compiled by the United States Government, as well as
by others, show that the increase in the number of the insane is
proportionately greater than the increase of the general population, it seems
incongruous to credit decayed teeth and diseased tonsils as being primary
causes of mental unbalance at this time when dental and surgical attention is
so general, whereas, the facts are that when dentistry was little known and
practiced, and people went about with all conditions of decayed teeth,
insanity was less prevalent than now.

Without attempting to discredit the Trenton reports, it may be stated
that our experience has shown that in many cases of mental derangement,
although the patient had badly decayed teeth, mental balance was fully
restored by dislodging the obsessing spirit before any attention was given to
the teeth.*

Since it has been found that obsessing spirits are sensitive to pain, I am
constrained to suggest that such cures as announced by the Trenton Hospital
may, at least in part, be due to the fact that intruding spirits were dislodged,
by dental or surgical interference.

To the investigator in Abnormal Psychology on the spiritistic hypothesis
much of the symptomatology of the "War Neurosis'' or shell shock,--
excepting cases of malingering-as recorded by Dr. F. E. Williams, Acting
Medical Director, National Committee for Mental Hygiene, New York City,
suggests obsession or possession by spirits of dead soldiers, unconscious of
their transition, as the exciting cause. This is indicated by "delirium,
hallucinations, anxiety states, functional heart disorders, paralysis, tremors,
gait disturbances, convulsive movements, pain, anesthesia, hyperesthesia,
blindness, disorders of speech, etc."

The spirit hypothesis regarding War Neurosis is further evidenced by the
rapid recovery of patients under severe electrical treatment- (driving out
obsessing entities?)--"as instituted by Dr. Vincent who, Dr. Williams stated,
would cure in a few hours Patients that had been in the care of other
psychiatrists for months, and would have them walking about and climbing

The above theory is also favored by Dr. Williams' further statements
that: "This neurosis is rare among prisoners who have been exposed to
mechanical shock . . . as well as among

See Chap. 5, Patient-Mrs. SI., Page 116.
Chap. 7, Patient-Mrs. R., Page 161.


wounded exposed to mechanical shock.... Severe injury to the central
nervous system and brain is not accompanied by symptoms found in shell
shock.... Success attends the therapeutic measures employed for the
psychological rather than the mechanical side. . . . Diagnosis should be made
and treatment begun at once before the shell shock"-- (obsession) --"becomes a
fixed psycho-neurosis."

Newspapers recently reported the case of a young man, Frank James, a
boy thug of New York City, who, after a fall from a motorcycle when ten
years old, changed from a cheerful, affectionate and obedient child into a
surly, insolent boy, developing into a confirmed robber and criminal. After
several terms in the reformatory and five years in Sing Sing prison he was
declared hopelessly insane, and sent to the State Insane Asylum. Frank
James, however, escaped, and when pursuers attempted his capture, was hit
on the head with a club, and falling unconscious, was taken to a hospital.

The next morning the boy awoke, extraordinarily changed; he was gentle
and deferential, showing no further indications of an unbalanced mind, and
from that time exhibited not the slightest impulse to commit crime of any
kind. The article concludes: "Just what happened to the mechanism of the
boy's brain is not entirely understood by medical men."

How explain such a case on the toxemia theory? Could a blow on the
head eradicate the supposed toxemia and restore mental balance? The simple
explanation from our viewpoint would be that, following the shock of the
boy's fall, an obsessing spirit criminal had taken control of the boy, and that
the blow from the club on the man's head, with its accompanying pain,
caused the obsessing entity to become dislodged.

The success credited to hydrotherapy as practiced in institutions for the
insane, especially when a strong stream of water, or a continuous bath, is
used, can also be accounted for by the dislodgment of obsessing entities, who
object to the discomforts incident to such treatment.

Dr. Prince, in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, wrote: "If we are to
establish sound principles underlying the mechanism of the mind we must
correlate the findings of all methods of research, experimental as well as
clinical, and give due consideration to the results obtained by all competent

After careful elimination of all superstitious notions and absurdities
adherent to the subject of Normal and Abnormal Psychology, excluding also
febrile and idiopathic psychoses or idiosyncrasies, as well as all


neuro-pathogenic psychoses, there still remains a residuum
of abnormality in a majority of cases of mental aberrations.

That alienists of renown and the foremost authorities widely disagree as
to the cause of insanity is sufficient reason for thinking men to investigate
any theory which promises to lead to results, regardless of personal or
popular prejudice. The situation which confronts us is a serious one, and
nothing but the broadest toleration and liberality can cope with it. Since
insanity is chiefly a manifestation of mental or psychological disturbance-a
Psychic neurosis-the symptomatology therefore should offer a guidance in
ascertaining the etiology, and assist as well in arriving at a solution of the
mental pathology.

This proposition, however, necessitates not only research and study of
Normal and Abnormal Psychology but, in order to have a complete premise,
also implies the recognition of the duality of man-matter and spirit, physical
and spiritual.

Insanity is not a stigma; the public attitude toward this affliction should
be one, not of aversion but of understanding, and a realization of the close
inter-relationship of the visible and invisible worlds.

Spirit obsession is a fact--a perversion of a natural law--and is amply
demonstrable. This has been proven hundreds of times by causing the
supposed insanity or aberration to be temporarily transferred from the
victim to a psychic sensitive who is trained for the purpose, and by this
method ascertain the cause of the psychosis to be an ignorant or mischievous
spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified.

By this method, and without detriment to the psychic, it has also proven
possible to relieve the victim, as well as release the entity from its condition
of spiritual darkness through an explanation of the laws governing the spirit
world, which the experiences to follow will demonstrate.

Inter-communication between the visible and invisible worlds is a natural
privilege and is established through a person of a certain psychic
constitution, capable of acting as an intermediary, through whom discarnate
intelligences can readily come en! rapport with the physical plane. Of the
various phases of contact the most valuable for research purposes is that of
unconscious trance, whereby direct communication may be established with
the invisible world and the mental condition of discarnate intelligences, either
advanced or ignorant, may be ascertained.

Ignorant psychic experimentation may prove injurious when


dabbled in by those who neglect the necessary precautions and lack
understanding of the laws which govern the subject, just as ignorance and
disregard of the laws governing everyday life may prove dangerous. The
misuse of a thing is no argument against its use.

Psychical Research belongs especially to the domain of science; common
sense and discrimination are essentials in all such experimental work, as well
as a thorough mastery of the laws involved. Under these conditions scientific
research becomes an invaluable factor in the investigation of Spiritual Science.


CHAPTER II -- Psychical Research

PSYCHICAL Research contains elements of the greatest importance to
humanity, and has already become a vital factor in the social life of the world
at large. It is undoubtedly true, however, that the various branches of
research are endeavoring to classify their findings on purely
psychophysiological bases.

The Psycho-Analyst advances the theory that many of the psychoses
have their seat or origin in some psychic lesion, or trauma, either concealed or
forgotten. The Analytical-Psychologist, by mental measurements and
intelligence tests, is making the segregation and classification of mental
defectives possible. So also the Neurologist and Psychiatrist are diligently
seeking to isolate the etiological factors in the various neuroses,, mental
aberrations and insanities, and to ascertain the best methods of prevention
and treatment.

While these branches of research are loath to accept the hypothesis of
discarnate intelligences as contributing, exciting factors in many of the
psychoses and aberrations, they are nevertheless rendering important service
in uncovering and bringing to light the unstable qualities in the neurotic, the
susceptible and those predisposed to mental unbalance.

Psychical Research presents two general phases for investigation: the
Normal and the Abnormal.

The Normal phase, from the standpoint of the physician, as well as the
minister, deals, among other issues, with the question: What becomes of the
Dead? This problem is of vital interest to the patient who lingers on the
borderland of transition, doubtful of the future, or perhaps trembling in fear
of his probable condition after the tomorrow of death. Should it not be the
noblest part of the physician's calling, in such situations, to be in a position
to assure his patient from actual knowledge, that there is no death, but a birth
into new fields of activity and opportunities in the higher mental spheres?

In the Abnormal phase of Psychical Research there is demand for
broadest Possible knowledge on the part of the physician pertaining to the
mysterious functioning of minds, discarnated as well as incarnated. Research
in Abnormal, as well as Normal psychology, indubitably indicates, not only the


existence of spirits, but also unquestionably demonstrates that such entities
play an important role in the various psychoneuroses and insanities.

The physician, undoubtedly, comes in more intimate touch with the
consequences of promiscuous dabbling in Psychical Research, so frequently
resulting in mental aberrations, than any other person, for he is usually the
first one to be called into consultation, and upon his decision depends largely
the disposal of such an unfortunate victim. For this reason, if no other, it
should surely be not only the privilege, but also the urgent duty of the
physician to become thoroughly acquainted with the various phases of
Psychical Research, particularly its dangers in the hands of thoughtless
investigators, especially the predisposed psycho-neurotic.

The alarming results often occurring in connection with Psychical
Research prompted me to follow up a line of investigation to ascertain the
underlying causes thereof, for these also concern the physician.

The serious problem of alienation and mental derangement attending
ignorant psychic experiments was first brought to my attention by the cases
of several persons whose seemingly harmless experiences with automatic
writing and the Ouija Board resulted in such wild insanity that commitment
to asylums was necessitated.

The first of these cases was that of Mrs. Bl., whose attempts at
automatic writing led to mental derangement and altered personality.
Normally she was amiable, pious, quiet and refined but became boisterous
and noisy, romped about and danced, used vile language, and, claiming she
was an actress, insisted upon dressing for the stage, saying that she had to be
at the theatre at a certain time or lose her position. Finally she became so
irresponsible that she was placed in an asylum.

Another case was Mrs. Bn., who, through the practice of automatic
writing, changed from an artist and a lady of refinement to an altogether
different and violent personality. Screaming at the top of her voice she
continually rubbed her temples and exclaimed, "God save me! God save me!"
Rushing into the street she knelt in the mud, praying, and refused food,
declaring that if she should eat before six o'clock P.M. she would go to hell.

Mrs. Sr., who had followed the same practices, also became mentally
deranged and violent, necessitating police interference. Rising in the night she
posed in the window of her millinery


shop as Napoleon, whom she presumed herself to be, and after committing
many other irresponsible acts, requiring restraint, was sent to the Detention

In like manner, Mrs. Wr. became obsessed with hallucinations that God
was constantly talking to her and condemning her for wrong acts of which he
accused her; after attempting suicide at the request of this so-called God she
was taken to the asylum.

Many other disastrous results which followed the use of the supposedly
innocent Ouija Board came to my notice and my observations led me into
research in psychic phenomena for a possible explanation of these strange

My wife proved to be an excellent psychic intermediary and was easily
controlled by discarnate intelligences. In answer to her doubts concerning the
right of "disturbing the dead" these intelligences asserted that a grievously
wrong conception existed among mortals regarding the conditions prevailing
after death.

They stated that there is in reality no death, but a natural transition from
the visible to the invisible world, and that advanced spirits are ever striving
to communicate with mortals to enlighten them concerning the higher
possibilities which await the progressive spirit. But death--the freeing of the
spirit from the body--is so simple and natural that a great majority do not, for
a longer or shorter period, realize the change, and owing to a lack of
education concerning the spiritual side of their natures, they continue to
remain in their earthly haunts.

They maintained that many such spirits were attracted to the magnetic
aura of mortals-although the spirit, as well as the mortal, might be
unconscious of the intrusion-and thus, by obsessing or possessing their
victims, they ignorantly or maliciously became the cause of untold mischief,
often producing invalidism, immorality, crime and seeming insanity.

The risk of interference from this source constituted, they said, the
gravest danger to the unwary novice in psychic research, but to be in
ignorance of these facts was an even greater risk, especially in the case of the
susceptible neurotic.

These intelligences also stated that by a system of transfer, that is, by
attracting such obsessing entities from the victim to a psychic intermediary,
the correctness of the hypothesis could be demonstrated and conditions
could be shown as they actually exist. After this transference of psychoses
the victims would be relieved, and the obsessing spirits could then be
reached by


the advanced spirits, who would care for them and instruct them regarding
the higher laws of life.

They claimed they had found my wife to be a suitable instrument for
such experimentation and proposed that, if I would cooperate with them by
caring for and instructing these ignorant spirits, as they allowed them to take
temporary but complete possession of my wife's body, without any injury
to her, they would prove their assertions were correct.

Desirous of learning the truth or falsity of such important claims, which,
if true, would have a great bearing on the cause of much that is otherwise
baffling in criminology, as well as in psycho-pathology, we accepted what
seemed a hazardous undertaking.

In order to carry out their purpose the Guiding Intelligences allowed
many manifestations to take place, often very unexpectedly, and some of
these occurred while I was pursuing my early medical studies.

One day I left home without any intention of immediately beginning my
first dissecting work, therefore my wife's subconscious mind could not
possibly have taken any part in what transpired later.

The students were required to dissect a lateral half of a body; the first
subject was a man about sixty years of age and that afternoon I began
dissecting on a lower limb.

I returned home at about five o'clock and had scarcely entered the door
when my wife was apparently taken with a sudden illness, and complaining
of feeling strange, staggered as though about to fall. As I placed my hand on
her shoulder she drew herself up and became entranced by a foreign
intelligence who said, with threatening gesture:

"What do you mean by cutting me?"

I answered that I was not aware of cutting any one, but the spirit angrily replied:

"Of course you are! You are cutting on my leg!"

Realizing that the spirit owner of the body on which I had been
operating had followed me home, I began to parley with him, first placing
my wife in a chair.

To this the spirit vigorously objected, saying that I had no business to
touch him. To my answer that I had a right to touch my own wife the entity

"Your wife! What are you talking about! I am no woman --I'm a man."

I explained that he had passed out of his physical body and was
controlling the body of my wife, and that his spirit was here


and his body at the college. When he finally seemed to realize this I said:

"Suppose I were now cutting on your body at the college that could not
kill you, since you yourself are here."

The spirit admitted that this seemed reasonable, and said:

"I guess I must be what they call 'dead,' so I won't have any more use for
my old body. If you can learn anything by cutting on it, go ahead and cut

Then he added suddenly: "Say, Mister, give me a chew of tobacco."

I told him that I had none, and then he begged for a pipe, saying:

"I'm dying for a smoke."

This request was, of course, also refused. (The fact that Mrs. Wickland
has always abhorred the sight of any one chewing tobacco precludes the
possibility of her subconscious mind playing any role in this episode.)

After a more detailed explanation of the fact that he was actually so-
called "dead," the spirit realized his true condition and left.

Subsequent examination of the teeth of the cadaver indicated that the
man had been an inveterate tobacco user in life.

Upon another occasion, when I had been appointed assistant
demonstrator for a class of students in dissecting, the body of a colored man
had been selected as a subject but the body had not yet been disturbed when,
one evening, Mrs. Wickland became entranced and a strange spirit, speaking
through her, exclaimed:

"You ain't goin' to cut on dis colored man, Boss!"

I told him that the world called him dead; that he was not in his old
body, but was now controlling a woman's body. He would not believe this
and when I showed him my wife's hands, saying they were not colored but
white, he replied:

"I'se got whitewash on dem; whitewashin' is my business."

This spirit proved to be very obstinate, offering a variety of excuses and
explanations rather than accept the truth, but he was finally convinced and

Another incident will still further demonstrate to what a seemingly
unbelievable degree spirits may cling to their earthly bodies through
ignorance of their transition, or so-called death.

In the dissecting room was the body of a woman, about forty years of
age, who had died at the Cook County Hospital, Chicago, the previous June.
In January, seven months after her death, a number of students, myself
included, were assigned this subject for dissection. I could not be present the
first evening but the


others began their work. Nothing was ever said to me of what occurred
during those few hours, but for some reason, unknown to me, the other
students never touched that subject again.

The next day there was no school in the afternoon so I began to dissect
alone, working on the arm and neck. The dissecting room was in the rear of a
long basement and very quiet, but once I distinctly heard a voice say: "Don't
murder me!"

The voice sounded faintly, as from a distance, but since I am not in the
least superstitious and not at all inclined to credit small incidents to the
actions of spirits, I concluded that it probably came from children in the
street, although I had not heard any playing nearby.

The following afternoon I was again working alone when I was rather
startled by a rustling sound coming from a crumpled newspaper lying on the
floor, a sound something like that produced when a newspaper is crushed,
but I paid no particular attention to it and did not mention these occurrences
to my wife.

The episodes had quite passed out of my mind until a few days later. We
were holding a psychic circle in our home and our invisible co-workers had
already departed when I noticed that my wife still remained in a semi-
comatose condition. I stepped up to her to ascertain the reason when the
controlling spirit rose suddenly, struck at me angrily and said:

"I have some bones to pick with you!"

After a period of struggle with the stranger I asked what the trouble was.

"Why do you want to kill me?" the entity demanded.

"I am not killing any one," I answered.

"Yes, you are-you are cutting on my arm and neck! I shouted at you not
to murder me, and I struck that paper on the floor to frighten you, but you
wouldn't pay any attention."

Then, laughing boisterously, the spirit added with great hilarity:

"But I seared the other fellows!"

It was necessary to explain at great length the actual situation of the
spirit, who said her name was Minnie Morgan,* but finally she understood
and left, promising to seek a higher life.

The ease with which spirits assume control of the psychic intermediary,
Mrs. Wickland, is so perfect that the majority of them at first fail to
comprehend the fact that they are so-called dead and are temporarily
occupying the body of another.

Those intelligences whose reasoning faculties* are alert can

*See Chapter 8, Page 168. Spirit: Minnie Morgan.


generally be made to realize that their situation is unusual when attention is
called to the dissimilarity between their own former bodily features, hands
and feet, as well as clothes, and those of the psychic. This is especially so
when the spirit is a man, for the difference will then be more readily noticed.
Following the statement that the body which is being controlled belongs to
my wife, spirits usually retort: "I am not your wife," and a great deal of
explanation is required before they can be brought to a recognition of the fact
that they are in temporary possession of another's body.

On the other hand, there are spirits, fixed and rooted in obstinate
skepticism, who stubbornly refuse to understand that they have made the
transition out of the physical. These will not listen to reason and fail to be
convinced of their changed condition, even when a mirror is held before them,
declaring that they have been hypnotized, and prove so obdurate that they
must be forced to leave, and are taken in charge by the invisible co- workers.

The transference of the mental aberration or psychosis from a patient to
the psychic intermediary, Mrs. Wickland, is facilitated by the use of static
electricity, which is applied to the patient, frequently in the presence of the
psychic. Although this electricity is harmless to the patient it is exceedingly
effective, for the obsessing spirit cannot long resist such electrical treatment
and is dislodged.

Induced by our invisible helpers the spirit may then entrance the
psychic, when it becomes possible to come into direct contact with the
entity, and an endeavor is made to bring him to a realization of his true
condition and of his higher possibilities. He is then removed and cared for by
the advanced spirits and Mrs. Wickland again returns to her normal self.

In many cases remarkable evidence that discarnated entities were the
offending cause of aberration has been obtained by a system of experimental
concentration in a psychic circle. Obsessing spirits have been dislodged from
victims frequently residing at a distance, conveyed to the circle by the co-
operating intelligences and allowed to control the psychic. Such spirits often
complain of having been driven away, yet are ignorant of being spirits, or of
having controlled or influenced anyone.

But the similarity between the actions of the controlling spirit and the
symptoms of the patient, as well as the relief obtained by the latter through
this removal, indubitably prove the 'spirit to have been the cause of the
disturbance. In many cases the identity of the spirit has been
unquestionably authenticated.


After this transfer and permanent dislodgment of the obsessing
spirit, the patient gradually recovers, although there may be a
number of spirits requiring removal from the same patient.

It may be asked why advanced intelligences do not take charge of
earthbound spirits and convert them without having them first control a
psychic intermediary. Many of these ignorant spirits cannot be reached by
the intelligent spirits until they come in contact with physical conditions,
when they are compelled to realize their own situation and are then started
on the road to progression.

While the control of the Psychic by an ignorant spirit in a circle generally
brings the spirit to an understanding and is of interest to the investigator, at
the same time groups of other spirits in darkness are brought to profit by the
lesson conveyed through the actions of the controlling spirit.

Many controlling spirits act as if demented and are difficult to reason
with, this condition being due to false doctrines, fixed ideas and various
notions imbibed in physical life. They are often unruly and boisterous, when
it is necessary to control them by holding the hands of the psychic to keep
them in restraint.

Upon realizing their true condition many spirits experience a sensation
of dying, which signifies that they are losing control of the psychic.

Other spirits, again, are in a sleepy stupor, wishing to be left alone, and
severe language is at times required to arouse them, as will be observed in the
records following. In these records reference is often made to a "dungeon" in
which refractory spirits may be placed, and controlling spirits sometimes
complain of having been kept in a dungeon.

Due to a certain psychic law, intelligent spirits have the faculty of
placing about an ignorant spirit a condition simulating a prison, an
impenetrable, cell-like room from which there is no escape. Herein stubborn
spirits must stay' seeing nothing but the reflection of their own personalities,
their past actions appearing before the mind's eye until they become
repentant and show a willingness to adapt themselves to the new condition
and to conform to the spiritual laws of progression.

The nature of Mrs. Wickland's psychism is that of unconscious trance;
her eyes are closed and her own mentality is held in abeyance in a sleep state
for the time being. She herself has no recollection of anything that transpires
during this period.

Mrs. Wickland is not subject to any negativism between these
experiences; she is at all times her rational self, clear minded


and positive, and after thirty-five years of psychic work has not suffered
impairment or detriment of any kind.

She is constantly protected from the invisible side by the supervision of
a group of strong intelligences known as "The Mercy Band," which is
guiding this work, endeavoring to bring humanity to a realization of the
simplicity of the transition called death, and the importance of a rational
understanding of what becomes of the spirits.

The purpose of our work has been to obtain reliable and incontestable
evidence at first hand regarding "after death" conditions, and detailed reports
of hundreds of experiences have been stenographically made in order to
record the exact situation of the communicating intelligences.


CHAPTER III Subconscious Mind and Auto-Suggestion Hypotheses Untenable

DURING thirty years of indefatigable research among the "dead" such
startling conditions have been revealed that it seems incredible intelligent
reasoners along other lines of thought could have so long ignored the simple
facts, which can so readily be verified. There is utter impossibility of fraud in
these experiences; foreign languages, totally unknown to Mrs. Wickland, are
spoken, expressions never heard by her are used, while the identity of the
controlling spirits has again and again been verified and corroborations
innumerable have been made.

On one occasion I conversed with twenty-one different spirits, who
spoke through my wife, the majority giving me satisfactory evidence of being
certain friends and relatives known to me while they were incarnated. In all,
they spoke six different languages, while my wife speaks only Swedish and English.

From one patient, Mrs. A., who was brought to us from Chicago,
thirteen different spirits were dislodged and allowed to control Mrs.
Wickland,* and of these, seven were recognized by the patient's mother, Mrs.
H. W., as relatives or friends well known to her during their earth lives.

One was a minister, formerly pastor of the Methodist church of which
Mrs. H. W. was a member, who had been killed in a railroad accident nine
years previous, but was still unconscious of the fact; another was her sister-
in-law; there were also three elderly women, family friends for years, a
neighbor boy and the mother-in-law of the patient--all entirely unknown to
Mrs. Wickland.

Mrs. H. W. conversed at length with each one, as they spoke through
Mrs. Wickland, verifying innumerable statements made by the spirits and
assisted in bringing them to a realization of their changed condition, and of
the fact that they had been obsessing her daughter. This patient is today
entirely well and actively occupied with social, musical and family affairs.

Another case will show clearly the transfer of psychosis from patient to
intermediary, and the impossibility of either "sub

*See Chap. 11, "Materialism," Page 256, Spirit: Frank Bergquist. Patient: Mrs. A. Chap.18,
"Orthodoxy,". Page 343 Spirit: J. 0. Nelson. Patient: Mrs. A.


conscious mind" or "multiple personalities" playing any role as far as the
psychic is concerned.

One summer evening we were called to the home of Mrs. M., a lady of
culture and refinement; she was a musician of high rank and when the social
demands made upon her proved too great she suffered a nervous breakdown.
She had become intractable and for six weeks had been in such a raving
condition that her physicians had been unable to relieve her, and day and
night nurses were in constant attendance.

We found the patient sitting up in her bed, crying  one minute
like a forlorn child, and again screaming in fear: "Matilla!
Matilla!" Then suddenly fighting and struggling, she would talk
a wild gibberish of English and Spanish, (the latter a language
of which she had no knowledge).

Mrs. Wickland immediately gave her psychic diagnosis, saying the case
was unquestionably one of obsession, and this was unexpectedly confirmed
when Mrs. Wickland, who was standing at the foot of the bed, with wraps
on ready to leave, was found to be suddenly entranced. We placed her on a
davenport in the music room, where for two hours I talked in turn with
several spirits who had just been attracted from the patient.

There were three spirits--a girl named Mary, her suitor, an American,
and his Mexican rival, Matilla. Both of the men had vehemently loved the
girl and as fiercely hated each other. In a jealous rage one had killed the girl,
and then in a desperate fight the two rivals had killed each other.

All were unaware of being "dead," although Mary said, weeping
wretchedly: "I thought they were going to kill each other, but here they are,
still fighting."

This tragedy of love, hatred and jealousy had not ended with physical
death; the group had unconsciously been drawn into the psychic
atmosphere of the patient, and the violent fighting had continued within her
aura. Since her nervous resistance was exceedingly low at this time, one after
the other had usurped her physical body, with a resulting disturbance that
was unexplainable by her attendants.

With great difficulty the three spirits were convinced that they had lost
their physical bodies, but at last they recognized the truth and were taken
away by our invisible co-workers.

Meanwhile the patient had arisen, and speaking rationally to the
astonished nurse, walked quietly about her room. Presently she said: "I am
going to sleep well tonight," and returning to bed, fell asleep without the
usual sedatives, and rested quietly throughout the night.

The following day, attended by a nurse, she was brought to our home; we
dismissed the nurse, discarded her medicines, and after an electrical treatment,
the patient had her dinner in the general dining room with the other patients,
and that evening attended a function given in our social hall.

Another spirit was removed from her the next day; this was a little girl
who had been killed in the San Francisco earthquake, and who cried
constantly, saying she was lost in the dark. It is needless to add that she was
comforted and promptly cared for by spirit friends, who had been unable to
reach her while she was enmeshed in the aura of a psychic sensitive.

After some months of treatment, rest and recuperation, the patient
returned to her home and resumed her normal life again.

One of our early experiences in Chicago occurred on the 15th of
November, 1906. During one of our psychic circles, Mrs. Wickland,
entranced by a strange entity, fell prostrate to the floor, and remained in a
comatose condition for some time. The spirit was at last brought to the front,
and acted as though in great pain, repeatedly saying:

"Why didn't I take more carbolic acid? I want to die; I'm so tired of

In a weak voice the spirit complained of the dense darkness all about,
and was unable to see an electric light shining directly into her face. She
whispered faintly: "My poor son! " and when pressed for information said
that her name was Mary Rose, and that she lived at 202 South Green Street,
a street entirely unknown to us at that time.

At first she could not remember any date, but when asked: "Is it
November 15th, 1906?" she replied: "No, that is next week." Life had been a
bitter disappointment to her; she had suffered constantly from chronic
abdominal ailments, and finally, resolving to end her miserable existence, she
had taken poison.

She could not at first realize that she had succeeded in destroying her
physical body, for, like most suicides, she was in total ignorance of the
indestructibility of life and the reality of the hereafter. When the real purpose
of life, experience and suffering had been made clearer to her she was
overcome with repentance and offered a sincere prayer for forgiveness.

Then her spiritual sight opened slightly and she saw dimly the spirit
figure of her grandmother, who had come to take her to the spirit world.

Subsequent inquiry at the address given by the spirit proved her
statements to be true; a woman by the name given had lived at this house, she
still had a son living there, and we were told


that Mrs. Rose had been taken to the Cook County Hospital and had died
there the week before.

Upon investigation at the hospital we found further verification of the
facts and were given a copy of the record of the case: Cook County
Hospital, Chicago, Ills.

Mary Rose.

Admitted November 7th, 1906. Died
November 8th, 1906.

Carbolic Acid poisoning.
No. 341106.

Another case will show that identification of a spirit is often possible.

Mrs. Fl., a patient who had been declared incurably insane by several
physicians, was a refined lady of gentle disposition, who had become very
wild and unmanageable, swearing constantly, and fighting with such violence
that several persons were required to restrain her.

She was also subject to coma states, again to fainting spells, would refuse
food, announce that she "had been married above by celestial powers," and
used extraordinarily vile language; these various phases alternated constantly,
but no full proof of obsession was evidenced until one day when Mrs. Fl.
lost all power of speech, and, mumbling idiotically, simulated perfectly a
deaf and dumb person.

At this time a gentleman from an adjoining state came to the house to
visit a patient and, shortly after his arrival, the nurse who attended Mrs. Fl.
reported that the patient had again changed and was talking like a little child.
So striking was this alteration that the gentleman was asked to step into the
room to observe the patient. He was a total stranger to her but as he entered
the room she pointed to him and said, in a high childish voice:

"I know that man! He used to put bows on my shoulders. And he pulled
my toofies! He took me to a gypsy camp too! He lived right across the
street from me, and he used to call me Rosebud. I'm four years old."

The astonished gentleman corroborated every statement, saying that he had
known such a child in his home town in Iowa, but that she had died the year
before. He explained that he was very fond of children and had on several
occasions taken the child to a gypsy camp, and that whenever he bought
taffy-on-a stick for the little girl, he would tug at the stick while she was 
eating the candy and playfully threaten to pull her teeth.

It was evident that affection had attracted the spirit child to


her friend, and that she found in Mrs. Fl. a vehicle through which she could
make her presence known to the gentleman.

The patient was relieved of this spirit and gradually of other obsessing
influences, and several months later was pronounced entirely competent to
sign' legal papers, being declared normal and sane by a judge and jury.

Another case in point was that of Mrs. 0., who was a cook in a
restaurant. She had observed a waitress acting queerly, laboring under
delusions and hallucinations, and brought her to my office. After an electrical
treatment the patient declared she felt greatly relieved and returned to her home.

But that night Mrs. 0. herself became disturbed by an unaccountable
condition which prevented her from sleeping, and her restlessness continued
until ten o'clock the following morning, when, in the midst of her
preparations for dinner, she suddenly became wild, tore her hair, and
threatened to harm herself.

I was sent for and arriving, found Mrs. 0. raving in a demented condition,
complaining of being chased here and there and being unable to find a resting
place. Suspecting the presence of an invisible entity, I placed Mrs. 0. in a
chair, pinioned her arms to prevent a struggle, and after several remarks the
entity declared it was a man, but denied being dead, or obsessing a woman.

The spirit said his name was Jack, that he was an uncle of the troubled
waitress, and that he had been a vagabond in life. After reasoning with the
intelligence he began to realize his situation, and, promising to cause no
further annoyance, left. Mrs. 0. then immediately became her normal self and
returned to her work without any further disturbance.

It was later ascertained from the waitress that she had had an uncle
named Jack, who had been a vagabond, and that he was dead. In this
experience Mrs. 0. had acted as the psychic intermediary to whom the spirit
obsessing the waitress had been transferred.

A number of years ago Dr. Lydston wrote in the Chicago papers of a
patient who, although having no knowledge of French or music sang well the
"Marseillaise" in French when placed under the influence of an anesthetic.
Dr. Lydston, denying the continued existence of the ego, explained this
phenomenon as one of subliminal consciousness, or unconscious memory,
comparing it with the case of the uneducated domestic, who, in delirium,
recited classic Latin as perfectly as her former employer, a Professor of
Latin, had done during his life.


I replied, in a newspaper article, that such phenomena were frequently
met with in psychic research, and stated that, despite the classification of
materialistic scientists, these cases clearly proved the posthumous existence
of spirits and their ability to communicate through mortals. I added that if the
truth were known about these two cases, we would find that the man who
sang French was a psychic sensitive and had at the time been controlled by
some outside intelligence, while in all probability the domestic who recited
Latin was obsessed by the spirit of the former professor.

Shortly after this the gentleman alluded to by Dr. Lydston called on me,
having read my article, and said: "I don't know anything about French, but I
do know that I am bothered to death by spirits."

In the study of cases of "Multiple Personalities," "Dissociated
Personalities," or "Disintegrated States of Consciousness," modern
psychologists disclaim the possibility of foreign intelligences on the ground
that these personalities give neither evidence of supernormal knowledge, nor
of being of spiritistic origin.

Our experience, to the contrary, has proven that the majority of these
intelligences are oblivious of their transition and hence it does not enter their
minds that they are spirits, and they are loath to recognize the fact.

In the case of Miss Beauchamp, as recorded by Dr. Morton Prince, in
"The Dissociation of a Personality," reporting four alternating personalities,
no claim was made that any outside intelligences were responsible for the
various personalities, and yet "Sally" (personality 3) insisted that she herself
was not the same as Miss Beauchamp (Christine), that her own
consciousness was distinct from that of Miss Beauchamp, and told of Miss
Beauchamp's learning to walk and talk. "When she was a very little girl just
learning to walk ... I remember her thoughts distinctly as separate from mine."

Similarly in the case of Bernice Redick of Ohio, the young school girl
who constantly changed from her normal self to the personality of "Polly,"
an unruly child, every indication is given of the influence of a discarnate
spirit, probably ignorant of being dead, controlling Miss Redick.

That such "personalities" are independent entities could easily be proven,
under proper conditions, by transference of the same to a psychic
intermediary, as similar experiments have so' abundantly demonstrated.

Any attempt to explain our experiences on the theory of the


Subconscious Mind and Auto-Suggestion, or Multiple Personalities,
would be untenable, since it is manifestly impossible that Mrs.
Wickland should have a thousand personalities, and since it is so
readily possible to cause transference of psychosis from a
supposedly insane person to Mrs. Wickland, relieving the victim, and
in this way discovering that the disturbance was due to a discarnate
entity, whose identity can often be verified.

Individuals who are clairaudient suffer greatly from the constant
annoyance of hearing the voices of obsessing entities (the "auditory
hallucinations" frequently observed by alienists), and when such a
person is present in a psychic circle where the spirits are dislodged
and transferred to the psychic intermediary, interesting developments

An illustration is the case of Mrs. Burton, a clairaudient patient
who was constantly combating obsessing spirits, and who, while
attending our circle, was relieved of her unwelcome companions. In
the following records the conversation of the spirits through the
psychic, Mrs. Wickland, will elucidate the characteristics of the
several entities.

 Patient: MRS. BURTON.

Doctor Tell us who you are.

Spirit I do not wish you to hold my hands.

Dr. You must sit still.

Sp. Why do you treat me like this?

Dr. Who are you?

Sp. Why do you want to know?

Dr. You have come here as a stranger, and we would like to know
who you are.

Sp. What are you so interested for?

Dr. We should like to know with whom we are associating. If a
stranger came to your home, would you not like to know his name?

Sp. I do not want to be here and I do not know any of you.
Somebody pushed me in here, and I do not think it is right to force
me in like that. And when I came in and sat down on the chair you
grabbed my hands as if I were a prisoner. Why was I pushed in here?
(Brought in control of psychic by guiding intelligences.)

Dr. You were probably in the dark.

Sp. It seems somebody took me by force.

Dr. Was there any reason for it?


Sp. I do not know of any reason, and I do not see why I should
be bothered like that.

Dr. Was no reason given for handling you in this manner?

sp. It has been a terrible time for me for quite a while. I have
been tormented to death. I have been driven here, there and
everywhere. I am getting so provoked about it that I feel like giving
everything a good shaking.

Dr. What have they done to you?

Sp. It seems so terrible. If I walk around I am so very miserable. I
do not know what it is. Sometimes it seems as if my senses were
being knocked out of me. Something comes on me like thunder and
lightning. (Static treatment of patient.) it makes such a noise. This
terrible noise-it is awful! I cannot stand it any more, and I will not either!

Dr. We shall be glad if you will not stand it any more.

Sp. Am I not welcome? And if I am not, I do not care!

Dr. You are not very particular.

Sp. I have had so much hardship.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. Why do you speak that way? I am not dead. I am as alive as I
can be, and I feel as if I were young again.

Dr. Have you, not felt, at times, as if you were somebody else ?

Sp. At times I feel very strange, especially when it knocks me
senseless. I feel very bad. I do not feel that I should have this
suffering. I do not know why I should have such things.

Dr. Probably it is necessary.

Sp. I feel I should be free to go where I please, but it seems I have
no will of my own any more. I try, but it seems somebody else takes
possession of me and gets me into some place where they knock me
nearly senseless. If I knew it, I never would go there, but there is a
person who seems to have the right to take me everywhere, but I feel
I should have the right to take her. (Referring to patient.)

Dr. What business have you with her? Can't you live your own life?

SP. I live my own life, but she interferes with me. I talk to her. She
wants to chase me out. I feel like chasing her out, and that is a real
struggle. I cannot see why I should not have the right just as well as
she has.

Dr. Probably you are interfering with her.

SP. She wants to get rid of me. I am not bothering her. I only talk to
her sometimes.

Dr. Does she know you talk to her?


Sp. Sometimes she does, and then she chases me right out She
acts all right, but she gets so provoked. Then, when she gets into
that place, I am knocked senseless and I feel terrible. I have no power
to take her away. She makes me get out.

Dr. You should not stay around her.

Sp. It is my body, it is not hers. She has no right there. I do not
see why she interferes with me.

Dr. She interferes with your selfishness.

Sp. I feel I have some right in life-I think so.

Dr. You passed out of your body without understanding the fact,
and have been bothering a lady. You should go to the spirit world
and not hover around here.

Sp. You say I am hovering around. I am not hovering around, and
I am not one to interfere, but I want a little to say about things.

Dr. That was why you had the "thunder" and "the knocks." Sp. That
was all right for a while, but lately it is terrible. I must have

Dr. You will have it now.

Sp. I will do anything to stop that terrible knocking.

Mrs. B. (Recognizing the spirit as one who had been troubling
her.) I am mighty tired of you. Who are you, anyway?

Sp. I am a stranger.

Mrs. B. What is your name?

Sp. My name?

Mrs. B. Have you one?

Sp. My name is Carrie.

Mrs. B. Carrie what?

Sp. Carrie Huntington.

Mrs. B. Where do you live?

Sp. San Antonio, Texas.

Mrs. B. You have been with me a long time, haven't you? (It had
been a number of years since Mrs. B. had been in San Antonio.)

Sp. You have been with me a long time. I should like to find out
why you interfere with me. I recognize you now.

Mrs. B. What street did you live on?

Sp. I lived in many different plates there.

Dr. Do you realize the fact that you have lost your own mortal
body? Can you remember having been sick?

Sp. The last I remember I was in El Paso. I do not remember
anything after that. I went there and I do not seem to remember when
I left. It seems that I should be there now. I got very sick one day


Dr. Probably you lost your body then.

Sp. After El Paso I do not know where I went. I went some
distance. I traveled on the railroad and it was just like I was nobody.
Nobody asked me anything and I had to follow that lady (Mrs. B.) as
if I were her servant, and I feel very annoyed about it

Mrs. B. You worried me to death because you sang all the time.

Sp. I had to do something to attract your attention, because you
would not listen to me any other way. You traveled on the train and
it took me away from my home and folks, and I feel very much hurt
about it. Do you understand?

Mrs. B. I understand you far better than you do me.

Dr. Can't you realize what has been the matter with you?

Sp. I want to tell you that I do not want those knockings any
more. I will stay away.

Dr. Understand your condition; understand that you are an
ignorant, obsessing spirit, and that you have no physical body. You
died, probably at the time you were sick.

Sp. Could you talk to a ghost?

Dr. Such things certainly do happen.

Sp. I am not a ghost, because ghosts cannot talk. When you are
dead, you lie there.

Dr. When the body dies, it lies there. But the spirit does not.

Sp. That goes to God who gave it.

Dr. Where is He? Where is that God?

Sp. In Heaven.

Dr. Where is that?

Sp. It is where you go to find Jesus.

Dr. The Bible says: "God is Love; and he that dwelleth in Love
dwelleth in God." Where will you find that God?

Sp. I suppose in Heaven. I cannot tell you anything about it. But I
know I have been in the worst hell you could give me with those
knockings. I do not see that they have done me any good. I do not
like them at all.

Dr. Then you must stay away from that lady.

SP. I see her well now, and I can have a real conversation with her.

Dr. Yes, but this will be the last time.

SP. How do you know it will?

Dr. When you leave here you will understand that you have been
talking through another person's body. That person is my wife.


Sp. What nonsense! I thought you looked wiser than to talk such  nonsense.

Dr. It may seem foolish, but look at your hands. Do you recognize them?

Sp. They do not look like mine, but so much has taken place
lately, that I do not know what I shall do. That lady over there, (Mrs.
B.) has been acting like a madman, and I have taken it as it came, so I
shall have to find out what she thinks of doing, and why she does
those things to me.

Dr. She will be very happy to be rid of you.

Mrs. B. Carrie, how old are you?

Sp. You know that a lady never wants to tell her age.

Dr. Especially if she happens to be a spinster.

Sp. Please excuse me, you will have to take it as it is. I will not tell
my age to any one.

Dr. Have you ever been married?

Sp. Yes, I was married to a fellow, but I did not care for him.

Dr. What was his name?

Sp. That is a secret with me. I would not have his name mentioned
for anything, and I do not want to carry his name, either. My name is
Carrie Huntington, because it was my name, and I do not want to
carry his name.

Dr. Do you want to go to the spirit world?

Sp. What foolish questions you put to me.

Dr. It may seem foolish to you, but, nevertheless, there is a spirit
world. Spiritual things often seem foolish to the mortal mind. You
have lost your body.

Sp. I have not lost my body. I have been with this lady, but she
does one thing I do not like very well. She eats too much. She eats
too much and gets too strong, then I have no power over her body,--
not as much as I want to. (To Mrs. B.) I want you to eat less. I try
very much to dictate to you not to eat that and that, but you have no
sense. You do not even listen to me.

Mrs. B. This is the place I told you to go to, but you would not go
by yourself.

Sp. I know it. But you have no business to take me where I get
those knockings. I do not want to stay with you if you take those
awful knockings.

Dr. They are in the next room. Do you want some?

Sp. No, thank you. Not for me any more.

Dr. Listen to what is told you, then you will not need any more.
You are an ignorant spirit. I mean you are ignorant


of your condition. You lost your body, evidently without knowing it.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. You are now controlling my wife's body.

Sp. I never saw you before, so how in the world can you think I
should be called your wife? No, never!

Dr. I do not want you to be.

Sp. I don't want you either!

Dr. I don't want you to control my wife's body much longer. you
must realize that you have lost your physical body. Do you recognize
these hands? (Mrs. Wickland's hands.)

Sp. I have changed so much lately that all those changes make me
crazy. It makes me tired.

Dr. Now, Carrie, be sensible.

Sp. I am sensible, and don't you tell me differently, else you will
have some one to tell you something you never heard before.

Dr. Now Carrie!

Sp. I am Mrs. Carrie Huntington!

Mrs. B. You listen to what the Doctor has to say to you.

Sp. I will not listen to any one, I tell you once for all. I have been
from one to another and I do not care what becomes of me.

Dr. Do you know you are talking through my wife's body?

Sp. Such nonsense. I think that's the craziest thing I ever heard in
my life.

Dr. Now you will have to be sensible.

Sp. Sensible? I am sensible. Are you a perfect man?

Dr. No, I am not, but I tell you that you are an ignorant, selfish
spirit. You have been bothering that lady for some time, and we have
chased you out by the use of those "knocks." Whether you
understand it or not, you are an ignorant spirit. You will have to
behave yourself, or else I will take you into the office and give you
some more of those "knocks.

SP. I don't want those knocks.

Dr. Then change your disposition. Realize that there is no death;
when people lose their bodies they merely become invisible to
mortals. You are invisible to us.

SP. I will have nothing to do with you!

Dr. We want to help you and make you understand your condition.

Sp. I don't need help.

Dr. If you don't behave you will be taken away by intelligent
spirits and placed in a dungeon.

Sp. You think you can scare me! You will find out what will
happen to you.

Dr. You must overcome your selfish disposition. Look around;
you may see some one who will make you care. You may see some
one who will make you cry.

Sp. I don't want to cry. I like to sing, instead of cry.

Dr. Where is your mother?

Sp. I haven't seen her for a long time. My mother? My mother!
She is in Heaven. She was a good woman, and is with God and the
Holy Ghost, and all of them.

Dr. Look around and see if your mother is not here.

Sp. This place is not Heaven,-far from it. If this is heaven then it is
worse than hell

Dr. Look for your mother; she will put you to shame.

Sp. I have done nothing to be ashamed of. What business have
you to give me those knocks and have me put in a dungeon? That
lady and I made a bargain.

Dr. She made a bargain to come here and get rid of you. You have
been fired out by electricity. You have lost your company.

Sp. Yes, for a while they all left me. I can't find them. (Other
obsessing spirits.) Why did you chase that tall fellow away?

Dr. This lady wants her body herself; she does not want to be
tormented by earthbound spirits. Would you like them around you?

Sp. I don't know what you mean.

Dr. Can't you realize that you bothered that lady and made her life
a perfect hell?

Sp. (To Mrs. B.) I have not bothered you.

Mrs. B. You woke me up at three o'clock this morning.

Sp. Well, you have no business to sleep.

Dr. You must live your own life.

Sp. I will.

Dr. That will be in a dark dungeon if you do not behave yourself.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. You cannot stay here. You had better be humble and ask for
help-that is what you need. My wife and I have been following this
work for many years, and she allows all sorts of spirits to use her
body, so they may be helped.

Sp. (Sarcastically) She is very good!

Dr. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Do you see your


SP. I don't want to see her. I don't want to call her away from Heaven.

Dr. Since Heaven is a condition of happiness she could not be in
any "Heaven" with a daughter like you,--she could not be happy.
Suppose you were in Heaven, and had a daughter, would you like her
to act as you do?

Sp. I do not act contrary. What is the situation? Tell me that!

Dr. I have already told you the situation. You are controlling my
wife's body.

Sp. How do I do that?

Dr. Because of higher laws, and because you are a spirit. Spirit
and mind are invisible. You are so selfish that you do, not care to

Sp. This is not Heaven.

Dr. This is Los Angeles, California.

Sp. For God's sake, no (An expression never used by Mrs.
Wickland.) How did I come here?

Dr. By staying around that lady. That is how. She had to, take
those "knocks" to get you out.

Sp. She's a fool to do it.

Dr. She wants to get rid of you and she will get rid of you.

Sp. I will not have those knocks any more.

Dr. Higher spirits will show you something you do not like, if you
do not behave yourself.

Sp. (Shrinking from some vision.) I don't want that!

Dr. It is not what you want; it is what you get.

Sp. Is that so!

As nothing could be done to bring the spirit to an understanding,
she was taken away by intelligent spirits.

Upon a later occasion, when the patient, Mrs. Burton, was in the
circle, another spirit was removed from her and, controlling Mrs.
Wickland, spoke in a very individualistic manner.

Patient: MRS. BURTON.

The spirit kicked off both shoes, and seemed greatly disturbed.

Dr. What seems to be the trouble? Have you been in an accident
of some kind? (Holding psychic's hands firmly.) You have no shoes on.

SP. I took them off.

Dr. Tell us who you are.


Sp. I don't know whether I want to.

Dr. Tell us where you came from.

Sp. I don't know that I have to do that.

Dr. We would like to know who you are. What seems to be the
trouble? You don't seem to be comfortable.

Sp. I am not.

Dr. What have you been doing lately?

Sp. I haven't been doing anything. I have just been walking

Dr. And what else?

Sp. Why, nothing in particular. It seems that I have been shut up
somewhere. (In patient's aura.)

Dr. In what way?

Sp. I don't know how it is, but I couldn't get out.

Dr. How would you explain that?

Sp. I can't explain it in any way.

Dr. Did you hear any talking?

Sp. Yes, many people talked.

Dr. What did they say?

Sp. One said one thing, one another. They all think they are so smart.

Dr. Did you ever have any chance to say anything?

Sp. Yes, but I got so mad, because there was always a woman
there; she knew all I wanted to say. I felt that some, times I should
have a chance. Whenever they talked, that woman talked. A man has
no chance to say anything when a woman begins to talk.

Dr. You must have been a married man.

Sp. Why yes, I am married.

Dr. Was it a success, or a failure?

Sp. I don't know what it was-an excuse anyway. I was not so very
happy. Women always talk too much. They can't leave a fellow alone
a minute at a time.

Dr. What did they talk about?

Sp. It's that woman, she talks and talks and talks. (Patient, Mrs.
Burton, who talked constantly.) She never can keep still very long at
a time. I felt sometimes like shaking her good. We just had some new
company come in. They talk and talk. It makes me sick; they make me
get out. They are the worst I ever saw.

Dr. Did anything happen at all?

Sp. Lightning played around my head, until I didn't know where I
was. (Electrical treatment given patient.) I thought


it was far distant, but, my God and Stars in Heaven, how it hit me!

Dr.. What did you want to do at such times?

Sp. I wanted to get hold of that lightning and try to stop it hitting
my head, but the lightning strikes every time-it never misses.
Lightning used to be different; it didn't always strike, but now it
never misses. I never saw anything like it. There are stars before your
eyes, and it feels terrible, but even while the lightning strikes that
woman keeps right on talking. (Patient talked throughout treatment.)

Dr. What does she talk about?

Sp. Nothing. She wants to be boss, and I want to be boss; so
there we are.

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. You know how it is with women-they talk and talk, but there is
never anything to it.

Dr. Does the lady address you?

Sp. She torments me all the time. I feel like shaking her, but I don't
seem to have any power any more. Then there is another woman, and
she goes right at it too. It makes me sick. What can you do with a
woman to make her stop talking? If you can get any woman to stop
talking, you'll have a pretty hard time to do it.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. It's a long time since I heard it.

Dr. Where did you come from? Are you in California?

Sp. No; I'm in Texas.

Dr. What did your mother call you when you were a boy? Sp. James
was my name, but they always called me Jimmie. Gosh! I don't know
what is the matter with me. That lightning gets on my knees and feet,
then from my head to my feet, but what I can't understand is, it never
misses its aim.

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. I will say that I am a man about fifty years of age, but I want to
say that during all my life, I never saw such lightning before, and
what I can't understand is that nothing ever catches fire from it.
Gosh! Yesterday I got into a regular nest; it was the worst I ever saw
in my whole life. I think every one was a devil. (Obsessing spirits.)
There's another one standing over there, and that came yesterday.

Dr. How long have you been dead, Jimmie?

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. I mean, how long is it since you lost your body?

SP. I haven't lost it yet.


Dr. Don't you realize that you are in a strange condition?

Sp. I have been that for a long time.

Dr. Did you ever work in the oil business in Texas?

Sp. I don't know where I have been working; things are
very queer.

Dr. Where did you work?

Sp. In a blacksmith shop.

Dr. Do you know what year it is?

Sp. No, I don't.

Dr. How are you going to vote this Fall? For whom will
you vote for President?
Sp. I don't know yet.

Dr. How do you like the present President?

Sp. I like him; he is pretty good.

Dr. Do you know anything in particular about him?

Sp. He's all right; there's no flies on Roosevelt.

Dr. Is he President?

Sp. Of course he is. He just got in. McKinley was also a
good man, but you know, Mark Hanna had an awful influence
over him. It is a long time since I bothered with politics. I
have been shut up a long time, but, my God and Stars in Heaven,
I'm nearly crazy from that woman talking all the time.

Dr. What woman is it that talks so much?

Sp. Can't you see her?

Dr. She might not be here
Sp. Oh, yes, she is, it's that woman. (Indicating patient.)

Dr. What does she talk about?

Sp. Nothing but nonsense. She makes me sick.

Dr. What does she say in particular?

Sp. Nothing; she has not sense enough. She mocks me
every once in a while. I'm going to get her some day! Stars
in Heaven, she's terrible!

Dr. Now, friend, I want you to understand your condition.
You have lost your physical body, and are now a spirit.

Sp. I have a body. If only that woman would keep still.

Dr. This is not your body.

Sp. Stars in Heaven, whose body is it?

Dr. My wife's.

Sp. Stars in Heaven and the Heat from the Sun! I'm not
your wife. How could I be your wife when I'm a man? That's funny!

Dr. You are an invisible spirit.

Sp. Spirit? Do you mean a ghost? For Heaven's sake, talk
United States.

Dr. Ghosts and spirits are the same thing.

Sp. I know ghosts and I know spirits.

Dr. They both mean the same thing. (Taking hand of psychic.)

Sp. Say, it's not nice for a man to hold another man's hand. If you
want to hold hands, get hold of some lady's hand and hold that. Men
don't hold each other's hands,--that's cold joy.

Dr. Tell us what that woman says.

Sp. She just talks and says nothing.

Dr. Is she young or old?

Sp. She's not so very young. I get so mad at her.

Dr. I am telling you the fact when I say you are a spirit.

Sp. When did I die then?

Dr. It must have been some time ago. Roosevelt has not been
President for many years. He is a spirit like yourself.

Sp. Just like I am? Why, he's dead then.

Dr. So are you.

Sp. When I am here and listening to you, I can't be dead.

Dr. You have lost your body.

Sp. Say, don't hold my hand. It's such cold joy.

Dr. I am holding my wife's hand.

Sp. Well, you can hold her hand, but let mine alone.

Dr. Do you recognize this hand as yours?

Sp. That isn't my hand.

Dr. It is the hand of my wife.

Sp. But I'm not your wife.

Dr. You are using my wife's body only temporarily. You lost your
own body a long time ago.

Sp. How did that happen?

Dr. I don't know. Do you know you are in Los Angeles,

Sp. God, and Stars in Heaven, how did I come to California? I had
no money. You know, there are two women here. One doesn't talk so
much. She looks to me like she was sick. (Another spirit obsessing
patient.) She doesn't say much, but I suppose she is so annoyed
because that other woman talks so awful. Please don't hold my hand;
I like 'to feel free. If I were alone with a lady, and I could hold her
hand, that would be a different story. Aren't you satisfied to hold
just one hand?

Dr. I have to hold both because you will not be quiet. Now, let us
not lose any more time.

SP. I wish sometimes I didn't have so much time on my hands.

Dr. We will give you something to do.


Sp. You will? That's good. If you can give me some work of some
kind, I shall be very glad. Do you want me to fix horses, shoes? I used
to shoe horses.

Dr. In what state?

Sp. Texas. That's a big state.

Dr. Did you roam around a good deal?

Sp. Yes, quite a little. I was in Galveston, Dallas, San Antonio,
and many other places. I traveled everywhere I wanted to go. I went
to Houston and other cities.

Dr. You are a spirit and have been allowed to control my wife's
body for a short time. We do not see you.

Sp. Say, just look at those devils there, limping around like a
bunch of little imps. (Obsessing spirits.) They are all around that
woman. (Mrs. B.)

Dr. You take them all with you when you leave.

Sp. Not much I won't. (Touching necklace.) What in the world is this?

Dr. That is my wife's neck ornament.

SP. Your wife?

Dr. You have been brought here for enlightenment. You were
fired out from that other lady.

Sp. Yes, with lightning. For the life of me, I never saw anything
like it. There used to be thunder and lightning storms in Texas, and in
Arkansas, but lightning did not strike every time as it did on me.

Dr. You will not have that thunder and lightning any more.

Sp. I will not? That's good.

Dr. Was your mother living in Texas?

Sp. Certainly, but she is dead. I should know, because I was at her

Dr. You were at the funeral of her body, not her spirit, soul or mind.

Sp. I suppose she went to Heaven.

Dr. Look around and see if you can see her.

Sp. Where?

Dr. She might be here.

Sp. What place is this anyhow? If I am your wife I have never
seen you before.

Dr. You are not my wife.

Sp. You called me your wife.

Dr. I did not say you are my wife. You are temporarily using her

Sp. For God's sake in Heaven and hell, how can I get out of your wife?


Dr. Be sensible. What do those imps say?

Sp. They say they are going to stay, but I say, and say it strong,
that they are all going to go.

Dr. Do you want them to go with you?

Sp. I should say I do.

Dr. You can help them a great deal by reforming them and making
them understand their condition. They need help. You are all
ignorant spirits and have been bothering that lady. I am the one who
gave you "lightning" and chased you out. You can all 90 to the
spirit world and learn how to progress.

Sp. Is that woman going too? There is a whole lot, a gang, but I
haven't seen any of them until lately.

Dr. Can you see anybody you know? Just sit quietly -for a
moment and look around.

Sp. (Excitedly) Why, here comes Nora! (A spirit.)

Dr. Who is Nora?

Sp. Nora Huntington; she's my sister.

Dr. Ask her if your name is Jimmie Huntington.

Sp. She says it is, and that she hasn't seen me for such a long
time. (Suddenly puzzled.) But-she's dead.

Dr. Let her explain the situation.

Sp. She says: "Jimmie, you come home with me." Where shall I
come ?

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says: "To the spirit world,"--but I don't believe her.

Dr. Was your sister in the habit of lying to you?

Sp. No.

Dr. If she were honest before, would she lie now?

Sp. She says she has been hunting for me for years and she didn't
know where I was.

Dr. Where has she been?

Sp. Why, she's dead. I was at her funeral, and I know well that
she was not buried alive.

Dr. You went to the funeral of her body, not her spirit.

Sp. This is her ghost then?

Dr. She is probably an intelligent spirit. We do not need to argue
about that any more. Let her explain.

Sp. She says: "Let us go, Jimmie, and take the 'gang' with us." She
says she is a missionary and helps everybody she can; she says she
helps unfortunates. I have been unfortunate too.

Dr. Tell this lady, this other spirit you have been talking about, to
go with you.

SP. She says if she leaves she has no body.

Dr. Tell her she has a spirit body. She doesn't need a physical


body. Tell her that they will teach her how to progress. You take
the imps along too.

Sp. I can't carry them all with me. How do you know they all want
to go with us?

Dr. They will go if you can show them anything better than they
have now. Probably they never had any chance in life.

Sp. I never thought of that.

Dr. We cannot blame them altogether. Show them the better way
and they will follow.

Sp. Where am I now?

Dr. In California.

Sp. Where in California?

Dr. Los Angeles.

Sp. If you are in California, it doesn't mean that I am there too.

Dr. How could you be anywhere else, since you are here?

Sp. Of course, that is reasonable, The last I remember, I was in
Dallas, Texas, and the first thing I knew I was struck on the back of
my head. I was shoeing a horse when I was struck. Did he kill me?

Dr. He evidently chased you out of your body. Nobody ever
dies. If you don't go soon, your sister will become tired of waiting for you.

Sp. I'll go with her, if you'll let me, but I'll have to walk.

Dr. How are you going to walk? With my wife's body? You will
have to learn a new lesson. Just think yourself with your sister and
you will be there instantly. You will have to travel by thought.

Sp. Stars in Heaven, that's a new wrinkle!

Dr. Now, friend, you can't stay any longer.

Sp. That's a nice way to talk to me!

Dr. I don't want you to use my wife's body any longer.

Sp. What body will I get hold of when I get out from here?

Dr. When you leave this body you will have your spirit body.
That is invisible to us.

Sp. Can I jump from this body into a spirit body?

Dr. Your sister will explain. Just think yourself with your sister.
You do not need any physical body for that purpose.

Sp. I am commencing to get sleepy.

Dr. Go with your sister and follow her instructions; you will learn
many new lessons in the spirit life. Take all the gang and the little
imps with you.

Sp. (To spirits) Now you come along with me, all of you, the
whole lot of you.


Dr. Will they all go with you?

Sp. Now we are going. Come on, the whole gang of you.


On a subsequent date a spirit "Harry" was brought to the circle
for enlightenment, and, controlling Mrs. Wickland, maintained an
interesting conversation regarding another spirit that had been
troubling Mrs. Burton.

Spirit: HARRY.

Dr. Where have you come from?

Sp. I don't know where I am, and I don't know what is the matter
with me.

Dr. Would you care to know what is the matter?

Sp. I don't know what is the matter.

Dr. Did something happen to you?

Sp. That is what I should like to find out.

Dr. What have you been doing lately?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Tell us who you are. Do you know?

Sp. Well, I should say-well, I think I do.

Dr. Where do you think you are?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Yes, you do.

Sp. No, I don't know. Everything is so queer, and it just seems to
me I don't know what's the matter.

Dr. Can't you look back and see whether something happened to you?

Sp. I can't look back, I have no eyes in my back.

Dr. I mean, think back.

Sp. Think of my back?

Dr. No, think of your past. Just use your thinking faculties.

Sp. I don't know anything.

Dr. You must not be so mentally lazy.

Sp. What can a man do?

Dr. This is a woman sitting here. Are you a man or a woman?

SP. I am a man, that fellow is a man, and the others are women. I
have always been a man. I was never a woman, and never will be.
You know I am a man.

Dr. Look at your hands; where did you get them?

Sp. Those are not my hands.

Dr. Look at your feet.

Sp. They are not mine, either. I never was a woman, and I don't
want women's hands and feet, and I don't want to borrow any one's
body now.

Dr. Are you old ?

Sp. Well, I'm not a young kid.

Dr. You are probably old in years but not in knowledge.

Sp. No, I don't know that I have so much knowledge.

Dr. If you had knowledge you would not be in your present

Sp. That has nothing to do with knowledge.

Dr. Knowledge is just what you lack. Tell us what your name is.
Is it Mary?

Sp. Have you ever heard of a man being named Mary? That's

Dr. Then tell us what your name is. I can only guess.

Sp. For goodness sake alive, man, it is a man's name, not a

Dr. Introduce yourself.

Sp. What in the devil do you need my name for?

Dr. You are well versed in English. Did you have white hair as
you have now? (Referring to hair of psychic.)

Sp. I had gray hair.

Dr. Did you wear curls as you are doing now?

Sp. No, I don't like them.

Dr. Did you wear a comb?

Sp. Did you ever know of a man wearing a comb?

Dr. Where did you get that wedding ring?

Sp. I didn't steal anything. I don't want a woman's hand.

Dr. John, where did you come from?

Sp. I'm not named John.

Dr. What did your wife call you? What did your mother call you?

Sp. She called me Harry. I was not married.

Dr. What is your other name?

Sp. I do not need to tell my name to a lot of women.

Dr. There are some gentlemen present.

Sp. How in the world did I get into this crowd of women? I hate women.

Dr. You must have been disappointed in love. What was the trouble?

Sp. I'd be a big fool to tell my secrets to a lot of women.

Dr. Why did she marry the other man?

Sp. Who?

Dr. The girl who jilted you.


Sp. She never in my life-no!

Dr. Weren't you disappointed in love?

Sp. No.

Dr. Then why do you hate women?

Sp. I must not tell you any of my secrets before this bunch of
women, so they can sit here and laugh at me. I should like to know
why all these women are staring at me. What's the matter with that
man over there? (Spirit.) I mean the one behind that lady (Mrs.
Burton seated in circle).

Mrs. B. I'm a man hater; he can keep away from me.

Sp. Why is that man around her? Is he her husband? Lady, what
does he hang around you for? What's the matter with You? Do you
like him so well that you want him to stick to you like glue?

Dr. Ask him how long he has been dead.

Sp. He sure is an ugly thing. I'm afraid of him. He looks like he
wants to fight.

Dr. Ask him how long he has been dead.

Sp. Dead? He sticks so she can't move without him. Whenever
she moves, he moves. He seems to me like a monkey.

Mrs. B. Say, take him away with you, will you?

Sp. Why should I take him for? For God's sake, I don't know the
fellow! Do you like him, lady?

Mrs. B. No, I don't. I'm tired of him.

Sp. What's the matter with him? Is he your husband?

Mrs. B. No, he is not, and I don't understand it myself.

Sp. Do you like him?

Mrs. B. No, I want him to get away from me.

Sp. Where am I, anyhow?

Dr. You are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. There's also a woman around her, and she sticks like glue.

Mrs. B. Are you here to help us? Can't you take those things
away from me?

Sp. Do you like that man who is with you?

Mrs. B. No, I am wild to get rid of him. The door is wide open; he
can surely go.

Sp. For God's sake, shut the door! I don't want such a man
following me. Why don't you tell the police? Can't the police take him
away from you, if you don't want him?

Dr. They are all spirits.

Sp. Spirits?

Dr. Yes, like yourself.


Sp. Oh, you tell me that man is a ghost, the one standing behind
that woman there?

Dr. Can you see him?

Sp. He's no spirit, he's a man. He stands there. He's afraid she will
get away from him and he can't follow. He says he is sick of her.

Dr. He is a spirit but does not understand it. She does not see him
and neither do we. He is invisible to us.

Sp. What kind of a place is this I came to?

Dr. We cannot see you either.

Sp. You can't? Don't you hear me?

Dr. We hear you, but we can't see you.

Sp. Is this a crowd of blind people? I can see them all and lots
more. The whole room is full of people.

Dr. We can hear you, but we can only hear you talk through a
woman's body.

Sp. Now, you're kidding me. You think that I-I would ever talk
through a woman? Not much! I would not go across the street to talk
through a woman. You know, I can't understand what this thing is. I
don't know why I should be here. I don't know what's the matter; all
of you are sitting around looking at me. Why are there people
standing around each one here? There are others, standing around
looking at me too. Could they have conversation with a fellow?

Dr. If I explain to you, will you try to understand? In the first
place, you are dead, as people would say.

Sp. If I'm a dead one, that's a good thing!

Dr. You yourself are not dead.

Sp. But you said I was dead.

Dr. You are dead to your own people and friends. We know you
are not dead in reality; you only lost your physical body. But you
also have a spirit body when you pass out of your mortal body. You
find yourself alive, and you have a spirit body, but you cannot
explain it.

Sp. I know I have been walking a very great deal, and it seems to
me I never get anywhere. I saw a lot of people here. I came here with
the crowd, and before I knew it, everything was light, and I saw you
all sitting around in a circle, singing. I thought it was a prayer
meeting, so I stopped, and before I knew anything, I could talk.
Before then I thought I must be deaf and dumb and blind, because I
could not see anything, and I am so tired.

Dr. Most of those you see here are spirits like yourself.

Sp. Why are we here?


Dr. Many have been brought to obtain understanding. You
yourself are controlling my wife's body. You are not my wife, but you
are using my wife's body. It does not make any difference how
strange it seems to you, it is a fact. You are invisible to us, and you
are speaking through my wife's organism. That man you speak of is a
spirit too. Take him with you when you go. He is invisible to us.

Sp. I should like to fight him.

Dr. Did you ever read the Bible?

Sp. Yes, a long time ago. I have not seen one for a long time.

Dr. You remember reading in the Bible about obsessing spirits
that Jesus cast out? He is one of that kind.

Sp. They are all around that woman (Mrs. B.).

Mrs. B. I have the door closed now.

Sp. If you keep the door closed, I'll take them along with me. I
want to fight with that fellow anyhow. What's your name?

Dr. What does he say?

Sp. He says his name is Jim McDonald. Don't you know him,
lady? If he is a spirit, for goodness sake, why does be hang on to
that woman when she doesn't want him?

Dr. Perhaps he found himself there, as you find yourself here. You
say you saw a crowd, a light, and here you are.

Sp. That man says he was walking in the dark and saw that lady.
Say, will I always have to stay here too?

Ques. What are the names of those around me? (This was asked
by another patient.)

Sp. There are two. They fight once, in a while. I see them fighting.

Ques. I fight them too.

Dr. Do not fight them physically; that gives them strength and
magnetism. When you fight them in that way, you give them much
more strength. You hold them by fighting them as you do. Fight them
mentally. Why don't you try to close up?

Sp. I will take them along too, if I can. Don't fist fight them any
more. I don't know what's the matter with me. I feel strange.

Dr. Where was your home?

Sp. It was in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. What year can you recall?

Sp. I can't recall any.

Dr. Who is President?

Sp. I don't know for sure, but I think Cleveland.

Dr. He was President a long time ago.


Sp. I have been walking so long that I feel tired. Is there any rest
for a weary person? Have you a bed so that I can lie down and rest?

Dr. If you look around you will see intelligent spirits.

Sp. Why, I see some beautiful girls. No, girls, I will not come with
you. Don't try to fool me. I'm not going with you, not much!

Dr. They are different from the girls you have known. They are
not mortal girls, they are spirits.

Sp. They have a smile like others to give to a man.

Dr. They are different altogether. They help spirits who need help.

Sp. Those girls seem to be honest, but you know, I hate women.

Dr. You should not condemn them all because one was false.

Sp. You see, I want to take all those folks with me. If I can, I will
take them with me. I think I will follow those girls, anyhow.
(Surprised.) Why, there's my mother! She's been dead and gone a
long time.

Dr. She's not dead.

SP. Don't you think she's in Heaven?

Dr. Ask her. She can speak for herself.

Sp. She says she is in a beautiful place called the spirit world.

Dr. The spirit world surrounds the physical. "Heaven" is a
condition within you; when you have found that, you will be
contented and happy. That is what Jesus taught also.

Sp. I should like to go with my mother. She's a good old lady. I
want to take McDonald along too. Come here, McDonald. I don't
want to stay around here any longer, and I want you to come along.
He acts as if he is trying hard to wake up. Say, come on, McDonald,
let us be good fellows and go with those girls, for they might be
honest and sincere. Mother, you come along too. I will go now.
Goodby. Come on, you fellows. Say, what do you stick to that woman
for, anyhow? I should be ashamed of myself, hanging around her. I'm
going. Goodbye.

Mrs. B. Be sure and take them along with you.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. Harry. That is all I can remember. I have not heard my name
for many years.

Dr. Make the others understand the folly of staying.

Sp. I'm going to take those fellows along. Now, you look here!
You're going to come along with me. I'll fight every damned one of
you that won't come. You ought to be ashamed

to stick around a woman like you do. Now, come along with me! you
see, they come. I'll look after them all right. Goodbye.

During another circle "Frank," one of the spirits interfering with
Mrs. Burton, left her, and controlled the intermediary, exhibiting little
trace of memory in any form.

Spirit: FRANK. Patient MRS. BURTON.

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Do you know any one here?

Sp. I don't see anybody I know.

Dr. Don't you know where you came from?

Sp. I don't know myself. How can I answer questions when I don't

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. Dead! The idea! Say, what's the matter with me? I think it
looks very funny to see you all sitting around here. Are you having a
meeting, or what is it called anyhow?

Dr. Yes, it's a meeting. Try to tell us who you are.

Sp. I don't know why I should tell you that.

Dr. You are a stranger to us.

Sp. I don't know whether I shall stay here or not. I am always
peculiar among strangers, you know.

Dr. Tell us where you came from.

Sp. For my dear life, I don't know myself, so how can I tell you?
Say, why do you hold my arm? I'm a strong man, and can sit still by

Dr. I thought you were a woman.

Sp. God above! Why do you think I'm a woman? You'll have to
look again, because I am a man, sure enough, and I've always been a
man. But things are funny, and I don't know; it has been so peculiar
with me for some time. You know, I was walking along and then I
heard some singing, so I thought I would peek in, and before I knew
it I was feeling fine. You know I have not been feeling well for some
time; everything has seemed unusual. (After becoming enmeshed in
aura of sensitive.) I don't know what is the matter with me anyhow.
Somebody said to me that if I came in where the singing was, I would
find out what is the matter with me. I have asked everybody I saw,
but everybody passed by; they were so stuck up they wouldn't talk
to a fellow any more. The people all looked like wax to me. Dear life!
I've been talking and talking,


and walking and walking, and, for dear life, I could never get any one to
answer me, or take any notice of me before. (As a spirit he was invisible to
mortals and therefore unnoticed by them.) You are the first one to answer
any question. I have some little peculiar kind of thing in my throat once in a
while, and I can't talk, and then I seem to get well again., But I feel queer, so

Dr. Can you remember anything happening to you at some time?

Sp. Something happens every day. One time I remember one thing and
another time something else, but I don't remember anything clearly. I cannot,
for dear life, know where I am at. It is the most peculiar thing I ever saw.

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. I cannot tell you that. I haven't known my age for some time.
Nobody ever asks me about that and the natural circumstance is that I forgot.
(Hearing a passing train.) Why, there's a train coming! It's a long time since I
heard that. It seems I live again for a short time. I don't know what it is.

Dr. Where did you live formerly? Where do you think you are now?

Sp. I don't know where I lived before, but right now I am in this room
with a lot of people.

Dr. Do you know you are in Los Angeles, California?

Sp. For dear life, no!

Dr. Where do you think you ought to be?

Sp. I cannot seem to recall things. There are times that I can tell you that
I am a woman, and then I get some kind of funny thing I do not like. (Static
treatment of patient.)

Dr. What do you get?

Sp. When I am a woman, I have long hair, and when the hair is hanging
down this funny thing begins. (Mrs. Burton was in the habit of taking her
hair down during a treatment.)

Dr. What do you mean?

Sp. It seems like a million needles strike me, and, for Gods sake, it is the
worst thing I ever had in my whole life! I don't want to be a woman. I only
get that funny thing when I am a woman. (Seeing Mrs. B. in circle.) She's the
one with the long hair! (To Mrs. B.) I'm going to get you!

Dr. Do you know that lady?

Sp. Yes, she gets so mad at me at times and wants to chase me away.

Dr. She probably doesn't want you around. Possibly you bother her.


SP. She bothers me too.

Dr. Try to understand your condition. Cannot you realize that you are
so-called dead? At this time you are a woman. Look at your clothes. You
say you are a man and yet you are wearing the clothes of a woman.

Sp. For God's sake, I don't want to be a woman any more! I'm a man and
I want to be a man. I used to be a man all the time, but I- cannot, for dear life,
know how I can get out of this condition. That woman says to go, and I try
to get out, but I cannot. (Suddenly recognizing Dr. W.) You are the one that
gave me that fire! Praise the Lord! I want to get rid of you. I don't like you
with all those fires you give me. I don't want to have anything to do with you.

Mrs. B. How long have you been with me?

Sp. With you? You always chase me out. What did you do with that
woman that was with me? (Another spirit* obsessing the patient, dislodged
previously.) She sang for me. We have lost her. I have been hunting and
hunting for her. Can you tell me where she is?

Dr. She left that lady and controlled this same body as you are doing
now. After that she went to the spirit world. That is where you are going
when you leave here.

Sp. That woman (Mrs. B.) has no business to scold me like she does. I
haven't done her any harm.

Dr. Suppose you were a lady and some spirit bothered you would you
like it?

Sp. Certainly I would not like it very well.

Dr. You bothered her. You are a spirit and she is a mortal. She wants to
get rid of you.

Sp. She bothers me with all those needles. They hit her on the head and
it seems like the needles are hitting my head.

Dr. She is in her mortal body, but you are a spirit, invisible to us.

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. Just exactly what I say. Your mind is invisible to us. You are
temporarily controlling my wife's body.

Sp. Why, I never saw your wife, and I do not want to. I Will tell you one
thing, I am a man, and will never be anything else, and I don't want to be
married to you.

Dr. You may be a man, as you claim, but I want you to recognize the
fact that you are invisible to us. This is my wife's body.

See Chap. 3. Page 30, Spirit: Carrie Huntington.


Sp. For God's sake, sure I am a woman! (Noticing clothes of psychic.)
For the land's sake alive, when did these clothes come on me?

Dr. They have been on you quite a while. How did you get here ?

Sp. Somebody said: "You go in there and- you will get understanding,
because you do not need to wander as you are doing." And now I am a

Dr. Only temporarily. Try to understand what I am telling you. You
lost your body, perhaps a long time ago.

Sp. That woman (Mrs. B.) is the fault of it.

Dr. You have been bothering that lady, probably for many years,, and
you may have been troubling others. What is your name?

Sp. I can't think.

Dr. You lost your own body and have been wandering around in that
outer darkness which is described in the Bible. Were you a religious man?

Sp. I don't want to have anything to do with the churches. I am sick and
tired of them all. They all say, if you do not do so and so you will go straight
to hell, where you will bum forever. They teach and preach damnation, you know.

I was quite a young man when a minister told me I would go to that
terrible hell, and they did not want me in the church any more because I did
not do as they said I should. I did not believe any of it. I was not such a very
bad man.

After I left that church I thought I would try another. For dear life, I got
into the same hell and damnation, and I was tired of it all.

They talked of God and holy things. They said I should give my money
to God. They said I should give my tobacco to God. I could not see why
God should need my tobacco, and what little money I had. I could not see
things that way, so I left that church. I went to another church, and they
talked and talked to me. After awhile they said that the devil was after me,
because I would not give my money to the church.

One time I had been out with the boys for a while. I never drank too
much, but I drank enough that time to be lively. I thought, now I will go right
straight up to the front and sit down, so I did. They tried to save my soul for
God, so they told me. The minister said that the devil was right after me, and
I got pretty seared. He said: "And he is going to get you!" I thought I would
look behind and probably I might see him, but I didn't. He said: "Come up,
come up, and we will save your


soul from hell; come and be saved. Come to the front and be converted. You
will be born again."

I was a little contrary for a while, and then I, got up, and went right up
to the front, as I wanted to see what they would do. The minister said:
"Now you kneel down there." So I knelt down. He put his hands on my
head and they all sang and sang, and they prayed and prayed for me. They
said: "Be converted now."

I thought it was grand, all the girls putting their hands on me and singing
and praying for me. Then the minister came again, and he said: "You will
have to pray, or the devil will get after you." I could not be a hypocrite, so I
told him, if I was a sinner I would have to stay one. "I don't believe the devil
is a person, anyhow," so I told him, and he was angry. He thought I was a
bad pill. They tried all they could to convert me, but it was no good, so I
finally went away. After I left there, some men came after me, so I ran as
hard as I could, then somebody struck me on the head and I had great pain.
I fell down, but I got up again. I wanted to give that man a push down the
hill, but he pushed me and I rolled and rolled down that hill. There were lots
of people around me after I stopped rolling, and all at once I felt all right again.

Dr. That was probably the time you lost your physical body. You died.

Sp. I did not die.

Dr. What place was it, where you rolled down the hill?

Sp. It was down in Texas. I walked and ran and tried to talk to people,
but they would not answer me; they seemed like sticks. I felt so queer in my
head. I asked them if they could tell me where my home was. I felt that pain.
Once in a while I could get away. I then came to a lady, and she said: "Come
along," and before I knew it we had a crowd around us, and she used to sing.
(Evidently, the spirit, Carrie Huntington. The Patient, Mrs. B., had often
been annoyed by the singing of spirits.) I talked to her once in a while, and
then, all at once, she disappeared, and after that I got the needles. (Came
more fully into control of patient, and felt electrical treatments more keen- I
felt them pretty bad.

Dr. You are a spirit and are now using my wife's body.

Sp. How in the world did I get into your wife's body? Do You like your
wife to be all kinds of tramps?

Dr. Yes, long enough to give the spirits an understanding regarding the
invisible side.

Sp. Are these your wife's clothes? Did I borrow them for


a while? Did your wife dress me? I am sorry to show myself like a woman
and not like a man. What will these people think -that I'm crazy? (Laughter.)
It isn't funny.

Dr. You are an ignorant spirit, in outer darkness. Intelligent spirits have
brought you here to control this body temporarily, so that you can
understand your condition. Also, they took you away from that lady. (Mrs. B.)

Sp. Will she get those awful needles again?

Dr. Are there any more persons where you came from? Or are you the
last one?

Sp. The woman and the other man. went; then you gave me the needles.
I kicked like a steer to get out, but I could not. How could you expect me to
do any better? I thought of the minister that talked about hell.

Dr. That hell was not like this. There are spirits here who will teach you
how to progress in the spirit world; they will help you. Is your father living?

Sp. I don't know. I haven't seen my father for about twenty-five or
thirty years. Mother is dead, but I don't know whether father is or not. I
don't know any of my relatives.

Mrs. B. Did I meet you last November?

Sp. Yes, I have been ill ever since that time. I was not the one that was
with you close; that was the young lady. My head is hurting me terribly.

Dr. What year do you think it should be?

Sp. I should think about 1888 or 1891.

Dr. It is 1920 now.

Sp. I think there must be something the matter with me.

Dr. You have been in outer darkness for some time.

Sp. I have been walking and walking, and I got with that lady over there.
(Mrs. B.) I wanted to go. I kicked and she kicked, and we had regular
kickings. Oh, look there! See! My Mother! Oh, Mother! Can you forgive
me? I was not as you wanted me to be. Mother, will you take me? I am so
tired; I need your care and help. Will you take me? Oh, my Mother!

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She calls me. She says: "Yes, Frank, you will come with me. I have
been looking for you a long time." I am getting weak; I feel so tired. Mother
says: "Frank, we had not the understanding of the real life, because we were
not taught what we should have been taught, so that we did not learn to
know God's wonderful universe. Religion is a long way from the real life.
The ministers all teach that we should just believe and then we are saved.
No, no; belief is only a setback.


Get knowledge of God. We do not do that."

"Frank, we will help you to learn what a beautiful world there is on the
other side when we have understanding. You have to make your own efforts
to learn to understand the Golden Rule of God's beautiful teaching of life,
and be of help and service to your fellowman."

"Now, Frank," she says, "you have been very mischievous in your life. I
know you were a good boy, but you always were too lively. You were
ignorant of the real life and went away from home when I died. The home
was broken up; you went one way and the rest went another. I did not
know, Frank, what things were, but I wish the truth could be taught."

She says: "Now come with me to the spirit world, where we have
understanding. There we have love, harmony, peace and bliss, but we have
to live for one another. You have to go to school and learn. You must not
bother any one any more, as you have done. Come, Frank, and we will go to
a beautiful home in the spirit world."

Thank you, and Goodby!


Several weeks later the last intruder left Mrs. Burton, and, through Mrs.
Wickland, inquired for the companions who had preceded her, resenting
having been held captive.

Patient: MRS. BURTON.

Dr. Good Evening, friend; who are you? (Taking psychic's hand.)

Sp. Don't hold my hand! Don't touch me!

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. My name is Maggie.

Dr. Maggie what?

Sp. Maggie Wilkinson.

Dr. Do you know that you are in Los Angeles? Where did You come from?

SP. I came from Dallas, Texas.

Dr. How did you reach Los Angeles?

SP. I am not in Los Angeles, I am in Texas. I have been kicking and
kicking all the time.

Dr. Why did you do that?

SP. I have been kicking because I have been in a prison. (Victim's aura.)
There were several of us, but they have all disappeared. (Other obsessing
spirits, previously dislodged from patient.) They have all gone but me, and I
don't like it.


Dr. Would you like to go where your friends have gone?

Sp. I don't care. I really don't care for the others, anyway. They
always wanted to have everything, and I was always behind.

Dr. Don't you realize that you are in a strange condition? Tell us
how long you have been dead.

Sp. Dead! Why is that woman with me all the time? (Patient.) She
always gets fire. She gets the worst kind of things. She gets up on
something, puts something over her head, and then fire comes!
(When Mrs. Burton seated herself upon a platform beside the
static machine, she covered her head with a woolen blanket to
make the electricity more effective.)

Dr. Do you feel that you are in the right place?

Sp. Where shall I go?

Dr. To the spirit world.

Sp. What is that?

Dr. That is where people go, after passing out of their bodies,
when they have understanding. Don't you realize that something
strange has happened to you?

Sp. If you could get that blanket from being put on my head, and
that fire, I should be all right. It seems that I was knocked to pieces.
How in the world can anyone stand being shot at like that?

Dr. That was done to chase you out. Do you not feel free now?
What have you been doing since you last had those shots"?

Sp. I am glad I was chased out, for I feel better now than I have
for some time.

Dr. Do you realize that you are controlling my wife's body? Sp.
Thank God, I am not.

Dr. This body, which you are using, belongs to my wife.

Sp. Your wife, nothing!

Dr. Do you recognize the clothes you are wearing?

Sp. That's nothing to me.

Dr. Where did you get them?

Sp. I'm no thief! I am going to have you arrested for calling me a
thief. The first police station I find, I shall swear out a warrant against you.

Dr. Maggie, what is the color of your hair?

Sp. Brown-dark brown.

Dr. (Touching psychic's hair.) This hair is not brown. These
clothes belong to my wife.

Sp. I don't care whether they are my clothes or not; I never asked
for them.


Dr. Tell us how long you have been dead.

Sp. I'm not dead. One time you say one thing, and another time
you say another.

Dr. I mean, when did you lose your body?

Sp. I haven't lost my body; it's not in the grave.

Dr. Were you ever sick, and did you suddenly become better?

Sp. I was very sick, and when I got better, I was in a prison. I was
moving around and some woman bothered me. There were lots of us,
but they all got so seared of the fire that they left.

Dr. When did you come to Los Angeles?

Sp. I'm not in Los Angeles; I'm in Dallas, Texas. If I am in Los
Angeles, how did I get here?

Dr. You must have come with a lady who has red hair. (Mrs. B.,
seated nearby.)

Sp. She had no right to bring me here.

Dr. She also came from Texas.

Sp. What became of the others?

Dr. They were brought to an understanding and went to the spirit
world. That is where you should be. Why should you hover around
that woman?

Sp. Hover around-nothing! I have been in a prison, but I could
not help it. I did what I could to get out. Those people I saw said they
would help me out, but they didn't. I made quite a disturbance, and
they went away from me.

Dr. Probably they brought you here.

Sp. All I see is people sitting around.

Mrs. B. Did you come out here with me? What do you want to
bother me for?

Sp. I have nothing to do with you. Oh! you're the one that kept
me in the prison!

Mrs. B. What was the name of that girl friend of yours You used
to be with? (Referring to another spirit that had been troubling Mrs. B)

Sp. Where? In Texas?

Mrs. B. Yes.

Sp. Her name was Mary, and there was another one, Carrie.

Mrs. B. Did Carrie come with you?

Sp. Yes, of course. Say, what did you keep me closed up for?
Why didn't you let me out?

Mrs. B. I kept telling you to get out.

SP. I know you did, but you didn't open the door so I could go.


Dr. All you had to do was to think yourself free from that lady.

Sp. I can't think myself free.

Dr. Intelligent spirits can think themselves anywhere; it is only
ignorant spirits who cannot.

Sp. (To Mrs. B.) Say, what did you keep me around you for?

Dr. You were an uninvited guest.

Mrs. B. I'm glad to get rid of you.

Sp. I'm glad too. I'm mighty glad to get out of that prison. Why
didn't you let me out? I knocked and knocked, but you kept me there.
(To Dr. W.) You gave me those fire things, then I got out, and I'm
glad of it.

Dr. Did you get out after the last treatment?

Sp. You call that a "treatment"?

Dr. If you got out of that lady, I should call it a good treatment.

Sp. You don't know how I suffered from that fire, especially the
shooting. You are the one that gave me that fire, and I don't like you!

Dr. I had to give the lady those treatments to get you out.

Sp. You think that devil-machine is a little god. You want me to

Dr. To the spirit world.

Sp. Where is that?

Dr. A place where the discarnated spirits go to get
understanding. You have lost your physical body but do not
understand it, and you have been bothering that lady. (Mrs. B.)

Mrs. B. When once I get you and the others out, I shall keep the
door closed, and closed so tight that none of you can get in.

Dr. Think yourself free and you will not be in a prison. Mortals
cannot travel by thought, but spirits can. You are invisible to us. You
are temporarily using the body of another; this body, belongs to my wife. 

Sp. You have told me that before.

Dr. Can't you see you are in a strange condition?

Mrs. B. Do you know Maggie Mackin? (Another spirit whose
presence Mrs. B. had clairaudiently been aware of.)

Sp. Yes, and I know Mary too.

Dr. How old were you when you passed out of your body? Can
you recall something of your past?

Sp. I remember being out riding and the horses ran away,

then everything became dark, and since then I do not seem. to
remember much.

Dr. Do you know what year it is?

Sp. I don't have to answer you. Are you a lawyer or a judge?
Who are you?

Dr. I'm a "fireman." Can you realize that it is 1920?

Sp. It doesn't bother me that much. (Snapping fingers.) I don't care.

Dr. I thought you were anxious to get out of your trouble.

Sp. I wanted to get out of that prison, and now I feel better than I
have for years.

Mrs. B. You ought to thank Doctor for getting you out.

Sp. That man ought to be arrested for giving those shots. it made
you feel like your head was going to the dickens.

Dr. Can you see any of your friends here?

Sp. There are two Indians, one is a big fellow, and one is a girl,
and there is a lady with curly hair and light blue eyes. (Spirits.)

Dr. Does the Indian girl answer to the name of "Silver Star" ?
(One of Mrs. Wickland's guides.)

Sp. Yes.

Dr. These spirits will help you to progress in the spirit life.

Sp. There's one thing sure, I'm going to Heaven, and not to the
other place. I went to church and was a good woman.

Dr. Those persons whom you see are spirits like yourself. We do
not see them.

Sp. They are there, just the same. They say if I will go along with
them, they will show me a nice home. That would be nice, for I
haven't had a home for a long time. Am I going to have that fire any
more? I won't go to that woman with the red hair any more, either,
and I thank God for that.

Dr. Now think yourself free and go with these friends.

Sp. All right, I will go. Goodby!

When Mrs. Burton first came to us she could not follow any
occupation, but after the obsessing spirits were removed she was
able to take a clerical position in a large commercial house.


CHAPTER IV Earth Sphere Conditions and the Magnetic Aura

UNENLIGHTENED Spirits often wander aimlessly for many years in
the earth sphere, their lack of knowledge of a higher spirit world, which is
attained only through understanding, keeping them in a dreary condition of
confusion, monotony and suffering; many remain in the scenes of their earth
lives, continuing their former activities, while others fall into a state of heavy
sleep from which they are with difficulty aroused.

A spirit who was still following his old occupation without any
knowledge of his transition controlled Mrs. Wickland at one of our circles in Chicago.

"Why are you sitting in the dark?" he asked. (We were at that time
experimenting with dark circles.)

"I am Hesselroth, from-the drug store," he said.

Mr. Hesselroth, the Swedish proprietor of a Chicago drug store, had died
the year before in a hospital, but we knew nothing of this man, his death, or
his circumstances; however, on this evening one of his friends, Mr. Eckholm,
was in, our circle.

The spirit was not aware of his death, claiming that he was still attending
to his drug store.

His friend in the circle said he had been informed that the drug store had
been sold to the clerk, and so stated to the spirit, but this the latter
emphatically denied, saying:

"Abrahamson only manages it for me."

The spirit told of a robbery which had occurred in his house recently,
and described the three burglars. He said he had been frightened when they
entered, but gaining courage, had gone for his revolver only to find that he
was not able to pick it up. He had then struck at one of the burglars, but his
hand had gone "right through the fellow," and he could not understand why
he could do nothing at all.

After his condition was explained to him he saw many spirit friends
appear, who welcomed him to his new home in the spirit world.

Later investigation verified the statement made by the spirit that the
drug store had not been sold and also the fact that the house had been

It could not be held that the subconscious mind of the psychic


played any part in this case, nor could the theory of auto-suggestion be
maintained, for Mr. Hesselroth was entirely unknown to every one in the
room with the exception of his friend, Mr. Eckholm, and this friend held the
opposite idea regarding the sale of the store.

Many years later this spirit returned to us in California, speaking again
through Mrs. Wickland.


Spirit I have come in to say just a few words, for I have been helped out
of darkness, and have become a helper in the Band of Mercy.

Doctor Who are you, friend?

Sp. I am one of the helpers here. I come around sometimes, and I came
tonight to say a few words to you. I was once in a very dark condition, but
now I am one of your Band. I thought you might like to know. If it had not
been for you, I would probably still be in the dark. Many years have passed.
I have quite an understanding of life now, through you, and through this little
circle of the Band of Mercy. It was not here, it was in Chicago that I was helped.

I am very much pleased to be here with you tonight. I should like to give
you my name, but I seem to have forgotten it, because I have not heard it for
so long. It will come to me, and then I will give it.

Do you remember an old gentleman you used to know-Mr. Eckholm? He
was not so very old either. He was a very dear friend of mine, and through
him I came to see you.

Dr. At some meeting in Chicago?

Sp. Yes. I had a drug store in Chicago. My name is Hesselroth! I could
not think of my name for a moment. I am one of your helpers here. Mr.
Eckholm is with me, and he also does all he can. He is very happy to help
with your work here. He was heart and soul with it during his earth life. I
also feel that I have to do all I can to help, because if you had not helped me,
I should have been in that drug store yet, selling medicine.

For a whole year after I passed out, I attended to the business as I did
when on earth, only I did-not feel that I was sick any more. I took sick in the
store, and was sent to the hospital, and I passed out in the hospital. They
took my body to the undertakers, not to my home.


You know, it says in the Bible: "Where your treasure is there will your
heart be also." When I woke up from the sleep of death, I thought of my
store, and there I found myself. I saw that everything was going on all right,
but it seemed so strange that I could not talk to any of my customers. I
thought that during my sickness I had lost my faculty of speech, so I did not
think much about it.

I attended to business, and I impressed my clerk to do things I wanted
done. I was running the store and the clerk was managing it for me. I did not
realize that I was dead until I came to this gentleman (Dr. W.) in his little circle.

When burglars got into my home I thought of the revolver that I always
kept in a drawer. I went there, and tried and tried to get it, but my hand went me.

I commenced to see things. I saw my spirit father and mother. Then I
thought I must be a little out of my head. So I thought I had better go up to
see my friend, Eckholm. I always thought he was just. a little off, because he
believed in Spiritualism. I wanted to see Eckholm to ask him if ghosts could
come back-and there I was a ghost myself!

Then I came to this circle and I found I could talk, and after a while the
door opened, opened to that beautiful land beyond.

I wish you could see the reception I had. My relatives and friends all
opened their arms to me, and said: "Welcome to our home in spirit! Welcome
to that everlasting life! Welcome to an understanding of God!"

Such a reception cannot be described until you see it for yourselves and
are with us. That is happiness; it is "Heaven."

I will not take any more of your time, but I am glad that I could come and
talk tonight. It was about fifteen years ago that I first came here.

Eckholm says he feels proud of this work, and he sends love to all of
you here.

Now, Good Night!


Pathos and tragedy are often the grim accompaniment of the sufferings of
earthbound spirits. The spirit of the following narrative was taken from a
patient who was subject to doleful spells of crying and afflicted with intense
head pains, all of which ceased after the spirit was removed.


Spirit: MINNIE DAY. Patient: MRS. L. W

Spirit (Crying piteously) Oh, my head hurts so badly! I don't like those
needles (electrical treatments given patient), they hurt me so. My head
hurts! I am lost, I don't know where I am at. There were thousands and
thousands of needles; I had to cry.

Doctor Where do you live?

Sp. I don't know,

Dr. Where did your parents live?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Aren't you a little child?

Sp. I am only little, I am Minnie Day.

Dr. Where did you live? How old are you?

Sp. I don't know. Ask Ma.

Dr. Don't you know what city you lived in?

Sp. In St. Louis. Oh! my father is coming! He hit me on the head! And
there's Willie.

Dr. Who is Willie?

Sp. He's my brother. Here's my father, and I'm afraid! He says to come
with him. Oh, Ma, my head hurts! My Ma says for me to go with her 'cause
she has a new home for me and Willie.

Dr. You will go to her home in the spirit world.

Sp. What is the spirit world? What does that mean?

Dr. That is the invisible world around the earth. Do you know that you
are dead?

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. I mean that you have lost your physical body. What have you been
doing recently?

Sp. I have been running all over trying to find somebody. Mama died a
long time ago when I was a little girl. After Ma died Papa was so mean to me
and Willie, and he hit me so many times. I feel so bad, and my head hurts. I
have been to so many places and my Ma is dead, and I don't know where to go.

Dr. You were in such mental distress that you did not realize your
condition. You have lost your physical body and your friends would call
you dead.

Sp. Did I die? Sometimes I feel as if I were in a box. We were a big crowd
(spirits obsessing the patient) and they Pushed and pushed, and there was
one big man and he was so

mean to us. He chased us one way, then another, but one day we lost him.
(This tormenting spirit had been attracted from the patient two days
before.*) I felt so glad he was lost and I thought I could be quiet, but I got all
those needles.

Dr. You were influencing a lady and making her cry.

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. You are a spirit, and were in the aura of that lady. When she had an
electrical treatment you felt it and left her. You are using my wife's body
now. Look at your hands; do they belong to you?

Sp. Oh, look! I have a ring! But that is not mine, and I have not stolen it.
(Excitedly) Take it away! I didn't steal that ring!

Dr. This is not your body, and that is not your ring. It is very likely that
you died when your head was hurt. The spirit lives after the body dies.

Sp. But I have been alive.

Dr. You were living, but without a physical body, and came in touch
with a sensitive, a lady, who is now in the other house. She acts just as you
do, and complains of her head hurting in the same place yours hurts you. She
has been acting like an insane person, but it is all due to spirit influence.

Sp. The man was so mean that we had with us, but now he is lost, and
we are so glad. We were all seared of him, but we could not run away from
him. He was awful mean; he bit and scratched and would fight.

Dr. He was very obstinate. He was controlling this body a short time ago,
just as you are now. We have circles like this where spirits may come for help.

Sp. Spirits? I don't know anything about them. My head hurts me.

Dr. The body you are using belongs to my wife, and she has no pain in
her head.

Sp. Those needles hurt me so much.

Dr. When the lady had a treatment today you evidently were able to get
away and are now allowed to control this body So that we can help you. A
short time ago you said that your father and mother were here; are they here now?

Sp. Don't you see Mama? She's standing right there.

Dr. Wouldn't you like to go with your mother?

Sp. But she's dead.

Dr. You are "dead" also. There is no "death" really. We

*See Chap. 5, Page 96. Spirit: John Sullivan; Patient: Mrs. L. W.


only lose our physical bodies. Spirit is invisible.

Sp. Oh, take me away! Take me away! My father is coming, and I'm
afraid! He'll strike me again! Take me away!

Dr. Your father probably comes for forgiveness. You understand, he
cannot progress in the spirit world until you forgive him. Ask him what he
has to say to you.

Sp. He doesn't say anything; he's crying. He comes up to Mama now.

Dr. Doesn't he look sorry?

Sp. He says he is so sorry for what he did.

The child spirit was removed and the distressed father took control of the
psychic. Crying in anguish he fell on his knees, with his arms outstretched.

Spirit: William Day

Spirit Forgive me! Forgive me! I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't
mean to kill you, Minnie. I was very nervous and the children made such a
noise. I was so sad because my wife had died. Give me a chance! Just give me
one more chance! 1, too, have suffered. If I had only lived! I have been in the
dark so long and cannot be helped, and I cannot come near my child, she is so
afraid of me. I have tried to reach her to ask for forgiveness, but she is so
seared when I come near her that I cannot reach her.

Don't any of you ever strike a child, else you will suffer for years and
years. I did not mean to hurt her; I loved her, but I killed her. If there is a
God, lift this trouble and sorrow away from me! Give me some light and
comfort, in my suffering! I cannot restated have no peace. I can only see my
work that I did in anger. Try to control yourself if you get angry, else you,
will suffer as I have. God help me! Oh, God! Give me one more chance-just one!

Dr. Do you realize that you are dead?

Sp. No; I ran away when I killed my child. Somebody got after me and
ran very hard, then something hit me in the neck, and I fell down. (Evidently
killed.) I got right up and -ran, and I have been running so long it seems years.
Many times I have seen my wife, accusing me for killing my child. I did kill
her, God help me! I have tried to find just a little comfort and light.

Dr. You cannot find light until you have understanding.

Sp. God give me light and understanding! All I see is that poor child's
head, split open where I struck her. I tried to ask


Minnie for forgiveness, but she shrank from me and I could not get
near her, and there was my wife, always accusing me for what I had done. 

Dr. She will not accuse you any more.

Sp. Will she forgive me?

Dr. Yes. What is your name?

Sp. William Day.

Dr. Can you recall what year it is?

Sp. My brain is in such a turmoil. I have been running and
running for so long, trying to get away from that crowd of people
that were after me. Everybody I saw, I ran from, knowing that they
too would accuse me for killing Minnie. At nights my wife has stood
by me accusing me, and then there was the child, with her head all
split open, and the blood pouring out. I have had hell. It could not be
worse. Is there no help for me? I prayed and prayed, but it did no good.

Dr. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. California? When did I get here? Did I run all the way from St.
Louis to California?

Dr. Do you understand that you are a spirit controlling the body
of a mortal?

Sp. Do you mean that I am dead?

Dr. You have lost your physical body.

Sp. Won't I have to stay in the grave until the dead rise?

Dr. You are here now; how did you get out of the grave?

Sp. I have had no rest for I don't know how long.

Dr. There is no such thing as "death." When you pass out of
your physical body you lose your five physical sense organs, and
unless you have understanding of the spirit life, you are in the dark,
and can only see when coming in touch with some mortal.

Sp. The people are hounding me until I am tired out.

Dr. Now you must try to become reconciled with your wife and child.

Sp. Do you think they will ever forgive me? Please, forgive me,
wife! I was not worthy of you. You were an angel and I was such a
brute. Will you please forgive me? If you will only give me just one
chance, I will try so hard. I have suffered so much. Carrie, Carrie! Is it
really true that you will forgive me? Is it true? You were such a patient
woman and tried so hard to help me, but I was no good. I loved my
children, but I had such a bad temper. I really killed my wife by letting
her sew just to keep the family together. I made good money, but
there were always men around, telling me to come


with them, and I did not know anything until my wages were all gone,
and I went home feeling like a devil.

Dr. Perhaps the trouble was not all yours, for you might have
been obsessed. When you leave here with your wife, you will find a
wonderful spirit world.

Sp. I am not worthy to go with my wife, but I will try to do good. I
don't want you to go away from me any more, Carrie! (Crying) Minnie,
can you forgive your Papa? My dear child, I killed you, but I did not
mean to. Forgive your Papa. Will I wake up after a while and find
myself in darkness again? Am I asleep or dreaming? Minnie, don't go
away from Papa! Please, forgive me!

Dr. You are neither asleep nor dreaming, but are beginning to
realize your condition.

Sp. Did they kill me when they hit me in my neck and head? They
shot me.

Dr. We can't say certainly, but they probably did.

Sp. If I can just have one more chance I will do my level best to
keep my family together.

Dr. There is something else you can do, also, after you acquire
understanding-it will be your duty to help poor, unfortunate spirits
who are obsessing mortals, making devils of some. of them. When
you had your own body you may have been obsessed by some spirits.

Sp. I did not care for drink; I hated the very sight of it. But when
once I got just a smell of it, something took hold of me and made me
feel like a devil and I could not resist it. I could not do anything with
myself. God help me and give me just a little comfort.

Dr. When you leave here you will be reunited with your family.

Sp. Are you sure about that?

Dr. Positive; but you must do as the advanced spirits instruct you.

Sp. If there is anything I can do to help you, I will do it, because
you have reunited me with my family. I came home drunk and you
don't know how I felt when I realized that my wife was dying. I was so
drunk that I did not fully realize things until the next morning when I
woke up, and there was my wife-dead! I could not understand it.
What was I to do? What could I do with the children? My wife dead!

My wife and Minnie say they will both forgive me, and now I
have my wife and two children, and I am going to start all over


again. God bless you all for what you have done for me and my family.

The confusion and mental suffering existing on the earth plane is
vividly portrayed by the spirits who are brought to our circle for help.


The controlling spirit came in while we were singing "That
Beautiful Shore" and laughed uproariously.

Doctor Have you found the "Beautiful Shore"? Tell us what you
know about it.

Spirit It's all humbug.

Dr. Is that so?

Sp. Yes. (Laughing hilariously.) It's silly to believe in such a thing.

Dr. You are on the other side of life; tell us something about it.
Have you found nothing? If you do not believe in a hereafter, tell us
why. Explain yourself. If you are a skeptic, tell us your belief.

Sp. Belief? Gosh! (Laughing.)

Dr. Tell us what you are laughing about.

Sp. You might just as well laugh as cry; one is just the same as the
other. You were singing "That Beautiful Shore," and while you are
singing that, you know you are lying.

Dr. Do you imply that life does not mean anything at all?

Sp. It most certainly does not. There is nothing in it. It is just a lie.
The whole thing is nothing but a pack of lies both life and religion-the
whole humbug, life, religion and everything connected with it.

Dr. Have you tried to understand your own life-the mystery of it?

Sp. My own life? Humbug, nothing but humbug! (Laughing.)

Dr. How do you know it is humbug? You are laughing at your
own ignorance.

Sp. I might just as well laugh as cry, one is no worse or better
than the other. It is all lies-damned lies. I had my troubles.

Dr. Where? Over there, or here?

Sp. Everywhere! (Laughing.)

Dr. Are you happy?

Sp. Happy? Such nonsense. There is no such thing, there never
was, and there never will be.

Dr. Do you really know anything about it? Did you seek for truth
when you had your own body?

Sp. I prayed to God and all that nonsense. Gosh!

Dr. And you found it all a humbug. What has that to do with the
actual facts of life?

Sp. Once I tried to be some one. Then the thought came to me that
everything was humbug, humbug, nothing but humbug. As a man,
you know what I mean. You are talking to a man and you know all
about it.

Dr. You are invisible to us. Have you ever seen intelligence?

Sp. What kind of talk is that? I don't believe in nonsense any
more. You can have faith, and believe that you can walk on water, but
you fall through, just the same. I said, "I have faith that I can walk on
water," but I fell through.

Dr. Because you left reason out.

Sp. Reason? You can't walk on water with reason.

Dr. It was not intended that we should walk on water. Water is for
drinking and bathing.

Sp. Why are you holding my hands?

Dr. I am holding my wife's hands.

Sp. You don't know what you are talking about. Do you believe that?

Dr. I know that I am holding my wife's hands.

Sp. I used to have faith like that.

Dr. How did you happen to lose faith?

Sp. It is all humbug.

Dr. Life is the beginning of knowledge.

Sp. I haven't had any knowledge yet.

Dr. You will have before you leave here.

Sp. I had faith, and I believed, and then what?

Dr. What next?

Sp. Yes-what next? I worked like a slave for a "minister of God." I
do not work for him now; that was some time ago. I went away from
there. He cursed me, and I had my cares and troubles. I swore to God
that there is no such thing as God if he could be so mean as to call
such a man his "minister." And I lost faith.

Dr. What has that to do with the facts of life and the hereafter?

Sp. When you die you are dead.

Dr. Then why didn't you stay dead when you died?


Sp. Stay dead? I haven't died yet.

Dr. You "died" as far as your body is concerned.

Sp. I have been running away from those hypocrites. In the first
place, they took all the money I made. If there is a God, then, for
God's sake, why does he always want money? They always say you
must have faith; have faith and pay your money to the church, and
you should work for God. My work was hard. I worked from six
o'clock every morning until late every night-all for God. I worked for
God, and often I did not get enough so that I could get along.

Dr. Tell us where you came from.

Sp. All I want is my freedom.

Dr. Won't you tell us where you came from?

Sp. Look at all those devils down there? (Invisibles.) Hear how
they curse and laugh. They say: "I know you! I know you!" Look at
that one sitting over there. Look at them all. Hear them laugh. They
say I should tell you that they want you to pray for them, for they are
in darkness.

Dr. We want to help them to a better understanding.

Sp. Oh, listen to them cursing!

Dr. You must show them charity. You do not seem to know what
charity is.

Sp. God! Look at that man! They say when you give charity they
don't like it.

Dr. I do not mean money. Give them a chance to help themselves.
Do you know what year it is now?

Sp. I don't care. I don't care if it is a hundred years from now. I've
lost faith in God, humanity and everything and everybody. I used to
have faith. Then a "servant of God" took my wife and children away
from me, and yet I worked for God from six in the morning to twelve at

Dr. But you did not add understanding to your faith.

Sp. I had faith in the Holy Ghost and the Spirit.

Dr. Why did you not add understanding to your faith?

Sp. I had faith enough to move mountains. We were taught to just
have faith in the Holy Spirit. Just look at them all, (spirits) sitting
there. Look at that one! Here you, Calango! He and I have fights,
once in a while, but I always get the best of him. I can talk better now
than I have done for a long time. Here, you, Calango, sitting there like
a fool! They told me to go in there, so I came in. I think you were
afraid of me at first, but I came in just the same.

Dr. How did you come in?

Sp. In here? How did I come in? I don't know.


Dr. Where did you get that hand? (Touching Mrs. Wickland's hand.)

Sp. That hand? I suppose it is mine. It doesn't belong to any body
else. Here Calango, you sit here. Now I can talk to you fellows.

Dr. Now stop talking.

Sp. Do you think you are the boss here?

Dr. Yes.

Sp. I have no faith in you, nor any one else.

Dr. I want you to understand that you have lost your physical
body. You are controlling my wife's body, yet you are invisible to us.
You talk about those men sitting there,--we cannot see them. We are
in mortal bodies, but you have lost your physical body.

Sp. Can't you see me?

Dr. We cannot see spirits. You are controlling my wife's body.
Intelligent spirits have brought you here.

Sp. You asked me to come. All those in darkness came in too. You
invited us. (During a concentration for all, earthbound spirits.)

Dr. I said you should listen to intelligent spirits around you who
would help you. You are all in darkness.

Sp. Yes, but you invited us in and here we are. I want to tell you,
if you don't want us, I won't talk.

Dr. You were invited by intelligent spirits to come here and
allowed to control my wife's body, so that we could help you
understand that you no longer have a mortal body. The church has
not the right understanding of God. You found humbug in the
church, so you think everything is humbug. You lost your body
probably a long time ago. My wife is a psychic sensitive and you are
temporarily controlling her body. Look about; perhaps you can see
some one you know.

Sp. I can see Calango.

Dr. You must realize that life means something.

Sp. I have had faith, and enough of it too. I sacrificed my money
and my wife, and you see where I am.

Dr. What has that to do with the facts of life? Did you ever study
the wonders of Nature?

Sp. I do not believe in God,--there is no such thing.

Dr. God has nothing to do with humbug. Did you understand the
Bible at all? The Bible says: "God is Love." Humbuggery has nothing
to do with universal life. We want to help you understand better things.

Sp. No one ever helps me.


Dr. Do you know you are in Los Angeles, California?

Sp. No.

Dr. Try to understand what the real life means; it means something you
do not know of. Did you ever make a flower? Can you make grass grow, or
suspend life? Did you ever study vegetation?

Sp. That's God's Nature.

Dr. Can ignorance produce intelligence? Did you ever study the
marvelous things of God? Break an egg, and you do not find life in it. Take
another egg, keep it warm for twenty-one days and a chicken comes out of it.

Sp. That's natural.

Dr. What produces the chicken? We must add knowledge to our faith.
The Bible says: "God is spirit: and they that worship him must worship him
in spirit and in truth." You do not find that in the churches. They only have
blind faith.

Sp. I sure had faith.

Dr. The Bible says: "Know the truth and the truth shall make you free."
Although the Bible is not a "Holy Book" it contains some wonderful truths.

Sp. I don't believe it. (Laughing.)

Dr. You're laughing at your own ignorance. My wife allows ignorant
spirits to control her body so that we can bring them to an understanding of
their condition. She wants you to know that life exists on the other side. We
do not know where you came from, but we allow you to control my wife's
body. Where was your home?

Sp. My home? That was in Canada, near Montreal.

Dr. I was there in 1881. Are you a French-Canadian?

Sp. My great grandfather was.

Dr. Do you remember your name?

Sp. I can't remember things.

Dr. Now we want you to understand things.

Sp. I was a slave.

Dr. That is all in the past.

Sp. I only see the -past and it makes me crazy. Instead of crying as many
do, I thought I would laugh at everything. Whenever I got so mad I did not
know what to do with myself, I started to laugh. I guess I felt a little better
for laughing instead of crying.

I had my heart sorrows; they took my wife, my home went, my children
went. My wife was a very pretty girl. One day I came home from my work,
and I had worked very hard. My wife and children were gone.


But after a while that "minister of God" did not want my wife any more;
then she commenced to go back on him, but by that time I had gone down. I
said, no church for mine; that if one of "God's ministers" can break up my
home and take my wife and children, then there is no God. I went clear down
to hell for that fellow. I went down and down, but even down there in the
gutter you find friendship and love for each other. If you are down, they, too,
are down with you. All the other people look down on you, but, believe me,
these others are true friends. They will help you and divide whatever they
have with you. No matter how -down you are, if you haven't a cent, you will
find they will help you.

One day-I will never forget what I saw, never forget! God!-if there is a
God-why in the name of the devil does he allow such things? One day I met
my wife. Where was she? She had gone down to the gutter. I found her in one
of those fine houses you hear about, where that filthy devil had put her when
he was through with her. I looked at her, and she looked at me.

"You here!" I said.

And she said: "You here!"

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"What are you here for?" she asked.

I said: "I came here, probably of my own free will."

She said she had been put there by that glorious "minister of God" to
hide his own shame. To hide his own dirty work and not have people ask her
questions, he put her in a fast house and let her stay there, and she did not
care for anything. We were both down, all because of that devil.

I have never gone to church since. I cursed that man and all religious
cranks. My wife wouldn't have anything to do with me, and I wouldn't have
her. She was lying there, full of disease. There is not an animal living that
goes so low as a woman when she goes to the dogs. Can any one believe in a
God that would let a woman like my wife suffer as she did through no fault
of her own? Why should such things exist?

Dr. Why didn't you use the reason God gave you?

Sp. There are hundreds of people living low down, and they don't care
where they go.

Dr. Now you are going to care. Let me talk now. You went to church and
adopted a blind faith,-that you admit.

Sp. I wanted to be a good man.

Dr. Didn't you feel a desire for something higher? You

merely had faith and did not add understanding. God gave you

sense, he gave you intelligent reasoning faculties, but you adopted a blind
faith and clung to it. That was not God's fault. To our faith we must add
knowledge and that will make us free. God did not write the Bible.

Sp. It is a Holy Book. That is what they say.

Dr. It was written by man. Did you ever analyze the marvels of the
human mind? I am talking of facts now. Did you ever realize how wonderful
the human body is, or how the invisible mind is able to control the material
body? Did you ever see the wonders of Nature?

Sp. All that has nothing to do with my misery.

Dr. If you had used your own faculties you would understand that love
and mind are invisible.

Sp. Didn't that devil love my wife?

Dr. That was not love. You did not use your faculties. You joined the
church in blind faith, without using your reason. We do not see you; you are
invisible to us and are using my wife's body temporarily. We are interested in
the condition of the so-called dead and many of them are brought here to be
enlightened. You have been brought here by intelligent spirits so that you can
learn to understand your true condition. You have an opportunity to
progress in the spirit world, but you must forget your hatred. You lost your
physical body. Do you know what year it is? It is 1921, and you are in California.

Sp. How did I get here? I never was in California.

Dr. How does spirit travel? You spoke of other people here,-we do not
see them. We do not see you. You are using my wife's organism. Can't you
see how wonderful life is?

Sp. Why aren't we taught those things?

Dr. Because "the truth is not in the people." You will have to judge for
yourself between the facts of life and the creed of the church. Churches are
man-made things; God is Spirit, and you must worship him in spirit and in
truth-in spirit. and in truth. We have aspirations for a higher life, but that
does not give us knowledge. God is Spirit, invisible Intelligence. He manifests
himself in all the wonders of the Universe.

Sp. All these people here (invisibles) have had disappointments as I
have, but all have different stories. We sit and talk to each other from time to
time, all telling of the past. All have their troubles.

Dr. God has nothing whatever to do with that. The Universe is God's
Temple and our souls are His Manifestations. Think of the marvelous things
in the Universe. You speak of your friends being here, yet we cannot see them.


Sp. They want to know if you can help them all from their troubles.

Dr. Yes, we can. Tell them that life means something. Look around and
you may see intelligent spirits who will help you.

Sp. There are six of us and we have all had the same trouble and
disappointment, but each has a different story.

Dr. Tell them that none of you need be in the condition you are in.

Sp. There's one group called "The Laughing Fools"; there's another called
"The Cursing Fools"; there's another called "The Swearing Fools"; there's
another called "The Singing Fools." They sing and pray from morning until
night. You get sick and tired of hearing them.

Dr. The Bible says: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Religious
fanatics are the worst. They have not added understanding to their blind
faith. We all have faculties but do not use them. Is that God's fault?

Sp. I have not worked for a long time. Sometimes none of us have any
food. We have done without it so long that now we do not seem to need it.

Dr. The spirit does not need food.

Sp. We are starving, starving.

Dr. Spiritually starving.

Sp. We are all starving for something, but we don't know what it is. We
are all anxious to know. We all say that our souls cry out for something, but
we don't know what it is. None of us want to pray. For my part I cannot. I
had faith and prayed, but here I am, in all this trouble.

Dr. God has given each one of you reasoning faculties.

Sp. Would you help us all? They all say they are hungry for happiness.
All we can see is our past, and we all want something higher. All I can see is
my wife as I saw her last-down, down.

Dr. So far as your wife is concerned, it was only her body that was
diseased, not her spirit.

Sp. When we saw each other we both cried.

Dr. After you have understanding, you can all do a great work in helping
others. Listen to the invisible friends who are around you. All be quiet a
moment, and your eyes will open to undreamed of things.

Sp. Do you think my wife can get help? She was as pure as a lily. I loved her.

Dr. You can love her still. We must all try to find ourselves.


As we grow out of our ignorance we see the higher things of existence,
both here and in the spirit life. If we were born into a perfect condition, we
would not appreciate it. You have seen "hell," and when you progress you
will see "heaven' " You will find a beautiful condition and you will appreciate
it. You will then be enthusiastic helpers, eager to serve others. You must all
open your hearts for higher things.

Sp. I love my wife. (To the invisibles.) No, boys, don't go yet; wait a
little while longer.

Dr. The Bible says: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall
find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

Sp. (With heartfelt solemnity.) If there is a God, help me! Help my poor
wife! We loved each other. Oh, God! Help us all! We are starving for something.

Dr. His messengers will help you. You will see many who will gladly
help you all.

Sp. God help us all!

Dr. If you will look around, you will see spirits who will help you.

Sp. There's my boy-my own little boy, Charlie! You are my boy! You
died many years ago, but you are my boy Charlie. Have you come to help
your old Dad, my boy? Your poor Dad has suffered hell, my boy. Help your
mother, boy, help your mother, poor mother! (Suddenly amazed.) Why-
that's my little boy, Charlie, but he's a man now! Charlie, my little boy, can
you forgive your old Dad? I tried so hard to have faith and I tried to be good.

If there is a God, open my eyes to see! God help me! (Gazing at some
vision, then speaking in a hushed voice.) Now we can all see the glory of
God, and we will all go with Charlie. (Astonished.) You! Are you here also?
Clara! Come to me, oh, Clara! I forgive you. I forgive you, Clara. I know it
was not your fault. It was that devil; he took you away from me. I love you
and always have loved you. Come, Clara, come with us, and let us go with
Charlie. He will probably forgive you.

Dr. What does he say?

Sp. He says: "Come with me to my spirit home, where all is lovely,
where you will be happy. It was because of sorrow and suffering that you
looked at life as you did."

Dr. Don't you realize there is something beautiful ahead of you ?

Sp. Is it Heaven? Why, look there! There's 'my mother and sister Emma.
Are you both here too? Can you forgive


Clara and me? I thought you were in Heaven, mother, you were
so good. You always loved me.

Dr. Do you realize now that there is something higher than your past?

Sp. Yes. Now I know there is a God. I do believe in God
now, for I know His glory. I see and feel His glory.

Dr. After you have understanding you must help the others you were
talking about.

Sp. They are all coming with me. I want them all to come, for I cannot
leave them. You-- have helped all of us. Now, we will go; come on, boys. We
had names for each other, but they were not our own. In our hatred, and
because we laughed, we were called "The Laughing Fools." Most of our time
was spent in talking over our past. Now we have all found God; we have
found Him in His glory, in His happiness, in the spirit world. We do not
need to believe, for we know. He will help us all. Mother, father and sister,
all are here.

Come on now, boys. We all listened to what this man said, and you see
where it brought us. Today I call you our savior, because you have saved us
from darkness, and brought us to glory. You saved us all. Not only myself,
but the others have opened their eyes to see the glory of God, and not a God
of hatred and envy.

Dr. You can thank my wife, who allows her body to be used so that
spirits may be helped.

Sp. I will never forget you. You have given me happiness that I have not
known for years and years. You say it is 1921. Is that true? I thought it was 1882.

Dr. Can you tell us your name, friend?

Sp. My name? Yes, it's Mallory. They called me a Laughing Fool. We
thank you all for your patience. I was full of hatred when I came, but that
has all gone now. God bless you all. I have to call you my savior, because
you have saved us from that dark condition and brought us to a beautiful
place. Clara, you come too, for I love you dearly. You are well now.

Dr. You will now become useful spirits. Find God and forget the past.

Sp. The last time I saw Clara, she was very sick and was taking
morphine all the time. Come to me, Clara, I forgive you. See, Charlie is with
us. Can't we help Clara? She seems dazed.

Dr. She is probably still under the effects of the opiate. Your love will
bring her to you.

Sp. I never could hate her, she was so pure. Clara, wake up! You are not
dead. Forget the past, and live in the new life.


Thank you all for bringing me happiness, and also for bringing God to
me in my heart. I never properly understood Him before. I found Him in the
glory of Nature too. Look at all those beautiful flowers! Is this Heaven?

Dr. It is the spirit world.

Sp. Now I'm always going to be with my loved ones in the spirit world.
We will go. Goodbye.

A communication of a different type was received from the spirit of a
young man, son of one of the members of our circle. The young man had
passed over two months before, but having been unbiased and open-minded
was readily enlightened by his spirit friends.

In his short visit to our circle, he gave an interesting description of
conditions as he observed them in both the earth sphere and the spirit world.

Spirit: W. Y.

Spirit Well Dad, I'm here again. The spirit friends gave me the privilege of
coming and talking first. Dad, it's queer that I should go so quickly, but my
time had come. I am glad the door is not shut for me. I have seen many
heartbroken spirits who go to their relatives and friends, and the door is
closed in their faces. (Through skepticism and unconsciousness of the
presence of spirits.)

I have much to be thankful for, because it's hard for them. 

Grandpa B. and Uncle C. stood right beside me when I woke up
from the sleep of death. It was queer. It was like an electric
shock going through my body.

Life is queer. If each one of you could see the experiences gone through
by those who go into the sleep of death!

Dad, I had a little knowledge of the next life, not much, but a little, and it
helped. I could realize that the change of death had taken place. I recognized
my relatives and friends.

Uncle F.* says I should tell you that I was much better off than he was
when he passed to the other side, and that now his work is to help the
unfortunate ones who do not understand the real life.

Dad, wasn't it queer that I should wake up to the new birth

of life on my earthly birthday? Now I have my spiritual birthday on the
same day as my earthly birthday.

Dad, it's glorious! Tell E. so, and B. and mother; tell all of them that I am
happy in the thought that I can come to them and that the door is not closed
to me. Tell my little son that I am not dead; that I am not in the grave but am
with him, and I will learn the laws governing so that I can guide him through
life. Let him have an understanding that I am there with him and that I have
more strength and power to help him than before.

Thank God that I also had understanding so that I did not come too close
to my dear wife; otherwise, I would have gotten into her magnetic aura and
might have caused trouble. My dear little wife,-I am glad that I did not make
trouble for us both.

I have seen much of the work done among those who have passed out
and do not realize it. They go home to their relatives and friends, and want
to stay there rather than go on.

Dad, I'm so glad you could come here again, and I'm glad, so glad, that
there is no wall between us.

Mr. Y. (Father of spirit.) I am glad too, that I had an opportunity of
being here again.

Sp. I feel now that there is no parting. It is only that I have gone to
another country, but I am with you all. I am with you when you are all
together and talk about me. I do not feel that I have gone.

Tell mother and my dear little wife not to mourn for me, but to feel glad.
that I can be with them. It was very hard that we should have to part when
everything looked so bright for us in our little home, but it was my time to
go, and when our time comes to go from this earth life, we have to go. We do
not go away, as people think we do; we are here with our loved ones, only
our bodies are not visible.

I wish you could see how Uncle F. works in the dark earth sphere to
help and to serve the unfortunate ones there, to prevent them from obsessing
any one. He is so anxious to have everybody know the real truth on the
other side, and it is a pity that so much dogma and creed are the
stumbling blocks. The little time I have been gone I have learned so much.

I thank you, Dad, that you and mother did not force any strong dogma,
or religion, or creed, upon my mind. I was free. Thank you for it.

Mr. Y. It's pretty hard, sometimes, to know exactly what to do regarding
religion in bringing up children.

Sp. I wish all could have been as free as I was, then there would not


be so much sorrow and doubt. Dad, I'm so glad I can come to you again.

The other day, Uncle F., Uncle C. and I went to the earth sphere-not to
our home, but to the condition that exists on the lower plane. That is more of
a hell than anybody can describe. It's worse than an insane asylum, where
one is crazy in one way, and another in another way. You can't imagine what
a hell it is.

One has one creed, one another, and they are all in the dark. They are all
hypnotized in their creeds and beliefs and you can. not get any sense
whatever into them. You have to put some object lesson before them to
attract their attention. At times music will make them realize their condition.
If you can attract their attention, you can sometimes reach the real spirit, but
dogmas and creeds are so planted in their minds that they cannot see anything.

If you want to realize in part what the condition of the earth sphere is,
go to the worst ward in an insane asylum, and you can then have some
realization of the condition on the invisible side when they have no
knowledge of the next life.

Imagine a spirit of that character coming in contact with a person's
magnetic aura and acting through him, as is often the case. They call that
person insane and send him to the insane asylum where there are a lot of
other lunatics, both of earth and the spirit side of life. It is terrible to know
that such a condition exists and that selfish creeds And dogmas are the cause
of it all.

I have to thank you and mother again for not forcing any dogma on me;
what little knowledge I had was the real truth of life.

Uncle C. took me, at another time, to different conditions. He said,
"Come, we will go," and we went to some place in spirit life. We came to a
place which I cannot describe. I can't describe my feelings, I can't describe the
conditions, because the music was so sublime, so different from anything I
have ever heard. I felt so light; I felt I was lifted up. Such people as were
there! I cannot describe them.

Imagine, if you can, a place where there is the most beautiful music,
where there is a grand orchestra of masters, all playing in one grand unit of
music. Can you imagine what it would be?

I enjoyed it,-but Oh I could not realize its full import, because I wanted
you and my dear little wife to hear it. I could not enjoy it alone. I wanted to
open the door to you all at home, ,so that you could all listen to it-then I
should have felt satisfied.


I thought and thought, and an old gentleman came up to me and patted
me on the shoulder, and said: "Young man, I receive your thought. Do not
worry. Soon the time will come for which we are all working, when an
instrument will be invented on earth, through which all who wish can hear
the grand masters in the spirit world. Not yet, but in time."

Dad, my work is to learn to help others less fortunate than myself, and
also to learn to be a help and not a detriment to my dear wife and little boy
and to you all. I am learning my lessons, and after knowing them I will come
to you.

Don't think I am not with you all, but think I am there, for I am, and in
that way I can be much closer, especially when you have music, because
music brings us much closer to those we love.

Goodbye, and tell my dear wife I send her best love.

With exquisite grace and courteous inquiry came the spirit of one,
formerly a famous actress, whose friends had tried in vain to waken her from
the "sleep of death."


Doctor Good Evening, friend! Where have you come from?

Spirit Somebody told me to come here, but I do not know what I should
do. My condition is so strange that I cannot understand it. I do not realize
where I am.

Dr. You are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. No! There are many here who wanted me to come, but I cannot
understand why. I do not know any of you here.

Dr. You were brought here to be helped.

Sp. I do not know that I need any help. Things look so confusing to me.

Dr. That is because you do not understand your condition. Where do
you think you should be?

Sp. Where my home is.

Dr. What state did you live in?

Sp. Of course, most of the time I was in New York, but at times I was in
London and other places.

Dr. Cannot you see any one you know, or the one who brought you here?

Sp. Oh! (Disturbed greatly by pain in limb.)

Dr. Were you in some accident? Were you traveling? What is the last
thing you remember?


Sp. I was very sick; I had such pain.

Dr. Probably that was your last illness. Did you become well suddenly?

Sp. No, it seems to me that I have been sleeping, and in some way or
another, I am just waking up. Everything looks so queer.

Dr. You do not understand your condition. You do not need to have that
pain. If you say: "I will not have that pain," it will disappear. Will you do that?

Sp. Yes, but it seems very hard to say. You are a Christian Scientist, are
you not? I looked into Christian Science, but I certainly could not say my
pains were imagination.

Dr. You are in a different condition now. Do you ever see any of your
friends around you?

Sp. Yes, I sometimes see many of my particular friends that have gone
before, and then I think to myself that I have gone crazy. My friends are
around me, and some one says: "Wake up!" But I cannot see. I do not want
to see them.

Dr. That is because you do not want to understand. Were you afraid of
them when they were living?

Sp. No, I was not.

Dr. Then why should you be afraid of them when they have lost their
mortal bodies?

Sp. I am afraid and very nervous, and I do not want them to come near
me. Why don't my lovely friends come?

Dr. To your earthly friends you are dead, but to your spirit friends you
are not dead.

Sp. I was sick, but I cannot remember that I died. I went to sleep but I
cannot remember that I failed to wake up. Several of my friends just came
and called me to go with them.

Dr. Do you know why they told you to wake up? To your spirit friends
 you are only sleeping.

Sp. Why do they call me?

Dr. To help you and make you understand.

Sp. I do not know you.

Dr. I am Dr. Wickland. Who brought you here?

Sp. Anna H. (an actress well known to the spirit during earth life) told me to come.

Dr. She spoke to us once as you are doing now.*

Sp. She came to me but I knew she was dead and gone.

Dr. She is not dead. We do not see you, we only hear you talk. You do
not see me, you only see my body. Mind is invisible; there is no death.

*See Chap. 12. Pages 285, 289.Spirit: Anna H.


Sp. So many people have come to me and want me to wake up, and start
in my work again.

Dr. If you do not mind telling us, we should like to know who you are.

Sp. Don't you know me? I was an actress. I was known as Lillian R. I am
not dead. William Stead came to me, and also the late King Edward. I was his
favorite actress. I cannot understand why I came here. They say I was
brought here for you to awaken me.

Dr. We are interested in life's problems and in the question, "What
becomes of the Dead."

Sp. I studied some, but only understood slightly the phenomena. I
studied, but at the same time my life was so busy, so much taken up with
others, and I was also trying to live the best I knew how. I am very tired and

Dr. What was the nature of your sickness?

Sp. They told me so many different things until at last I do not know
what it was. I had such dreadful pains down this way (from the knee down).
I was unconscious for a time. I cannot remember things very clearly; in some
way I seem to have lost my memory. I cannot recollect anything of the past.
I feel different, as if I had nothing to look forward to in the future. I am not
unhappy, but at the same time I am not happy.

Dr. We will explain matters to you. You do not need to worry.

Sp. My friends came and I would not have anything to do with them.
They said, "Come along," but I said, "No, no, no! I am not ready yet. I do
not want to go."

Dr. You had already gone, but did not understand it. Your friends came
to help you, but you did not understand it. Do you know where you are
now? This is my wife's body you are using. She is sleeping. You are not
talking through your own body.

Sp. (Noticing another invisible, formerly a friend.) John J. A.* is here.

Dr. This lady is a psychic. She is my wife and allows spirits to control
her so that we can make them understand their condition. Mr. John J. A.,
Mr. Stead and Anna H. could not make you understand.

Sp. I was afraid of them.

Dr. This is a "Clearing House" for just such conditions as yours. You are
a spirit and are controlling a mortal body. We

*See Chap. 12, Page 281. Spirit: John J. A.

on the mortal side can talk to you because we are in our mortal bodies. You
have lost your physical body, but have a spiritual body. When you passed
away you only went to sleep, and you are just now waking up. You awaken
and find yourself in this twilight.

Sp. Someone seemed to give me an electric shock and I seemed to come
to life, but still I am dazed. There is a room full of faces, people whom I have
known in life, but who have passed on. They have been around me trying to
talk to me, but I would not listen.

Dr. That was your mistake.

Sp. Does the -spirit still live?

Dr. Certainly it does. We are mortals, but these others whom you see are

Sp. They are just as real as you are.

Dr. They are more real than we are, because they are free, and we are in a
dream state.

Sp. I feel that my being well is just a dream and that I will wake up in pain.

Dr. When you leave here you will go with the others.

Sp. Do you mean I can go with them?

Dr. As soon as you cease to resist them.

Sp. Here comes one, then another, and they say they want me.
Dr. Don't you remember that Longfellow said: "Life is real! Life is
earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to
dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul."

Sp. What beautiful things I see! Are they not beautiful! This is not a

Dr. They are showing you some of the things on the spirit side of life.

Sp. Just look at those beautiful homes on that hillside! Look at those
lovely walks, beautiful lakes and hills, lovely flowers that bloom
everywhere! Isn't it beautiful! Can I go there?

Dr. There is nothing to hinder you except your own unwillingness and

Sp. I was -an actress in life, still in my heart I believed in a God. You
know the church always looks down on actresses. I always liked to give the
world the best there was in me. I wanted to show what we can do to help
amuse people.

Dr. You can do the same thing now in your new life.

Sp. In a way, many would say that I was not a Christian.


In my own way I believed in being good and doing good for others-that was
my belief. At times I went to church, but at times I did not feel at home in
that atmosphere. I always tried to do my best.

Dr. The reason you did not feel at home in church was because the spirit
of truth was not there.

Sp. Look at the lights! Are they not beautiful! they are singing and
vibrating into different shades and tunes. The colorings are wonderful.

I will try to do there what I could not do here. I should, many times,
have liked to give the world more than good and happy thoughts. I knew at
times that life must have a greater purpose than is generally realized. I was
true to myself, in my own heart.

Such beautiful things I can see! Is that Heaven?

Dr. Yes, but not the Christian "Heaven." Not the "Heaven of Salvation,"
but the spirit world surrounding the earth world. Jesus taught the existence
of spirits and a spirit world, and Paul says: "There is a natural body and
there is a spiritual body ... first that which is natural and afterward that
which is spiritual."

Sp. Anna H. says she is different now from what she was when I knew
her. She says I do not know her now. She is serving and helping the
unfortunate ones. She says she wanted to do what she could to wake me up.
May I ask what you are doing here?

Dr. This is an Institution for research and the obtaining of knowledge
concerning what becomes of the dead. This is also a Spiritual Clearing House.

This lady you are controlling is my wife; she is a psychic intermediary
and you are allowed to use her body and brain to convince you of your
present condition. You are using a body not your own. (Raising Mrs.
Wickland's hand.) This is not your hand.

Sp. No, it is not. It is queer.

Dr. The queer part is the human ignorance on these points.

Sp. The church does not teach these things.

Dr. The church limits itself to faith alone, and does not desire to add the
required knowledge regarding the natural continuation of the spirit after death.

The Bible says that to our faith we must add knowledge and Jesus
taught: "Know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

If you had understood these truths you would have accepted


the spirit friends who came to you when you awakened.

Sp. It is all so beautiful that I should like to go with them. They say that
when I am stronger I shall finish my work over there. How will they take
care of me? I am very weak.

Dr. You will not be so weak when you leave this body. "As a man
thinketh in his heart, so is he." You will be received with love and taken to a
beautiful home. You will be so overjoyed with your new condition that you
will not have time to be weak.

Sp. Will I not go into a sleep again?

Dr. When you were sick and in great pain you were probably given
opiates and they may have had a stupifying effect.

Sp. Thank you. Now they are calling me and I feel that I want to go. I
feel such gratitude to you for helping me, and for being the means of my
understanding, and also for helping me to reach my friends so that I may
know how to go to them, instead of shutting the door against them and
leaving myself in the dark.

I thank you all that I had the opportunity of. being awakened to such a
beautiful condition as I now see. I was only in the darkness of my own
consciousness. They call me, and keep on calling me, and they all say they
are glad to invite me to their home in the spirit world.

There is one thing they want me to say, but I do not know whether I am
strong enough.

One gentleman says: "I was King Edward in life, but I am an ordinary
person now. I wanted to wake you up, because I have been awakened from
the life I led. My mother was a ,Queen, but she is a Queen no longer. She has
to serve others more than she did when she was on earth.

"My mother knew of spirit phenomena and she also knew of spirit
return, but she did not know what her duty was, and she was waited on all
her life. She was never allowed to do anything or have any real responsibility.
She serves here and there. Now I have to serve and help until I understand the
real life."

This gentleman says that is the message he wished to send. He came to
say this because you probably thought he was still a King. He is here only as
a man. He wants to help you as the others are doing. He is not of noble or
royal blood any more.

All my friends have come to shake hands and they all seem to be one family.

I want to say Good Night, but how will I go?

Dr. "Thought is the solver of Nature's problems." Think


of your friends over there and you will be-with them. You will have to fix
your mind from here to there. Think, "I am actually there."

Sp. I certainly want to thank you for the opportunity of coming here
and for awakening me so that I can be with my friends over there.

The organism of every human being generates a nervous force and
magnetism which surrounds him with an atmosphere of vital emanations and
psychic light known as the Magnetic Aura. This aura is visible as a light to
earthbound spirits in their condition of darkness, and they may become
attracted to persons peculiarly susceptible to their encroachment.

Such spirits are often unable to leave this psychic atmosphere and in the
resulting state of confusion- ("confusional psychosis"?) -although struggling
for freedom, they find themselves living the life of the psychic with him,
resenting his presence and bewildered by a sense of dual personality.

After a number of spirits had been taken from a patient who was very
unmanageable at first, we had the following experience, which clearly shows
the suffering that spirits may endure when enmeshed in the aura of a mortal.

Spirit: EMILY JULIA STEVE. Patient: MRS. L. W

Doctor Tell us who you are. We are interested in all spirits who are in
darkness. Tell us how long you have been dead.

Spirit I guess something happened to me.

Dr. Do you realize that you have passed out of your own body?

Sp. I don't want my hands held. I am a lady of means (an expression
often used by the patient) and want to be shown the courtesies and respect
due a lady.

Dr. Did they call you "Mrs." or "Miss"?

Sp. I am a lady of means, and I am not used to this kind of questioning. I
just feel like giving you a piece of my mind.

Dr. What seems to be your trouble?

Sp. You,' it seems, have such a way of giving me all kinds Of strange
things in my back, (static treatment of patient) and cannot see why you
should do so. You have also kept me in


prison. It must have been you that put me in prison. Who are you, anyway?

Dr. I am a friend, and I want to talk to you.

Sp. In the first place, I don't know you, and in the second place I have
nothing to talk to you about. Who are you? Tell me your name.

Dr. I am Dr. Wickland.

Sp. I really didn't mean to ask your name, for I'm not at all interested to
know it.

Dr. Wouldn't you like to go to the spirit side of life?

Sp. I do not like to hear about such. things. I am no spirit.

Dr. Look at your hands; do they belong to you?

Sp. You are the means of my having been kept in prison so long, and now
you are trying to show me things that are not true, and so I will not listen to you.

Dr. How did you happen to come here?

Sp. I do not know myself. It is very curious. I seemed to be in prison and
before I knew anything, I was here. I do not see how I came. There were a
whole lot of us, and somehow I have been left alone. I have been in prison but
I do not know what I have done.

Dr. Where were you, when you had those others with you? Where were
you staying? (Referring to obsessing spirits in patient's aura.)

Sp. I was staying where I belonged. There were a lot of us, all bunched
together, men and women. We had a home, but we could not get out of it.
Sometimes we were in warm quarters. For a time I have been by myself and I
have been in a dark place. Before I was in prison we could talk one at a time
(control the patient) but now I am all alone. You have no right to put all those
burning things on me.

Dr. That kind of electrical treatment is very good for earthbound spirits--
ignorant ones.

Sp. Ignorant! How dare you talk like that to me? How dare you ?

Dr. Don't you know that you have passed out of your mortal body? You
have lost your physical body.

Sp. How do you know I have?

Dr. Because the body you are talking through is not your own. It is my
wife's body.

Sp. I never saw you before you put those sharp things in me.

Dr. You were not using this body at that time.

Sp. What does it all mean?


Dr. It means that you have been using another person's body.

Sp. Well, that explains many things, in a way. Sometimes I felt that I did
not belong where I was, then once in a while I felt I was myself again. There
was one big old man, a big fool, but we had to do just as he said. (Another
spirit* obsessing patient, previously removed.)

I did not feel like doing as he said, because I had all the money I wanted,
so why should I bother with such a rascal? I felt I had to do what he said,
and yet I could not see why I should. I was not in my own home, and yet I
had to be there, and I never could understand why I could not get away. He
kept several of us with him.

Dr. Did the electricity help you to get away?

Sp. Yes, it did, but it hurt like fury. It seems as if it tore the life out of me.

Dr. The electricity liberated you, just the same.

Sp. We could not get away from that man. We had to do as he said. He
ran and ran all the time, (the patient often ran away) and we had to do the
same. There was a little girl, and she cried all the time. (Obsessing spirit,**
previously dislodged from same patient.) At times I was free, and at times I
was in such misery. Some times I felt I could float from one place to another.

Dr. At such times you were a free spirit.

SP. Don't say that word. How I do hate it. I do not have any use for
anything of that kind.

Dr. You do not recognize the fact that when you pass out of the mortal
body, you do not die, but that you live; you then become a spirit.

Sp. You know I am not dead. Cannot you understand that I am talking to
you, and that I can move my hands and arms?

Dr. My friend, while you are talking, we cannot see you. We can only
see my wife. You are talking through my wife's body. This is Mrs. Wickland
sitting here. What is your name?

Sp. I am Mrs. Emily Julia Steve. I was married, but my husband died
some years ago.

Dr. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. I have never been there. I went first to Chicago, and from there to St.
Louis. (The patient had also lived in St. Louis and had there first developed
her aberration.)

Dr. Where did you live in St. Louis?

See Chap. 5, Page 96, Spirit: John Sullivan; Patient: Mrs. L. W.
See Chap. 4. Page 65. Spirit: Minnie Day; Patient: Mrs. L. W.


Sp. I was traveling, I did not live there. I did once live on La Salle
Avenue, Chicago, but I was there for a little while only. It was near La Salle
and Division. From there I went to St. Louis, and from there-well, I really
don't know where I went. I do know that my head was bothering me a great
deal. (Patient complained similarly.)

Dr. Do you remember being sick?

Sp. I cannot recall much of anything. (Suddenly greatly excited.) No! No!
I think there is something the matter with me. Do you think I am going
crazy? Look! Look! There is my husband! No, no! He is a ghost. Just look at him!

Dr. We are talking to a ghost when we talk to you, and we are not afraid.

Sp. There is my child, too! There is my little baby! I am losing my mind.
My Lily, my little Lily! Oh, my Lily! Hugo, my husband! I know I am
losing my mind. Why, there's my mother! I know my mind is giving way. I
am afraid-they are all coming toward me! Hugo, my husband, is it really you?
My little Lily, how I do love you! I am so afraid.

Dr. Understand that you have lost your physical body and are now a
spirit. Try to realize this.

Sp. Please explain why Hugo, my mother and Lily are around me. Are
they not happy in Heaven? Why don't they stay there?

Dr. Do you know anything about Heaven?

Sp. Heaven is above, where Christ and God are.

Dr. Jesus said: "The Kingdom of God is within you." The Bible says:
"Ye are the Temple of God and the Spirit of God dwelleth in you." Again:
"God is Love, and he that dwelleth in Love dwelleth in God." God is above,
God is below, God is everywhere.

Sp. Don't you believe in a personal God?

Dr. God is Spirit. God could not be only in one place.

Sp. I am getting so tired that it is hard for me to understand what you
say. If there were only a place where I could rest, I would gladly go. I cannot
describe to you what misery I have been in. I have no home anywhere that I
can go to, no place to rest my weary head. I went from one place to another,
and I could not find home or peace. I have prayed that I might find rest for
just a little while, but somebody always comes and disturbs me. There were
so many around, each crowding the other, and I probably was mean myself,
but I could not help it. I felt as if a wild beast had gotten hold of me, and I
fought everybody like a tiger, and when I was through I was weak for


days and, days. I suffered terribly. That horrible man was always after us,
and that poor little child was crying all the time, she was so crowded.

I wish I had a little home of my own where I could go, and not have that
man around me again. He was terrible-you have no idea. He was such a
rascal, but he went away and we have not seen him for quite a while.

The little girl who cried so much has also gone. She always had trouble
with her head. I did not mean to be a bad woman, but that man tormented us
all so much that we did not know what to do.

Dr. Wouldn't you like to go with your husband and mother and little girl,
and have them all take care of you, so that you can rest? Try to realize that
you have lost your physical body.

Sp. When did I lose my body?

Dr. We cannot tell you that.

Sp. Sometimes I have felt I was a big woman, and I could fight
everybody, and then I would seem smaller, and it was very confusing.

Dr. That may have been caused by your influencing different people.
You can be free from that condition.

Sp. Then will I have a rest? Will I wake up and find that I have only had a
dream, and then have that horrible man and that crying child around me? I do
not want to ever see that man again. He used to fight those women as if he
were a demon, and he was so angry, and he treated the little girl very badly.
She was afraid of him.

Dr. Now try to forget what has happened, and live for the future. Go
with your husband and he will explain the beauties of the spirit world to you.

Sp. My husband, Hugo! I love him so dearly, and after he died life was
not worth living to me. My dear child went to him just a month afterward.
She was a child three years of age. Hugo, my husband, was my life. I did not
care what became of me after he left. When my husband lived, we traveled a
great deal. We went everywhere. We went to Alaska and there he took cold
and had pneumonia, and my little child got very sick. It is hard to live all that
over again.

Dr. Why go all over that again, when your people are here to take you
away with them?

Sp. I want to go with them but I am afraid, because they are dead. Hugo
says he has been looking for me for years and years, but he could not find me,
and I cannot tell him where I have been. When Hugo and Lily died, I took
very sick, and the


doctors said I was a nervous wreck. I grew very much worse, and I remember
them taking me to a place called Elgin (probably an asylum). I have just a
faint recollection of that. When I grew better (evidently died) I went to St.
Louis, because I had a sister there. Since I began to talk I feel different, and
now I want to go with all my people. Just look at that beautiful bed. Now I
can rest, and with Hugo I shall not have worries any more.

God bless you all and help you. Hugo says to tell you he is so pleased
he found me at last and to say we shall be reunited and never part again. God
bless you, each and all.


CHAPTER V Tormenting Spirits. Marriage Disturbances

OBSESSING SPIRITS may purposely torment helpless sensitives,
sometimes for revenge, but more often with a desire to punish the latter
who, they declare, are interfering with them.

These tormenting spirits frequently cause their victims to commit deeds
of violence upon themselves and do not seem to suffer from pain which they
inflict upon the physical body of the sensitive, yet, contradictory as it may
seem, many labor under the delusion that the body of the mortal is their own.

After the death of her husband Mrs. L. W. developed a melancholia
which was followed by "hallucinations of hearing," and, constantly
tormented by hearing the voices of spirits, she often dashed madly out of the
house, screaming and pulling out her hair.

At such times her daughter, who was clairvoyant, saw spirits about her
mother, particularly the spirit of a jeering man, and the patient herself often
saw this man saying: "There comes that terrible man again."

The patient was brought from St. Louis to Los Angeles in the belief that
a change of scene and climate would be beneficial, but the violent attacks
increased; in these seizures she bit her hands and arms, beat her face with a
slipper and tore off her clothes.

She finally became uncontrollable and was taken to the Psychopathic
Ward, declared insane and committed to a sanitarium, where she remained for
a year without any improvement. After escaping three times she was placed
in our care, and within a few months the tormenting spirits* were taken
away, the lady became entirely normal, has since remained well, ,and is
assisting her daughter with her household occupations.

A few days after her arrival at our Institute the spirit of the "jeering
man," so often seen by the patient's daughter, was removed and allowed to
control Mrs. Wickland.

*See Chap. 4, Page 65. Spirit: Minnie Day; Patient: Mrs. L W.
Chap. 4, Page 89. Spirit: Emily Steve; Patient: Mrs. L W.

Spirit: JOHN SULLIVAN. Patient: MRS. L. W

The spirit struggled furiously for a time and restraint was required.

Spirit What in the world are you holding me for? I have nothing
whatever to do with you folks. I don't like any of you. I don't see what
right you have to hold me. I never did you any harm, and I'll make it
pretty hot for you before I get through.

Doctor You came to us as a stranger and at once started fighting.
What else could I do but hold you in restraint?

Sp. I don't want to be held down like this.

Dr. Who are you?

Sp. Why should I tell you who I am? I don't know any of you, and
I don't care who you are. Just leave me alone so that can go.

Dr. Tell us who you are, friend. You seem to be a pretty strong girl.

Sp. If you take me for a girl you had better look again!

Dr. Tell us where you came from and what you want.

Sp. What do you want to know for?

Dr. Perhaps we can help you out of your present condition.

Sp. Don't hold me so tight, then I will talk.

Dr. Tell us all about yourself.

Sp. In the first place I don't want those needles (referring to
electrical treatment given patient) put on me. Then, I have been kept a
prisoner for a while. Now I'm out I feel just like fighting. (Freed from
aura of patient and the restraint placed upon him by intelligent
spirits.) What in the world did you put all those needles on me for? If
I can go away from here, I will go back home.

Dr. Where is your home?

Sp. My home is where I came from.

Dr. I am curious to know how you got those "needles" on your back.

Sp. It was just like I was on fire every time I had them. I don't want
to sit here and be held down, and I'm going.

Dr. How did you happen to have the benefit of such "needles"? I
am very curious to know.

Sp. I don't know myself, but I got them.

Dr. How did you happen to come here?


Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Did you come here with somebody you were attached to?

Sp. I was only attached to myself.

Dr. Where have you been recently?

Sp. I have been in darkness. I got away from my home, then I
could not see anything. It seemed as if I was blind.

Dr. Were you not in a strange condition when you were in that
place you call home?

Sp. It wasn't my real home, but it was just like it.

Dr. Did you become disgusted sometimes and then act queerly?

Sp. Sometimes I did not know where I was and then I acted up all
the time. Once in a while we had a big fight. There were several
people around, but I will get them some day.

Dr. Who were they?

Sp. Why, I don't know; all kinds of people.

Dr. Were there any women?

Sp. There were so many you could not rest. Women! Some day I
am going to get hold of the rest of them and shake them up.

Dr. I don't see why you should want to harm others.

Sp. One woman would come at me one way, and one another, and
it made me mad, but what can a fellow do when he has a whole lot of
women around? (Other obsessing spirits in patient's aura.)

Dr. Where do you think you are now?

Sp. Where? I don't care where I am.

Dr. Where have you been living?

Sp. We have been living at different places. We have been from
one place to another, until I am plumb disgusted with everything. I
feel like running away so nobody can find me.,

Dr. You could not get away from yourself.

Sp. I have had nothing but women around me, women, women,
until I am sick and tired of women. I got one woman down and I bit
and kicked, and still she clung to me. (The patient, Mrs. L. W.) She
has no business to hang around me like she does. Some day I shall
kill her.

Dr. Do you know what you have been doing?

Sp. I don't care what I have been doing. I took a chunk out of her
wrist one day, but she clung to me just the same. Then I pulled her
hair out as much as I could, but still she clung. I couldn't get rid of her.

Dr. Friend, wouldn't you like to know what you have been doing?

Sp. I don't care to know, but it makes me so mad, because


since I got those needles in me I don't seem to have any power.

Dr. Where is the woman now?

Sp. I haven't seen her for a while.

Dr. What harm did she ever do you?

Sp. She has no business to hang on to me like she does.

Dr. Suppose we reverse matters, and say that it is you who have
been hanging on to her.

Sp. She has no business to dress me up in woman's clothes and
put woman's hair on my head.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. Dead! I'll show you that I'm not dead, and I will also show you
that you are not strong enough to hold me either! Talk about me
being dead! (Laughing harshly.)

Dr. Do you not realize that you have been in a strange condition
for some time?

Sp. It's the worst I have ever been in. Keep your hands off me,
for they are like fire, they are so hot.

Dr. Has it ever occurred to you to ask how that woman could
"dress you up?" Don't you think you have been very selfish?

Sp. Selfish? Selfish? She's the selfish one.

Dr. Suppose you were an ignorant spirit hovering around the

Sp. Me, hang around a woman? Not me, no sir!

Dr. Such things happen, just the same. Did you ever read your
Bible? Do you remember how they cast out spirits in olden times?
You are also a spirit, such as they had to deal with.

Sp. There were devils, and I'll show you I'm no devil !

Dr. You have been tormenting a woman and I chased you out with

Sp. Well, now I've caught you! (Attempting to fight.) I'll bet you
are the one who put me in the dungeon. Now I will get that woman
and bite her to pieces! That woman hung on me all the time and I
want to get rid of her.

Dr. You were hanging on to her. She is rid of you now. Try to
understand that you are a spirit and come to your senses. I am telling
you the absolute truth.

Sp. I wish I could get hold of that woman. I will smash her up
good, and I will smash her face again.

Dr. Why should you want to do harm to the woman? She is not
bothering you.

Sp. I would like to get after you too!

Dr. If you don't behave yourself you will get more of the

Sp. I would rather stay here, but you hold me too tight.


Dr. You tell us you are a man, but we can't see you. We can only
see a woman.

Sp. Haven't you got any eyes? Don't you know I am a man ?

Dr. You have woman's clothes on.

Sp. I tore them off, but she put them on, and I tore them off.

Dr. You have lost the woman that you say has been bothering
you and are now controlling another woman.

Sp. What do you mean by that?

Dr. You are an ignorant, earthbound spirit, hovering around the
earth plane bothering a woman. You are now using my wife's body.

Sp. I'm not using anybody's body but my own. Why did that
woman hang, on to me?

Dr. You were doing the "hanging on." Since you have been taken
away from her, the woman is getting along nicely.

Sp. Did you put me in that dungeon?

Dr. No, intelligent spirits put you there. You are very selfish-
selfish to the last degree. Don't you think you should try to realize
your condition ? If your record were written, would you care to have
everybody read it?

Sp. I don't care. I get so mad to think I should have a woman
hanging on to me, and then have her dress me in woman's clothes. I
hate women.

Dr. That lady has been brought here because she has been
bothered by foolish spirits. We realized that it was obsession, and we
drove you away with electrical treatments. We are now trying to bring
you to your senses.

Sp. If  I could just get hold of that woman I would bite her to
pieces. I will bite her arms too!

Dr. Try to be sensible, then you will have understanding and be
able to progress and be happy.

Sp. There is no happiness.

Dr. Have you ever tried to understand God, or the real question of life?

Sp. There is no God or there would be no misery.

Dr. If there is no Supreme Being how do you happen to be? How
do you exist? Can you explain how it is possible for you to talk to us
through my wife's body?

Sp. Is it your wife that is hanging on to me all the time?

Dr. You were bothering a lady who came here for help. I chased
you away from her, then intelligent spirits put you in a dungeon. Now
you are using my wife's body for a time.

SP. Why in the world should I be bothering women when I hate
them? I will smash every one I can.


Dr. Friend, if you ever expect to be happy, you will have to
change your attitude. You have lost your own body and are hovering
around the earth plane obsessing people. Selfish spirits always do
that. The insane asylums are full of obsessed people. You have
tormented this woman for three or four years.

Sp. How in the devil could I get hold of that woman? I hate
women, and why in the world should I have a woman hanging on to
me all the time? I wouldn't hang on to a woman for love or money, for
I hate women. I would like to crush every woman; they are all
deceitful creatures. God never made such a thing as a woman. They
are the most selfish creatures in the world. If you treat them to all
kinds of nice things, they are all right, but when you turn your back,
they stab you. They get all the money they can out of you.

I swore revenge on all women, and I will have that revenge. I
could have had a good home once if it hadn't been for a woman.
Revenge is sweet and I will have it.

Dr. Now the time has come when you must stop and consider the
question of life more seriously. Don't you think you have made many
mistakes yourself? Examine your past life and see whether you have
been perfect.

Sp. No one is perfect.

Dr. Don't you think that perhaps you had many faults?

Sp. No man is perfect, but I am as good as the average man.

Dr. Try to understand the mystery of life. You have probably
been dead many years. Intelligent spirits are here now to help you
and they will teach you many wonderful things. You have been
allowed to come here and use my wife's brain and body that we might
try to help you.

Sp. She's a fool to allow it.

Dr. She allows it because she has charity for such as you. All
women are not false.

Sp. My mother was a very good woman. If it was not for her, I
would kill every woman I come in contact with. But she has been
dead forty or fifty years.

Dr. You are dead, too, as far as the body is concerned. You are a
spirit now. Look around and tell us what you see,--be honest now.

Sp. I see my mother, but I'm afraid of her.

Dr. We are not afraid of you.

Sp. Well, my mothers a ghost.

Dr. She's a spirit like yourself. What does your mother say to you ?

Sp. She says: "John, I have been hunting for you for

years." But I am afraid of her.

Dr. Does she appear ghostly?

Sp. No, but I am afraid. Why, here's my father, too! And there's
Lizzie! Don't you come near me; I don't want you either. Don't you
come near me! I don't want you, Lizzie, you snake!

Dr. Probably she has come to ask you to forgive her for something
she did.

Sp. I will never, never forgive her.

Dr. Sometimes mistakes happen. There may have been a
misunderstanding. You may have taken for granted things that were
not true.

Sp. I hate her, and I don't want her near me!

Dr. Try to put hatred out of your heart and be sensible.

Sp. Lizzie, you go away, or I will kill you! You acted like a snake! I
don't want to listen to you. You are as false as they make them. I don't
believe what you say. Don't you come here with all kinds of excuses,
for I don't believe you. I am mad at you and I will stay mad. You are a
big liar!

Dr. What does the spirit say to you? Who is she?

Sp. That's Lizzie, who made all my trouble, and she says all the
trouble was caused by jealousy. But I was not jealous!

Dr. Listen to what she has to say.

Sp. (Listening.) That's a fine story! We were going to be married
and she was a nice girl. She says I looked at everything the wrong
way, and that I was jealous.

Dr. You were probably stubborn and hot-headed.

Sp. (To Lizzie.) You're a liar. You went with that other fellow, you
know you did. She says that when she went home that evening she
happened to meet that fellow on the street car. He only walked a block
with her, and I happened to see them walking together. I went home
and stabbed myself.

Dr. That was certainly a brave act. I suppose you committed suicide.

Sp. I wish I could have died, but I could not. I would have been far
better off, but I'm going to have revenge on women.

Dr. Why don't you try to be sensible and forgive the girl?

Sp. Say, do you believe her story? I suffered a great deal from that
stab I gave myself, and I did wish I could die. There's Lizzie walking
around and she's crying.

Dr. Listen to your own conscience.

Sp. I loved that girl and what did I get from her?

Dr. I think your mother spoiled you when you were a boy.

Sp. My mother thought the world of me and gave me every


thing I wanted, so that I could have a good time. No, Mother, don't come
near me! There is no help for me.

Dr. The first lesson you must learn is to crucify self. Jesus said: "Except
ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven." I
don't think you understand what that means. All you cared for was self, and
your mother spoiled you.

Sp. Mother says she is very sorry now. Here's Lizzie again. I don't
believe her, because she did go with that fellow.

Dr. Suppose she did; what of it? You must have had a very jealous disposition.

Sp. She says she did not go with him, and that she has told me what she did.

Dr. Do you know that she is dead?

Sp. She is not. If she Is, is she a ghost?

Dr. You say she stands there. Does she look like a ghost?

Sp. No, she doesn't. My mother says: "John, be reasonable and sensible.
Your own conscience accuses you." It is hard, when you love a girl, to see
her with another fellow. -What I suffered on account of Lizzie! After seeing
her with the other fellow, I went home and stabbed myself, just a little bit, to
try and scare her. I thought if I did that she would come to me.

Dr. You committed suicide but you do not realize that you are a spirit
and have been troubling a lady, and obsessing her. She is a patient of ours.

Sp. What do I care for her? I hate women and she won't leave me alone.
All I wanted was revenge, and I got it.

Dr. That lady has done all kinds of wild things because you were
obsessing her.

Sp. Mother and Lizzie both stand there crying, but nobody cares for me,
so what's the use?

Dr. What name did you have beside John?

Sp. John Sullivan.

Dr. I should think you would feel ashamed to have bothered that lady.

Sp. I'm not any more ashamed of myself than you are!

Dr. Do you think you loved this girl? Or was it only selfishness on your
part? You simply wanted her, that's all.

Sp. She could have been mine, but I made her suffer. My love turned to
hate. No, Lizzie, you don't need to cry. I shall never forgive you, if you ask
me a hundred times.

Dr. If your mother had given you a few thrashings you would not be in
the condition you are now. Try to forgive Lizzie, and by doing so you will
be helped yourself.


Sp. I shall never forgive her. The women were all crazy after me. I was
considered a good looking man.

Dr. That was your trouble. If you had been homely you would have had
some sense. You must try to be sensible now, because you are using my
wife's body.

Sp. Well, take your wife! I don't want her. Say, Mother, it's no use you
and Lizzie standing there and crying, for I shall never forgive her.

Dr. If you don't forgive when you have this opportunity you will find
yourself in a dark dungeon when you leave here, and there you will stay until
you repent. Try to understand that the wrong is within yourself.

Sp. I'll not forgive. I loved my mother and I always had plenty of money.

Dr. What city did you live in?

Sp. St. Louis.

Dr. Do you know you are in California?

Sp. I know where I am. I am in St. Louis, and it's winter. It's about
nineteen degrees below zero.

Dr. What year do you think it is?

SP. 1910.

Dr. It is the 13th of January, 1918.

Sp. I do hate to see women cry. Mother, stop crying. To see a woman
cry always distresses me.

Dr. Doesn't your conscience trouble you at all?

Sp. What's the use of worrying about things?

Dr. Listen to what your mother says, then she can help you.

Sp. Mother, I'll tell you,-if you had spanked me more when I was a little
boy and not given in to me so much, I might have been a different fellow
from what I am now. It is too late in life to change, and what's more, one
never gets anywhere by changing.

Dr. You still have more misery ahead of you unless you are willing to forgive.

Sp. I don't care to be in that dungeon you speak of. Why do parents give
their children all they want? You see, Mother, what nice work you have
done. Aren't you proud of your son? You brought me to this. This is your work.

Dr. You pretend to love your mother, but you have no charity or
sympathy for anybody.

Sp. I hate the word sympathy. My father says I shall have to change. I
am too old to change now. (Frightened and shrinking from something.) Take
that away! Take me away! I'm sick!


Dr. You must be serious and honest.

Sp. My mother says she knows that she raised me wrong. Don't let me
go in that dungeon! I'll forgive Lizzie--I'll do anything! I am tired of life, and
tired of everything.

Dr. When you reach the spirit side of life you must try to be of service
to others, instead of a detriment. Try to undo the wrong you have done by
obsessing this lady.

Sp. She tormented me and I hate women. I got revenge. I took a slipper and
pounded her face. I did it for revenge on women, for I hate them all.

The spirit could not be brought to realize his situation and he was taken
away to be' placed in a "dungeon" until he could overcome self and his hatred
toward humanity.

Several years ago, a friend of ours complained of the peculiar and erratic
actions of a business associate, Mr. P., who had suddenly become extremely
irritable and despotic to those in his employ, highly unreasonable, impossible
to please, and subject to violent attacks of swearing.

As obsession seemed indicated we concentrated for the gentleman in
question, and after several weeks an irate spirit spoke through Mrs. Wickland
and frankly admitted having tormented this man, wanting revenge for
attentions which he claimed the 'latter had been paying to his wife. (The
situation had existed during his life but he did not discover this until after his death.)

The spirit gave the name of a man prominent in local business circles; he
had passed out some time before but was not aware of the fact. He said that
he had been sick for a long time, but could now go where he pleased without
any trouble, for he had become well.

He could not understand why his wife would no longer speak to him, or why
 his child, who had always been so affectionate, was now so cold toward him.

He declared that some of his friends were false to him and had for some
time been paying attention to his wife, sending her gifts and flowers, but that he
would have revenge on them as soon as he was through with his present victim.

The spirit said that he could not think very clearly, but supposed that
was because he had recently taken an anaesthetic, which he thought also
accounted for the peculiar lightness of his body, and a feeling of having no weight.

He was puzzled by the fact that whenever he thought about any persons
he immediately found himself with them and involved in their affairs.
Recently he had been around Mr. P. but


could not get away from him; this had exasperated him exceedingly, he had
"done a lot of swearing," kept the man awake, made him go to work "early,"
and had annoyed him in every way possible.

After many explanations the spirit finally realized that he had "died,"
although this was at first difficult for him to comprehend, for he "had always
thought death ended all, and that was all there was to it."

Being assured that activity and progression awaited him in the spirit
world, and that matters would there be explained to him to his entire
satisfaction, he left.

The following day there was such a remarkable improvement in the
conduct of Mr. P., and his behavior was so wholly normal that the entire
office force noticed the change, although Mr. P. himself never knew of the
experimental effort which had been made in his behalf.

A patient, Miss R. F., was intermittently seized by impulses to -run
away, and at such times became greatly agitated, but shortly after entering
our Institute she was relieved of the instigator of these wanderings.

Spirit: EDWARD STERLING. Patient: Miss R. F.

An intelligence took control of the psychic, and, rising, attempted to run
away, becoming very indignant when restrained.

Doctor Won't you sit down?

Spirit No!

Dr. Where are you going?

Sp. Home.

Dr. Home? Where is your home?

Sp. I want to go to find it. (Struggling for freedom.)

Dr. What a nice lady you are, to act like this.

Sp. Lady? Lady? I'm no lady, I'm a man !

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. That doesn't make any difference. I'm going home.

Dr. Where is-your home?

Sp. Wherever I can find it. I know I am not going to sit here any longer.
I'm going, I'll tell you that!

Dr. (Recognizing the phraseology of the patient.) Why did


you cut off your hair? (The patient, under an irrational impulse, had
cut her hair short.)

Sp. Do you think I want to wear long hair like a woman? No, sir, I
don't! I'm going, yes, sir! I'm going, I tell you.

Dr. Where will you go? You have no home.

Sp. I won't stay here; I'm going.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. I'm not dead. I'm going! I don't want those awful things put
into me, all over my body. (Referring to static electrical treatment
applied to patient.) It's just like sticking sharp things into me, real
sharp things.

Dr. You felt the electricity I gave to a patient.

Sp. I tried twice to run away, but I was brought back.

Dr. Why did you make that lady cut off her hair?

Sp. I didn't make anybody cut their hair off. It's my body, and I
can cut my hair off if I want to. I went to sleep and when I woke up
my hair had grown so long that I did not know what to do. I went to
sleep and I slept a long time, and after waking up, I found I had long
hair, and I wasn't going to have that so I would look like a woman. I
could not go to a barber shop, 'cause I was too ashamed to be seen
on the street, so I cut it off myself.

Dr. You did not cut your own hair, you cut off the hair of the lady
you were controlling.

Sp. It was my own hair I cut. Why do you keep me here like this? I
haven't done anything to you or anybody else.

Dr. You have been disturbing a lady and doing her a great wrong.
You say you are a man, and yet you are wearing lady's clothes. How
do you account for that?

Sp. I couldn't get any man's clothes.

Dr. Shouldn't that fact open your eyes and show you that there is
something the matter with you?

Sp. Can't I sit down?

Dr. 'Yes. if you will sit quietly. Should you not try to find
out what is the matter with you? 

Sp. I don't want to stay here; I'm going home.

Dr. If you will sit still and listen, I will explain your situation. You
are so-called dead.

Sp. I am not dead, I'll have you know. Stop holding me!

Dr. I am not holding you, I am holding my wife. You must realize
that- you are in a strange position. You passed out of your mortal
body but do not understand your situation.

Sp. Let me go; I want to get out of here. What are you holding my
hands for?


Dr. I am not holding your hands; I am holding my wife's hands.

Sp. Your wife's hands! I never saw you before, and I'm not your
wife. Do you think a man marries another man? I never heard such talk!

Dr. What I tell you is true, just the same. You are an ignorant
spirit and do not understand your condition.

Sp. You let me alone. I want to go home.

Dr. Did you ever stop to think what happens to a person when he dies?

Sp. I am not dead. I just went to sleep.

Dr. That was the sleep of death.

Sp. I slept so long that when I woke up my hair had grown long.

Dr. Not only had your hair grown, but you also had on woman's
clothes. How did you get them?

Sp. I'm not dead, just the same.

Dr. You have lost your physical body. When you lose that, you
are supposed to be "dead."

Sp. If I was dead I would go to the grave and stay there until the
last day. You stay there until Gabriel blows his horn.

Dr. That is only ignorant belief. You were too lazy to understand
life's mysteries.

Sp. I was taught that when I died, if I believed in God and Christ,
and that Christ died for our sins, I would go to Heaven.

Dr. Why did you not go to "Heaven" when you died? You have
"died" so far as the world is concerned. You are here, and yet we
cannot see you. I see only my wife's body.

Sp. I have never seen your wife and I don't know her.

Dr. Have you ever heard about mediums?

Sp. Yes, but I don't believe in them.

Dr. You are speaking through a medium now. You claim to be a
man and yet you are using a woman's body to speak through.

Sp. Lies, nothing but lies!

Dr. It is true, nevertheless. You have woman's clothes on. You
know there is something strange about your condition. You probably
do not know that you are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. No, I am not.

Dr. Where should you be?

Sp. I have been on the go for some time, traveling.

Dr. Look at your hands; they are not yours.

Sp. I never saw you before you put all that electricity into me, and
I feel like giving you a good licking. What do you think


of any man doing such a thing to another man? It goes right through
you. You don't know how it hurts. I'm not going to stand for any more
such nonsense. I stood it for a long time, then I went. When I left, a
great big Indian (spirit) got hold of me and put me in prison. I got
loose after awhile and came here.

Dr. You have been bothering a woman who was a patient of ours,
and electrical treatments given to her dislodged you.

Sp. What is the matter with me? I have felt so crowded.

Dr. Can't you understand that you are in a strange situation? You
were probably a big man and you felt crowded because you were
occupying a body smaller than your own physical body. Why don't
you open your mind and learn the facts?

Sp. There's nothing to learn.

Dr. It has probably been a long time since you lost your body.
What year is it?

Sp. I had a good long sleep and I don't know.

Dr. Shouldn't your present strange condition cause you to ask
questions? We cannot see you, we can only hear you talk.

Sp. What sense is there in talking to a person when you don't see him?

Dr. This lady is a psychic, and you are a spirit talking through her body.

Sp. I don't believe you.

Dr. This is my wife's body. Are you my wife talking to me?

Sp. I'm not your wife! I'm a man!

Dr. I drove you away from the woman you were controlling. You
made her act like an insane person. How did you come here ?

Sp. You tell me how.

Dr. You are an invisible spirit; you do not understand your
situation. The lady you have been bothering happened to be in a
nervous condition and susceptible to spirit obsession, and you
obsessed her. You made that lady do many insane things. What do
you think of such actions?

Sp. I wouldn't say it was anything very grand, but I don't even
know any woman.

Dr. You influenced her to cut off her hair and to run away.

Sp. What did I want with long hair? I went to sleep and when I
woke up my hair had grown too long, so I cut it off that's all.

Dr. That was the woman's hair you cut.

Sp. It was too long.


Dr. That is her business. Just reverse things. Suppose you had
your own body and somebody cut your hair off-would you like it?

Sp. No, I wouldn't, but she couldn't help yourself.

Dr. Don't you think that you were very selfish?

Sp. I don't know. Say, if, as you say, I'm dead, why is it that I'm
not in Heaven or hell?

Dr. There are no such places.

Sp. I haven't seen God or Christ or the devil, yet you tell me I am dead.

Dr. You are not "dead."

Sp. Why, just a little while ago you said I was.

Dr. You are dead to the world.

Sp. You said I was dead.

Dr. I said you were so-called dead; you lost your physical body.

Sp. You said I was dead.

Dr. Now listen to reason, or I will have to take you into the office
and give you more electricity.

Sp. I don't want that; it makes you feel like you were burning up.

Dr. We wanted to get you out, and we succeeded.

Sp. What business is it of yours if I stayed there?

Dr. We wanted that lady to be rid of you.

Sp. You had no right to get me away from her.

Dr. Do you think it was right of you to control her and disturb her life?

Sp. A fellow has got to have some place to live.

Dr. Suppose it had been your mother and a selfish spirit were
controlling her and making her act as if insane; do you think that
would be right?

Sp. I was not insane, and I did not make her insane either.

Dr. It was an insane act for her to cut off her hair and run away.

Sp. How would you like to have your hair long, if you were a man ?

Dr. It was the lady's body and the lady's hair, not yours. Now you
have been driven from the lady's body, and you must change your
conduct. If you are not careful you will be put into a dungeon. You
said a short time ago that an Indian "got hold of you"; you had better
be careful or another Indian will get hold of you.

Sp. I will fight him if he does.

Dr. Listen to me. My wife is a psychic and she allows such


spirits as you to control her body to bring them to a realization of their
condition. You should appreciate the privilege. There are thousands of spirits
who would be glad to be in your place at this moment. You know that you
are in a strange condition. Perhaps some of your kindred are here. They will
take you with them to the spirit world. You must behave yourself and
understand and be sensible.

Sp. What shall I do?

Dr. Understand that there is a spirit world, and that you should strive to reach it.

Sp. You mean Heaven?

Dr. The Kingdom of Heaven is within one.

Sp. Don't you believe that Christ died for your sins?

Dr. He did not die for mine. Don't you understand that something is
lacking in such a belief? Jesus taught us how to understand, life; he did not
die for the sins of any one. Those who believe that Christ died for their sins
lack the right understanding of His teachings.

It is a sin against God to teach such a doctrine. If it were true, it would
mean that God had made a mistake and was forced to provide an intercessor
as an offering of atonement for His own mistake.

Now friend, you must leave my wife, and you must also leave the other lady alone.

Sp. What are you talking about? I never saw your wife.

Dr. You are temporarily controlling my wife's body. We cannot see you.
If you do not come to your senses pretty soon, we shall have to force you
out, and then you will be in the "outer darkness" which the Bible speaks about.

Sp. It is not right that God should treat me as he has. I prayed and
prayed and prayed. I went to church and paid a whole lot of money to the
church, because they said if I did not give money I would go straight to hell
when I died. and I thought when I paid my money I should get my money's worth.

Dr. What did Jesus say? "God is Spirit and they that worship him must
worship him in Spirit and in truth." God is Spirit, not a spirit. The Bible
says: "God is Love, and He that dwelleth in Love dwelleth in God." Where
will you look to find such a God except within your own self ? "Ye are the
temple of God, and the spirit of God dwelleth in you." What is Heaven? It is
a condition of your own mind, attained when you understand life's purpose.

Sp. Isn't Heaven a place? It says so in the Bible; it says Heaven is paved
with golden streets. Isn't that so?

Dr. That, like many other statements in the Bible, is symbolical of great
truths of life.

Sp. You said a short time ago that Jesus did not die for your sins. What
do you believe?

Dr. I recognize that we are all spiritual beings in mortal bodies while on
earth. When we pass out of our mortal bodies with understanding, we will
not waken in darkness, but our spiritual eyes will be open, and advanced
spirits will help us to progress in the spirit world. Some kind spirit friends of
yours may be here now. Do you not realize that some change has taken
place with you?

Sp. I can talk more than I could. You said I was talking through your
wife. How can I talk through her?

Dr. My wife is a psychic who is so developed that spirits can talk
through her, and intelligent spirits have allowed you to control her. However,
you will not be able to stay long.

Sp. I think I will stay here. I feel better. I feel pretty good now.

Dr. You will feel still better after you realize the beautiful condition in
the spirit world. You will have to become as a little child, then you can "enter
the kingdom of Heaven." Do not merely believe, but try to understand. What
is your name?

Sp. Edward.

Dr. And your other name?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Where did you live? Do you know that you are in Los Angeles,
California? Do you know what year it is?

Sp. No, I don't know.

Dr. Why don't you know?

Sp. I have no memory. I can't think. I don't know anything any more.
(Such a state of bewilderment suggests that the cause of amnesia conditions
found in certain patients is probably possession by confused spirit

Dr. That is because you have been in the outer darkness, and, being a
wandering spirit, you drifted into that lady's aura, controlled her and made
her act as if insane.

Sp. I wanted to have a good, quiet home.

Dr. Is it right to do the things you have done?

Sp. When you have been walking in darkness for a long time, and you
see a light, don't you want to stay?

Dr. That is not the right kind of light. You need the spiritual light of understanding.

Sp. Then do you think I ought to go to church and sing, and pray to
God, and read the Bible?


Dr. Did you ever make a thorough study of the history of the Bible to
learn who wrote it?

Sp. It was God's inspired book.

Dr. God did not write the Bible; the book is man-made. Could one credit
God with having written certain things in the Bible, many of which are unfit
to be read in respectable society?

Sp. Who wrote the book?

Dr. It was compiled from many sources, during different periods, mainly
for the purpose of keeping people in subjection through fear of an imaginary
devil and hell. The Bible is a collection of poetry, history, allegories and
philosophy, of contradictions and truths.

But humanity believes that every word of the Bible is inspired, and
insists upon interpreting it literally, instead of accepting what is reasonable.

The Bible states that: "The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life," and
"Spiritual things . . . are spiritually discerned." Hence, religion is a process of
mental discernment. The teachings of Christ contain wonderful truths, but the
allegories have been taught as historical facts by the church, and dogma,
doctrine and creed have obscured their underlying spiritual significance.

SP. Don't you believe that God made the earth in six days and rested on
the seventh?

Dr. No; that is only an allegorical statement. The seven days are
symbolical of the seven principles in Nature. "God is at once the Creator and
the Creation"; if God should rest, all would be at an end. We should
understand life as it is, not merely believe what is told us.

Now it is getting late and you cannot stay any longer. See whether some
one is here whom you know.

Sp. Oh! There's my mother! It's a long time since I saw her. But she died
when I was a kid.

Dr. Listen to her; she can help you.

Sp. Oh, mother, will you take me I Take me, mother, I'm so tired. Oh,
mother, take me with you!

Dr. Of course she will take you with her, but you will have to rid
yourself of all your foolish beliefs and acquire understanding.

Sp. Let me go! (Rising to walk away.)

Dr. You will have to think yourself with your mother. You can't take
this body with you because it belongs to my wife. Just think yourself with
your mother, and you will be there instantly.


Sp. I'm so tired and weary-so tired. Let me go with my mother. I see her
coming; she went away for a while.

Dr. Now go with your mother. God gave you intelligence to think, and
you must be reasonable and let your mother and others teach you.

Sp. Mother says I must ask you to forgive me for being so rude, and she
also says I must ask that lady to please forgive me for bothering her.

Dr. Can you tell us where you came from?

Sp. I can't remember.

Dr. What year do you think it is?

Sp. It should be 1901.

Dr. That was nineteen years ago. Who is the President?

Sp. McKinley.

Dr. He was shot on the sixth of September, 1901, and died on the
fourteenth. This is 1920 now.

Sp. Where have I been all that time? Sleeping? The winter of 1901 1 was
awfully sick, and it seems hard to remember anything else after that. It was
around Christmas and I caught cold, and I was very sick.

Dr. Where were you when you were taken sick?

Sp. I was working in the woods. I worked in a lumber town at lumbering.
I remember something hitting me on the head, and that's all I remember. My
mother says my name is Sterling; yes, that's it!

Dr. Can your mother tell what place you came from before you took up lumbering?

Sp. I was born in Iowa, mother says, but when I got hurt, I was working
in the woods in Northern Wisconsin. I used to live in Iowa.

Dr. Can you remember the name of the town?

Sp. No, I can't.

Dr. Well, friend, try to obtain an understanding of life, and be of service
to humanity, instead of a detriment. You have been bothering a lady and she
is not yet entirely free.

Sp. I was not the only one bothering her; there are two more just as bad as
I am.

Dr. When you have understanding you must help this lady to get well,
and take the other spirits away from her.

Sp. I will try. Thank you! Goodbye I

Haunted houses are often frequented by spirits who seek revenge for
wrongs suffered by them during life.

While Mrs. Wickland and I were in Wisconsin, we held. a


circle in the home of friends and Mrs. Wickland was controlled by the spirit
of a man who said he had been murdered by the owner of a near-by stone
quarry, but that he was still alive in his house at the side of the quarry.

He laughed spitefully and said: "He killed me, but I am having my
revenge! I haunt him!'

Although we explained to the spirit the existence of a higher life, he
stated that he was not yet ready to leave his old haunts, and refusing to
progress, departed.

Our friends then told us that they had known this man in life; that ten
years before, the quarry had been owned by three men, one of whom,
desiring to own the quarry himself, had bought the holdings of the second
man, but the third man, who lived in the house by the quarry, had refused
to sell.

A few days later the third man was found dead, and, although there was
no proof as to the identity of the murderer, there was a strong suspicion in
the neighborhood that the first partner was the perpetrator of the crime.

As time went on the owner of the stone quarry developed a strange
reluctance to work the quarry, and rumor said that he was haunted by his
dead partner. It became common report that the house nearby was haunted,
and when our friends had driven there a year before to pick berries they had
had an unusual experience.

After placing the horse in the empty barn, they noticed some berries in
the yard and returned to the barn for a basket, when the horse began to rear
wildly and neighed in terror.

Stopping in amazement, our friends heard a coarse laugh and looking
about saw a grinning man standing in the doorway of the deserted house. It
was the man who had died several years before; they had known him in life
and recognized him now.

The man laughed and vanished, and our friends rushed to the barn, took
the horse out and drove away in great haste.

We had a series of letters from Mrs. G. G., who resided in a village in
New York; she was a psychic and clairvoyant whose house was haunted by
a band of evil spirits.

She wrote that she had been in the best of health when she had moved
into this house but had soon become afflicted with a strange ailment of the
arms and legs which no doctors could relieve.

Spirits who claimed to be her guides advised her to have a psychic circle
every evening and "sit" for half an hour, saying


they could help her in this way. They explained that she was being injured
by the spirit of the woman who had built the house and that she could free
herself by having a certain friend of hers attend the next circle.

This friend came and the spirit said she would leave with this woman.
When the latter reached her home she was taken with the same sickness with
which Mrs. G. G. had been troubled, while Mrs. G. G. recovered.

But disturbances of various kinds continued in the house; even the
orchard was haunted, and spirits were heard to say that Mrs. G. G. could
not live if she remained there, for they would kill any one who came into that house.

The G.'s sold the house and moved away without telling the purchasers
anything of their mysterious experiences. The new owners took possession
of the house and the mother, an elderly lady, went to bed the first night
apparently well, but in a short time screamed that two men had come into her
room threatening to kill her, and before morning she was dead.

Mrs. G. G., however, continued her circles, but was unable to rid herself
of spirit influences and finally wrote to us for aid.

"There is no one I can go to or depend upon. I joined the New Thought
Society to be helped; they claimed to send out vibrations but I failed to get in
on the wave. No one prays more earnestly for help than 1, or tries harder to
do right. Tell me, if you can, how to get relief."

We concentrated for the lady, as well as the house, and a number of
spirits were brought from both.

One of the first declared that he did not know he was obsessing Mrs. G.
G. Another spirit was Harry Harris, who had so brutally mistreated his wife
that she had shot herself. How his life had ended we did not learn. He
insisted that he was not dead, but was living in an old house with a band of
outlaws (spirits) and that they would kill any one who dared to move into
their house.

Another evening four spirits were brought from the haunted house; first
two women, then "Pete," who had been a dexterous pickpocket in life, and a
woman named Kate, who had been killed by Pete and had "hounded" him
ever since.

To conceal himself Pete was hiding with others in a house that
"belonged" to them, and to no one else. "We kill any one who comes in," he
said, speaking through Mrs. Wickland.

He admitted having troubled Mrs. G. G. "I stayed with her to get my
grub," he said.

While Pete was speaking, Kate took control of another medium

who was in the circle, and Pete was terror-stricken, while Kate
attempted to escape from him. Each thought the other was a ghost, and
neither was aware of controlling a psychic.

It was some time before they realized that both had died. Finally Pete
sank on his knees and begged Kate to forgive him; a reconciliation followed
and both left, promising to reform.

Later, Mrs. G. G. wrote that she had greatly improved.

In answer to an urgent appeal for help, Mrs. Wickland and I called at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C., in Pasadena, where nightly rappings and noises
were keeping the family awake for hours.

Mr. C. had purchased this house from the children of an elderly lady
who had died some time before. (A fact not known to us until later.) The
house had been moved to Mr. C.'s lot, remodeled there, and the C.'s had then
moved into it, only to be disturbed by noises of all kinds. Every night,
between twelve and four, the door of a closet between two bedrooms was
shaken and rattled loudly, and rappings and "crackings" kept the family awake.

While we were seated in one of the rooms of the C. home, discussing the
situation, Mrs. Wickland became unexpectedly entranced by a spirit who
complained of intense rheumatism, and stormed at the C.'s for living in "her house."

"This is my house," she declared peremptorily, "and these people have
no business in it! I will chase them out!"

The controlling spirit proved to be the former owner-of the house and
later inquiry bore out the statement that she had suffered severely from rheumatism.

She could not realize that she was dead but insisted that she was still
living in her own house, although troubled by intruders.

"If I am dead, why am I not in Heaven?" she asked.

Many explanations at last resulted in understanding and a penitent
departure, and in a letter written several months later Mr. C. stated that all
noises had entirely ceased in the house.

That spirits often play a serious part in domestic disturbances and break
up many homes we have had ample evidence.

A patient, Mrs. SI., who was brought to us from a Northern state, was
the second wife of a Dakota farmer. After the birth of her first child -she
developed a tendency to wander away at random and when brought back and
questioned she could only give vague answers, but always insisted that her
husband, a steady, reliable farmer, was faithless to her.


When the obsessing spirit was transferred to Mrs. Wickland we found
that -it was none other than the first wife, who indignantly accused her
husband of being faithless to her, and said that she was determined to get rid
of her "rival."

After passing out of the physical body she had remained on the farm,
but she was unaware of her death, and did not realize that her "rival" was her
husband's second wife.

The spirit, after due explanation and enlightenment, left, and Mrs. SI.,
restored to herself, returned to her Dakota home.

We had a similar experience with an acquaintance of ours, a gentleman
whose first wife had died, leaving him to care for their small son.

Later he married again, but before long we noticed that the family life was
becoming unhappy, and the culmination came one Sunday morning when the
second wife angrily left the house.

The husband desolately came to our home, followed presently by the
little boy, and although they had never visited us before, they remained for
some hours.

In the evening the boy returned, and while Mrs. Wickland was
conversing with him and a group of friends, she became controlled by the
spirit of a woman who said she was the boy's mother.

She had no knowledge of her death and craved longingly to caress her
small son, saying: "I want my boy! I want my boy!"

Then she burst forth into a jealous denunciation of her successor and
declared she would drive her out of the house.

"I chased her away this morning!" she exulted.

She, too, was finally made to understand the true situation, and,
regretting the suffering she had caused, promised to do everything possible to
make amends.

The second wife returned home again, and, during the ten years which
have elapsed since this episode, no further disturbances have occurred in the

Miss L. was the young fiancee of a widower who had formerly, with his
wife, occupied a flat in the same building in which the Young lady lived, and
the two women had been intimate friends.

The wife died very suddenly and some time after her death the gentleman
became engaged to the young lady. Soon after this the latter began to show
mental abnormalities which continually grew worse.


In her normal condition she esteemed the man highly, but when she came
to us she had a violent dislike for him, and asserted that she would rather die,
or go to an insane asylum, than marry him. She had made several attempts to
end her life but had each time seemed to come to herself at the last moment
and called for help.

At the time the patient entered the Institute Mrs. Wickland clairvoyantly
saw the spirit of a woman of the brunette type possessing the patient, who
was a decided blond. This spirit was so interblended with the patient that it
was difficult for Mrs. Wickland to determine, from the transfiguration,
whether the patient was light or dark.

When Mrs. Wickland described this spirit the patient's mother and fiance
both recognized her as the man's former wife.

The patient proved very obdurate; screaming spells alternated with
obstinate, stubborn moods, and she could not be left alone at any time. She
declared herself insane and scoffed at being cured, and insisted that she
wanted to die, for if she lived she would have to marry "that man."

One day, during a treatment, she entered a semi-trance condition and a
spirit intelligence expressed itself forcefully.

" He shall never marry her! He shall never have her! I will drive her to an
insane asylum, or I will kill her, but he shall never have her !'

Immediately following this, the spirit of a child spoke defensively as if
protecting a mother. The patient's sister, who was present, recognized in the
latter intelligence the deceased thirteen year old son of the dead wife.

The climax came a few days later. The patient had been unusually
obstinate and unruly, and very contemptuous to her fiance when he called.
After a strong treatment was administered, the patient became quiet and slept
well that night.

However, during the night Mrs. Wickland was greatly troubled by the
presence of a spirit who annoyed her until four o'clock in the morning, when
she became completely entranced by the spirit of the man's former wife.

After considerable effort I induced the spirit to talk, but she was with
difficulty convinced of her real situation-that she was a spirit and controlling
Mrs. Wickland's body. She strongly censured both her former husband and
our patient for their treachery to her, and repeated her threats against the girl.

"I will send her to the asylum! I will kill her!" she declared.

A great deal of argument and persuasion were needed to


bring the spirit to repentance, but this was at last accomplished. Upon being
asked if her son was with her she said that she had seen him at times, but
that he was dead and she did not want to have anything to do with him.

The spirit was urged to leave the young woman whom she was
tormenting and go with other spirit intelligences to a higher life, of which she
showed herself entirely ignorant. Although repentant, she still longed to
remain on the earth plane, but finally consented to leave and to cease
troubling the patient; then she suddenly became weak and declared she was
dying. (This sensation often occurs when spirits realize their actual situation;
sometimes they again experience the physical conditions under which they
passed out of their earth bodies.)

Chills and violent attacks of coughing added to the spirit's distress and
after a painful pseudo-death struggle she left. These symptoms were
recognized by her husband and the patient's mother as corresponding exactly
with those manifested by the man's wife at the time of her death from pneumonia.

After this the patient recovered rapidly. She was soon able to leave the
Institute, is now well and happily married.

A peculiar case was that of Mr. Me., a well known man in Chicago,
whose family name is one of highest social prominence.

This man suddenly began to act strangely; he shunned the members of
his family, and told his wife and relatives that he wished to live on a higher
plane and wanted nothing more to do with them. Then one day he packed his
trunk and left home, going to live in a small room which he had rented in the
lowest section of the city.

We had never seen this gentleman, but a relative of his, who knew of our
work, asked us to concentrate for him at our next psychic circle; we did so
and a spirit was brought who controlled Mrs. Wickland. After some
solicitation she gave her full name, confessing that she had been the first wife
of Mr. Me., and she then told her story.

She had met Mr. Me. in Chicago during the World's Fair and, for a time,
they had lived together without the formality of marriage until his relatives
discovered the situation and compelled them to marry. The girl was accepted
in society but rebelled at the restraints of conventional life, and, being of a
vain and restless disposition, could not live happily with her husband.

She finally left him and went to the "west side," where she entered a
house of ill-repute. Although at times she regretted


the folly of her conduct, she continued her mode of living, became a morphine
addict and finally committed suicide.

After her death she had returned to her husband, and when he married
again she felt angrily aggrieved, and at last influenced him to leave his wife
and child, to go to quarters where she herself felt more at home.

We convinced her of the great wrong she was doing in controlling her
former husband in this manner, and after she had obtained an understanding
of the progress awaiting her in the spirit world, she promised to leave,
wishing to attain a higher condition.

When next we saw the relative of Mr. Me., who had asked us to
concentrate for him, we told her of the story related by the spirit, and in
amazement she admitted it was true in every detail; that the name given was
correct and that Mr. Me. had been married before, but that the unfortunate
episode had been regarded by the family as a skeleton in the closet and was
never mentioned.

She later reported that Mr. Me had returned to his home, normal and
sane, and was again living happily with his wife and child.

CHAPTER VI -- Spirits and Crime

HABITS, desires and inclinations are rooted in the mind and remain
with the individual after he is freed from his physical body, until
they are eliminated by the will.

The spirits of many criminals, murderers, those who were executed or
are seeking for revenge, remain indefinitely in the earth sphere and often
endeavor to continue their former activities and to carry out their evil designs
through controlling the bodies of mortals who are sensitive to their influence.

In many cases of revolting murder investigations will show that the
crimes were committed by innocent persons under the control of
disembodied spirits who had taken complete possession of the murderer.

There is little doubt that the murder of Stanford White by Harry K.
Thaw in 1906, at Madison Square Roof Garden, New York, was due to
spirit influence.

Harry Thaw was a psychic sensitive and had shown evidence of this fact
all his life, and whatever personal grievances he may have had when he killed
Stanford White, he was unquestionably obsessed by avenging spirits who
desired retribution for real or fancied injustice done to themselves or kindred.

Harry Thaw was largely only the psychic subject and the physical
instrument through which was enacted a terrible drama by the invisible
world, the actors being ignorant, revengeful spirits.

On July 15, 1906, several weeks after the tragedy occurred, a strange
spirit controlled Mrs. Wickland during a psychic circle and fell prostrate to
the floor. Placing the form of my wife in a chair I began questioning the
controlling intelligence.

The stranger strenuously objected to being touched, brusquely
demanded to be left alone, and called out:

"Hey there, waiter! Bring me a drink"'

"What kind of drink do you want?"

"Bring me a whiskey and soda, and be quick about it!"

"Who are you?"

"None of your business who I am."

"Where do you think you are?"

"In Madison Square Roof Garden, of course."

"What is your named?"

"Stanford White."


Holding one hand on the back of his head, on the right side, and clutching
at his chest and abdomen as if in great pain, he cried:

"Have a waiter bring me that whiskey and soda!"

I was about to ask further questions when the spirit's attention was
attracted to some invisible, and he began to tremble with fear.

"Are you seeing dead people?" I asked.

He nodded his head violently, then shouted, "They are after me!" and,
jumping from the chair, ran -to a corner of the room in an effort to escape.

His agitation was so great that he lost control of the psychic and was gone.

Immediately another spirit took possession of the psychic and in great
excitement began to walk back and forth, exclaiming exultantly:

"I killed the dog! I killed the dog! There he lies!" pointing at the floor
toward the spot where White had lost control. "The dog! I have been looking
for a chance to kill him for several years, and I got him at last! The dog!"

I forced the spirit to sit down and learned that his name was Johnson.

"I killed Stanford White," he boasted. "He deserved death. He had trifled
too long with our daughters."

He was very pronounced in his denunciation of society men.

"They steal our children from us and put fine clothes on them, and the
parents do not know what becomes of them."

I asked the spirit whether he was aware of being dead, but he laughed at
the idea and said:

"How could a dead person talk? The doctor said I had consumption and
would die soon, but I didn't die. I never felt better in my life."

When asked to carefully examine his hands, feet and dress he demanded to
know how he, a man, became possessed of a woman's body. Lengthy
argument finally convinced the perplexed spirit of the fact of his transition,
and he departed, thoroughly penitent.

He was followed by a third entity, but this intelligence was aware of
being a spirit, temporarily controlling a borrowed body.

"I am Harry Thaw's father. Save my boy! Save my boy! He is not guilty.
Harry will not be electrocuted." (Later events proved this to be true.)

"He is sensitive to spirit influence and has been all his life.


He was always erratic and so excitable that we were afraid to correct him for
fear he would become insane. But I see our mistake now. I did not understand
the cause of Harry's queer actions while I was in the physical, but now, from
the spirit side of life, I can see that Harry has been a tool in the hands of
selfish, earthbound spirits most of his life.

"He was obsessed by revengeful spirits when he killed Stanford White. I
have tried to reach the external world by every possible avenue, to tell the
people that Harry is not insane, but that he is a psychic sensitive."

"Save my boy! Save my boy!" he begged repeatedly.

"What would you have us do ?"

"Please write to my wife, and to my attorney, Mr. Olcott." (We did not
then know that Mr. Olcott had been Mr. Thaw's attorney, but verified the
fact afterward.) "Tell them your experience and what I have said to you, and
urge them to recognize and understand Harry's condition.

We promised to comply with the wish of the spirit and he then departed.

The following evening, July 16th, another spirit came; he seemed at first
to be looking for some one, then asked:

"Where did the other fellows go ?"

This spirit also condemned high society in general, and denounced young
girls in particular for their foolishness.

"The rich take our girls to their dens; they put them on the stage and the
girls disown their parents. They deserve licking!" he declared, and
emphasized his words with suitable gestures.

This spirit was laboring under such great mental excitement that he
suddenly lost control before I could ascertain any particulars.

On February 10th, 1907 the spirit of Mr. Thaw returned, and reiterated
his statement that Harry was a psychic sensitive who was frequently subject
to the influence of mischievous spirits. He also urged upon humanity the
great need for inquiry into the subject of spirit influence, saying that a proper
understanding would prevent untold misery to both spirits and their
unfortunate mortal victims.

That Richard Ivens, hung for the murder of Mrs. Bessie Hollister in
Chicago, 1906, was a victim of foreign influences was so evident that
alienists, criminologists and psychologists alike declared their belief that
Ivens was innocent, and that he had


confessed the crime under the hypnotic suggestion of some unknown person.

Ivens would alternately confess his guilt, saying, with a strange, trance-
like stare, that a "big man" had compelled him to commit the deed, and then
again wildly deny it.

Hugo Munsterburg, M.D., Professor of Psychology, Harvard
University, wrote in June, 1906:

"It is an interesting and yet rather clear case of dissociation and auto-
suggestion. . . . The witches of the seventeenth century were burned on
account of similar confessions, and the popular understanding of mental
aberrations has not made much progress since that time."

Professor William James of Harvard wrote: "Whether guilty or not, Ivens
must have been in a state of dissociated personality. . . . He was not his
natural "self" during those fateful first days, but the victim of one of those
rare alterations of personality either suggested or spontaneous, which are
now well known to occur in predisposed subjects."

We present a sequel to this tragic story.


When the spirit assumed control the psychic fell to the floor apparently
lifeless, and only after half an hour of strenuous effort was the intelligence
brought to consciousness.

"Leave me alone," he moaned, "do you want to hang me again?"

He complained of having great pain in the neck and begged to be left
undisturbed, saying he wanted only to sleep.

"What is the trouble with your neck?"

"It is broken. They hanged me and I am dead. I want to remain dead; if
you bring me to life they will hang me again."

"What is your name?"

"Richard Ivens."

"Were you guilty of the murder of Mrs. Hollister?"

"I do not know. Others said I was. If I did it I do not know it."

"Why did you plead guilty at times and then again deny your confession."

"I pleaded guilty because those three fellows (spirits) made me. The big
man stood over me with a knife and threatened to kill me if I would not plead
guilty. When the big man was


not there I told them that I did not know whether I killed the lady or not. I
told it to the police; I told it to the jailer and to everybody that questioned
me, but they would not believe me when I told them the truth.
"0h, I have suffered so much! Why did you call me back when I was dead?
Why didn't you let me sleep? They will arrest me and hang me again!"

Suddenly the spirit shouted with fright: "Don't you see? There is that big
man again! He has his knife and the two short fellows are with him. Oh!"

Clutching his knee he cried: My knee! He has driven the knife through
my knee-and through the other leg! My leg! My leg! He is the devil! He has
stabbed me!"

The terrified spirit was gradually made to understand that his tormentors
were spirits, that he was free from his physical body and beyond the power
of bodily harm.

"You are using a body not your own and need now to free yourself from
all mental delusions. Do you not see other spirits beside your enemies?"

"Why-yes, there are others now; they seem to be friendly, and there-
there's Mrs. Hollister !"

"Ask the man with the knife why he hounds you," I suggested.

"He only grins."

"Ask him why he wanted to kill the lady."

"He says, because he hates women-" he stopped abruptly, and,
breathless, seemed to be watching a scene of great disturbance.

"They have taken those devils away ! It was a lively fight, but they got them!"

Calming himself he said: "I feel better now. I am so glad that terrible man
is gone."

Asked to recall what he could of the Hollister tragedy, he said: "When I
saw the woman that night I also saw the big man. My head began to feel very
strange; I was grabbed by the throat and lost consciousness. When I came to
myself again the big man said that I had killed the woman.

"I had known the man for about a month, but I did not know he was a
spirit. He has been hounding me ever since.

"Why didn't they give me a chance to live, even if I would have been in
prison? Oh, the shame I have brought upon my family! I feel so sorry for my
poor mother; if she could only know the truth. If I could only speak to her
and tell her that I could not help it-that I did not do it! Nobody had any sympathy


for me, and nobody would believe me when I told them about the big
fellow standing over me with the knife. He made me plead guilty.

"If I committed the crime I am sorry for it, but I don't know that I have
done it. Why did they kill me?"

After I had explained the continuity of life and progression into higher
spiritual realms, he eagerly asked:

"If they did not kill me, is the lady still alive also?"

"Certainly; doubtless she has come here to forgive you. Although you
destroyed her physical body you were not responsible for the act; you were
merely used by wicked spirits who hypnotized you."

With this new understanding the weary spirit was taken in charge by
invisible helpers, who told us that the "Big Man" and his accomplices had in
earth life belonged to a band of "White Caps" which had operated
extensively for some years in England and America, mutilating and killing
many women in their criminal mania.

Several months later the spirit of the "Big Man" himself was brought to our circle.


The spirit seemed stupefied by drink, and when finally aroused was so
pugnacious that the aid of several persons was required to quiet him.

"I'm Charles-The-Fighter, and I'll have you all shot!" he shouted.

Turning to some other invisibles he cursed them for having lured him to
this place and commanded them to help him, instead of standing idly by.

Subdued at last, Charles-The-Fighter was compelled to listen to an
elucidation of his real situation. In an endeavor to convince him that he was
controlling the body of another he was asked to examine the hands of the psychic.

Seeing the hand of a woman he shrank back, terror-stricken, and cried:
"Take that hand away! Take it away! I don't want to see it any more."

Questioned regarding the story of the hand he declared: "I shall never
tell! I would rather die. Oh! There is her face too! And the hand that I cut off
to get the diamond ring! They haunted me all this time."


Looking about in horror he seemed to see a vast gathering of specters.

"See all those faces! Have I killed all those people? Have they come to
accuse me? There! There is that boy! He was hung once, but he seems to be
after me too. (Ivens.) I killed the woman, but I made him confess to save my
own neck. But just wait, you devil, you! I will fix you when I get out of
this. I will cut you all to pieces!"

But at last Charles-The-Fighter realized that further resistance was
useless and that his days of robbery and murder were over. He told of his
hideous career of crime and said that he murdered for revenge, stole to buy
whiskey, and drank to drown his conscience and to' escape the specters
which constantly haunted him.

In early childhood he had been happy under the care of his own mother,
but after her death his stepmother had abused him so mercilessly that he
often rushed sobbing to his room and, on his knees, prayed to his dead
mother for help.

This roused the stepmother to a jealous fury and, regardless of the
protests of a weak father, she had beaten him angrily, forbidding him to ever
mention the name of his mother again.

Her abuse grew into such a cruel tyranny that the boy had developed an
over-powering hatred for her and revengefully vowed that when he was
grown he would kill every woman possible.

Consistently he had carried out his ghastly purpose and had given his
entire life to plotting and perpetrating atrocities and crimes, generally
victimizing women.

He had died in 1870, during a wild fight with his companions, but he had
not been aware of the loss of his physical body. He boasted that for many
years he had continued his crimes, always eluding the police.

"Once, in Boston, I wanted to kill a policeman, but when I sneaked up
behind him and hit him on the head with a club, the club went right through
him and never hurt him. He didn't even turn around."

The spirit thought himself now in the hands of authorities but declared
that he was willing to give himself up to escape the haunting faces of his
many victims.

"I would be glad to go to hell to get away from this torment."

While listening to an explanation of the law of cause and
effect and the conditions prevailing in the spirit world, Charles
saw his own mother standing before him. The sight of her had
an overwhelming effect; the hardened criminal cowered in his


seat and wept piteously while his mother pleaded with him to come with her
and learn to expiate his crimes.

I Crushed by guilt and remorse he cried abjectly: "I cannot go with you!
Dear mother, don't ask me to go with you! You must go back to Heaven and I
must go to hell, where I belong. I must be cut to pieces and burned in the fires
of hell."

But maternal love prevailed and the spirit, humble and penitent, followed
his mother.

in 1894 Harry Hayward, a handsome reprobate with a weakness for
beautiful women and a life of gaiety, hired a villain to murder his sweetheart
in Minnesota and was hanged.

While he was in prison awaiting execution he maintained his debonair
attitude to the last, played cards with his jailer with the utmost nonchalance,
and ordered ice cream, his favorite dish, whenever possible.

"When you come to hell, where I am going," he told the jailer, "I am going
to treat you to ice cream."

During this time I anonymously sent him a book and several papers
relating to the spirit world, but otherwise had no connection with him.

On February 27, 1908, a nurse asked us to concentrate for Mrs. McA.,*
a patient whom she was attending, and whose case strongly suggested
psychic invalidism, chronic illness and lassitude due to spirit obsession.

The nurse was a psychic sensitive herself and surmised that many of the
uncontrollable notions of her beautiful patient were caused by spirit
obsession, and had several times endeavored to order any intruder away.

One day Mrs. McA developed an intense desire for homemade ice cream,
although ordinarily she did not care in the least for it. But she insisted that
her whim be satisfied at once, putting her maids to a great deal of inconvenience.

When the nurse entered the room with the ice cream she had a sudden
feeling that some one had rushed upon her and the next instant was seized by
so strong a feeling of choking that she was forced to leave the room. Upon
recovery she returned and, convinced of the presence of a spirit, flung a
window open and silently ordered any foreign entity present to leave the

This nurse and Mrs. McA.'s maid attended our circle that evening, and
the controlling spirit at once complained of pain in

*See Chap. 9, Page 206. Spirit: Grace Brusted; Patient: Mrs. MCA.


the neck, readily explaining that his neck had been broken when he was
hung, and said his name was Harry Hayward.

"Can't you give me some ice cream? I have tried and tried to get some
and today I could almost taste it, but I couldn't quite get it. I was chased
away by a woman-she threw me out of the window! I don't like to be
thrown out of a window by a woman!"

Hayward realized that he was hovering around the earth as a spirit, and
when we inquired how he had learned about spirit life he replied that while
he was in jail he had read of it in some literature which had been sent him by
an unknown person.

He complained that no matter where he went no one would take any
notice of him; when he took a seat in a train some one would come along and
sit down on his lap, and he would be powerless to move.

He was very pleased to be able to converse with people again and asked
many questions about the various persons concerned with his trial and
execution, inquiring particularly about the guard with whom he had spent a
great deal of time playing cards.

I was under the impression that this guard had died some time before and
informed the spirit so, suggesting that possibly he might be able to see him
in the spirit world.

He was silent a moment, endeavoring to trace his former friend, then said
emphatically: "No, that man is not dead. I see him playing cards at his son's
home in Minneapolis."

Hayward was readily enlightened concerning the higher life and left,
expressing a willingness to progress in the spirit world.

The psychic invalid showed marked changes for the better after this, and
subsequent correspondence proved Hayward's statement about the old guard
to be true. The latter was living, and on the evening of our experience with
Hayward had been playing cards in his son's home.

Ten years later, after the spirit of another murderer, who was hung, had
been in our circle, Hayward returned and told something of his earth life.


I think I should like to come in and say something, for I feel I have been
in the same boat as the fellow who preceded me--I mean, on the same
platform. I feel but little better than he. I had a little more understanding
than he had, and therefore my


punishment was a little harder. I had education and all the money I needed,
but I wanted more.

I also want to tell you that since I have come to the spirit side of life I
have wished I could go on every street corner and shout a message to mothers
not to raise their children in the wrong way.

Mothers say they love their children; they worship them, and they let
them go astray because they cannot say "No" to them.

Do not raise children without discipline. Train children as you train
animals, as you train flowers. If you plant a flower in your garden you don't
want it to grow up wild, but you train it so that it will grow successfully, and
have graceful flowers. But how little does humanity think of the children's
growth and training; children are not trained to become blossoms for humanity.

I tell you, if my mother-I do not condemn her by any means-had trained
me properly, so that she could have said "No" to me, instead of worshipping
me and letting me have all the money I wanted, and if she had punished me
when I did wrong, I would have been different.

No, I would not have been hung if my mother had taught me the
beautiful lesson of living for others, and of loving my fellow man as myself.

If mothers would think of their children's welfare and raise them in the
beautiful thought of living for others, they would all be better.

I lived a very sporty life. Nobody taught me any other. I had a very good
time and I liked the girls pretty well, but there came a time when I spent more
money than my father allowed me to have. I was only a young man and I
should have been made to work. My misfortune was that my mother and
father were rich. Work was a disgrace for me, they thought. It would have
been far better if they had put me to work instead of giving me money each
time I asked for it.

I  commenced to gamble. You know when you get into that game it is hard to
quit. Money came too easy for me. I met a young lady whom I liked. Young
girls always were sweet to me and I was able to have whoever I wanted. The
young lady liked me, and I liked her for what I got from her, so we decided
that she would insure herself for $10,000 in my name.

I had a scheme. If somebody killed her, I would not get the blame, but I
would get the money. I laid a bold scheme. I hired a man to kill her. At the
time the deed was to be committed 

I took another girl to the theater, because I thought that, whatever
happened, blame could not then be attached to me.

I hired a man to take her for a buggy ride out to Lake Calhoun and he was
to kill her. When they got to the woods, the man killed her, and came home.
Being in the theater, the girl I was with could testify I was not at the scene of
the killing, but, you know, I was so crazy to get hold of the insurance money
that I never thought how it looked to go to the insurance office so soon after
the death, and they became suspicious, and finally caught me.

If I had only waited a week or two they would never have surmised
anything about me. I was arrested. My mother loved me so much that she
tried to put the blame on my -other brother. He was married and had two
children. The trial cost my parents a whole lot of money, and lasted months
and months before they could make any headway. They could not decide
whether it was Eddie or I that should be hung for the deed.

One day, while I was in jail, there came a little pamphlet for me, and
some papers, all about the spirit world. I knew I had to go, for finally I had
been sentenced to be hung. I realized my trouble. The papers interested me
very much, and I thought I should like to know what the spirit world was. I
believed in it in a way, and in another way, I didn't. The doctrine was better
than the church had taught, but for a while I treated it more as a joke.

I talked about it quite a little to the watchman, but when the time came
for me to be hung, I shrank from it. It is a very strange sensation when you
think you are going to the gallows and your life will be snapped out-you
cannot imagine how it feels.

You cannot imagine the sensation you have when you realize that you
have only a few hours to live. Still, the little message which had been sent to
me gave me a little courage, and I thought probably only my body would be
destroyed and not my spirit. So at the last moment I kept up my courage
and felt that I wanted to see What the hereafter was.

I have to thank the one who sent me that pamphlet, because it was a
bright, cheerful spot to me at the last of my days.

When I realized that I had passed out of my body, my first thought was:
"I am not dead." I went to my mother, and I spoke to her, and she felt my
presence. I still clung to my body, however, and I felt I could not leave it. I
got out of it quickly, but I went back to it again. When my body was
cremated I stood by and saw it burned.


After that I walked around, but I could not find the spirit world. I
walked and walked, from one place to another. I still had my feeling for nice
pretty women, so I traveled. In a way, I realized that I was dead, yet I did
not fully realize it.

One time I felt I would like to take a journey and I wanted to travel by
train. I went to the ticket office to get a ticket, but I had no money. I thought
I would talk to the agent nicely and he would give me a ticket, but he paid no
attention to me. So I thought, "All right; I'm going on the train anyway," so
on I got.

I sat down on one of the seats, and, before I knew it, a great, big, fat man
sat right down on my lap. I got real mad. I tried to push him off, but I could
not, and I could not get up either. I had to let that man sit on me until he was
ready to get off the train!

I had not learned the power of thought, to think myself away; I had only
learned to walk. I had not yet learned the little thought lesson to think
myself in a place in order to be there.

Before long I came to a beautiful lady (Mrs. McA.), and I commenced to
like her. Before I knew it, I was in her magnetic aura and I could not get
away. She wanted to be in bed all the time, and there I was!

Once I heard some one say: "You must leave this lady and go away; if
there is any spirit around her, it must leave and go away." I was there, however.

I was very fond of ice cream, and I wanted some, so I impressed the lady
to ask for it. When it was brought in, I wanted it. I seemed to come in
contact with the lady who was carrying it, and I felt that if I could only get a
good hold of her I would get the cream.

All at once I was a lady myself, and when I tried to get that
ice cream I had the same sensation that 1, had when I was hung.
But the lady, who was carrying the ice cream had such power
that, before I knew it, she had thrown me out of the window-
bodily, mind you.

I have to thank you for delivering me from all that trouble and also want
to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sermon you gave me at
that time, which helped me to an understanding of the beautiful world beyond.

I wish again that I could stand on every street corner and tell the mothers
to raise their children to be good men and women, and when necessary,
punish them while they are little, and not spare the rod and spoil the child.


If mothers raised their children properly, there would not be the
selfishness there is in the world.

I have a nice little home in the spirit world now, and I have much to do,
for my work is not yet done. I am trying to extend help to all those who
wish help.

I thank you for enlightening me in the first place. Good Night.

The "Car Barn Murderer," of Chicago, was a criminal of a different type,
a victim of his environment, and was brought to our circle some time after his
execution, when he followed a girl, formerly a family neighbor, who came to
visit Mrs. Wickland.

He returned several times after that, to tell his story and to bring
earthbound spirits of similar experiences to an understanding.


I want to come here tonight to tell you that I also am one who is very
thankful to you, although you probably do not care whether I come again or
not. But I do know you helped me to something like happiness which I
thought never could be mine.

I was nothing but a wild beast in earth life, but still, when you do not
give children proper training, how can you expect to have good men? I had no
training at all. My mother was very wild and did not care what became of her
children. She thought: "Let them take care of themselves."

So you go out in company with others and get into first one game then
another. Sometimes you go to church. I didn't believe in that old story about
Christ. I could not believe it, and I thought there. was no such thing as what
they taught about Christ, and if there was, what did I care?

I walked in the path of evil from the time I was a little boy until I got
where I could not live any longer, whether I wanted to or not.

I will tell you, if you have children, please give them an understanding
when they are little. If they take anything from a person, make them take it
back where they got it. Don't let them get the idea that you will take it from
them and think it is all right., If they steal once, they will again, if not
properly taught.

When I stole, my mother thought I was a smart boy. I


kept on going from bad to worse. I belonged to a gang of about a dozen boys.
We got so bold and desperate that we did not care what became of us. We
got into all kinds of hold-ups and the more we got into, the better we liked it.
At last we held up and killed people. The result was, that we were caught
and hung.

I am Neidemeyer, and here I am.

Years ago I was brought to this circle through our neighbor girl. I liked
that girl very much. One day she went away from home and I thought I
would go with her.

I did nut realize that I had been hung. I did not realize that I was dead. I
had gone home and had stayed there for a long time, but I did not know that
I was dead.

My mother was a strange woman, but from what I have seen since I
came to the spirit side of life, I realize that she was obsessed. Nobody could
do anything with my mother. My father and my brother were very good
people, but my mother and I were the black ones.

This neighbor girl was good, and she always tried to do the best for me
that she could. The day I followed her, she went to this man's house (Dr. W.)
and she went into a little room and spoke with the psychic through whom I
am talking now,, and I saw things that day that I had never seen before. I did
not know what they meant. Somebody seemed to keep me there, and I could
not get away.

Before I knew much I was sitting in a little meeting; I heard singing and
before I realized it I was full of life again. I could talk and my throat did not
hurt me any more. I began to wonder what had happened to me.

You talked to me so kindly that it helped me. You talked to me about the
real life on the other side. You helped me to an understanding of life-not what
the church and ministers taught, that we should pray to God and believe in
the blood of Christ, and that Christ died for our sins, and that if we believe
that we will go to Heaven.

I was not the kind that could go on that straight road, because I felt that
was too easy, and I couldn't believe that we could get to Heaven without any
effort on our part. I knew I was bad, yet I felt in my heart that I should do
something to try and be good, and do good for what I had done bad. The
thought of that seemed to be more reasonable than that of jumping from my
bad condition right into Heaven. I thought I would not be a very good
example either.

You commenced to talk to me about the philosophy of God


in a way I had never heard before, and it appealed to my sense. I hope
somebody will talk in that way to my fellow men who are in the condition I
was. It would touch their hearts.

There are many of them who are not bad, but nobody cares for them.
The majority of them do not believe in the Jesus Christ story. As they are
now, they are going to the dogs.

Since I came to this little circle the first time and received help, I have
had my struggles. It is years since I made my first appearance here.

I want to tell you what I have to do since my mother passed out. I have
tried and tried to bring her to an understanding of the truth, but she will not
listen. I hope some day to be able to awaken her to a higher condition.

As we progress we go from circle to circle. If I believed that Christ died
for my sins, that belief and creed would keep me out of the higher spirit world.

When I had passed out of my body, you told me that I should look for
spirit friends who would help me, and that my first lesson would be to serve
others. I have had a very hard time.

The first thing I had to do was to conquer self, and it is very hard to
conquer selfishness when you have never thought of anything else but
selfishness. We must conquer that before we can do any work at all in the
spirit world.

The best way is to be put in a dark room-we sometimes call it a dungeon-
where we see nothing but ourselves and our acts of the past. One after
another these acts come crowding in. The good ones are so few that they
hardly count for anything. When we do see a good act, it seems as if it
belongs to some one else. We have to stay there until our hearts and eyes are
opened. When we seek to overcome our bad habits and to live for others then
we get out of the selfish state.

My heart was very hardened, but finally I cried out: "Not my will any
longer, but thine."

The first thing to be done is to help serve the, very lowest we come in
contact with. I felt that I did not want to assist with this or that, but I had to.
I had to learn patience. When we can serve without grumbling and do it for
the love of our fellow man, it does not seem so hard.

So I have gone on and on, from one thing to another, always learning, and
through learning I have stepped into a more beautiful condition. In the
invisible world we advance by stages, but only through learning.

I want to thank you tonight for the help you have given me.

I have a beautiful little home in the spirit world by this time, and I am
happy, but my work is not done yet.

My work is to keep on helping those who need help, and to try to
influence the boys on earth not to do the mischief they Are planning, but to
try to be good, and do the very best they know how for their fellow men.



I should like to come here tonight to say a few words. I want to thank
you for helping me to the higher life.

I had gone down, down, and had only hatred and selfish thoughts. I was
down as far as I could go. My mother was obsessed. She had a great deal of
influence over me. She was down on the world and made me do things to the
neighbors that I should never have done. My father and brother were good
people and were looked up to.

I am Pete Neidemeyer. I want to thank you for having helped me, and
now I want to ask you to send good thoughts to my mother. She has passed
out but I cannot reach her. She was obsessed by a very evil spirit; she sent
evil thoughts to me, and I was very sensitive to them.

You did a Christian act for me which no one else had ever done. I was
shunned by all. When you are in a large city, with all its temptations, and
have not learned anything about the higher things, you get in bad company.
You get so wrapped up with things that are bad that you think everything
belongs to you just as much as it does to the other fellow.

Jealousy, selfishness and ignorance are three things that we should all try
to conquer. When they get hold of you, they are the devil in you. You feel
jealous of everybody that has more than you. You are selfish. You don't want
to give anything away, you just want to keep it all for yourself. You want
everything that belongs to others. You feel that if there is a God he should
have given you a chance as well as the rest of them.

In that atmosphere I was brought up. Mother was selfish and jealous.
Nobody in, the neighborhood liked her; she did not have one friend. I was her
pet and I could have anything.

Father told me not to do bad things, but mother said not to mind what he
told me, but to go ahead and do as I pleased. I went out and stayed out nights
in bad company. We got a gang together. I did not mean to get into


 the gang as I did, but I was forced into it by the club.

You understand, they have clubs, secret clubs, those fellows, and when
you join you have to do just what they say, because you are in their power.
If you try to withdraw you cannot because they will squeal on you. They
watch you and somebody follows you all the time. The new beginners are
the ones who do the dirty work. The leaders very seldom get caught.

There is a school and the new beginners learn to do bad things. Some of
the leaders are in the finest society in big cities, and they get to know where
we can find people to rob. You may sometimes wonder how we know where
to go to find jewelry and money. Our leaders know all- about it. They are in
fine society all the time. They have money so it wouldn't do any good to
squeal on them.

If I should tell you the names of some of our leaders who are in society
in Chicago, you would not believe me. You would say that it is not so. If you
would tell on them they would at once squeal on you and say you robbed
such a house. What could you do? You just have to keep still. That is what
the underworld is doing. The "upper world" uses the underworld when it
suits its purpose. What we steal in one city, they send off to another city.

Always you will find our leaders in the finest society, but we do not dare
say anything. When you once join their club-what I would call the Devil's
Club-you can't say anything. You are in their claws, and our leaders are
worse than devils, they are so mean. If we should kill, we are the ones who
suffer, but they get the money.

I came here tonight to thank you for having helped me. Nobody ever
gave me a helping hand before.

In that car barn murder I did not kill any one. I was with the gang, but the
one who did the work did not get hung; he got away. We four were hung,
because we were there. I was innocent. My work was to watch, which I did,
but I did not murder. I was hung for it.

If you have any influence at all, do not hang people. Let them have
another chance, because sometimes you will find they are innocent. Keep
them in the pen; give them another chance.

If they are hung, then where are they? All they have in their hearts is
hatred. They go back to earth life and do more mischief. They control people
and obsession steps in.

I had hatred when I was hung and said if there is life again I will get even
and fight for revenge.


You remember Tillie, who lived next door to me? I told you about her
before. She used to come to your circles. I followed her once and through her
influence I came into your circle and was converted to the higher life.

Tillie always had a good influence over me and sometimes she wanted to
talk to me, but mother Was always jealous and didn't want her to talk.
Mother was very mean to Tillie's people. She got so mad at the time I was
hung that she tormented all her neighbors. She tore up all the fences and
closed up all the stable windows on their side. She tried to shoot every body
she could. If my father had had the gun loaded, mother would have been in
great trouble.

Tillie was my guardian angel, and through your circle I got over my
hatred. Now I try to help others with the light you gave me. My mission is
to help the unfortunate ones, like this fellow who came before me.

I try to influence people to be more just. If you have a chance to hang
any one, don't do it, but give him another chance. You have no right to kill.
Nobody should kill another person. We are all God's children. We all make
mistakes, and the strong should help the weak.

When one person murders another, no justice is shown, no mercy. The
judge and the jury-what mercy do they show a fellow when he has murdered?
Why should they kill him instead of giving him another chance? Why don't
they give a good word to the poor ones? Why don't they go to the prisoners
and teach them of the higher life, and also have psychic circles and try to help them?

As soon as you stop capital punishment you will not have so much
killing. When persons are hanged, they have revenge and hatred in their
hearts, and all they want to do is kill, kill, kill. So they influence sensitive
mortals and make them commit all kinds of crime.

I want to say again, if you have any influence, stop capital punishment.
This is a Christian country and nobody has a right to kill another. As they
killed Christ, so they kill boys who have been murderers, instead of teaching
them while they are young. Isn't is right that they should be taught to do
better, and to live better lives?

The time will come when the world will have to understand that it must
overcome selfishness. There will be lots of trouble before that time comes.
There will be much destruction, but after that, things will be better.

I am now doing my work in the spirit world, and I thank


you for bringing me to a realization and waking me up. I have little meetings
here and there. I give little thoughts of cheer to those in darkness.

I am up against a very hard condition, and that is, to get my mother to
understand. I wish you would all send good, kind thoughts to her, because
she only had hatred and selfishness and jealousy in her heart. She was so
wrapped up in herself that now she will not listen to any one. Help me to
wake her up and realize the true condition of life.

Oh, how I thank you for helping me! At heart I was not a murderer, yet I
was hung for murder. I was not with the gang that was doing the work; all I
did was to watch. I was there with them and that was enough for the jury--I
had the name.

Now I am trying to do my part, but I have much to learn. I was very
ignorant of the real life. My father wanted me to go to Sunday School.
Mother told me I didn't need to go, but I went, and I didn't find anything
there that appealed to me, so I quit going.

I know now that God is everywhere and that I am a part of God. I had a
hard time getting rid of selfishness, jealousy and ignorance; they are the root
of all evil. When they are gone, love, kindness and sympathy take their place.
Get an understanding of the higher life and you will be happy. All should be
brothers and sisters on earth, as we are in the higher life.

In the spirit world our real eyes are opened. You cannot progress until
you have learned the lessons of life. You know, a school boy cannot go to
University until after he gets through his school books. He must go to
Kindergarten before he can enter the University, and he has to get there step
by step.

So it is in the spirit world. It is the world of happiness. We cannot
appreciate it until we have it before us. Everybody should know these things
before they step over the Borderland. We cannot go to the spirit world until
we have an understanding of it. When we are one with God then we have

I do not know much, and I cannot say much, because I have seen so little
of it. I have much work to do before I go on.

The spirit world is like going into a garden and seeing one beautiful flower
here and another there. The flowers all stand up so straight and look at you
and seem to say: "Please take me." This one has a certain odor, and that one
another, but all are beautiful and fragrant.

The spirit world is like a flower bed, all is beauty and harmony-I mean
there is no selfishness. One shines more than


another because he has more understanding. We will all get there, but we
have to gain advancement for ourselves. No one needs to get discouraged; all
will get there, but it takes time.

Thank you for having helped me to an understanding and a home But for
that, I should have been an earthbound spirit, doing more harm than good, for I
had hatred in my heart.

I am very happy, but I want you all to send a good thought to my
mother, so that I can wake her up, and help her to overcome her selfishness,
jealousy and ignorance. Just give me a chance to wake her up.

I thank you all!

CHAPTER VII Spirits and Suicide

A GREAT NUMBER of unaccountable suicides are due to the obsessing
or possessing influence of earthbound spirits. Some of these spirits are
actuated by a desire to torment their victims; others, who have ended their
physical existence as suicides, find themselves still alive, and, having no
knowledge of a spirit world, labor under the delusion that their self-
destructive attempts have failed and-continue their suicidal efforts.

When these intelligences come in contact with mortal sensitives, they
mistake the physical bodies for their own, and impress the sensitives with
morbid thoughts and instigate them to deeds of self destruction.

The fate of a suicide is invariably one of deepest misery, his rash-act
holding him in the earth sphere until such time as his physical life would
have had a natural ending.

One suicide case which we contacted was the spirit of a woman, Mrs.
X., who had been my Sunday School teacher when I was a boy in Europe,
but of whom Mrs. Wickland had never heard.

This lady had been intelligent and spiritual, an earnest church member,
happily married and the mother of several children. Without any warning,
while apparently happy and contented, she had suddenly hung herself, and
the horrified husband and children could in no way account for the tragedy.

One winter day ten years later, when Mrs. Wickland and I were alone in
our home in Chicago, Mrs. Wickland was unexpectedly controlled by a spirit
who gasped for breath and seemed to be strangling. This spirit, like so many
others, was unconscious of controlling a body not its own, and upon
contacting matter, again experienced its last death struggle.

After much questioning I learned, to my great surprise, that this was the
spirit of my former friend, who had ended her physical life by hanging
herself. She was still bound to the earth sphere and related the indescribable
mental hell she had been in during all those years.

"As soon as I found myself out of my body, I saw at once the cause for
my rash act. Evil spirits, who had been attracted to me by the jealous
thoughts of other persons, were standing near, grinning with devilish
satisfaction at their work.

"They had influenced me to end my life; I had no occasion to


even think of such folly. An irresistible impulse had suddenly come over me.
I fastened the rope around my neck, and only realized what I had done when
it was too late.

"I would have given the world to have been able to regain possession of
my body. Oh, what horrors of despair and remorse I have gone through! My
home shattered, my husband brokenhearted and discouraged, and my little
ones needing my care!

"They do not know that I come to them and try to comfort them, and I
have seen nothing but gloom and darkness until now."

Comforted and reassured by an explanation of the true spiritual realms,
this spirit was eager to go with the higher intelligences and learn how she
might be of service to her loved ones on earth.

Many years later, when we had with us a patient of strong suicidal
tendencies, this spirit returned to warn her against carrying out her intentions.

Spirit: MRS. X. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

It is a long time since I have been here. I should like to say a few words
to this young lady who is contemplating suicide.

Many years ago I was a happy wife, with two dear children and a very
kind husband. We lived together happily, since we were both of a cheerful
disposition, and because of this there were many jealous thoughts centered
upon us.

I did not know at that time that I was a psychic, because I belonged to
the Baptist Church. I did the very best I could around the home, but
somebody started to upset us. One day, when my husband went to work, I
kissed him goodby and was very happy, but after he was gone, all in a
moment something got hold of me.

I did not know what I was doing. I didn't know a thing. I remember
feeling very strange, as if somebody had taken complete hold of me, and I did
not realize what was taking place.

After awhile everything changed. I saw my husband in terrible mental
agony, and he was crying very bitterly. When things became a little clearer to
me, I saw my body hanging there!

Oh, if you could only realize what a condition I was in! My husband
stood there in the shed, looking at my hanging body; he was crying heart-
brokenly, but I could do nothing to, help him.


There I stood at his side, wishing with all my power that I could have that
body again, but I could not. There were my two little children weeping for
me, and I could not help them.

I did not know what was the matter until I saw some evil spirits standing
near, laughing at us. They had gotten hold of me and made me kill myself,
because they wanted to break up our happy home.

My husband could never forget the sight of my body hanging in the
shed. My children were small and needed my help, but the responsibility of
raising them was thrown on my husband. It should have been my duty to
have shared that responsibility,

Although I had been influenced to do what I did, for ten long years I
could see nothing before me but what I had done. I could see how much the
children needed me, but I could do nothing for them, and oh, how I suffered!
My poor, poor children!

One day, a very cold day, I felt that I had come to life again; I felt a new
warmth. I did not know where I was, but I felt* that I had come to life. I
found myself talking to Dr. Wickland. He told  me what had happened, and
explained that I was only temporarily controlling Mrs. Wickland, and that
friends would take me to the spirit world.

After this I felt somewhat better, and I thank you for having helped me
to the beautiful condition I have now.

But oh, how I suffered during those ten, long years! All I could see was
my body hanging before me, and the children's need of me. My husband and
children! How they needed my care-but I was powerless to help them.

I want to warn anybody who is thinking of trying to get out of the
physical body.

Do not do it under any circumstances.

You do not know, you cannot realize, what a hell you will find yourself
in. You cannot step into your body again after you once leave it, and you
cannot do your duty to others.

Think of my children always having the thought that their mother
committed suicide! Neither my husband nor children can ever really forgive
me. Even though I was controlled when I did what I did, I have had to suffer.

If you had an understanding of the laws of the spirit side of life, you
would not commit suicide, knowing the results. Overcome any thoughts of
taking your life. Be happy on this earth plane until the time comes for you to
go to the spirit world.


The ten years that I suffered was the time I should have remained on
earth before passing to the spirit side of life. After my ten years had expired I
should have left my body, for my life would have been lived out, but during
that time I could have given help to my husband and children.

I should not have reached the spirit side of life before my allotted time ,
and my punishment was to constantly see my body hanging before me for
ten years. All that time I could realize that my husband and children were in
great need of my help.

Now I am as happy as I can be until my family is reunited, and I am
doing all I can to help my children.

I want you to send my love to my dear husband. He feels that he is all
alone. I am with him but I can do nothing to comfort him in his loneliness.



On November 20, 1904, while Mrs. Wickland and I were visiting with
friends in Chicago, a circle had been formed for a psychic demonstration
when Mrs. Wickland heard some one say: "I am in the dark."

She inquired who had made the remark, but no one in the room had
uttered a word; however, the gentleman sitting beside Mrs. Wickland
declared that he too had heard the voice.

A moment later Mrs. Wickland became entranced and fell to the floor,
the spirit clutching at the throat and crying: "Take the rope away! Take the
rope away! I am in the dark. Why did I do it? Oh, why did I do it?"

When the excited spirit had been somewhat quieted, she told us that her
name was Minnie Harmening, that she was a young girl and had lived on a
farm near Palatine. As she was speaking brokenly, between sobs, it was
difficult to distinguish her words, and I understood her to say that she came
from "Palestine," which seemed rather strange.

The spirit was in great grief because she had hung herself, and thought the
body of the psychic was her own, and that the rope was still about her neck.

She said that on October 5th, without any cause or premeditation, she
had been overpowered by a desire to take her life, and when alone had gone
to the barn and hung herself.

"A big man with a black beard made me do it." (Spirit.) "He met me in the
barnyard and hypnotized me, and made me hang myself to a rafter, but I
don't know why I did it.

"My brother John found me and cut me down, and my parents


were almost beside themselves. But I am not dead. I am at home all the time
and I talk to my mother and father. I try to comfort them and make them
know that I am not dead, but they do not notice me and do not answer me.
My folks all sit around the table crying, and there is my empty chair, but no
one answers me. Why don't they answer me?"

We could not at first convince her that she was expressing herself
through the body of another, but after a lengthy conversation, she was
somewhat enlightened and comforted, and left with spirit friends.

Previous to this incident neither Mrs. Wickland nor I had heard of the
Harmening suicide mystery and we did not know that such a girl had ever

Several days later, a reporter-from one of the Chicago dailies came to
interview us regarding our research work, and I related our recent experience
with the Harmening girl.

In great surprise he said that he himself had been the reporter on the
Harmening case and that the girl had lived in Palatine, Cook County, Illinois.
The dead body of the girl had been found hanging in her father's barn, but no
one knew of any cause for suicide, although the girl had always been peculiar.

There was a suspicion of murder because the clothes about the chest had
been torn, and the neck badly scratched, leading the authorities to believe
that a crime had been committed and the body hung up to avert suspicion.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, the spirit of Minnie Harmening
came to us again, still grieving because of the suffering of her parents, and the
intolerant attitude assumed toward her family by the villagers and church
members, who considered the family disgraced.

The girl had been a devout member of a German Lutheran Church, but
because she had died a suicide the pastor had refused to allow the funeral
service to be held in the church, nor would the congregation permit the body
to be buried in the consecrated ground of the churchyard.

Minnie said that the funeral service had been held at the home of her
parents, but the minister had considered the viewing of the body such a
sacrilege that he had stepped outside the house while others paid their last
tribute, and this had added still more to the grief of her already distracted
parents. (These statements I found corroborated in the papers afterward.)

I asked the spirit why her clothes had been torn, and she answered: "I
did that myself. The big man (spirit) with the

beard told me to hang myself, but as soon as I had kicked the box away
from my feet, I felt the rope tightening around my neck and came to my
senses. I clawed at the rope and tried to loosen it, but I only tightened it and
scratched myself.

Fourteen years later the spirit of Minnie Harmening spoke to us again.


I want to thank you for all the help you have given me.

When I committed the act which took my life I was only a young girl of
sixteen. I had so much suffering afterwards and was very, very miserable. I
could see my father and mother sitting at the table, crying, and I could not
help them.

When the time came for my body to be buried the minister would not
take it into the church, and would not bury it, because, he said, I had
committed a sin in taking my own life. He also said that I could not be buried
in the graveyard because of my act, and he would not even look at the funeral
as it passed by.

I did not do the deed myself. I was obsessed. It was very hard for my
father and mother and sisters. The minister would not even come into the
room where my body lay, but spoke from another room; he was too holy to
be where the body was. This made it much harder for my parents.

Do not think that by taking your own life you can bury yourself in the
hereafter. I was obsessed when I took my life and did not know what I was
doing, but I am suffering because my father and mother are still mourning for
me. Very often I go to see my poor old mother, and she is very old now.

I am the girl who lived at Palatine. You remember me, don't you ?

The neighbors made it still harder for my folks because they told mother
what a disgrace it was for the family. I feel very badly about the matter.

I want to thank you for the help I received here. It was through you that I
received light and understanding. I am happy in a way, but not real happy,
because I feel the grief my father and mother have.

When I lived I did not understand obsession. After I had hung myself I
saw a man beside me, staring at me. Just when the rope was around my neck
I came to; I tried my best to get


it off my neck, but I had kicked the box from under myself and my whole
weight was in the rope and I could do nothing. I scratched my body in an
effort to free myself, but it was no use.

If one takes his own life he goes through a bitter experience, and suffers
greatly-yes, suffers greatly.

I thank you very much for the light and understanding I have received,
for it has been a great help to me.

Another experience, illustrating the power exercised over sensitive
mortals by malignant, earthbound spirits, occurred in Chicago.

Mrs. Wickland and I were resting on a bench in Lincoln Park, on July
12th, 1906, when an elderly gentleman seated himself beside us. Mrs.
Wickland at first saw two men on the bench, but upon looking again, noticed
only one.

A conversation ensued which drifted into occultism, and when the
stranger, Mr. F., expressed an interest in psychic phenomena, we invited him
to call at our home.

On the following evening Mr. F. called upon us, and later Mrs. Wickland
became entranced by the spirit of a man who was greatly agitated. He called
Mr. F. by name, saying he was his friend, Mr. B., of Cleveland, who had
been with him in Lincoln Park the previous week, and had had an
appointment to meet him there again on that very day.

Mr. F. was greatly startled by this communication, for his friend had
committed suicide in his club at Cleveland the preceding Sunday.

Mr. B. had lived in Cleveland and had come to Chicago the week before
to close a real estate deal, but before final negotiations were completed, had
returned for a week-end visit to Cleveland.

He was in a cheerful frame of mind when he left his home on Sunday
morning, but after conversing with a group of friends at his club, he had gone
into an adjoining room, placed carbolic acid in his glass of wine and drinking
it, had fallen dead.

Mr. B. had been a man of wealth and position, to all appearances
singularly fortunate and happy, and there seemed no reason for his suicide.

The spirit of Mr. B. was greatly troubled and bewildered, and asked his
friend what was the matter with him.

"I go home to my wife and children, but they do not seem. to see me or
hear me. I have been with you for several days, but you will not talk to me.

What is the matter?"


Calming the spirit, we finally made him realize that to the world he was
"dead," and after explaining the suicide to him, we asked why he had taken
his life.

"I did not take my life. I went to the club and was talking to my friends,
then I went into another room, but I do not know what happened after
that. The next thing that I remember is that I saw my body lying on the floor
and a man (spirit) watching me and laughing."

After learning more of his condition the spirit urged his friend to write
to his wife and tell her that in reality he was not dead at all.

On the evening of the 16th, Mr. F. called again, when the spirit of Mr. B.
came a second time, still greatly disturbed, and asked his friend why he had
not written to his wife, and urgently begged him to do so.

"I know now that I was influenced to commit suicide by evil spirits who
were opposed to my carrying out that real estate deal. Rather than see my
purpose accomplished they determined to kill me. Please tell my wife the
truth and warn all the world to be wiser."

While the trial of a young man, who was accused of killing a college girl,
Marion Lambert, was in progress in Waukegan, Illinois, the spirit of the
murdered girl was brought to us, on June 17th, 1916, entrancing Mrs.

She was weeping uncontrollably and in such distress that she was at first
unable to speak, then suddenly cried out: "I did it! I did it! Nobody can help
me now. If I only could tell them and make them understand-but they will
not listen. I am in the dark and can see only the past and everything foolish I
have done. Oh, what a foolish girl I was!"

"What is your name?"

"Marion Lambert."

"Where do you think you are?"

"I do not know. I am not acquainted with any one here. (Crying.) They
talk of hell, but that could not be as bad as what I have gone through, just
because of my foolishness. I would like very much to get out of all this trouble.

"I took my own life. I didn't mean to kill myself-I only meant to take
enough cyanide of potassium to scare him.

"And now they blame him for my death! I would so like to do something
to make them understand he is not guilty. Oh, but they will not believe me! I
talk to the different people at the


court house but they take no notice of me, and will not listen to me.
Everything is so strange, I don't know what to do.

"I was such a foolish girl. Oh, my poor father and mother! I'm half crazy
with trouble and worry. If I could only go to the court house and show them
that I am not dead, but that I am alive"

"Why don't they listen to me? I go to the court house but nobody will
speak to me, and I have spoken to so many people. I am in such agony, I
don't know what to do.

"If I had had more sense I would never have done what I did, but it's no
use saying that now-it is too late. I wish I could be in my body again. I
studied a great deal, but I was so foolish it did me no good, and now I am
suffering. Everything is so dark and I am in such trouble."

The spirit was so hysterical that it was exceedingly difficult to make her
understand that she could best help by keeping away from the court house,
go with kindly intelligences to the spirit world and learn the higher purposes
of life.

In July, 1919, the interest of the American public was centered in a
"murder" case in Los Angeles, in which Harry New was accused of killing his
sweetheart, Freda Lesser.

The tragedy had taken place on July 4th in Topanga Canyon, where
Harry and Freda had driven late in the day. Near the crest a shot was fired
which ended the girl's life, and Harry New was arrested on a charge of
murder. The girl had been expecting motherhood, and this fact was used in
the trial as a motive for the crime. Harry New was convicted of second degree
murder and sentenced to San Quentin for ten years.

During the trial we had an interesting experience which would have thrown 
new light on the case, could it have been accepted as evidence in court.


The controlling spirit was crying pathetically, and seemed bewildered.

Doctor What is the matter with you?

Spirit Oh, I feel so bad!

Dr. What seems to be the trouble?

Sp. Lots of trouble.

Dr. Possibly we may be able to help you.


Sp. That's impossible. Oh, I feel so bad! (Weeping.)

Dr. How long have you been dead?

SP. I am not dead. I am sick and downhearted.

Dr. Why should you be downhearted?

Sp. Because of my own foolishness.

Dr. What have you been doing?

Sp. Lots of things.

Dr. What in particular? Have you been happy?

Sp. Oh, no! I have not been happy. (Wringing hands in anguish.)
I wish, I wish, I wish I had not been so foolish!

Dr. Did something happen to you?

Sp. Yes, everything happened.

Dr. What is your name? Is it John?

Sp. I'm not a man. Oh, all those people! And that big crowd! And
they will not listen when I tell them about it.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. I feel so bad I can't think. Oh, Harry, Harry! It was not your
fault. What are those people doing with him? He hasn't done
anything; it was my foolishness.

Dr. What did you do?

Sp. I fought with him. I got hold of the revolver and was going to
fool him. He tried to take the revolver away from me, and we both
fought for it. I was only trying to fool him. I go to see him but I don't
know what to do.

Dr. Why did you take the revolver?

Sp. I was only trying to scare him.

Dr. Did you fire the revolver?

Sp. He tried to take the revolver away from me and it exploded. I
feel so bad, and he will not talk to me, and there are all those people
bothering him. He did not do anything. It was all my foolishness. He
was a good fellow, but I fooled him. Where am I now?

Dr. You are in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Sp. Why did I come here?

Dr. Some good friend brought you here.

Sp. Why, I went to Harry.

Dr. Do you refer to Harry New'?

Sp. Yes, of course I do.

Dr. Did you care for him?

Sp. I care for him more than ever because I cannot get to him. He
did not do it-he did not shoot me. I told him that I would kill myself
and I went and got the revolver. He didn't get it. I got it from his auto
and I had it. I didn't mean to do


anything. I was just going to frighten him. It was just foolishness,
foolishness, foolishness!

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. Freda-Freda Lesser.

Dr. Do you realize that you have lost your body?

Sp. I don't know anything, except that I go to mother and Harry,
and all over, and no one pays any attention to me. I want to tell them
how things happened, but no one will listen to me, not any one. I am
so distressed, and I don't know why I cannot be heard when I talk. I
am so unhappy.

Dr. The people you refer to do not know that you are there. You
are invisible to them.

Sp. Oh, that poor fellow is suffering for my foolishness! You don't
know what my condition is. No one will listen to what I say, not one.

Dr. They do not know you are there. You are invisible to us; we
cannot see you.

Sp. Why can't you see me? (Crying again and wringing her
hands.) Foolish girl, foolish girl!

Dr. You must try to control yourself. You have been brought
here by kind spirits and allowed to control my wife's body and brain
for a short time. You can only use this body temporarily.

Sp. Why can't you tell those people that it was all my foolishness?

Dr. They would not believe me if I did tell them.

Sp. Tell them what?

Dr. That a spirit came and talked to us. Do you not realize that at
the time the revolver went off, you lost your body?

Sp. I thought I had only hurt myself. Oh, how I suffered! I do not
see how I could be dead, because when you die you never suffer any
more, and I have suffered.

Dr. No one actually dies; only the physical body is lost. Your
suffering was mental.

Sp. But my head hurts so much.

Dr. That is a mental condition also.

Sp. Why can't Harry talk to me?

Dr. He does not know you are there. He cannot see you.

Sp. I go where he is and try to tell them that the whole thing was
caused by my foolishness. Oh, if I could only change things!

I took that revolver and said I was going to kill myself, but I
thought I would only scare him. When he saw I had the revolver I


he fought with me to get it away. I didn't mean anything-I was only fooling. I
love him and he loves me. He did not know how the revolver came in his
hands. He had it in his auto. I picked it up and hid it in my clothes for a while
and then I told him I was going to kill myself.

Dr. Had you any idea of marrying him?

Sp. Yes, some idea.

Dr. Did you really care for him enough to marry him?

Sp. Yes. We had no quarrel. I was just going to scare him but you know
girls do foolish things sometimes. I wanted to test him, to see if he cared for
me. (Crying.)

Dr. Remember you are using my wife's brain and body, and must try to
calm yourself. Look around and you will find kind spirit friends who will
help you.

Sp. I can never be helped any more, I'm so unhappy.

Dr. When you leave here you will be taken to the spirit world. You have
not yet found it, because you have been so disturbed with your trouble.
Spirit friends are around you, waiting to help you.

Sp. I want to tell those men how things happened, but they will not
listen to me. They don't seem to hear me, or see me. I go to Harry, and
because he feels me around him sometimes, they think that he is crazy.

Dr. You are a free spirit now, and you must listen to the spirit friends
who are here. They will teach you how to obtain understanding and
overcome your troubles.

Sp. Will they kill Harry for my foolishness?

Dr. I hardly think so.

Sp. Poor fellow, poor fellow! I feel so sorry for him and his mother.
They both cry, and my mother cries. Why did I do such a foolish thing? It
was a piece of folly.

Dr. Now, look around and see if you can see friends who will help you.

Sp. There's a young lady standing there (spirit) and she says that she was
helped here, and she says she brought me here. She says she was in the same
trouble I was, and that she was helped, and is so happy now, and that she
can help me. She says she was just as foolish as I was; she took poison to
scare her fellow, and killed herself.

Dr. Does she tell you her name?

Sp. She says she has been around me, because she does missionary work,
helping to take care of girls in the same trouble as myself.


Dr. Does she look sorrowful?

Sp. No, she looks happy. She says she goes around and finds
unfortunate girls who are in the same condition she was in when she went to
spirit life. (Crying.)

Dr. Don't allow yourself to become excited. You do not realize what a
privilege you have in being allowed to control a mortal body and obtain
understanding. Many remain in a bewildered condition for years and years.

Sp. The lady standing there says you helped her when she was in the
same trouble I am.

Dr. What washer name?

Sp. She says her name is Marion Lambert. She says she works hard to
help unfortunate girls who are in trouble and do foolish things, and that she
tries to help them to happiness. She says that is her mission and that is why
she brought me here. (Crying.)

Dr. Try to understand that you are using the body of this psychic only
temporarily, and must not misuse it by becoming excited. This girl you see,
came to us some years ago in the same distressed condition that you are in.
Now she tells you that she is happy and doing missionary work.

Sp. Can I ever be happy?

Dr. Of course you can. This is only a temporary trouble you are in. No
one ever "dies"; it is only the physical body which is lost. The spirit cannot die.

Sp. But I never understood that. I never heard anything about spirits before.

Dr. If any one had spoken to you about spirits while you were in earth
life, you would probably have laughed at the idea.

Sp. The lady says she will take care of me; she wants me to rest. I am so
tired. She says that I must go with her, and also that I must thank you for
the opportunity of coming here. Will I have any more of that awful crying?

Dr. No. You will be taught the real lesson of life. Physical life is only
temporary. Every one has troubles of one kind or another, but through
trouble we become wiser.

Sp. (Gazing intently at some spirit, her face brightened; then she shook
her head.) No, no, that cannot be! (Crying.)

Dr. What do you see?

Sp. I was expecting a baby, and a girl has come holding a baby, which
she says belongs to me. Can I have it?

Dr. Certainly you can.

Sp. But I am not worthy. They will look down on me.


Dr. You are not going to remain on earth.

Sp. I feel much happier than I did when I came. When did the
baby come?

Dr. The baby was freed when you lost your body.

Sp. I don't see how that could happen.

Dr. Many things happen with which you are not familiar You do
not understand the wonderful mystery of life.

Sp. Did I kill the baby, too, when the revolver went off?

Dr. When your body was killed the spirit of the little on was also
liberated. While you are talking through this body we cannot see
you. The real things of life are invisible. Did you ever see music?

Sp. I have heard it. I hear beautiful music now.

Dr. You are beginning to realize the real things of life.

Sp. Another beautiful lady with white hair is here, and she says
she will be my mother for the present, and she will take care of me.
She says she belongs to the Mercy Band.

Dr. The Mercy Band of spirits is trying to bring before the world
the fact that there is no death, and for many years we have been
cooperating with them, helping spirits who are in trouble and

Sp. This lady is very beautiful. She is not the one who was here
first, nor the one with the baby. This one says her name is Mrs.

Dr. When she was on earth she was greatly interested in this

Sp. The other lady says she will take care of my baby, because
that is her work. She says her name is Abbie Judson, and she takes
care of the waif children. She says she was a Spiritualist when on
earth, and that she wrote. Oh, I feel so sorry for poor Harry! Will he
ever forgive me?

Dr. He knows the circumstances and he will forgive you.

Sp. Please, can I go with these people? Will I cry any more? I have
been crying so much that my eyes hurt me.

Dr. The spirit friends will enlighten you and will teach you life's
lessons, and you will be happy.

A sudden death, undoubtedly attributable to spirit influence, was
that of Olive T.,** well known motion picture actress.

The newspapers reported that Olive T. had committed suicide

*See Chap. 16, Page 440. Spirit: Mrs. Case' "See
Chap. 7. Page 159. Spirit: Olive T.


one evening, in the early fall of 1920, in Paris, France, and six days
later her chum, Anna D., also ended her life.

Shortly after, the following occurred.

Spirit: OLIVE T. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

The spirit seemed to be in painful contortions, and was crying wretchedly.

Doctor Who are you, friend? Come, tell us who you are. Tell us
what is troubling you, and why you are crying. You have been
brought here to be helped.

Spirit Oh, look! Look at that!

Dr. What do you see?

Sp. Look there! Oh, look! Isn't that horrible, that face? (Alluding
to an invisible entity.)

Dr. Do you know where you are? You are in California.

Sp. Help me! Oh, help me!

Dr. You must be reasonable.

Sp. Give me something to drink--champagne, give me some

Dr. You are now a spirit and will have no further use for
champagne. You have lost your body and are now in California.

Sp. (Writhing, with face distorted, as if in intense pain.) Oh, look!
Help me!

Dr. Try to realize that you have lost your own body and are now
controlling the body of my wife, who is a psychic sensitive.
Intelligent spirits have brought you here that you might be helped.
You can only stay a short time.

Sp. Give me something to drink!

Dr. Who are you? What is your name? We have nothing to drink
and would not give it to you if we had. Try to realize your situation.

Sp. Take me out of this!

Dr. Out of what? Try to be reasonable and the intelligent spirits
can help you and bring you to a better understanding.

Sp. (With intense excitement.) Get some champagne for me!

Dr. You must not act so wildly. Realize that you are now a spirit.
My wife is a psychic intermediary, and allows spirits like yourself to
control her body that they may be helped. Don't you understand that
you are in a strange condition?

Sp. I don't care.

Dr. You will not gain anything by acting in this way. Excitement will
only add to your misery.

Sp. (Complaining a great pain.) I want champagne, and I want it quick!

Dr. You won't get any more champagne; that life is past. Your earthly
life is over. Come to a realization of your actual -situation. Intelligent spirits
will help you and bring you to a better condition in the spirit life.

Sp. Give me a cigarette !

Dr. You will not get any more cigarettes. Tell us who you are and what
your situation is. Your only salvation now is to realize your condition; then
you will have understanding and progress in spirit life. Where did you come
from? You cannot satisfy your earthly cravings any longer. Tell us your
troubles. Do you know that you are in Los Angeles, California?

Sp. (Becoming greatly excited and pointing.) Look at that man standing
over there! (Spirit.) He's horrible-horrible! I am so afraid of him! Don't let
him come near me! He looks terrible. Don't let him touch me!

Dr. Listen to us; we are your friends. We understand your condition.
Tell us who you are.

Sp. I cannot tell just now, I am too afraid. Oh! I'm so afraid of that man!
He haunts me; he's with me all the time. What is this place?

Dr. This is a psychic circle where we help spirits that are in darkness
and ignorance. If you will calm yourself and try to be quiet, we shall be able
to help you. Believe what I tell you, then we can help you.

Sp. The man over there is making such horrible faces at me that it
frightens me.

Dr. Try to compose yourself, then our spirit forces can aid you.

Sp. I don't understand you.

Dr. You are a spirit, and the man you see is also a spirit. You have lost
your physical body and now have a spirit body.

Sp. I don't understand you, and I'm so afraid.

Dr. You do not need to fear, just listen. Our spirit forces will help you if
you will be quiet.

Sp. (Suddenly animated at the sight of some invisible.) Oh, Anna! Anna
D.! Where did you come from? She's afraid of that man, too. He is going over
to Anna! Don't let him get her!

Dr. Tell us who you are, then we can help you more easily.


Sp. I am Olive T.

Dr. Then you passed out just before Anna D. did. Neither of you
realizes that you have lost your physical body. She also needs help.

Sp. She's not dead.

Dr. She does not realize, any more than you do, that she has
passed out of her physical body.

Sp. Anna, how did you get here?

Dr. You are both spirits, and can stay here only a short time. Do
you not realize that you have passed out of your bodies-that
something strange has taken place? (To Olive T.) You were in Paris,
and now you are in California.

Sp. California! Please tell me who that nice looking lady is
standing over there. (Spirit.)

Dr. Probably she is some spirit who brought you here for help.
Ask her who she is.

Sp. Why, it's Anna H.!*

Dr. She is serving those who are in trouble.

Sp. (Crying.) I can't see any more! What's the matter with me?
Where am I?

Dr. You are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. Yes, but I'm not with my own folks. Where are they all?

Dr. According to reports, you were in Paris, and had been out one
evening, after which you went to your apartment and committed suicide.

Sp. There's the fellow that made me do that-that man standing
over there, the one who made such horrible faces! (Spirit.)

Dr. He will not be able to bother you any more.

Sp. He says he took me to that place where I was. (Crying.) Why
should he do that? I got so that I could not sleep because of that
fellow; he bothered me all the time.

Dr. You must have been a psychic.

Sp. Don't let him come near me! I have already suffered so much
through him. Nobody knows how I have suffered. No one
understood my different moods.

Dr. How could they, when they knew nothing about spirits
troubling people? You were obsessed, and very few understand

Sp. I feel very sick, but please do not let me die. I want to live.

*See Chap. 12, Pages 285, 289.Spirit: Anna H.


Dr. Nobody ever dies; only the physical body is lost. You have lost your 
physical body, and from now on you will begin to live in the spirit world.

Sp. Say, Anna D., why are you here?

Dr. Does she know that she has passed away?

Sp. (Agitated, and weeping anew with fright.) That fellow standing over
there, he is the cause of her death-he says so!

Dr. You are using my wife's brain and body, and you must try to quiet
yourself. Anna H. brought you here for help.

Sp. She doesn't care for me.

Dr. Listen to what she says; be calm and listen. By being quiet you can
be helped. You must have some regard for my wife's nervous system. She
allows spirits like you to control her body, so you must not misuse it. Listen
to what Anna H. says.

Sp. Anna H. says that she is now serving those who are in the dark
because of their foolishness, selfishness and the misuse of money. She is
striving to do her part. (Crying again.) If I had only understood!

Dr. You would not have listened to anything about spirits when you had
your body.

Sp. I don't know what you mean.

Dr. I mean that you have lost your mortal body and are now controlling
my wife's body. We are talking to you but we do not see you.

Sp. Where am I?

Dr. You are in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Sp. I can't understand things. Anna, Anna DJ How did you come here?
Are you in Paris, too?

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says she doesn't know anything, she feels so strange.

Dr. She is also a spirit and does not understand her condition.

Sp. Anna H. brought her here, too. She says that by serving others she
has progressed.

Dr. She controlled this psychic about two years ago.

Sp. She says that she will take care of us both, and that I can get rest and
sleep. I will go with her, and will take Anna D. along with me, because Anna
H. brought us two together. She says Anna D. also needs help.

Dr. You will find many intelligent spirits who will be willing to help you.

Sp. That horrible fellow cannot bother me any more, can he? He scared
both Anna D. and me. We were together so much.


Dr. The man you speak of is also a spirit. He will not trouble you any more.

Sp. I got so that I could not sleep, and I felt so badly.

Dr. I presume that the spirit you speak of impressed you to do the
things you did.

Sp. Yes, that is so.

Dr. Now you must go with Anna H.; she and the others will help you.

Sp. She says I can go to sleep and rest. I see so many people and I don't
know who they are. (Spirits.) I am tired and want to rest. I have not had any
rest for years, it seems, but it is only a short time, I suppose. Now I will go
with Anna H. Goodbye!

Shortly after the death of Virginia R., cinema star who died in San
Francisco, the spirit of the girl was brought by Olive T. to our circle to be
awakened, and afterward, Olive T. herself spoke through the psychic.

Spirit: OLIVE T. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

I felt that. I must come in and thank you for the glory that has been
bestowed upon me since the time I was here last.

During our childhood we should be taught the real lesson of life and made
to understand life in its true sense. Let pictures be shown of the real life. If
they would put on the screen the pictures of the real life, the real
understanding, and teach the people that there is no death, teach them of the
beautiful conditions on the other side of life which are waiting for every one
entitled to them, after they understand the higher life, the world would be different.

I lived in a life of make-believe, and we tried to amuse humanity.

I am sorry for the girls who fall into a life of sport. They think they have
a good time,-yes, for a while. But there is always some little voice-
conscience-that bothers you, no matter how you try to kill it. Oh, if I could
only teach the young girls,-tell them of the folly of such a life!

If I could only teach them to look up to the higher life, and show them
the truth of that life! We should teach people to live for others, not for self.
We should teach the girls the principles of life. One thing that is very detrimental
 to the world is drink and


morphine. As conditions are now they are driving the girls and
boys to misery. People condemn without acting, and what do
they gain? They drive the young to the depths, because when
the law forbids things, they want them, and in some way or another 
they get them. They enjoy them more because they are forbidden.

There is also something else. You know, whiskey and the other alcoholic
drinks have a thousand, yes, a million thoughts that go with them. The cranks
concentrate their minds on drink, and condemn it, and when sensitives get it,
they become wild. They become crazy with all the thoughts that are sent
with it . It drives them down and down.

Man should live and learn of God's wonderful manifestations. God is the
Life of All, but man is the devil. I do not mean man alone when I say man,
but I mean humanity.

God gave us a free will, but we misuse it.

People should be taught the true teachings of Christ. They say: "Did not
Christ make wine? And did He not give it to the people?" They do not
understand that it was the Wine of Life. Christ spoke about the spiritual. The
majority of people think he spoke of the material.

Understand God right. Do not let us fear Him. He is not a man sitting on
a throne, but He is the Spirit of All Life. Everything around us is a part of
this Divine Life. Evil has its place just as the good has. If we had no evil we
could not know the good. It is only from the experiences we pass through
that we learn the lessons of life, that we gain wisdom, and I learn of the life
everlasting that lies before us.

My salvation came in the spirit world when I found the truth, because I
had been through misery. After I had gone through the fire of conscience, I
was purified.

I was anxious to find the truth, and after I found it there was no
doubting. I wanted peace and harmony and I was then ready for it. You find
gold after it has gone through the fire of purification. After my soul had gone
through the fire of conscience, I found God within myself, not on the outside.

Find God and be content within yourself. Learn to understand yourself
first before you judge others, then you will not judge. Let us be friends to all,
do good to all, and do good whenever we can. Let us conquer self.

Whenever self rises within you to torment you and tries to make you
give way to anger, and give way to drinking and all kinds of trouble, say to
yourself that you are not angry, and

that you will not give way to things. Then, instead of saying anything to
others, get up and turn around, and your anger will be gone, because you will
not say what you wanted to-, and many times, in that way, you will have harmony.

When we are in a state of anger, we say things that afterwards we are
sorry for, and sometimes these things can never be forgotten. So let us
always think, if we feel anger coming over us, that we will not give way to it;
let us turn around and say: "No, I will conquer self, I will look to higher
things, not the lower. I will conquer, and you cannot come in and torment."

I was in that state of anger and it was my death. What did I do? I killed
myself. I did not mean to kill myself, but I did it in a mood of anger. Conquer
self before it is too late. Conquer your anger before it goes too far.

I was swept by anger, and what happened? I killed myself. Then when
I woke up and saw what I had done, I was in anguish. It was through anger-
anger and selfishness.

Let us conquer, and when anger comes in let us say: "Get ,thee behind
me Satan!" Turnaround, and that will shutout any spirit that would take
possession of you. If I had turned around I would not have done what I did.

If I could only tell people of the life they should live, and have them put
pictures on the screen of the true life and teachings of Jesus and the lessons
He taught, and how much good we could all do for humanity, it would turn
many criminals, and they would become good men and *omen.

This is Olive T. Good Night.


Mrs. R. was a patient with such strong suicidal inclinations that she was
unable to eat or sleep, constantly scratched the hair from her head and had
wasted away to a mere shadow. She declared that she had killed five hundred
persons and her one thought was to end her own life, and since there seemed
no hope of recovery, she was placed in a sanitarium where she was confined
in a locked room for three years.

After being placed in our care she made several attempts at self-
destruction, but within a few weeks she was freed from a gloomy spirit who
had himself committed suicide, and from that time there was no further
recurrence of the suicidal impulse.

Mrs. R. remained with us for some time, gaining steadily in weight,
strength and health; she became entirely normal and returned to live with her
relatives, taking up all her former occupations.


Spirit: RALPH STEVENSON. Patient: MRS. R

Doctor Where did you come from?

Spirit I was straggling along and saw a light, so I came in. Dr. Can
you tell us who you are?

Sp. No; I don't know.

Dr. Can't you remember what your name is?

Sp. I can't seem to remember anything. What is the matter with
my head? It hurts me so badly.

Dr. What seems to be the matter with your head?

Sp. It is difficult for me to think. What am I here for? Who are you?

Dr. They call me Dr. Wickland.

Sp. What kind of a doctor are you?

Dr. Medical. What is your name?

Sp. My name? It is strange, but I can't remember my name.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. Dead, you say? Why, I'm not dead; I wish I were.

Dr. Is life so unpleasant for you?

Sp. Yes, it is. If I am dead, then it is very hard to be dead I have
tried and tried to die, but it seems every single time I come to life
again. Why is it that I cannot die?

Dr. There is no actual death.

Sp. Of course there is.

Dr. How do you know there is such a thing as death?

Sp. I don't know anything. (In great distress.) I want to die! I want
to die! Life is so dark and gloomy. I wish I could die and forget,
forget,-just forget! Why can't I die?

I think sometimes I am dead, then all at once I am alive again. I
want to forget all the trouble and agony that I have. Where shall I go
so that I can die?

Sometimes I get in places (auras) but I am always pushed out in
the dark again, and I go from place to place. I cannot find my home
and I cannot die. What is the matter? Oh, let me forget just for a little
while! Let me be free from my thoughts and this horrible darkness.
Why can't I die?

Dr. You are on the wrong path, friend.

Sp. Then where shall I find the right path?

Dr. Within yourself.


Sp. There was a time when I believed in a God, and there was a
time when I believed in Heaven and hell, but not any more. It is dark
and gloomy and my conscience accuses me so. Let me forget! I want
to forget, oh, how I want to forget!

Dr. Do you know that you have lost your physical body?

Sp. I do not know anything about it.

Dr. Why are you here?

Sp. I see you people; I don't know any of you, but as I look in
your faces you appear to be good. Will you take me in and give me a
little light and some happiness? I have not seen either for years and years.

Dr. What is causing all your trouble?

Sp. Why is it there is no God? Why does He let me be in this
darkness and gloom? I was once a good boy, but I was--oh, I can't say
it! I must not say it! No, no I must not! (Greatly agitated.)

Dr. Tell us what is on your mind.

Sp. I have done a great wrong; I can never be forgiven. God
would not forgive any one like me,-no, no, no!

Dr. Try to understand your condition; we can help you. You say
you are a man.

Sp. I am a man.

Dr. You are using a woman's body.

Sp. I cannot think how I could have become a woman in my
sorrows and not know it. (Seeing an invisible and becoming wildly
excited.) Don't come here-don't, don't! Go away! Look, look! Look
over there! Go away! I can't stand it!

Dr. What have you done?

Sp. If I should tell you I would be arrested. I cannot stay any
longer; I must go now. I must run away-I must! (The patient, Mrs. R,
had, a number of times, attempted to run away.) They are coming after
me, and if I stay they will catch me! Let me go! There they are, my accusers!

Dr. Where do you think you are?

Sp. In New York.

Dr. You are far from New York; you are in Los Angeles, California.
What year do you think it is? Do you know it is 1919 ?

Sp. 1919? That can't be.

Dr. What year do you think it is?

Sp. 1902.

Dr. That was seventeen years ago. Can't you realize that You
have lost your physical body? There is no actual death,


only transition. Only the physical body is lost. Did you ever study the
problems of life and death?

Sp. No, I never studied anything. I only believed. My name is Ralph,
but I forget my last name. My father is dead.

Dr. No more than you are.

Sp. Of course I am not dead. I wish I were. Will you please take me
away from here and kill me so that I can die? (Mrs. R. had often begged to be
killed.) Oh, here they are coming again! I will not confess! If I do, they will
put me in prison, and I am in trouble enough.

Dr. You are in darkness owing to your ignorance. Confess, and we
will help you.

Sp. I cannot confess. I have tried before, but I could not. My past stands
out right before me.

Dr. From what you say, you have evidently been obsessing people, and
in your effort to kill yourself, you have probably caused others to commit
suicide. Haven't you found yourself in queer circumstances at times?

Sp. I did not try to understand myself. (In alarm.) Oh, Alice! (Spirit.)
No, no! I am afraid! I did not mean to do what I did. No, Alice, don't accuse

Dr. If you will tell us what your trouble is we can help you.

Sp. We told each other that we would die, but we did not die. Alice, why
did you tell me to kill you? Why did you? I killed you first, and then I killed
myself, but I could not die. Oh, Alice, Alice!

Dr. She probably understands conditions better than you do.

Sp. She says: "Ralph, we were foolish." I will tell you, but I know I shall
be arrested when I get through.

Alice and I were engaged to be married, but her parents did not want us
to marry because they thought I was not what I should be. We loved each
other very dearly, so we decided that I should kill her, then kill myself.

I did it, but I never could kill myself, and I guess, as Alice is here, I did
not kill her either. Ever since I tried to kill her, she comes and accuses me.

Alice and I were together, and she said all the time: "Now, kill me! Quick,
quick! Kill me! Go ahead! Do it! Do it!" I hesitated because I loved her, but
she kept on saying: "Do it quick! Do it!" I still hesitated, but Alice said:
"Come, now, do it! Be quick!" I could not, so she said since she could not go
home again, and we could not marry, why not die together.

But she would not do the deed herself. I could not do it


either. She kept urging me to kill her, so at last I shut my eyes and shot her,
and then I shot myself before I saw her fall. I saw her lying on the floor and I
tried to run away after I got up, and I ran and ran and ran, and I have been
running and walking ever since, trying to forget, but I cannot.

Sometimes Alice comes to me, but I always say: "No, I am the cause of
your death, so stay away from me." I ran and ran to get away from the police
and everybody else. A while ago I felt I was an old woman, and I could not
get away from being a woman for a long time. I got away, but after a while I
was that old woman again.

Dr. You were obsessing somebody at that time.

Sp. Obsessing? What do you mean by that?

Dr. Did you ever read in the Bible of unclean spirits?

Sp. Yes, I did. But when I was that old woman I wanted to die, and I
could not. I could not get rid of that old woman hanging around me either. I
could not get her away from me. I don't want to be around that old woman
any more. (Excitedly.) Oh, Alice, don't come! When I was with the old
woman there were such sharp sparks like lightning on me. I thought they
would kill me, and I wanted to die. (The patient had often said that she hoped
the electrical treatments would kill her.) They seemed to be like a streak of
lightning, and it struck me, but I did not die.

Dr. , Those sparks were caused by static electricity, which was given to
one of our patients, whom you have evidently been obsessing. She always
talked of dying just as you are doing; you have been controlling her and
ruining her life. The electricity drove you away from her; she will be well, and
you will now be helped.

When you leave here you will go with Alice, who will help you to
understand your condition. You do not yet realize that you have lost your
physical body and that you are still alive. Alice is a spirit, just as you are.
You are an invisible spirit and are controlling my wife's body. Spirit and mind
never die.

Sp. Do you think I shall ever find peace? I should like to have just one
hour of peace.

Dr. You have all eternity before you.

Sp. Will I be forgiven for what I have done?

Dr. Your own confession and sorrow are sufficient. Be patient and
willing to learn and you will be helped.

Sp. There's my mother! (Spirit.) Mother! I am not worthy to be called
your son. I loved you very dearly, but I


can't have you come to me now. (Weeping.) Oh, Mother, will you forgive
me? I love you still. Will you take your wayward son and forgive him? Will
you give me happiness for a little while? I have suffered, oh, so much! Please
take me with you, if you can forgive me. My own mother!

Dr. Does your mother answer you?

Sp. Mother says: "My son, my son, a mother's love is stronger than
anything else. I have tried so much, and so many times to come close to you,
but you were always running away."

The first spirit left and the mother then spoke through the psychic.


I am now united with my dear son. For a long time I have tried to come
in close touch with him, but could not. Each time that I thought I was going
to reach him, he would run away from me.

He has seen me many times, but was afraid, because he was taught the
false doctrine that when we die we are dead, and that is why people are
afraid of the dead.

We do not die; we simply pass on to the spirit side of life, to a beautiful
condition if we realize the truth., But we must learn much regarding the next
life while we are on earth.

Study your own life and yourself, because, if you do not, you will be
like my dear son. He has been running for years, trying to get away from me
and his sweetheart, and also from every policeman he has seen while in the
earth sphere.

He has been obsessing a lady for some time, and he had to stay in her
magnetic aura because he did not know how to get away. He has been in hell,
not a hell of fire, but a hell of ignorance.

Look into conditions of the next life so that you may be prepared, for
death comes when it is not expected. Be prepared, not by belief, but by
actual knowledge. Find out what is beyond the veil of death. Then, when the
time comes for you to go to the spirit side of life, you will go with open eyes
and know where you are going, and you will not be, like my poor son, an
earthbound spirit.

My poor boy! He is so tired and worried; he is sick men-

tally. I will nurse him and teach him of the life everlasting so
that he can realize the beautiful condition in the spirit world.

Do not merely believe; if you only believe you will stay just where you
are. We must all practice the Golden Rule-to live


for others and serve others; then we will attain happiness when
we pass to the spirit side of life.

Thank you for the help you have given my son. A mother's love is
strong, and when you see my boy again he will be better, because all doubt
will be gone. Doubt is a wall; it is a wall we build for ourselves between life
and death, and that doubt can never bring mother and son together.

He ran away from me whenever he saw me, and neither Alice nor I could
come near him. He thought he was alive and that he had not killed himself.
Some time ago he came in contact with a sensitive person, a woman, and has
been obsessing her, but he thought he was in prison.

I thank you all tonight for the help given my son, and may God bless
you for the work you are doing.



CHAPTER VIII Spirits and Narcotics, Inebriety, Amnesia

RELENTLESS as is the grip which the drug habit holds on its mortal victims,
the power of narcotics extends even more tyrannically beyond the grave. The
desire is implanted in the very soul itself and the agony of earthbound spirits,
whose cravings for gratification are in vain, is beyond description.

Such spirits frequently obtain partial satisfaction through controlling
mortal sensitives, and forcing them to become addicts of some drug. Often
spirits suffering from the narcotic evil have come to our circle, and many
urgent warnings have been given by discarnate intelligences who were
formerly subject to this slavery.

Twenty-five years after the first conversation with Minnie Morgan,*
which occurred during my dissecting work, this spirit, who had been a
morphine fiend, returned and told of earth sphere conditions, as well as of the
higher spirit world.


I feel that I am one of you; although I do not know you, I was helped by
you. I certainly had wonderful help in being brought to understand that there
is a real life.

In the spirit world we know each other as we should be known, not as
you know each other in earth life, with all kinds of hidden thoughts.

You wander like wild cattle on the battle field of selfishness and jealousy.
Love is so little understood. You do not know what real love is, because God
is Love, and God dwells in. Love. The majority of people only believe, and
think there is some place in the sky to which they go when they die.

Whenever I gave that subject any thought, I made up my mind that I
would have a good time while I could and then, when the time came to die, I
would be ready to go, because at the last I could throw my sins on Jesus and
be washed as white as snow. I started out in life with that belief. I said:

*See Chap. 2, Page 20. Spirit: Minnie Morgan.


"Why can't I have a good time like others? The future will take care of itself."

With that thought many persons go out to sow their wild oats, thinking
that when the proper time comes they will be prayed for, and that then they
will step into the glory of Heaven.

That is what I thought. I tried to live a life of glory--or what I thought
was glory. What does that mean? It means to have a good time, to live, and
not care what becomes of one's soul.

I said, "Let us have, a good time while we can!" and I started out in life
that way. I had my sorrows and I had my good time, as I called it, but that is
not a good time. We cannot for one minute step over the laws of nature
except we suffer in some way or other. If we go too far in anything we suffer
for it both mentally and physically. We keep on going and going; sometimes
our good time is better, sometimes worse.

I lived a very fast life and called it a glorious time, but grief and adversity
came. In the way of the world I lived very fast. I went to church once in a
while to be sure my soul would be taken care of. I paid money to the church
so I would be all right, and then I drowned myself in the glory of the world.

It was all right for a while. Each time I had glory, as I called it, I suffered
both physically and mentally. I tried to shake it off and go on a little longer. I
fell by the wayside. After a while my physical body wore out and I had
misery and sickness.

At one time I was considered a very pretty girl. I had my beaux and all
that goes with a good time, but I went down and down to the very lowest. I
was a physical wreck, but I was still on earth.

Never let any one give you the least bit of morphine. When you start on
that road you are lost. Not that a soul is ever lost, but you are lost for a time
while you are a slave to the drug. You suffer agony. There is nothing worse
than to crave morphine and be unable to get it. It seems like every nerve in
your body is creeping.

I got wild because I could not get it. I did not care for anything. I would
have sold my very soul if I could only have gotten morphine. I lost all
decency; I lost everything. All I wanted was morphine.

It was terrible. It burned to my very heart. I felt it in every nerve, and I
felt as if I were on fire. If only some one


would have gotten morphine for me! Just a little! Just a little bit! A little bit!

I felt I couldn't stand it any longer. I wanted just a little; a little bit! Only
a little! (The spirit seemed to live again all the agony she had endured when in
earth life. It also seemed evident that, in addition to the visible circle of
investigators, she was addressing an audience of earthbound spirits.)

I died in that terrible condition. My physical body was gone. I had
worn it out, just worn it out. Then I was operated on (post-mortem) but I
still lived. I wanted to get to my body.

They operated on me, and after a while I felt that something was picking
me to small pieces. (Dissection.) I cried and I fought, because I wanted that
body so I could satisfy my very soul. I was burning up.

They picked at every nerve; they looked at my heart, my shoulder, and
down to the leg-pick, pick, pick, all the time!

I got so desperate I fought with all my power, and I seared some away
from my body. They never touched it again. There were five or six men, with
knives, all wanting to do something with my body,-pick, pick, pick!

But there came another; he looked and looked at me, and picked and
picked, and he drove me wild. I thought if I could only get hold of him I
would fix him. He paid no attention to me. I tried to scare him, as I had
seared the others, but I could not budge him. He would not move one inch
from that body of mine.

I followed him and thought I would haunt him, but all at once I got well
(controlled the psychic) and began to fight him with all the strength and
power I had for picking me to pieces.

To my great surprise, after this gentleman (Dr. W.) talked to me, I found
I was dead. I did not know I had lost my body, for I had not been dead at all.
This gentleman told me that the people working on my body were students
and that it was necessary for them to work on a dead body before they were
able to pass their examinations. I seared five of them and they never touched
me again, but I could not scare this one.

(To Dr. W.) Now I come to thank you. You were the one who
enlightened me and gave me an understanding of the real life beyond. I found
I could not. throw my sins on Christ. He was our teacher, but we must live
our own lives, as He taught us to live, and not throw our sins and troubles on Him.

That is a false doctrine. He is the Life, the Light and the Way. He said: 

"I am the Light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness."

Many others before Him taught the same lesson of life. I found that in
the past there had been many teachers like Christ. Confucius was one. He
taught the same as did Christ. In the Old Testament we find the same
principles as Christ taught; His sayings are the same in the Old as in the New.

Let us all do what we can to find God within us. Learn to live according
to Christ's teachings. "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart ... and thy
neighbor as thyself."

I would not have the home in the spirit world that I have if I
had not been disturbed and received an understanding of the real life.

I was very wicked and you know the desire I had for morphine. That
desire was with me even after I left my body. The desire for anything belongs
to the soul, not to the body. The body is only a cloak or dress for your soul.
All the desires of life, all the faculties that belong to the soul, go with you to the
grave, and beyond the grave.

What would I have been if I had not been given an understanding of how
to overcome my desires? I would have been an earthbound spirit and would
have gotten into some sensitive person's magnetism, and made that sensitive
a morphine fiend so I could have had my desire fulfilled, and the life of the
sensitive would have been ruined. I would have lived in the earth sphere for
years and years if I had gotten into that condition. I would have ruined one
and then another, and so I would have kept on.

Find out what belongs to the soul and what belongs to the body. If this
were done we would not have so much trouble and crime, nor so much sickness.
We would have Love, and Heaven on earth, because we would have pity for the
unfortunate ones who are living just for their own desires.

It says in the Bible: "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." That
means, do not have any desire for anything. If you use too much of anything
in this earth life, such as morphine, whiskey or tobacco, then you are a slave
and must stop its use.

Many people condemn many things and that thought of condemnation is
very hard for a sensitive person. Everything on earth is meant for us to use,
but not misuse.

Many people condemn liquor, tobacco, morphine, opium, but it is their
misuse which should be condemned. They are all necessary things if they are
used rightly. Isn't an opiate a good


thing if you must undergo an operation? To be operated upon without an
opiate would be wrong; the suffering would be too great. Opiates help pain.

Many people use these things because they are forbidden. They say:
"Forbidden fruit tastes best." When things are forbidden everybody wants
them, and they ruin themselves using them.

I lived in the lower world, the underworld, and I know what I am talking
about. I took anything to keep my nerves quiet.

Anything used moderately, in a sensible way, is all right. When a man
who works very hard, either physically or mentally, sits down to rest he is
nervous and fatigued. Give him a good cigar and let him relax. His
nervousness goes, and he becomes stronger. It is a thorough relaxation; he
smokes and feels better. With this complete relaxation comes quietude; the
man sleeps and is rested for his work the next day.

If people would have more love for each other and less condemnation
they would be more like brothers and sisters. That is the life in the higher realms.

We cannot reach that stage until we have gotten rid of all desires, all
hatred, all selfishness, all envy. We cannot progress until we have thrown
away all these things and said: "God help me to love my enemies and friends
better than myself." Then we will be ready to travel the road.

Some people think that after they learn the lesson of truth they will step
into the glory of Heaven. But Heaven is a condition.

In conquering my desire for morphine, I had to do so little by little, step
by step, until I could say: "No more morphine for me."

After I had conquered, my friends and relatives met me and said: "Now
you are ready to come with us to the home that has been prepared for you."
Before that time I had to live all by myself. I was not in a dark dungeon like
some are, but all around me was myself, nothing else. I had to learn and strive
to overcome.

It says in the Big Book that Christ went to the lower spheres to give
help and teach. We all have to teach and help the fallen ones, and give them
strength to overcome their desires.

I wish I could take you along with me for a few moments to see the
conditions in the lower sphere-what they call the earth sphere. Here is the
sphere of whiskey, here the sphere of


morphine, here the sphere of the opium fiend, here the sphere of selfishness,
and here the sphere of misers.

Of all these conditions that of the miser is the worst. He sacrifices
everything for money. He will not eat because he thinks he cannot afford it.
He starves his mind because he wants money, money,--and what is the
result? In the earth sphere he is in the dark, but he sees his money being
spent and he is in hell. He suffers terribly.

He sees his relatives get his money; it is divided, some going here, some
there. If it were all in one place he could count it over and that would be all
right; but his relatives all want their share to spend.

Now imagine; that money has been his treasure. Each cent that is spent is
like cutting a piece from his body, because his whole mind and soul were in
that money, and to see it scattered and spent is hell for him. Think what that
means to him.

He cannot be helped until he feels that he no longer wants his money;
then his soul or better nature will open up and he will be helped. He will be
under the guidance of a teacher and will be taught that money belongs to the
earth life, not to the spirit. He then has to do good.

A miser never gets his money in the right way. He may not be a thief,
but if he loans money, he charges too high a rate of interest. For every cent
he got in the wrong way, he has to do right. He must do some kind act and
help poor people in their work.

He has to lay down his life and earn everything before he can gain
happiness in the spirit world. He has to serve first, and he must help those
from whom he took money to get it back. You know a "sin against the Holy
Ghost cannot be forgiven." It must be atoned for. That is his life in the spirit world.

We have to look at a murderer differently. There are ten different degrees
of murder. There is murder by quick temper; that is not real murder. It is
committed under stress of strong quick temper. At heart the man is not a
murderer; he simply lost control of his temper. Of course he has to suffer and
do good where he did wrong.

Temper is a very hard thing to conquer but it must be conquered,
because it kills our better nature and makes us do many wrong and unkind things.

Then we have the cunning murderer. He plans and schemes; he wants a
man's money. He is nice and sweet, and goes to church. He plans and
schemes to get that man's life in some


way or another, but he does it slowly. He has evil thoughts. In the spirit
world this man has to suffer a great deal, and must atone for his actions from
the time he began to plan and scheme to murder.

Then there is the psychic sensitive who does not care for anybody. He
doesn't belong to one church or another; he takes things easy. What is not
done today can be done tomorrow or the next day. He does not use his will.
A cunning spirit gets into this man's magnetic aura and controls him. He
commits some crime. The man will hang for his deed, but he never did it. He
will probably say he does not know that he did anything. Or he may say: "I
must have been drunk when I did it, for I don't remember anything about it."

But it was not liquor that did it. Liquor never does that. When a man is
drunk his mind is in a stupor. It is a spirit that does the work. If that spirit
has been wronged in life, all he wants is revenge, The law does not really find
out whether the man is guilty or not; he is hung.

The majority of murders and hold-ups are committed by spirits. They
scheme and scheme, and use mortals as tools, until they wake up and realize
what wrong they have been doing.

Often honesty and modesty have both been killed. When I was a child I
was very modest, but when I killed modesty, I was ruined. Then I did not
care for anything.

Honesty is a virtue we should all cultivate. Judges, lawyers and
ministers, in the majority of cases, do not give justice; they look for gain.
They kill justice, honesty and truth. Let us do all we can to keep those three
to the front. Honesty and truth will convert the world. You cannot convert it
by condemnation. People are not taught the truth.

Have wisdom and human kindness and you will see better results. Teach
wisdom and let more of the Christ spirit be in every one. Live as He taught;
do as He did, then happiness will reign.

I am sorry to have taken up so much time, but I did not know I would
talk so long. Even now I feel I have more to say, but I must stop.

My name, when I lived in Chicago, was Minnie Morgan, but that name
does not belong to me and I do not want it any more. That name has a horror
for me. Even when I repeat that name I feel a horror of it. My own name is
not to be given tonight. We have to earn our names, and I have no name until
I have earned it.

After all these twenty-five years-it was in 1897 that I passed


out-I have not advanced sufficiently to have even a name. I am happy and I
will earn a name, and then I will be called by it. My name was down in the
very lowest place. If any one of you should pass out, you would have a
name that is honest and good. Your name will follow you and you will want it.
I would not cling to mine, for it has such a horror for me. Can you see the difference?

When you have done the best you could in earth life you have traveled
the right road, and when you pass to the spirit side of life your relatives
and friends will meet you. I had no one to meet me. No friends came; I
had gone too low. My friend was morphine. Isn't that a terrible condition?

You know when I wanted morphine I did not always get it in the right
way. During my earth life I sometimes stole money to get morphine.

Now I have to do good, step by step. I have been doing work in the
slums, helping those as unfortunate as I had been. I lived with those who
craved morphine. Now I can help them to overcome their desire for it.

That is my work. It is not pleasant, but I have to do it. Some one has to
do it, so why not I ? I suffer with them. I can give them sympathy, for I,
too, have suffered.

Give these unfortunate ones your sympathy and loving thoughts, for it
will help them. You have not lived as they have, and you do not know what
their condition means. Each one that I help to the right road is Heaven to me.
Remember, each one is Heaven to me. The more I help, the more happiness I
find. Some day I shall say goodbye to this condition and progress to the
spirit side of life.

Do not condemn those who have fallen; remember, they have no will of
their own. Send kind thoughts to them, and say a prayer: "God help them to
have a will of their own to overcome their desire." Send out thoughts to help
them overcome; do not send evil, unkind thoughts.

The next time I come you will know what my name is, because by that
time I shall have earned it.

Thank you for helping me to the right road, because I am happy in
helping others; but I shall have a hard climb to find bliss.

Good Night, and I again thank you for having helped me.

The day after receiving a request by telephone, from an adjoining city,
that we concentrate for a pharmacist who was a

drug addict and evidently obsessed, the spirit of a morphine fiend
was removed from him and brought to our circle, an entity in torment,
convulsed with the drug craving and wildly begging for "just one grain."


Spirit Don't bother me. I want rest.

Doctor Haven't you rested long enough? Do you want to rest forever?

Sp. I have been running; I have not been resting.

Dr. What have you been running away from? The police?

(The spirit began to cough severely.)

Dr. Forget your old condition; that is all past. Tell us who you are
and where you came from.

Sp. I am so sick. (Coughing more violently.)

Dr. Do not bring that condition with you. You lost your body,
probably a long time ago. Do you know you are a spirit? What is the matter?

Sp. I don't know. (Another paroxysm of coughing.)

Dr. You ought to know. This is not your body; you are not sick
now. You are free from your physical body. Think yourself well and
you will be well.

Sp. I am sick; you do not know. Who are you?

Dr. I am a doctor, and if you do as you are told you will become
well. This is not your body. You are now an invisible spirit.

Sp. I am sick.

Dr. You only hold that idea in your mind. This body is not your
own. You are not sick.

Sp. You don't know.

Dr. You are ignorant of your condition and do not realize that you
have lost your body.

Sp. I am sick.

Dr. In your mind only; that is an old habit.

Sp. I am dying. I want to lie down. (Coughing.)

Dr. You are only using this body temporarily. Your coughing
body is in the grave. You must stop coughing.

Sp. I have no coughing body. This is my body. I can't help coughing.

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. I don't know. Why do you tell me I can't cough?


Dr. There is no need of it.

Sp. You don't know anything about it.

Dr. The body which you are using now is not sick.

Sp. I am sick. You give me some medicine, and give it to me quick!
Give me some before I get too sick!

Dr. You like to be sick. Don't you want to be well?

Sp. I am sick and ought to be in bed. Think of a poor, sick woman
having to stay here. (Coughing.)

Dr. Think strongly that you are not sick and you will not be.

Sp. Give me some medicine! I want a little morphine; my heart is bad.

Dr. You have lost your body and are a spirit now.

Sp. Give me some medicine, then I'll feel better. Give me fifteen
grains. My cough is so bad! Give me some! Give me some morphine, I
said! Just a little! Only a little then-just one grain! Give it to me in the
arm. I like it in the arm best.

Dr. You must stop this foolish talk.

Sp. (Shrieking wildly.) You must give me something quick! I can't
stand it any longer! I said, give me some! One grain, just one grain! I
must have it! (With face distorted, hands clawing the air fiercely.)

Dr. I thought you said you were sick.

Sp. I am sick.

Dr. From selfishness. Try to understand your condition.

Sp. You give me some morphine before I die!

Dr. You must be quiet, then we can help you. Where did you
come from?

Sp. Oh, my God! Give me some morphine! I want medicine. Won't
you please, please, give me just one grain?

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. (Claw-like fingers desperately clutching about.) My God, just
give me one grain-just one!

Dr. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. No.

Dr. You are in Los Angeles, California. Where do you think you are?

Sp. I don't care. Just give me one little grain! I must have it!

Dr. Forget that and think of something else. You have lost your
physical body.

Sp. I have such a bad cough, and my heart is bad. I'm dying.

Dr. How can you "die" when you have already lost your physical body?


Sp. If I have another body, I'm just the same as I was before.

Dr. Forget your old habits and you will feel better.

Sp. I want morphine. When you want it, you want it badly.
(Striking right and left.) I can't stand it any longer! Give me some!

Dr. If you listen to us you can be helped out of your present
condition. Intelligent spirits will also help you. If you do not want to
listen you will have to go. You must overcome old habits; your
physical body is gone.

Sp. Please give me fifteen grains!

Dr. I will give you nothing. You no longer have a physical body
which craves morphine. You now have an opportunity to be helped.

Sp. Give me some, oh, give me some! If you will only give me
some morphine I'll be all right. (Struggling.)

Dr. If you do not quiet yourself you will have to go.

Sp. That is nice! I am sick. I only ask you for morphine.

Dr. You are very selfish.

Sp. I have been running, trying to get some morphine. Why won't
you give me some?

Dr. No  more of that. You have lost your mortal body and are now
using my wife's body. You can be helped, if you will listen.
Understand you are a spirit.

Sp. I have such a bad cough. I need morphine.

Dr. No doubt you have been in the earth plane in darkness for a
long time. You no longer have your own body.

Sp. I have my own body.

Dr. The body you are struggling with is not yours. Will you try to understand?

'Sp. Yes, but I'm very sick.

Dr. You are not sick; you are very selfish. Why don't you pay
attention and try to understand that you are a spirit?

Sp. That's all right; I need morphine just the same.

Dr. Get that idea out of your mind. You only imagine you are sick.
Did you not say you had been running?

Sp. Yes. I have been to every drug store in town to get morphine.
I get it once in a while (through some sensitive) but it doesn't last long.

Dr. You get it by obsessing some one; you have no physical body now.

Sp. I have a body.

Dr. Not a physical body. You are using my wife's body.
Intelligent spirits have brought you here to be helped.


Sp. All the help I want is morphine. When I think I can't get it , it
makes me sick.

Dr. That is only because you hold that thought in your mind. Tell
us where you came from.

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. You don't seem to care.

Sp. No; I want morphine.

Dr. Do you know what year it is?

Sp. I don't care about that; all I want is morphine. I have been to
every store in town.

Dr. Which town?

Sp. I don't know; I can't remember. I never stayed in any place
long, because I wanted to see the world.

Dr. What is the last place you remember?

Sp. I can't remember.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. I haven't heard it for so many years that I don't know
what they would call me now.

Dr. Try to recall what year it is.

Sp. I want morphine so bad that I can't think or talk about anything else.

Dr. What was your mother's name?

Sp. My mother's name?

Dr. Was it Mrs. Brown, or Green, or White?

Sp. No color at all. If you would give me just one grain,
everything would be fine. If you are a doctor, then give me
some. They always do.

Dr. You will not get any this time.

Sp. Then you are not a doctor.

Dr. You are controlling my wife's body; you are a spirit.

Sp. I don't care anything about that.

Dr. If you cannot be sincere you will have to go. Overcome
your old habits; we can help you.

Sp. I am a sick woman.

Dr. Were you married?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. What was your husband's name?

Sp. Frank Noble.

Dr. What did Frank call you?

Sp. Elizabeth.

Dr. What did your husband do for a living?

Sp. Anything.


Dr. How old are you?

Sp. I am forty-two years old.

Dr. Who is President?

Sp. I don't know, and I don't care. I never entered politics. My
husband was crazy over politics. I was busy keeping my house clean.
My husband called me "Betty." He used to say: "Betty, you are a good girl."

Dr. Where is Frank?

Sp. I haven't seen him for ages. He was a pretty good fellow.

Dr. Where is your mother?

Sp. My mother is dead.

Dr. Where did you come from?

SP. I came from El Paso, Texas.

Dr. Were you born there?

Sp. Ask my husband. (Moaning.) I am too sick.

Dr. Can't you realize that you have no physical body, but are a spirit?

Sp. Then I can go to Heaven and sing. I used to go to church.

Dr. What church did you go to?

Sp. The Methodist.

Dr. Did your husband go too?

Sp. Frank was such a good fellow. I have not seen him for a long
time. He liked me and I liked him. (In a shrill voice.) Frank, I want to
see you! Frankie, Frankie, will you help me? Are you here, Frankie?

Dr. Don't speak that way.

Sp. Would you give me some morphine? Frankie always gave it to
me. Dr. Russell always told me that I should take it for my heart.

(Affectedly.) Frankie! Frankie!

Dr. Why do you call Frankie in that way?

Sp. Oh, I always call him in time for dinner. I always used to call
him; he is a lovely little fellow.

Dr. Don't be so foolish. Be sincere.

Sp. Oh, I'm sincere when I call Frankie. I'm thinking of Frankie. I
love him. But I love morphine too. Oh, Frankie is standing there!
(Spirit.) When did you come, Frankie? Give me some morphine!

Dr. Does he answer you?

Sp. He says he will not give me anything. Frankie, you used to go
to the drug store for me. Be a good fellow now. Just give me one shot,
Frankie, and I won't ask you again. You

know I'm awful sick. You love me, don't you, Frankie? Then just give
me a little, and we will both be so happy together.

The spirit was taken away and her husband controlled the psychic.


Spirit I am Frank Noble. I have been trying very hard, for some
time, to bring my wife here for help.

Doctor It must have required a good deal of patience on your part.

Sp. Thank you for bringing her to me.

Dr. We are glad to have been of any help.

Sp. My wife was very sick. Once the doctor gave her morphine to
help her pain, and from that time she had spells so severe that we
could do nothing but call the doctor to give her morphine. It was an
awful habit to get into.

Many, many times she played sick, I know, when she wanted
morphine. She had played that game so long that it really was
very easy for her to play sick to scare us all, and to ask for
morphine. What could a fellow do? After she had it, she would
be well sometimes for whole weeks, and sometimes for a month.
The spells she had were very bad.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. We came from El Paso, Texas.

Dr. Do you know when you passed out?

Sp. No, I can't tell you. It has been very strange for me. I had a
hard time. Of course, I was not a rich man; I had to earn my living
doing what I could.

Dr. That is no disgrace.

Sp. I had no education, so had to do whatever I could. Sometimes
I worked at mining, other times I worked in the woods, and sometimes
I was a carpenter. I did anything to keep my home together.

At one time Elizabeth was a very good girl. One time, when she
had a child, she was very sick and in great pain. The doctor gave her
pills and after a while she wanted more and more, and at last she went
insane over morphine.

She was very hard to get along with until she got it and after that
she was happy, and she would not have another spell for a while. The
habit grew on her. She had bad coughing spells and she died in one
of them. She took a pill and in some way or


other she choked to death. She went through the death scene here tonight.

Dr. She would have coughed a great deal more if I had not checked her.

Sp. For a long time I tried to find her, but when I came near her, she ran
away, and only called for morphine. Once in a while I lost her completely,
and I did not know where she was. It is strange. When you think of people,
you are right with them. Finally I was always able to find my wife whenever
I lost her. Sometimes she got into another person. I found her again but she
was so afraid of me. I died before she did.

Dr. Did you have any knowledge of the spirit world before you passed on?

Sp. My mother was a medium and I learned the truth from her.
Elizabeth would never believe it because she was a Methodist. She thought I
would go to hell because I believed in Spiritualism. Look into the truth and
you will be much better off. Do not have creeds, dogmas or doubts.

Thank you for helping us, because when my wife gets out of this stupor
she is in, she will be better. They put her to sleep under morphine when she
was in the hospital. Now she will not bother others any more, and we shall
be together.

Thank you for helping us. Good night!


The spirit of Olive T.,* who had controlled the psychic upon several
occasions, returned one evening and, speaking of the real happiness of
service, urged that all those subject to the temptations of society life and the
excitement of the movie world be warned against the use of drugs, and asked
if she might bring in a spirit who was in trouble and needed to be awakened.

A spirit, who seemed to be in a drowsy state, then controlled the
psychic, collapsing weakly, but when spoken to began to struggle
desperately, as if in the throes of great pain and agony.


Doctor Tell us who you are. Do you realize that you have lost your,
physical body?

(The spirit did not seem to hear, but moaned incessantly, and writhed as
if in torture.)

Dr. Can you talk? Understand that you are now a spirit.

*See Chap. 7, Pages 155, 159.Spirit: Olive T.


(Still no answer; the contortions of the body continued.)

Dr. Try to talk. Who are you?

Sp. (Faintly) Wally.

Dr. Wally who?

Sp. Wally R.

Dr. Make an effort to talk; use your will. Will to be your rational self.
Try to understand your condition, then we can help you.

(The spirit continued to struggle and groan.)

Dr. Try to talk; you can. Forget your old condition; forget your old
habit. You no longer have your old physical body. You are controlling the
body of another. Make an effort to talk; wake up.

(No answer.)

Dr. Forget your trouble and start anew. Do you know Olive T.? (Who
had preceded this spirit.)

(The intelligence moaned and held out imploring hands.)

Sp. (Weakly) My wife!

Dr. Your wife is not here.

Sp. Where is she?

Dr. She is not here. Friends have brought you here. Try to rouse
yourself. Often when persons pass out of the physical under the conditions
you did (under the influence of narcotics) they remain in a stupor for some
time. But it is time for you to waken now. Can you see Olive T. here?

Sp. (In a whisper.) I am sick.

Dr. You must forget that. Your sickness is over. You passed out of your
physical body quite a while ago. Do you realize that? You are what people
call "dead." But you are not actually "dead"; you have only lost your
physical body. You yourself are still living. You are using another body
temporarily. Olive T. and others brought you here to be helped. You have
been in a stupefied condition for a long time. You feel much better now, don't you?

(The spirit motioned languidly, as if noticing a group of invisibles.)

Dr. Whom do you see? Endeavor to talk. Understand, you no longer
have a physical body; you are here in spirit, controlling this body, which
belongs to my wife. You have been brought here for the purpose of being
helped. Try to be your own natural self. We always enjoyed your pictures.
Wake up, and be yourself. Do not think you are dreaming; you are not. (The
spirit again stretched out his hands.)


Dr. Do you see friends?

Sp. I am going to die.

Dr. You have already done that, as much as you ever will. You have only
lost your physical body. Do you see friends?

Sp. Yes, but I am going to die.

Dr. You cannot die again.

Sp. I see so many who have died.

Dr. They are not actually dead at all. They are spirits like yourself. You
have already passed out of your mortal body. You are a spirit but do not
understand the fact. This body which you are using is not yours. You have
lost your body and have not wakened to your real condition. Friends have
brought you here for help.

(But the spirit could not be roused again and was taken away.)

One of the guiding intelligences then came in and said: "The other spirit
was so tired that we could not waken him, but now we will be able to take
care of him. He is so weak. He has not overcome his old habit. We brought
him here so that we could take him to the spirit world.

"Olive T. and others work to help the ones who are in that particular
trouble-earthbound spirits who have the craving for morphine. Often people
do not have the habit, but they are influenced by spirits who have the
craving, and who get into their magnetic auras.

"Many persons are easily influenced because they live such nervous,
sensitive lives that they are half in spirit. They then become influenced by
earthbound spirits who are so much in earth life that they obsess people.

"We are going to help this young man and sometime he will come again
when he is stronger, and tell his experience, but he cannot talk tonight.

"He has gradually been awakening for some time, but he is still
bewildered and he could not realize the higher life. He has been in many
places, and with his wife much of the time. She helped him in fighting his
habit, but he was too weak to properly understand. He had no resistive
power left.

"After he passed out, his spirit was in a kind of sleep from morphine.
Still he has been wandering, in a twilight state, on earth life, to find his home
and family, and trying to realize where he was. He thought he was lost.


"We have tried to reach him from our side of life, but it has been very
hard. We will now take care of him."


One week later the spirit of Wallace R. returned, somewhat stronger, and
telling of his suffering, made an anguished appeal to others to overcome the
drug habit.


The spirit seemed very weak and was at first unable to talk.

Doctor Whom have we here? Rouse yourself and talk. Do not think of
any sickness. Just talk as you used to do.

Spirit (Faintly.) That is easy to say.

Dr. Make the effort; you will find it easy.

Sp. I wanted to come in to get a little more understanding. I could not get
much the last time. I am in the dark. I am in the darkness--having to overcome
my physical habit, which is attached to the soul.

Dr. Have you been here before?

Sp. Yes, I was here not long ago, and I thank you for helping me, but I
need more help. Please give me strength to overcome my physical habit of using
drugs. I had little understanding of the life hereafter. I lived from day to
day, the life of the world. I did not realize what it would mean to be on the
other side of life.

Dr. Very few interest themselves in higher things.

Sp. I also want to thank you for having helped me during the time I was
sick. At that time I felt such a strong power trying to help me to overcome,
and trying to give me strength. I felt drawn somewhere, but I was too weak
to realize the power that was sent out to help me.

Dr. We concentrated for you during the time you were sick, as we
thought there might be some obsession there.

SP. I was too weak to realize.

Dr. Of course you did not understand.

SP. I had no power and there was no battery at our end to help me. My
only hope was to try to conquer. I was in such misery and so helpless that
many spirits demonstrated through me, and I had no one who understood
how to help me conquer the soul craving.

(The spirit kept the hands across the chest and constantly twisted the
fingers one over the other.)

People think when they take drugs that the habit will end
when they pass out of the physical. I tried to conquer, but when
my mortal body had gone, and my dear, noble wife could not be
with me to help me battle in the hard struggle, I seemed helpless.

She is a dear noble soul; she stood by me and helped me, but
I had not the power to conquer.

After I had lost all the surroundings of earth, I went into a
kind of sleep for awhile, but, oh, how I longed for my wife and
children! Also how I longed to conquer, but could not. I suffered
(writhing painfully), oh, how I suffered!

I tried to go somewhere to get help, to get help to overcome,
but I must thank you; you gave me both strength and power. I
wish I could have had more power from your good thoughts.
Since last I was here, I have gained much. I am not strong
yet, but I am able to see and realize how I can win my battle.
From the little I have seen of the spirit world since I was here
last, I realize how wonderful things are.

(Earnestly.) I wish I could warn many I knew and tell them
not to play with drugs. They think it is fun in the beginning,
but how they will have to suffer at the last! Even the soul burns
from the craving. They should do everything they can to over-
come the habit.
They not only suffer here, but they suffer terribly after they
pass out; then the soul is on fire. (With an agonized expression,
hands and fingers working nervously.)

Many, yes, many, come back and try to get the drug, try to
get even a little, and they ruin others against their will. I knew
many times that I myself did not want it, but there was such a
strong power back of me. (Obsession.) If the world could only know!

My dear, noble wife is trying very hard to warn others so
they will not meet the same fate and death I did. It was awful.
(After the death of Wallace R., his wife, Mrs. R., played a leading
role in a moving picture which vividly portrayed the horrors
of the narcotic evil.)

Thanks to you here, I have found relief. I feel better; I will
gain now. I have opened my soul's eyes and I find there are
great possibilities for me, and in time there will be relief for me.
Oh, if I could only warn and help others! So many are taking
that deadly drug. They think they can forget sorrow and
gain strength from the drug. They do for a while, but it only
lasts a little time, then it is worse. They take it a second time,


and it is a little worse; a third time, still worse, and so on.

When people drink whiskey it makes them drunk, but after
a good sleep they get over it, and they do not have the terrible
craving that they do from drugs.

The world will go mad if the narcotic evil is not stopped soon.
Shutting out liquor did great harm, because people must have a
stimulant of some kind. They work hard, very hard, in the
movies, and it is nerve racking work. As I said, they must have
something to stimulate their nerves so they can go on.

If they took some wine, or beer, or even some whiskey, to
quiet their nerves, it would not be such a detriment as morphine is.

Most of them use morphine, and, oh (moaning in anguish),
if I could only come back and warn them! If only they would
believe me! I would tell them to overcome, and let them know
what a terrible thing it is to be a slave to a drug. If they only
would realize what is beyond, they would never use drugs.

Dr. The condition of the spirits who have taken drugs during
earth life must be terrible on the other side.

Sp. (Shuddering.) I don't want to go there. (The earth
sphere.) I saw one glimpse of it. Thank you for concentrating
for me; it has been of such help. I was weak, but through your
concentration they have been able to help me on this side, and
give me strength, and also to put me to sleep so I can gain strength.

I was trying to come back somewhere to get help (at some
psychic circle), but I could not do very much. I did not understand
then. Since I was here the last time and you talked to me
I am stronger, and I have come now to thank you and to say I
am on the way to health and happiness

I wish I had know about you when I was first taken sick;
I could probably have overcome and conquered.

If I could only talk to my dear, noble wife and thank her for helping 
me and for trying to warn others who are on the same road I was!

I will conquer now, and then I want the world to know. I
want to warn the grown-ups, to warn children, to warn young
men, to warn young women, to never, never start taking that
deadly drug. I would rather have pain than take it. For a while
it kills pain, then opens the wound worse than ever.

You do not know how terrible the suffering is. I could not
tell You. If  I were burning in hell it could not be worse than


having every nerve in my body burning. It drives one mad. No one
can realize it except through experience.

Dr. The spirit friends can help you.

Sp. I have help now and I do thank you. Next time, if I can come
again, I may be able to tell of my progression in the other world. I
have seen very little, but I will learn. I am in a school, a hospital,
where I am learning to overcome.

People think that when they die, all troubles will be ended. That is
the first time you really live, and all your desires and cravings are
with you, because they belong to the soul, not the body. The body is
only the dress.

Now I am in school to learn the lessons of life from the real
standpoint, and I am learning.

Thank you all for helping me, and also for giving me the
opportunity of learning the lessons of life. I wish many places had
circles like this to help spirits in darkness.

Some time, send my love to my dear, noble wife. I will try, when I
am stronger, to impress her that I am there with her.

Dr. Be brave and forget all about your trouble. Let the Mercy
Band of Spirit Forces help you, then you will gradually overcome.

Sp. Yes, I will, and thank you. Goodbye!


Spirits of former drunkards, no longer able to satisfy their desire
for liquor in the usual way, may attach themselves to susceptible
mortals and through suggestive influence force the latter to drink for them.

Victims of such obsession have been brought to our observation,
the most recent case being that of Mrs. V., a periodic inebriate, who,
for some time, had endeavored in vain to overcome the tendency to drink.

Having again failed to conquer this irresistible impulse, she came
to us one evening, strongly under the influence of liquor, and asked
to be given a treatment. After her departure, we held a concentration
circle when the spirit of a drunkard, dislodged from Mrs. V., controlled
Mrs. Wickland.

Spirit: PAUL HOPKINS. Patient: MRS. V

Doctor Are you a stranger to us? Where did you come from?


Spirit (Attempting to fight.) It's too warm! Why did you pull me
away when I was just going to have a drink and a good time?

Dr. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Do you think that controlling
a lady and ruining her life is a good time?

Sp. When a fellow feels so blue, what can he do?

Dr. You must overcome your old habit.

Sp. I'm so warm. I'm awfully hot!

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. Give me something, quick! I'm so dry.

Dr. You have had all you are going to have.

Sp. I'm burning up!

Dr. You made a lady drink for you. Do you know that you are
"dead" and are now a spirit?

Sp. All I know is, I'm hot! It was pouring fire all over me.

(Static treatment given patient.)

Dr. That was good for you.

Sp. I ran away when all that hot fire came down on me. It's the first
time I ever felt anything like that. It was so hot that I thought I was in
an oven. They must have new things these days.

Dr. What do you mean?

Sp. Fire pouring down on my back. I am dry; I'm awful dry! Give
me something-just a few drops!

Dr. Can't you understand that you have lost your mortal body
and are a spirit? Do you understand what I am talking about?

Sp. No. I don't know you.

Dr. But you understand me, do you not? You are a spirit.

Sp. You give me something to drink! I'm awful dry. Give me
something, I tell you! I only got a very few drops when you took me

Dr. Why don't you behave yourself?

SP. I can't any more. Just give me a little, only a few drops!

Dr. If you don't behave yourself, you will find yourself in the dark.

Sp. Say, will you tell that druggist that he didn't give it to me
strong enough? Tell him, will you?

Dr. You are done with druggists.

Sp. I want something to drink.

Dr. Do you think it is honorable to influence a woman and make
her drink to satisfy you?


Sp. I've got to get it some way.

Dr. Should you influence that lady to drink whiskey for you ?

Sp. Lady? I drank it myself. No lady got any. I want it all myself.
You can't get very much these days, and when you get it, you don't
give it away. You want it all yourself.

Dr. Don't you realize that you are getting it through a lady?

Sp. You give me some and give it to me quick!

Dr. I want you to understand your condition.

Sp. I'm always a good fellow.

Dr. Good for nothing.

Sp. No.

Dr. That's it exactly-good for nothing. What have you been doing

Sp. I haven't been working for some time.

Dr. Do you know what year it is?

Sp. I don't care.

Dr. You have been interfering with the life of a woman. This is not
your own body; can you understand that? It is a woman's body.

Sp. Woman's?

Dr. Yes. See your skirts.

Sp. I don't wear skirts. But, I've been a woman once in a while.

Dr. And through that woman you got the whiskey. You should be
ashamed of yourself. You are not satisfied with abusing yourself, but
you must also control a woman.

Sp. Why should I be ashamed? I have done nothing but drink
some innocent whiskey.

Dr. You know that you are in a strange condition.

Sp. I know I feel funny once in a while.

Dr. You have been brought here and allowed to temporarily
control this body so you may be made to understand that you must
leave that lady alone. Her name is Mrs. V.; do you know her?

Sp. That's not my name. I haven't heard my name for a long time.
Once in a while I feel kind of queer. I am not so correct about things
as I used to be.

Dr. Should you not ask the reason? The fact is, you have lost
your physical body.

Sp. What's the matter with me?

Dr. You are a spirit, and are invisible to us. We cannot see you.

Sp. Can't you see me?

Dr. No.

Sp. You don't see me? I'm a big fellow. Don't you see me? Why?
Probably you have had something to drink too. Say, you give me a
drink, will you? We will be pretty good fellows together. I shall be
happy, if you will give some whiskey.

Dr. You would be in a fine condition then.

Sp. If you will give me whiskey, I will remember you in my will.
You give me something to drink, then we will be pretty good fellows

Dr. I will do nothing of the kind.

Sp. Won't you help a poor fellow when he gets so dry?

Dr. We want to help you, but not in that way.

Sp. Why did you give me that hot fire?

Dr. I was giving an electrical treatment to a lady, not to you. The
lady asked me to. We drove you away from her, but that does not
seem to interest you, does it?

Sp. How would you have liked that?

Dr. You deserved it.

Sp. Say, can't you give me some whiskey?

Dr. You are only wasting time. What we are trying to do is to
make you understand your condition. You are an invisible spirit,
controlling the body of this woman.

Sp. What's the matter with that other woman? Why do I always
have to go with her?

Dr. You have been obsessing her. You are selfish and have been
controlling and influencing her. It is not the woman's fault, it is your
own fault. Did you ever read the Bible?

Sp. The Bible?

Dr. Do you remember how Jesus cast out unclean spirits? You are
such a spirit.

Sp. (Looking at hands.) These rings do not belong to me, and yet,
how in the devil could they belong to any one else?

Dr. Do you recognize these hands?

Sp. No. I must have had a little too much. But I don't seem so very
tipsy. I guess I have had a little too much, probably. You can
hypnotize people in many ways; maybe that's it. Or probably I've had
too little, and you had better give me more whiskey so I can see-just
a few drops. I am blind. Give me something and be a good fellow.
Give me just one glass more, then I shall be all right. Will you do it?

Dr. You will have to leave if you are not sensible.


Sp. You can't drive me out, and there's not many fellows who
could either. I'm pretty strong, you can see that.

Dr. We cannot see you at all.

Sp. I could fight all of you. I have done it before with people.
(Rolling up sleeves.) You'd better look out!

Dr. Why can't you listen to what I am telling you? You are
invisible to us.

Sp. Can't you see me?

Dr. No. You have lost your own body. This is not your body.

Sp. It isn't? (Attempting to fight.) Give me something to drink!

Dr. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Sp. Why should I be ashamed? All I had was a drink.

Dr. You do not understand your condition.

Sp. Why didn't you tell that woman to wait a minute? (The patient
had left after her treatment.) She ran away. What for? Tell her to wait
a minute.

Dr. You will be taken care of, and will not disturb any more persons.

Sp. She's a pretty good woman. When I want whiskey, she is
always ready with the money and gives it to me.

Dr. That will not happen any more.

Sp. I am not alone; there are many others with me.

Dr. Did they all want to drink?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. You were ruining a woman's life. You drank through that
woman. You controlled her and she drank for you.

Sp. Do you mean that big, fat woman? Say, she's good hearted.
She's always ready to treat me. We have very good times together,
glorious times! (Laughing.)

Dr. You have had your last good time. Do you think you are doing
something honorable when you upset a woman's life, and make a
drunkard of her?

Sp. I'm no drunkard. I can walk just as straight and fast as any
one. I have sense. We both have a good drink together.

Dr. There is no sense of shame in you. Try to realize that you are
an invisible spirit and have lost your own body. It is 1923 now. Do
you know that you are in Los Angeles, California? You lost your
body probably many years ago, and have been hovering around in
the earth sphere ever since.

Sp. I want something to drink right now.

Dr. Is that what you call a glorious time?


Sp. It's a good time for a while.

Dr. You were ruining a lady's life.

Sp. I haven't done that.

Dr. When you wanted whiskey you made that lady drink it for you.

Sp. I did not; I drank it myself.

Dr. Yes, through the lady. Don't act so innocent. You impressed
the woman to get whiskey for you.

Sp. Well, she has the money. I don't make any money any more.

Dr. Is it right to influence that woman, just to satisfy yourself? Did
your mother teach you such things?

Sp. My mother died long ago.

Dr. Suppose your mother were alive; would you like to see her a
slave to an earthbound spirit?

Sp. I am not an earthbound spirit.

Dr. Would you like to see your mother surrounded by a crowd of
earthbound spirits, who were making her drink? Would that make you

Sp. She wouldn't do it. This woman is good enough for me. She
only buys whiskey.

Dr. Yes, and you drink it through her.

Sp. I drink it myself.

Dr. By controlling the lady, Mrs. V., just as you are now
controlling the body of this lady.

Sp. I am not controlling any one. I've only had a drink.

Dr. Try to be sensible. This body is not yours.

Sp. Whose is it then?

Dr. It belongs to my wife. She is a psychic sensitive through
whom spirits can talk.

Sp. Will she have a drink with me? Will you?

Dr. No.

Sp. I'll treat the crowd.

Dr. I thought you had no money.

Sp. I always get some money from the lady.

Dr. She is not here.

Sp. You get it, and I'll treat the crowd. Come on with me,
everybody! I'll treat you all.

Dr. Does the lady pay the bills with money that you earn?

SP. She's splendid. There's another man helps her to pay for things.

Dr. That is her husband.

SP. Husband?


Dr. Yes, husband. You are making a slave of the woman, and
making a drunkard of her. Suppose it were your mother who was
being tormented.

Sp. My mother?

Dr. Yes; think that over carefully. Suppose somebody should
make a drunkard of your mother, how would you feel? Or of your

Sp. They know better.

Dr. Is your conduct honorable?

Sp. I'm a good fellow, and I always want to be on the best side of
the women. Women are always my best friends. They always have
money and are willing to spend it.

Dr. Now listen to me. You have actually lost your physical body,
probably many years ago. Who is the President?

Sp. I don't know. I can't recall any one.

Dr. Is Lincoln the President?

Sp. No, that was a long time ago.

Dr. Cleveland?

Sp. No.

Dr. McKinley? Arthur?

Sp. He was President a long time ago.

Dr. Do you remember Wilson?

Sp. Wilson? I don't know that fellow.

Dr. Do you know about the big war in Europe, with twenty three
nations fighting?

Sp. I don't care; all I want is a drink. I am getting so thirsty. What
do I care for war? If they want to kill themselves, what do I care? They
are better off. If they don't know any better than to kill each other, let
them go ahead.

Dr. What did your mother call you?

Sp. She called me Paul.

Dr. What was your surname?

Sp. It is a long time since I heard it.

Dr. What did they call your father?

Sp. They called him John Hopkins.

Dr. Then you must be Paul Hopkins. What state were you born in?

Sp. I have forgotten. Of, yes, I was born in Yuma, Arizona.

Dr. Were you ever in Los Angeles?

Sp. Yes, once in a while. They used to have pretty good saloons
on Main Street, and I suppose they are there now.

Dr. No, they are all gone.


Sp. Then I don't know what became of them.

Dr. They have all been done away with.

Sp. They were on Main Street, between Second and Third.

Dr. What would your mother think of your condition?

Sp. My mother is dead.

Dr. Her spirit did not die. She would be sorry to find you in this condition.

Sp. I'm in an all right condition. I feel tip-top! I get a glass of
whiskey when I want it, and it makes me feel good and happy.

Dr. Does it make you happy to see a man lying drunk in the gutter?

Sp. I have never seen it. But liquor is good! Oh, ho! Who is that?
(Seeing some spirit.)

Dr. Who is it?

Sp. I will have to sit up and take notice. She's a nice lady. (To
spirit.) Who are you?

Dr. Perhaps it is you own mother.

Sp. She was an old lady. This lady says she knew my mother. My
mother was a good Christian woman. I suppose she is with God in
Heaven, sitting near the throne.

Dr. Jesus taught that God is Spirit, and God is Love. You cannot
find such a God sitting on a throne.

Sp. Where does He sit?

Dr. God is Spirit, and is not in any particular place. He is the Life
of all Nature. You are an expression of God himself. Understand that
you are an ignorant spirit and must overcome your old habits and
that you will then progress.

Sp. This lady says if I behave myself I can go to bed and rest. I'm
awfully tired. I am a pretty tired fellow. Will they let me rest myself?

Dr. Yes, and when you wake you will realize that you are a spirit,
and that you must overcome old habits and progress as you should
on the spirit side of life.

Sp. That lady is a nurse.

Dr. We cannot see her as you do. We do not see you. You are
controlling my wife's body.

SP. I do not understand that. I want to go to that bed.

Dr. You must learn the purpose of life.

SP. They say if I lie down in that bed I will not get any more whiskey.

Dr. You will be taught how to progress.

Sp. Can I have any more whiskey?

Dr. No.

Sp. Well, I don't care. I'm tired and I feel happy. What can a fellow do? I
have no home and no place to go. You must have a good time sometimes, a
jollification time.

Dr. You did not understand your condition.

Sp. This lady says I will have a home with my mother. I will go to my
mother. Will she like me?

Dr. Mother love never dies. After you acquire understanding you must
help this lady whom you have been tormenting. You have made that poor
lady a drunkard.

Sp. Have I? I didn't know that. I wanted something to drink, but I did
not know I was doing any harm.

Dr. When she came here tonight she was drunk, and I gave her a treatment.

Sp. I had that.

Dr. You made her drunk; she herself does not want to drink. She tries to
resist the impulse. She is a sensitive, and you hypnotized her and made her drink.

Sp. It's pretty hard for a fellow to give it up.

Dr. You will have to do your duty and help her.

Sp. I feel pretty tired. I want to go to that bed.

Dr. Think yourself in that bed and you will be there.

Sp. I will? By thinking?

Dr. Yes, be perfectly quiet and think yourself in that bed.

Sp. Remember me. I am a good fellow, and I like you anyhow, even if
you gave me that fire. I mean well.

Dr. The lady whom you see will be your nurse and will look after you.

Sp. My mother is here! Oh, mother, my dear, will you forgive me? I was
not a good fellow. I will not drink any more whiskey. Mother says she will
help me. God bless you for the work you have done for me.

After the foregoing experience a friend reported a marked change for the
better in Mrs. V., saying that no further desire for intoxicants was
manifested. Mrs. V. herself acknowledged this change and expressed her
gratitude for the relief obtained.


Not at all uncommon are the cases of amnesia, when total lapse of
memory occurs, all sense of identity is lost and the victim wanders to strange
places, returning to his normal self without any knowledge of his recent actions.


We have abundant demonstration that this state is frequently due to the
influence of obsessing spirits. One case was that of a young man, C. B., who,
shortly after he had established himself in business with his father, rose early
one morning and left his home without the knowledge of his parents. No
trace of him could be found and after several weeks of anxiety the parents
asked us to concentrate for their missing son.

We did so, emphasizing that the young man should have no rest until he
would write to his parents. The following morning he wrote to them, saying
he was on board a United States Man-of-War at San Francisco, that he had
enlisted in the Navy and would be gone for several years.

The boy's parents were anxious to have him at home with them, and
wrote him to that effect, saying they would do all they could to obtain his

The day before our next concentration circle, C. wrote his parents that
they should do nothing regarding his discharge, for he was entirely willing to
serve his term of enlistment.

The following evening we again concentrated for C. B., and a spirit
controlled Mrs. Wickland, as related in the succeeding article, clearly giving
indication of having been the cause of the young man's recent actions.

Spirit: JOHN EDWARDS. Patient: C. B

While singing "Throw out the Life Line" an amusing episode occurred.
As the intelligence assumed control of Mrs. Wickland he seemed to be
pulling himself along, hand over hand, as if by a rope, and then made the
motions of swimming.

Doctor Did you hold on to the life line? Have you been drifting about?
Where did you come from? You do not need to swim on dry land. What is
the matter with you?

Spirit I want to find out what's the matter with me.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. (To audience.) He calls me dead! I am not dead-but not so much alive

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. Lots of people brought me here.

Dr. Who brought you?

Sp. A whole lot of people.


Dr. I don't see them.

Sp. I don't see why they want me. I want to be out at sea. 

Dr. Have you been out before?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. Why do you want to go out to sea? Have you been out many times?

Sp. Quite a little.

Dr. Don't you want to be on shore?

Sp. I don't want to be a dry crab. I was all ready to go out, but
you pulled me to shore. I don't see why they should pull me to shore.

Dr. Were you drowned at sea ? 

Sp. If I had been, how could I be here?

Dr. Your spirit could be here.

Sp. You mean the soul?

Dr. Yes.

Sp. Then that should be with God.

Dr. Where is God?

Sp. If you don't know that, then you ought to go to Sunday School.

Dr. I did go, but I did not find out there.

Sp. Then you did not go to the right one.

Dr. Which one should I have gone to?

Sp. There are all kinds of denominations; they are not all alike,
but they all know about God.

Dr. What church did you go to?

Sp. The church where I go is where I can be all alone. I do not go
there very often. I can belong to any denomination. When you are on
the water you can't go to church, you go to service.

Dr. Which church did you like best?

Sp. They are all alike. It's just a matter of form. They all belong to
one God, and teach a hereafter, a Heaven and a hell, and that Christ
died for our sins. So you see I feel like this you can just as well belong
to one as another. They all praise God, so it makes no difference.

Dr. You were a liberal man.

Sp. I don't know that I was that either. I don't know what kind of a
man I was. I had my own religion in a way. I had to go to church once
in a while to show the Captain that I could.

Dr. What ship were you on?

Sp. I was on all kinds.

Dr. Were you an ordinary sailor?


Sp. I was in the Navy.

Dr. Can you tell us what year it is?

Sp. I don't even know what month it is.

Dr. Do you know the year?

Sp. I do not know.

Sp. Is it 1922 ?

Sp. No. That's not the year.

Dr. What should it be?

Sp. 1912.

Dr. Where were you sailing?

Sp. One time I went around on the battleship "Cincinnati."

Dr. Where did you go?

Sp. One time around the Coast.

Dr. Did you ever go through the Panama Canal?

Sp. No. I was near it once, but not through.

Dr. What did you do on ship?

Sp. I just did anything that came along.

Dr. How old were you?

Sp. I can't seem to remember.

Dr. And now you want to go to sea again?

Sp. Yes. I don't want to be on land, because I don't feel I belong
there. There is something in life when you are on the ocean--something to it.
You have regular meals and no worry, if your work is done all right,

Dr. Is there much work to do?

Sp. Oh, yes, lots of scrubbing; there is always something to do.
The Captain does not want his men to be idle. If we were left alone we
would have a good time. If there is nothing else to do we have to
polish all the time.

I know something about it. We have to polish the stairways; the
machinery, and the fixings around it, all have to be polished. Every
day we polish the knobs, the machinery and the stairs. It is all bright
and shining. It's a big ship.

Dr. Were you on a battleship?

Sp. I was on different battleships.

Dr. Were you under fire at any time?

Sp. No; we did not fight. The Cuban War was not much of a war.
The Philippines was more.

Dr. Were you there?

Sp. We were outside. We did not get in the Bay, not all of us,
only a few. Dewey went in. I was there, but not on his ship.

I was outside cruising around. Some had to be on guard


and watch. If we had all gone in we would have been trapped. There were
others around there.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. My name? It has been so long since I heard it, I have forgotten it.
My name is John.

Dr. John what?

Sp. John Edwards.

Dr. Were you ever on the Pacific Coast?

Sp. Yes, we were around there one time. I was more on the Eastern Coast.

Dr. Were you discharged when you left the vessel?

Sp. (Slowly.) Left the vessel?

Dr. Didn't you leave the vessel? Or did you have an accident of some kind?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Were you sick?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Is Manila Bay the last you remember?

Sp. No; that's a long time ago.

Dr. Where did you go from there?

Sp. I was quite young when we were in Manila Bay.

Dr. That must have been in 1898. How long were you at sea ?

Sp. I don't know. The last I remember is 1912.

Dr. What happened to you in 1912? Were you sick?

Sp. I seem confused. It seems to me that we were-I do not remember
very well-we were painting the boat. I do not know what place it was; I can't
think. In some way we were not in the Navy Yard, it was a little outside. We
were on the scaffold on the side of the vessel.

Dr. Did something happen to you?

Sp. My head got so funny. I think I had some kind of a vertigo spell. I
felt funny. It seemed like my head was swimming.

Dr. Were you painting the boat?

Sp. We were cleaning and fixing it up.

Dr. Were you in dry dock?

Sp. I cannot remember what it was. Something happened so I got in the

Dr. You probably dropped off the scaffold.

Sp. I don't know, but I got well right away.

Dr. It is very likely that you lost your body at that time and became a spirit.

Sp. A spirit? What do you mean?

Dr. I mean you lost your mortal body. You are invisible to us.

Sp. But I was going to sea. I felt as if a part of me was a sailor, but I also
felt that I was teaching some sailor. (Through obsessing C. B.) I could smell
the salt air around him.

Sailors have a kind of atmosphere around them; you can tell them when
you see them. I wanted to go back again. You feel funny when you are on
land. You feel you do not belong there. The land is so solid; you do not feel right.

I feel the ocean is the bosom of a mother; you are rocked to sleep. You
feel so fine when the waves rock you to sleep.

Dr. When you fell from the boat, you probably lost your body, and you
have been a spirit since then. This is not your body. Look at these hands.

Sp. (Noticing hands of psychic.) That is not my hand! (Laughing.) No, I
should say not! I had big, big hands. That hand has not pulled any ropes.
That's funny-I have a hand like that! (Laughing with amusement.)

Dr. And you have a dress, and long hair. Are those the feet of a sailor?

Sp. They are not mine. Oh, I see! One time, a long time ago, you know,
we used to go to one town, then another. I was not on the battleship all the
time. You know my father was a sea Captain, and, of course, we were on
water all the time. He sailed from New York to India, and around there.

Dr. On a sailing vessel?

Sp. Yes. He had a sailing vessel first, when I was just a little kid. Then
he had a vessel. He went between Calcutta, New York and England.

Dr. With a merchant vessel?

Sp. Yes. He had a lot of stuff. Then he went to Australia one time; he
dealt in cotton and wool. When I grew up I felt I wanted to be in the employ
of the Government, so I joined the Navy, to my father's disgust.

He did not like it, but he said I was a sailor born. I think I was born on
the water; I do not know the land. My mother taught me to read and write
and that was all the schooling I had. We were always on the water. Mother
was a pretty good woman.

Dr. Did your mother die?

Sp. My mother is not living, and my father is dead too.


They both died some years ago. But this was not what I was going to talk about.

Dr. You were talking about these hands, and this dress.

Sp. I do not see how I could get a woman's hands and dress. That was
what I was going to talk about when I drifted away. I do not know, but I
should judge I was about eighteen or nineteen when we were in Calcutta.

I like to go around and see everything, and I like to talk. I drifted into a
meeting one time. In India, Calcutta is a pretty good town and has a nice
climate. I drifted into this meeting and I got a whole lot of books.

They called this meeting "Theosophy." They were nice people, but
queer. When they talk, before you know it, you believe in reincarnation.

Is this skirt reincarnation? You said I am dead, so now how can you
explain it in any other way? That must explain it, because I am back as a woman.

Dr. You might call this reincarnation, in a way. When you pass out, you
leave your mortal body and become a spirit.

Sp. You know, they go to Devachan, and that is a long way off. Say,
Madam Blavatsky was a great speaker. I heard her in Calcutta. Then there
was Leadbeater.

I was only a kid, but, you know, when you get something in your head
when you are a kid, it stays there.

My father said: "John, don't you believe that; you will go crazy."

I said: "It is better than nothing; it tells good things. That salvation
scheme is not right."

My heart felt so big when I said that. It swelled up when I got those
books. It may be that I am back again as a woman. I didn't think I would be a
woman. I wanted to be a sailor again.

Dr. You are using a woman's body only temporarily.

Sp. So I am a woman temporarily! (Laughing.)

Dr. You are a spirit, and probably have been since 1912. It is 1922 now.
You have been out of your body ten years.

Sp. How do you know I died then?

Dr. You say that is the last date you remember.

Sp. Do you go by that? Then I have been in Devachan? Maybe sailors,
don't stay in Devachan so long; maybe their vibrations are better. I know the
vibrations are much more vibrating on a steamboat, especially when there are
storms! (Laughing.) Really and truly, have I reincarnated?


Dr. It is likely that you passed out of your body at the time you spoke
of, and you have been a spirit but were not aware of your condition.

Sp. So I do not know anything?

Dr. Whatever your condition has been, you have been brought here
tonight to acquire understanding. We are investigators of psychic phenomena
and spirit obsession. Sometimes spirits take control of mortals and cause
them to do strange things.

You have been attracted here, and are controlling this body, which
belongs to my wife. You are using it temporarily. We do not see you; we
only hear you talk.

Sp. Then, in reality, I am in a woman. I am only fooling you then.

Dr. My wife is so constituted that spirits can use her body temporarily.
Have you ever heard of mediums?

Sp. Yes, I have been to mediums to have my fortune told. You know
they are only controlled by Indians.

Dr. Indians are excellent "gate-keepers." They are good protectors for mediums.

Sp. Why did I come here,

Dr. For understanding. You have evidently been doing mischief
unconsciously. You are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. I know I was in San Francisco once. I have not been there for a long
time. It was in 1894.

Dr. You probably made a young man leave his home and parents
without any provocation at all, and made him enlist as a sailor in the Navy.

Sp. He had no business to do that.

Dr. He is interested in other work. He seemed to lose himself and
enlisted in the Navy. He is San Francisco now. There is evidence in his case
that some spirit has been interfering with him, and I surmise that you are the one.

Sp. For goodness sake, I wouldn't do that! I woke up one morning and I
felt I was on land for some reason or other, and I wanted to be on water.

Dr. You were drifting about and came in contact with this young man,
who is sensitive to spirit influence. He had been studying too hard and so
made himself sensitive. You got into his magnetic aura, acted through him,
and caused him to do things he did not want to do. Did you enlist very
recently to go out to sea again?

Sp. It seems I woke up early one morning and wanted to


go back to the water. I felt I was lost.

Dr. Didn't you realize that you did not have full control of yourself ?

Sp. I felt queer. In a way, I was in a dreamy state. Say,
I didn't mean to do anything wrong.

Dr. We understand your position, and know you are a good
fellow. We don't blame you.

Sp. Who is that boy?

Dr. His name is B.; he is a young boy of seventeen.

Sp. He claimed he was twenty-one, or he could not have joined.

Dr. He is large and looks older than he is. We concentrated
for him and I suppose we pulled you to shore.

Sp. I felt some one pull me, and then I felt I was in the
water. I recall-we were in New York, or somewhere around
there, and it was awfully stormy and icy. I was doing something and 
fell in the water. There was ice all around me. We had been there for
a while, but I do not know any more. How did I get into that boy?

Dr. You drifted into his aura.

Sp. Why, here comes my mother! I haven't seen her for a
long time. She died in New York. She says: "Oh, John, I have
been hunting for you for so long." I didn't know it. If I am
dead, why didn't I go to her?

Dr. Many fall into a sleep and remain in that condition for some time.

Sp. Oh, I was in Devachan! That is where I was sleeping to reincarnate!

Dr. Now you must go with your mother. She will take you to her home.

Sp. I will go to my mother and father-my old father.

Dr. Does he have understanding now?

Sp. Mother says, Yes, but she had a time with him. He
wanted to see the Savior. I never quite believed in that story.
I wanted to find out about it, but never did. I think Theosophy
is the best, because they do not have that blood question to deal
with. I don't believe in one person being killed for others.
If I did anything wrong, why should I not suffer myself ?
God is Love, and He never wanted any one killed to save another.
Such damned foolish things! The church people are so down on
Jews, and yet Jesus was a Jew.

Dr. Now you must go with your father and mother.

Sp. I've been in a nice crowd. This has been a good night.


I feel pretty good. It has been a good night--to speak with
nice people and spend a couple of hours having a good time.
You say you cannot see these others here, but there are quite a few.
Now mother says-my dear little mother-she says I must
go. She has not seen her son for a long time. We have lots to
talk about together. I told you my mother was good. I must
say goodbye to you all. (Trying to rise, but unable to do so.)
Why, what's the matter with my legs? I cannot stand on them.

Dr. You are only controlling the upper part of the body.

Sp. Then I'm only half a man! (Laughing heartily.) Worse
and worse! Only half woman, half sailor! Now I must go
with my dear little mother.

Dr. You must learn to think.

Sp. Think! Have I not been thinking before? (Laughing.)
Excuse me, but everything seems a joke.

Dr. That's all right. You will have to travel by thinking.

Sp. Not by my legs? Will I not need my legs any more?
I haven't any; you know I'm only half a man.

Dr. Just think yourself with your mother, and you will be there.

Sp. Think myself with my mother, and I will be there? I
am going now. But you folks are so jolly that I think I'll come
again some day. You don't mind if I come, do you? By the
way, will you please tell that boy I feel sorry if I did him mischief ?

Dr. Will you try to help him? You can.

Sp. I can? How?

Dr. By impressing him to return home. Your mother will explain to you.

Sp. My mother says I should thank you for finding me. But
she found her son in a woman! She did not recognize me in a
woman-but we have to take things as they come. Now I will go--Good Night.

The day after this the attitude of C. B. changed entirely. He
then wrote to his parents urging them to do everything possible
to secure his release, as he wanted to come home and continue
his work. He added that he could not understand why he had
enlisted, and that he seemed to have been in a daze.
Since the young man had enlisted as being of age, while in
reality only seventeen, he was, after many difficulties and delays,
released from service, and he returned to his home, once more his normal self.

CHAPTER IX -- Psychic Invalidism

SPIRITS who are ignorant of having lost their physical
bodies often hold firmly in mind the thought of their former
physical condition and continue to suffer pain. This
"error of the mortal mind" persists until an understanding of
transition and spiritual laws is reached, when freedom from
ideas of physical limitations is attained.

When spirits who are under this delusion of suffering and
disease come into the auras of mortals their condition is conveyed
to the sensitives, and chronic lassitude, pseudo-illness and
psychic invalidism result.

These sensitives endure all the pain of the spirits' former
physical condition, and ordinary methods of treatment fail to
cure, for the only permanent relief is found through the dislodgement
of the ignorant entities.

While we were in Chicago a friend of ours, Miss F. W., a
companion to Mrs. McA.,** prominent modiste in the city, asked
us to concentrate for Mrs. McA., who was a chronic invalid.
The latter had been ordered by her physicians to take a rest
cure and could not be induced to get up again. She was suffering
intense pains in the head and was subject to many changeable moods.
Miss F. W. and Mrs. McA.'s masseuse were present during
the following occurrence.

Spirit: GRACE BRUSTED. Patient: MRS. MCA

The spirit at first spoke with great difficulty, complained of
being very sick and was unable to sit up. She insisted that she
was too sick to be up and wished to go to bed.
When asked whether she knew any one in the room she at
once recognized Mrs. McA's masseuse and demanded that she take
her to bed immediately, wait upon her and draw down the shades,
as the light was too strong for a sick person.

*For origin of Mrs. Eddy's "Mortal Mind" teaching, see Chap. 1, Page 372. Spirit: Mrs. Eddy.
**See Chap. 6. Page 128. Spirit: Harry Hayward; Patient- Mrs. McA.


She gave her name as Grace Brusted, of Boston, said she
was a Universalist, and that the year was 1898.

She had been sick for a long time and felt as if she were
two persons, at times herself and at other times another person.
She was often called Mrs. McA., but was tired of answering
to that name, as she did not like Mrs. McA. Recently she had
had to do entirely too much work, having had to give orders to
the sewing girls; furthermore, Miss F. W. would have to do things
in her way or be discharged.

The spirit repeated again that she was tired of living a
double life, that she could not understand it and was more than
ready to die.

The way of progression was then explained and the spirit's
grandmother and mother appeared to her, saying that she had
always been a spoiled child, but would now have to learn to
serve others.

Miss F. W. and the masseuse said that Mrs. McA. had been
acting in the same manner as this spirit, even using the identical
language, and they later reported that on the following
morning Mrs. MCA. was in a very genial mood, remarking that
it was, the first time for many months that she had wakened
without a headache. After this she improved rapidly, left her bed
and resumed her usual activities.

For over a period of six years, a friend of ours, an elderly
gentleman, eighty-four years old, was afflicted with unaccountable
pains in the back of the neck and a peculiar dizziness and
vertigo which came upon him with increasing frequency.
When seized with these attacks he felt that walls and buildings
would fall and crush him; an extreme nausea accompanied
these sensations, and if seated, he would fall forward with his
head below his knees and for some time would be unable to
straighten himself without help.

Unable to find any physical cause for his distress, the possibility
of spirit interference was suggested, and we concentrated
for him at our psychic circle.

A spirit then controlled Mrs. Wickland and fell forward with
head between the knees. We labored with the entity for some
time until he was finally able to tell us that his name was Jack
Finch, that he was about sixty-five years old and had been an
inmate of an institution near Madison, Wisconsin.
He said that when he was quite small some one, probably his


sister, had been carrying him and had dropped him to the floor
and that this fall had broken his back and left him helpless.
As he grew older he became a great care; his mother neglected
him and he was finally placed in an institution. He remembered
he had been in a cyclone at one time and that something had
struck him on the back of the neck, adding still further to his misery.
He had always been in great pain, and his broken back and
injured neck produced dizzy spells which would cause him to
double over and remain in a cramped position until aid was
given. When this dizziness came upon him he would feel as if
he were sliding off a roof, or as if the walls were crushing him;
again, he often felt as if the bed would fall on him and as if
everything were spinning around.

He said that because of his helpless condition no one had ever
cared for him, with the single exception of a nurse by the name
of "Anasteena," who had been very kind to him at the institution
and had always fed him.

"But everything is changed now. Sometimes I feel like a
small man, and sometimes like a woman, or like a big man."
(Sensations experienced when influencing different mortals.)
When the spirit was brought to a realization that he had lost
his mortal body and could no longer have any physical pain, he
asked: "If I have lost my body, and if I am dead, then why
haven't I seen God? Where is He?"

This led to an explanation of the true nature of God, His
manifestation in all things, and the existence of the spirit world.
Being told to look about to see whether some one was present
whom he had known on earth, he said: "Why, there is my
mother! She wants me to go with her to her home; she says
she will take care of me now. She says I never knew what real
life was on account of my crippled body, but that I will commence
to really live from now on."

While speaking, he saw in the distance another spirit coming
toward him, and he exclaimed with great joy: "It is Anasteena!
Can I go with her, too?"

Assured that he could go with his mother and friend, that he
would be well cared for, and would begin a life of happiness, he
said fervently, "God bless you!" and was then taken away.
The next day the friend who had suffered from the vertigo
attacks found himself free from the ailment and said he had so
much surplus energy that he felt he must be forty-eight, instead


of eighty-four. Nor was he ever subject to any recurrence of his former trouble.
Mr. Z., from the neighboring town of Burbank, who had suffered
for twenty-five years from sleeplessness and an intense
nausea without having been able to obtain relief, was brought to
us by a physician, who suspected obsession in the case.
During the consultation Mrs. Wickland saw the spirit of a
man standing behind the patient, and when she described this
spirit, the patient recognized an old friend who had passed out
a number of years before.

After an electrical treatment had been given to the patient,
this spirit left him, and taking control of Mrs. Wickland, spoke
to his friend, recalling incidents of their former acquaintanceship.

Mr. Z. had at one time been engaged to the daughter of this
spirit, but for religious reasons the engagement had been
broken. The two men had, however, continued friendly relations
and when the father found himself in financial straits,
Mr. Z. had aided him in a business way.

When the father later died of cancer of the stomach, he was
attracted to Mr. Z. because of his regard for him; becoming
enclosed in his aura, he was unable to free himself and had
remained with him for twenty-five years, conveying to his mortal
friend the symptoms of the disease from which he had suffered
while in earth life. After receiving an explanation of the laws of the higher
life he left repentantly, and Mr. Z. was no longer troubled with the
nausea condition.
An unusual type of psychic invalidism, due to spirit influence,
was the case of Mrs. G., who had for many years suffered in-
tensely from a peculiar spinal affliction, which baffled all skill
of physicians.

After Mrs. G. had been under our care for some time a spirit
who had died of a broken back and neck was removed and controlled
Mrs. Wickland.

The guiding intelligences explained that he had drifted into
the aura of the patient when she was a child and had become
enmeshed in her nervous system, thus transferring to his victim
the physical condition under which he had died, and which he
still believed himself to be suffering from.

With the removal of the spirit the patient was promptly
relieved and suffered no more pain in the back.


Spirit: JAMES HOXEN. Patient: MRS. G

The controlling spirit seemed to be paralyzed, with head
hanging toward the shoulder. At first unable to speak, he pointed
to the neck, and moaned continually as if in great pain.
At these indications, both Mr. and Mrs. G., who were in the
circle, became intensely interested.

Doctor. Overcome your old habits, friend; forget your pain.
(Manipulating hands and arms.) See, your arms are not stiff
now. Straighten up; you are not paralyzed. We are going to
help you.

Understand that you have lost your old body. You are a
spirit and must not hover around the earth plane causing trouble.
Talk, and tell us who you are. Where did you come from?

Spirit Oh! (Making frantic efforts to reach Mrs. G.,
stretching forth both hands to her imploringly.)

Mrs. G. No, you cannot come back here. I do not want you.

Sp. Oh! (Beginning to cry, and making another effort to
reach Mrs. G.)

Dr. You cannot be selfish any longer. You must listen to
intelligent spirits who will help you. You can only find happiness
by forgetting your present condition. Intelligent spirits
will take you to the spirit world. Moaning and crying will not
help you.

Mrs. G. The gentleman who is speaking to you is a doctor
and he will help you.

Dr. Try to talk.

Sp. I don't want any more fire! (Electric treatments given patient.)

Dr. You surely will have more, if you stay around here
Sp. I don't want any more. (Struggling.) Oh, that fire!

Dr. Listen to me. Something must have happened to you
a long time ago. Can you remember what occurred?

Mrs. G. Answer the doctor.

Dr. Understand your true condition. You died probably a
long time ago.

Sp. Oh! My back, my back!

Dr. What is the matter with your back?

Sp. It's broken.

Dr. What happened to you?

Sp. I fell off a horse.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. I can't tell just now. I thought I was dead in a way, but
I don't feel like dying now. My back and head and neck are all
gone to pieces. My head is going off my spine. (The patient had
continually suffered from a sensation of the head being dislocated from the spine.)

Dr. When did the accident happen?

Sp. I don't know. I struck right here. (Left side of neck.)

Dr. Forget that condition; you do not need to have that
sensation now. This body, which you are controlling, is all right.
Do you know you are invisible to us?

Sp. I don't want any more fire. It strikes my neck too hard.

Dr. That was necessary to get you out. Why did you influence
that lady and bother her?

Sp. My neck, my neck, and my head! They ache so I can't
stand it any longer.

Dr. How long have you been troubled this way?

Sp. Many years-a long, long time.

Mrs. G. Were you grown up, or little, when you fell off the
horse ? Are you a boy or a girl?

Sp. I am a boy. I broke my neck a long time ago, but it
hurts yet.

Mrs. G. Where did this happen? Was it in California?

Sp. No; far, far away. I don't know where.

Dr. Think back and your memory will return.

Mr. G. Was it Illinois, or Iowa?

Sp. I have been asleep and you'll have to wait a minute. My
head aches so, and my neck. My neck is broken. My head has
gone from my spine.

Mr. G. You no longer have a physical head.

Sp. But the fire gets on top of it!

Mrs. G. That is good for you; it will help you.

Sp. It's fire-fire!

Mrs. G. Your neck does not hurt you at all now.

Sp. Yes, it does.

Dr. No, it does not.

Sp. I got paralyzed. My spine! I can't move, and, oh, my
neck! I can't move! My neck is broken.

Dr. Can't you understand that your broken neck went to the
grave? Your physical body is gone. This body is all right, but
you will use it for only a little while.

Sp. You don't know how everything hurts.


Dr. Because you hold that idea in your mind. How could
your body hurt you now when it is in the grave?

Sp. How do you know it is?

Dr. This is not your body.

Sp. How do you know my body is in the grave?

Dr. Because you yourself are here. This body you are
talking through is not yours.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. You do not want to understand. You are a selfish spirit.
You know that is true.

Sp. I have been to church and I know about Jesus Christ.

Mrs. G. To what church did you go?

Sp. To the Mennonite Church. (Mrs. G. had grown up
among the Mennonites.)
Mrs. G. Where was that?
Sp. In Kansas, a long time ago. (Mrs. G. had lived in
Kansas for some years.)

Mr. G. In what town?

Sp. N.

Mr. G. What is your name?

Sp. I lost it. My neck is so bad.

Mr. G. Did you live in town?

Sp. No, on a farm about a mile north of the College.

Mr. G. What is your name?

Sp. I had a name, but it is such a long time since I heard it.

Mr. G. How did you happen to fall from the horse?

Sp. We were going up the hill and my horse got scared of
some rabbits. Then he went off quick. I did not get hold of the
reins quick enough.

Mr. G. You were not a good rider.

Sp. I had no saddle. How could I stick on?

Mr. G. Evidently it was not a gentleman's saddle horse.

Sp. I was only a hired man.

Mr. G. How old were you?

Sp. I was about sixteen or seventeen, I think.

Mr. G. What did your mother call you?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Did she call you Mabel?

Sp. They never call a boy that. My shoulder and back are
broken. My neck has been broken for years and years.

Dr. Will you understand that you have lost your body?
What is your name?

Sp. My name is James.


Dr. Was that all they called you? Is this your hand? (Indicating
hand of the psychic.)

Sp. No, Jimmie never had a ring.

Dr. You are using this hand temporarily; it does not belong
to you. It belongs to my wife.

Sp. I have seen that my hands have been small for a long
time. My name is James Hoxen.

Dr. You may have lost your body after that accident.

Sp. My head will drop off!

Dr. Then we will have to pick it up. You are an ignorant
spirit, and have been bothering that lady.

Sp. What is a spirit?

Dr. That is what I am talking to.

Sp. This is James.

Dr. I see my wife when I look at this body. Ask any of
these people whose body you are speaking through.

Sp. Then I belong to some one else.

Dr. To whom?

Sp. (Stretching his arms toward Mrs. G.) I want to come
back to you. I like you.

Mrs. G. You will never come back to me any more. You
will have to go to the spirit world.

Sp. Where is that?

Dr. It is the invisible world around the earth plane.

Sp. (Affectedly.) I want to see Jesus Christ.

Dr. Why do you whine?

Sp. That is my way to talk. Will you cure my neck?

Dr. Yes, by making you understand your true condition.

As an ignorant spirit you have been bothering a lady. By using
the "fire," as you call it, we drove you away. You are temporarily
controlling my wife's body. You have lost your physical
body, and you must obtain understanding of the invisible side
of life, where you are now.

Mr. G. Do you know my name? Did you know any one by
the name of G.?

Sp. They lived far away.

Mr. G. Did you know anybody by the name of K.? (Mrs.
G.'s maiden name.)

Sp. They were in another town.

Mr. G. Were you born in the place where you had the accident?

Sp. I was born far out in the country.

Mrs. G. What year do think it is?


Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Who is the President?

Sp. I never read very much about things. I lived on a farm and did the 
chores. That was long ago. For a while there has been so much fire.

Dr. I gave you that "fire'; it is electricity.

Sp. I saw fire; it is not electricity. You hold electricity in your
hand, and it jerks.

Dr. I caused that fire.

Sp. You! Shame on you! Shame on you! You! To do that to an
innocent little fellow like me! Shame on you!

Dr. You have been bothering that lady for a long time, and she
could not live her own free life. I put the "fire" on you, and you left.
Look around and you will see intelligent spirits here who will help you.

Sp. There's a lot of people here. (Suddenly becoming greatly
excited and beginning to cry.) Mother! Oh! Oh, Mother!

Dr. She has come to help you.

Sp. Oh, Mother, why did you die? I was only a little boy, and
when you died everything was broken up and I had to earn my own

Dr. What does your mother say?

Sp. She says: "Oh, Jimmie, where have you been?" She has been
looking for me but could not find me.

Dr. That is because you have been with that lady, making a great
deal of trouble. Now you can go with your mother.

Sp. It's a long time since I saw my mother.

Dr. It is 1923 now.

Sp. No!

Dr. It is the fourth of July, 1923, and you are in Los Angeles,

Sp. No, it must be 1893.

Dr. That was thirty years ago.

Sp. But I was living in 1896; after the accident I was crippled for
years. The last I remember it was 1896.

Dr. That was twenty-seven year ago.

Sp. How can all those years be gone? Have I been sleeping?

Dr. Only partially. You have been bothering people.

Sp. I have. been kept shut up for years and years. (In aura of
patient.) I thought I was going to die once but after I had been shut
up for a while, I felt different. I had lady's clothes on and I felt like a
woman, but my neck bothered me so, and my head was like it came off
my spine.


Dr. You got into that lady's magnetic aura and bothered
her. When you lost your body you still had the idea that your
neck was broken; but your body went to the grave.

Sp. But I had a neck that always hurt.

Dr. You held the idea in your mind that you still had a
broken neck. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Your
mind was on your broken neck, and you did not realize that a
change had occurred. This body, which belongs to my wife, has
no broken neck.

Sp. Your wife? Where is she?

Dr. Sleeping. Look at your feet; they are not really yours.

Sp. Am I a woman?

Dr. Only temporarily. Now you must go with your mother.

Sp. Mother, will you take me with you?

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says, yes, but I must ask that lady to forgive me.
But I could not help it. I could not get out. I was shut up such
a long time, and I'm tired. Now I will go with my mother. Oh,
Mother, come and take me! I will be a good boy.

Dr. Now you will find understanding.

Sp. I feel I am dying. My head is off again.

Dr. That is only a temporary sensation. When you leave,
you may feel as if you were dying, but that is only because you
are losing control. You could not "die" if you tried, Nobody
ever really dies. Spirit never dies.

Sp. Will I have a better body?

Dr. Yes. Now forget your broken neck and your pain.

Sp. I am going with my mother. Please forgive me, lady.

Mrs. G. That's all right, James. Forget the past.

Dr. Intelligent spirits will help you and will teach you
wonderful things. Think yourself with your mother and with
the Mercy Band of spirits. Goodbye.

Sp. Goodbye.
In the summer of 1923 a gentleman, Mr. I., consulted us
about his wife, who for nine months had been confined to her
bed suffering from intense pain in the head, diagnosed by others
as due to brain tumor, and from a seemingly paralyzed condition
of one arm, which was helpless.

We made several calls at the home of the invalid, giving
electrical treatments which strengthened the patient, but Mrs.
Wickland clairvoyantly saw the spirit of a man with a ghastly
head wound and a woman with a crippled arm hovering about

At our next concentration circle, the spirit of this man controlled
Mrs. Wickland, and we learned that in life he had been a
house painter who had fallen from a scaffold, and, as he said,
"split open" his head.

He did not know that he had died and declared that he was
suffering from agonizing pains in the head, but that lately he
had a very comfortable bed to rest in. Convinced of his true
condition he was taken away, and from that time Mrs. I had no
further pain in the head.

She still remained in bed, however, feeling weak and suffering
with the paralyzed arm. * After another treatment we returned
to our home, inviting Mr. I. to attend our concentration
circle that evening.

When he came he said that after our departure his wife felt
so much better that she had risen, and for the first time in nine
months, spent the day out of bed.

The events of the evening, therefore, were of great interest
to the gentleman, as the controlling spirit complained of pains
corresponding exactly with those endured by his wife.

Spirit: Mrs. Lizzy Davidson. Patient: Mrs. I.

The spirit held one arm pressed tightly to the body, moaning incessantly.

Doctor Good evening. Have we some one here who it sick?

Is this one who has passed out with some sickness, and still
holds the trouble in his mind? What is the matter?

Spirit (Groaning.) My arm! Oh, my arm!

Dr. What is the matter with it?

Sp. It hurts me.

Dr. What happened to it?

Sp. Where's my bed? I'm sick.

Dr. Are you sleepy?

Sp. I'm sick in bed. I ought to be in bed.

Dr. Haven't you been in bed long enough?

Sp. I'm awfully sick.

Dr. How many years have you been sick?

Sp. A long, long time.

Dr. How long is it since you died?


Sp. Died? I'm sick, I said. I am not dead. I said "sick."
you do not know about me. I am so sick.

Dr. I realize that you are sick in your mind. Otherwise you
are not sick.

Sp. Oh! Oh! I'm a very sick woman. Don't touch me!
My arm! My arm!

Dr. Was it hurt?

Sp. Why did you take me away when I was so comfortable
in bed? Oh, that nice, comfortable bed! (To Mr. I.) He (Dr.
W.) took me away just when I was going to lie down and sleep.

Mr. I. I am very glad to see you here.

Sp. He took me along with him, and I wanted to sleep. I
am a very sick woman.

Dr. We are going to cure your arm.

Sp. Oh, I want to be in that bed. It's so nice and comfortable.
It's such a nice bed, and there is such a nice gentleman
to wait on me.

Dr. You will never be in that bed again.

Sp. I am a very sick woman. You had better call a doctor.

Mr. G. That gentleman is a doctor.

Dr. How long have you been sick?

Sp. (Recognizing Dr. W.) Why, you are the one who gave
me those sparks! Take me away from him!

Mr. G. That was an electrical treatment.

Sp. He told me I should go with him. He said, "Any one
who is around this lady, must come with me," so I went with
him. Why did you tell me to come with you, and then hold me
like this? (To Mr. I.) Can't you do something to protect me?

Mr. I. This is a good place for you.

Sp. You think so! Why did you let this man bring me here?

Mr. G. He did not want you to make an invalid of his wife.

Sp. Can't you tell this man to leave me alone? (To Mr. I)

Mr. I. No, I think you are in good hands.

Sp. No! No! No! I don't want to stay here! (Stamping feet furiously.)

Dr. Do you want to hover around this gentleman's wife, and ruin her life?

Sp. He can take care of us so nicely. I like him and I want to stay there!
(Angrily stamping feet.)

Mr. I. They will take good care of you here.

Dr. You are not sick, but you have a bad temper.

Sp. I am sick with my arm.

Dr. Only in your mind.


Sp. Can't I go back to that bed? (To Mr. I.) You are such
a nice nurse.

Dr. You have been bothering his wife, hovering around her.
That gentleman is taking care of his wife, and incidentally has
been taking care of you. You are a spirit. He doesn't want
you there any more.

SP. (Coaxingly to Mr. I.) Don't you want to take care of
me again?

Mr. I. No.

Sp. You mean thing, you! (Crying.)

Dr. You must obtain understanding. Are you a cry baby?

Sp. No, I am not a cry baby! (Stamping feet again.)

Dr. Then it is just temper. Now behave, and understand
that you have lost your mortal body.

Sp. I have not lost my body.

Dr. You have lost your physical body; that is in the grave.

Sp. I am not in the grave!

Dr. But your body is.

Sp. My body is myself. No, I am not in the grave; this is my body.

Dr. Look at your hands; they are not yours.

Sp. Where did I get these rings? I had more stones in mine,
didn't I? (To Mr. I.)

Mr. I. My wife had.

Sp. You gave me a nice ring.

Mr. I. No, I did not. I gave it to my wife.

Sp. Yes, you did.

Mr. I. No, I did not.

Dr. You are a selfish, earthbound spirit.

Sp. Spirit! I'm no spirit. I am a good woman, a good,
religious woman! I love Jesus.

Dr. Then why are you not with him? You have evidently
been dead a long time.

Sp. I say I am not dead ! Oh! My arm, my arm.

Mr. G. You forgot that you had a crippled arm. You have
been moving it about.

Sp. Yes, I forgot, but I know where my pains are! (Stamping feet.)

Dr. When you have a temper you forget your pains.

Sp. You do not! I have pains just the same. Don't you know that?

Dr. I know you have a temper.


Sp. I am a good Christian lady. I love Jesus with all my
heart and all my soul. He is my Savior.

Mr. G. To save you from what?

Sp. From sin.
Dr. Then you cannot be so very good if you have sins.

Sp. Is that so? Say, are we in church? Look at all the
people. Did you take me to church?

Dr. This is a place where we release earthbound spirits.

Sp. Earthbound spirits? What are you talking about? Will
you pray, and sing "Jesus, Lover of my Soul"?

Dr. No, we will not. Where did you come from?

Sp. I get so mad when I think of that bed. Why did you
take me away from that nice bed? I feel so sad. My back and
my arm hurt me so much. My arm is paralyzed. I was shot in my arm.

Dr. Who shot you?

Sp. Ask them.

Dr. Did they use a hypodermic?

Sp. Yes, that's what I mean. I would like to have one more
shot. Will you give me just a little? Oh, please, just a little
bit! Give me just a little shot in the arm.

Dr. Were you a drug addict?

Sp. I was sick such a long time, and I couldn't sleep, so they
put something in my arm. They put it in so many times that
my arm got sore, then it seemed to be paralyzed. They put in
too much.

Dr. Well, now we must hurry; it is getting late.

Sp. What's the hurry? Where are you going-out?

Dr. We are going to help you understand your condition.

You have lost your mortal body and, are a spirit. This is not
your body.

Sp. Is that so? You only think so.

Dr. This is not your body at all; you are only borrowing it temporarily.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. This is my wife's body.

Sp. I never married you.

Dr. I did not say that.

SP. You said I was your wife. Yes, you did! I heard it myself.

Dr. I. said you were talking through my wife's body.

Sp. Have you ever heard of any one talking through another person's body?


Dr. Tell us who you are.

Sp. Hold my hand, not my arm.

Dr. We will treat your arm, then it will be well. (Manipulating arm.)

Sp. Oh! That electric man!

Dr. Now your arm is not paralyzed at all. Look at your
dress. Is it yours? Where did you get it?

Sp. Did you buy this dress?

Dr. My wife did. What is your name?

Sp. Lizzie.

Dr. Lizzie what?

Sp. Mrs. Lizzie Davidson, and I don't want to be called
Lizzie! When you speak to me, you must call me Mrs. Davidson.

Dr. Now listen to me. I am telling you a fact when I say
you have lost your own body, but you do not realize it. You
have been bothering that gentleman's wife (Mrs. I.) for a long
time. You have made her an invalid.

Sp. I have not been his wife.

Dr. No, but you have been bothering his wife.

Sp. (Coquettishly, to Mr. I.) You are a nice nurse, and I
like you. Don't you like me?

Mr. I. No!

Sp. I don't want your wife to go to sleep, because when she
sleeps I can't stay, and I want to sleep in that nice bed, and have
you wait on me.

Dr. You have been keeping that lady awake all night.

Sp. Because when she sleeps I have to go.

Dr. That is selfishness.

Sp. I have no home, so I have to make my home with her.
She's an awful nice lady.

Dr. Now you will have to find a home of your own in the
spirit world.

Sp. Where is that?

Dr. It is the invisible world about the earth plane. Do you
believe in Heaven?

Sp. Yes, where God is, and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
I am going to Heaven.

Dr. Use a little reason. You lost your physical body long ago.

Sp. Where did I lose it?

Dr. We cannot tell that.

Sp. Then how did you find it out?

Dr. You are proving the fact yourself. Do you realize that
this is the hand of my wife that I am holding?

Sp. You are holding my hand, and I am not your wife!(Stamping.)

Dr. I am holding my wife's hands, and you are talking through her.

Sp. You are not going to hold me any longer!

Dr. You are talking to us, but we cannot see you. You are
invisible to us. Every one here sees that this is my wife's body.

Mr. I. Did you follow Dr. Wickland here this morning?

Sp. He put those awful things in me. (Electricity.) Then
he said: "Everybody come along with me!" (To. Dr. W.) Why
did you do that and make me get out.? And that Indian girl!

(Silver Star, one of Mrs. Wickland's guides, who had controlled
for a brief time that morning, telling funny stories to attract
the spirit's attention.)

She made me laugh until I got so weak and sick that before
I knew it I was away from that lady. I'm so mad! If I could
only get hold of that Indian I would wring her neck all right!

Dr. I thought you said you were a Christian?

Sp. Yes, I am. God forgive me for saying that! Let me
pray! I made a mistake.

Mr. I. You said the doctor brought you here.

Sp. He did not bring me in this body.

Mr. I. That body has been here all day; you came with the
doctor and his wife in their auto this morning.

Sp. What do you mean by auto?

Dr. Don't you know what an automobile is?

Sp. What is it?

Dr. It is a car that runs by itself. There are millions of
them in use now. You lost your body evidently a long time ago.

Sp. Are you sure about it? When did I lose it?

Dr. I do not know. We do not know you.

Sp. I told you I am Lizzie Davidson. Let us pray!

Dr. I think you are two-faced.

Sp. I think so, too, sometimes. Sometimes I have dark hair
and sometimes light. (The patient had dark hair.)

Dr. How can you explain that?

Sp. I don't know, and I don't care. I only love Jesus.

Dr. Where did you come from? Do you know where you
are? You are in Los Angeles, California.

SP. I am not, I never have been, I never was. I had no
money to go there.


Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. In New York.

Mr. I. Was it down on Twenty-seventh Street?

Sp. No, it wasn't.

Dr. It must be a long time since you were on earth, for you have
not seen automobiles that run without horses.

Sp. Does the devil run them?

Dr. No, internal combustion.

Sp. Blab! Blab! Internal combustion.

Dr. What year do you think this is? We think it is 1923.

SP. Then you're off . It is 1883.

Dr. Who is President?

Sp Don't you know?

Mr. G. Yes, we know, but we want to see if you know.

Dr. I think it is Harding.

Sp. . Wait a little; I have to think. It is Arthur Garfield was shot in
1881, in July.

Dr. Is that the last you remember? Can you recall any President
later than that?

Sp. No, just Arthur. He became President after Garfield was shot.

Dr. We have had many Presidents since then: Cleveland,
Harrison, Taft and many others.

Sp. I had a brother-in-law named Cleveland.

Dr. Was he the President?

Sp. Not much! He didn't know very much anyway. What kind of
people are you?

Dr. We are all investigators. Do you know what becomes of the dead?

Sp. They go to Heaven, and see Christ and the Holy Ghost and
the Father, sitting on the throne, and the people sitting at His feet. I
love Jesus! I never loved anybody as much as I do Jesus!

Dr. You say it is 1883; that is forty years ago. It is 1923 now. Why
are you not in "Heaven" since you have been dead all that time?

Sp. I have not been dead.

Dr. You are dead only to the world; you lost your physical body
forty years ago.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. From your own words. We are now listening to what people
call a dead person. You are talking through my wife's body,


Sp. (Seeing a spirit.) Who is that over there?

Dr. Ask them who they are.

Sp. There's Cleveland, my brother-in-law. Hell! What do
you want?

Mr. G. Hello, Cleveland! How are you today?

Sp. (Angrily, to Mr. G.) You keep still! You don't know him.

Mr. G. What was his business?

Sp. He was a shoemaker.

Mr. G. He was probably a good one.

Sp. He was not nice to my sister. I don't like you, Cleveland!
You always made trouble.

Dr. Listen to what he says.

Sp. (To spirit, Cleveland.) You devil, you!

Dr. That is fine talk for a Christian.

Sp. God forgive me! God forgive me!

Dr. Be serious and forgive Cleveland.

Sp. I will never forgive him-never! He went away and
took my sister with him. (To spirit.) You devil! You went
away with my sister and it broke my heart when you took her.
Not now, nor in the world to come, will I ever forgive you-no,
not much! Get away there!

Dr. Is that Christian charity? Is that the teaching of Christ?

Sp. People forget themselves sometimes.

Dr. You will have to forgive him, and ask him to forgive you.

Sp. I will ask forgiveness from Christ. From Cleveland I never will.

Dr. Jesus said: "Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven."

Sp. Yes, but nobody practices it. I will pray and that will help.

Dr. No, it will not. Praying won't help you any in this case.
You have been in darkness forty years.

Sp. Sometimes I have been a man, and sometimes a lady.

Dr. You have been obsessing people.

Sp. Here, you Cleveland, you have no business to come here
and torment me again. What have you done with my sister, you devil, you?

Dr. I thought you belonged to the Holy of Holies.

Sp. Cora! (Spirit.) My sister! Why did you go with that
man? I will never forgive him. I suffered so much. I thought
you would be with me for the rest of your life. I promised


mother I would take care of you all my life" then you ran away with
that thing! You broke my heart.

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. No-she says she loved him. There is no such thing as loving
any man. Say, there's David, too! I suppose you think you are going
to make up with me. Not much you aren't! I never will forgive you either.

Dr. Who is David?

Sp. My husband.

Dr. What was the matter with him?

Sp. He was a fool.

Dr. For marrying you?

Sp. The world is coming to an end! People are so full of sin that
God does not know what to do with them. He will have to teach them
in some way, so let us pray! I want to go to Heaven.

Dr. Do you think you have much chance of getting there? Sp. I will
pray for you. You know, David, you were no good. I have had my troubles.

Dr. Didn't you have any faults?

Sp. No, I prayed to God.

Dr. Doesn't your conscience bother you?

Sp. My conscience?

Dr. Yes. Doesn't it make you feel guilty?

Sp. Cora, you always loved me, and you said you would always
be with me for the rest of your life, and then you ran away with that thing.

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. Cora says: "You did not let me go anywhere. It was always
church, church, and you wanted me to pray all the time. I got tired of
it, and then Cleveland came, and he promised to give me a home. He
was very good to me." But I will not forgive him anyhow.

Dr. You were a religious fanatic, and your sister could not stand it.

Sp. She ought to love Jesus.

Dr. You have not found Jesus yourself.

Sp. I haven't found Jesus because I am not dead.

Dr. Will you not believe what your sister says to you? Where did
she live?

Sp. She lived in New York, then moved to Chicago.

Dr. Ask her whether she is a spirit.

Sp. She says she's dead. (To sister.) You're dead, and you


deserve it, too, because you became a spiritualist at the last, you
crazy thing, you! I got mad at you because you ran around to
spiritualist meetings all the time. That Cleveland took you because he
belonged there and believed in spirits!

Dr. I am sitting here with my wife, and you, an invisible spirit, are
talking to us through her.

Dr. Does your sister say anything further?

Sp. She says: "Lizzie, come to your senses!" You don't need to tell
me that! Shut up with you! They have crushed me.

Dr. Were you always selfish?

Sp. No. David, he was a good man at times. He always worked
and took care of me. I had a good home, but he did not want me to go
to church so much. He wouldn't pay his money to the church, so I
got mad and called him a stingy fool. I told him if he did not go to
church, and pay money to the Lord, he would go to hell. And there he is!

Dr. He is not in hell.

Sp. Yes, he is--but I don't see how he skipped out. David, you
died a long time ago and I have prayed for you because I thought
you were in hell, and you should have stayed there, because you did
not pay any money to the Lord.

Dr. Ask him if he has been in hell.

Sp. He says: "No, there is no such place." You big fool, you are in hell!

Dr. You yourself are in the hell of ignorance. You are bound by
selfishness and ignorance.

Sp. Now, David, don't you bother me. You go to hell, because
you belong there. You did not go to church.

Dr. Jesus said: "Judge not that ye be not judged.!".

Sp. I have been born again in the blood of Jesus. I paid all the
money I could to the church.

Dr. And kept yourself in ignorance.

Sp. I have been baptized, immersed, and I am one of the holiest. I
was a good church member. I worked hard for my money and have
suffered, so I will go to Heaven when I die.

Dr. You never will really die.

Sp. David is dead.

Dr. If he himself were "dead" he could not talk to you.

Sp. Cora died in Chicago.

Dr. If they are "dead" how can they talk to you?

Sp. (Frightened.) Why--they are ghosts! I forgot they
are dead.

Dr. Ghosts like yourself. You are a ghost.

Sp. But they are dead.

Dr. Do they look as if they were dead?

Sp. No, they look much prettier than they did before. I
suppose they are in Heaven. (To the spirits.) Have you folks
seen Christ and God? Have you been in Heaven with Them?

Dr. What do they say?


Sp. They say: "No!". Then you are-I thought so-then
you have been in hell. Have you? They say: "No!"

Dr. Ask them if the body you are using is yours.

Sp. (To invisibles.) Well, what are you looking at? Don't
you know me? They say, not as I look now. How is that?

Dr. Have I not been telling you that you are invisible to us,
and that you are using my wife's body?

Sp. How?

Dr.  Spirits can control mortals as you are now doing. Jesus
cast out unclean spirits.

Sp. Unclean! I'm not unclean. You insult me again.

Dr. You influenced that gentleman's wife, disturbed her life
and made an invalid of her.

Mr. I. Don't you recognize me?

Sp. Yes, you are a very good nurse, and I think I should
like to have you nurse me again.

Dr. He was not nursing you, he was nursing his wife.

Sp. We had such a nice bed; I just love it. You tell your
wife that she must not get up, because if she does I can't stay.

Dr. You will never go there again.

Mr. I. My wife is up now. She has been up the whole day.

Sp. I want her in bed.

Mr. I. She has been up since the doctor left this morning.
She had to remain in bed for nine months.

That Indian girl made me laugh so hard that I could
not stay with that nice lady. It makes me so mad! I was listening
to what the Indian said, and I laughed so hard at her that I lost
control of the lady. (To Mr. I.) What did you come here for?

Dr. He wanted to get rid of you.

Mr. I. I came here to see you tonight.

Sp. (Coyly.) Were you lonesome for me?

Mr. I. (Emphatically.) No!

Sp. I would like to go back with you, can I?

Mr. L No, you cannot.

Dr. You were very selfish, but you will not acknowledge it.

Sp. Here's my sister Cora and her husband, Cleveland, and


my husband, David. No, no! Oh, there's my mother! Did you
come from Heaven, Mother? Are you happy in Heaven, Mother,
with Jesus and God?

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says: "Lizzie, behave yourself." Now, Mother, I
was always a good girl to you. Mother says: "You were always
selfish, Lizzie."

Dr. That comes from your own mother. Your conscience
tells you the same thing. You had a mean disposition-ask your mother.

Sp. Mother, did you come from Heaven? Mother, I'm not
dead yet, so I can't go to Heaven. I have to die before I can go there.

Dr. The Bible says: "Ye are the temple of God and the
Spirit of God dwelleth in you." Where will you find that God
outside of yourself?

Sp. It says in the Bible that God sits on a throne, with
Christ on His right hand.

Dr. The Bible says: "God is Love and he that dwelleth in
Love dwelleth in God." Where will you find such a God?

Sp. In Heaven.

Dr. Jesus said: "God is Spirit, and they that worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and in truth." Did you do that?

No, you simply accepted a dogma, and pretended you were saintly
but your conscience condemned you all the time, did it not?

Sp. I was not happy.

Dr. Your conscience tells you that you were a hypocrite.

Sp. How do you know it does?

Dr. Your actions show that. Does your mother say any-
thing more?

Sp. She says: "Lizzie, behave yourself." What does she say
that for? She was always after me, because she says I had such
a tongue.

Dr. You must change your attitude, or the spirit forces will
take you away and place you in a dark dungeon.

Sp. God forgive me! I will pray.

Dr. You are not sincere.

Sp. (To Mr. I.) Will you forgive me?

Dr. If you are sincere in asking, he will.

Sp. David, you were always good to me, but I was not always
a good wife to you. I thought you were a devil, and I always talked
about you-yes, I did. (Crying.)

Dr. Crying will not help you.


Sp. David, I loved you anyhow. Do you like me, David? I
was your dear little wife. He says, "Shame on you!", and that
I was nice when I did not have a temper.

Dr. Now you must hurry and go.

Sp. I want to ask that nice man to please forgive me. (To
Mr. I.) Will you?

Mr. I. Yes.

Sp. Cleveland, I was mad at you. You were good to my
sister, but why did you go away? Why did you go to Chicago
and take her away from me? He says his business was there.
(To Mr. I.) Will you forgive me? I mean it, I really mean
it this time-will you? If I never meant it in my life before, I
do now. Mother, will you forgive me? Will you? I love you.
I was very selfish; I know now. I can see it now; I see every-
thing now. My eyes have been opened. Oh, oh! (Crying.)

Dr. Crying does no good. Listen to what your relatives say.

Sp. Can I go with them to Heaven?

Dr. Forget "Heaven," and be sensible. You will never find
God as you have imagined. You must be honest with yourself.

Sp. I have never, in all my life, been so humiliated as I have
been tonight. You forgive me, David, don't you? And you,
Cora, and Cleveland, too?

Dr. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. How did I get there?

Dr. You evidently have been "dead" some forty years. No
one actually dies, but the physical body is lost, and people call that "death."

Sp. Part of the time I have been walking, but for a very long
time I have had such a good time in that nice bed.

Dr. Yes, disturbing that gentleman's wife.

Sp. But he has been so good to me; he's so nice.

Dr. Aren't you ashamed to make an invalid of a poor mortal?

Sp. David, will you take me along with you?

Dr. Now you must go.

Sp. I am going. (Rising.)

Dr. You cannot go that way.

Sp. How in the world will I go then? That Indian girl
won't take me away, will she?

Dr. She will teach you beautiful truths.

Sp. But she laughed at me.

Dr. Now think yourself with your relatives and you will be there.

Sp. Now I will go. Will I see God?


Dr. Forget that. You do not have the right understanding of God.

Sp. Goodbye!

After this Mrs. I. recovered her strength and was soon walking
and driving about.


Chapter X Orphans

VARIOUS spirit orphans who have known no family ties
during earth life, have been brought to us for aid, and
these have usually been eager for knowledge and ready to
accept the explanation of a higher life.
A lonely orphan came to us one evening, a deserted waif, but
observant, analytical and eager for understanding.


Doctor Where did you come from?

Spirit I don't know.

Dr. What have you been doing?

Sp. I don't know either.

Dr. Should you not find out?

Sp. What?

Dr. Where you are, and where you came from.

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. Dead? I don't know. I don't know anything.

Dr. Has anybody come to you and told you that you have
lost your body?

Sp. No. I have been going around everywhere and talking.

Dr. To whom?

Sp. To every body I could talk to. But some way or another,
they don't seem to pay attention to me. I go sometimes in a
big crowd and think I will get hold of them all, and sometimes
I get right up on the platform and begin to ask them what is the
matter with me, but it's just like I was nobody, and I think I am
somebody. I think I was good, but nobody wants me.

Dr. What can. you remember before that time?

Sp. Before that time? I was somebody. I am probably nobody now.

Dr. Where did you live when you were somebody?

Sp. Always in the same place. Sometimes I get so tired,
then I go and lie down and sleep and sleep, and then it seems

after I have slept, then I go on again. Sometimes I only go
around and around and do not go any further.

Dr. Has nobody ever come to you?

Sp. I see people who think I am nobody. They do not notice
me and do not think of me. Sometimes I feel miserable and an-
other time I do not.

Dr. Where is your mother?

Sp. I don't know. Sometimes I go hungry and sometimes
I get so hungry I beg of people. Sometimes I get something
and sometimes not. If I can get in the kitchen, I get something
to eat, and I eat much, then after that I go, and then it seems I am out again.

Dr. Out where?

Sp. Everywhere.

Dr. When you get something to eat, do you feel like somebody else?

Sp. I go hungry, and I have to get something.

Dr. Where do you get something to eat?

Sp. It's the funniest thing. Always somebody else pays the
bill, and I have nothing to pay-that's the funniest of all. I
never pay for anything.

Once in a while I do not get what I like but I have to eat it.
Sometimes I feel so bad after eating that I get real sick. I do
not like things and I make faces. Sometimes I eat a lot and
sometimes a little.

Sometimes I am a man and sometimes a girl. (Obsessing
different persons.) I don't know what is the matter with me.

Why is everything so funny? I don't know myself.

I go and I walk, and I like people to talk to me. I have to
talk all the time. I only hear myself talk. Once in a while I
get in somewhere where they talk and I can sit down, and some-
times I feel-oh, I don't know! I feel like I was half a person
sometimes-somebody else.

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. How old am I? I don't know.

Dr. Don't you know how old you are?

Sp. On my last birthday I was nineteen.

Dr. Have you any father, mother or sister?

Sp. No, I have not.

Dr. Where did your parents live?

Sp. I never saw my father or mother.

Dr. Where did you live?


Sp. I don't know if my father and mother are dead, or where
they are. I never knew.

Dr. Did you live in an institution?

Sp. I was brought up in a Home, with a lot of children.

Dr. Did you know many of the children?

Sp. There were so many.

Dr. Where was that place?

Sp. I don't exactly know. It is kind of funny. How are
things? I feel funny.

Dr. It must be a strange situation.

Sp. This is the first time somebody talked to me. I came
here when you were singing about that beautiful shore. I
thought I wanted to go on that other shore, and I was just looking
to see where it was.

Dr. We will help you reach that shore.

Sp. Before I knew it, I could talk when you talked to me.
(Controlled psychic.) This is what I have to say-nobody talked
directly to me for a long, long time. If I talked to any one,
someone else always answered.

I never seemed to have anything to say. No one paid any
attention to what I said. That is the funniest thing of all. That
is funny. I got out of the home that I was working in because
they were awfully mean to me.

Dr. What did they do? Whip you?

Sp. Not exactly. I was working in a family somewhere. I
was so hungry, and of course I did not do things as well as they
wanted me to. There came a lady and she said she would take
me away from the Home. I wished she had not.

In the Home it was pretty fair. Of course we had hard
times, but it is better than to be scolded all the time. In the
Home we had lots of things we did not like, but we had a good
time too.

This woman took me, and the first thing she said was that I
should have to read the Bible from morning to night. I got sick
and tired of the Bible.

Then I had to pray. My knees were so sore I could hardly
walk on them. I had to be on my knees all the time, reading and
praying. She said I should walk with my knees, not my feet.

She tried to save me. She said I had never been a real good
girl, and if I did not do as she said, I should go to some very hot
place. In the Home we prayed, and the Mother was awful nice.
We prayed and believed in God.

When that woman took me, I was fourteen. That was my


sorry day. I had to work and work and earn something, and
she scolded me, as she said I did not do as she wanted me to.
It was praying and reading all the time. There was nothing to
it. I didn't pray.

I had to get down on my knees, but I did not get in my mind
what she was saying, because my knees hurt me. She got awful
mad when I slipped down, and she pulled my hair. She had a
cushion under her knees. She could stay there for hours. She
said I was a sinner, because I got tired.

Are you a sinner when you can't stay on your knees a long
time? I did not know very much, but I thought many times,
really and truly-don't tell anyone, (whispering confidentially)
but I thought God would be awfully tired to hear that all the time!

I was so tired that I went to sleep. Then she pulled my hair
and slapped me. She prayed to God, but she acted so bad. She
said if I was not good the devil would get hold of me. I thought
sometimes, really and truly, that she was one.

If I got on my knees and went to sleep, she came to me and
she prayed: "God help me out of this misery! You know, oh,
God, how I love you!"

She prayed for herself first, and then for her sister, her
mother and her brother and father, and her friends, and at last
she prayed for Minnie. They did not know my other name.
I do not know who my really and truly father and mother
were. I never knew. I never got my history, but they said they
found me on the step.

They often called me "Minnie-On-The-Step." I got so mad
at them. They found me on the step, they said. They gave me
the name of Minnie.

Dr. Try to realize that you have lost your own body, and
that you are now a spirit.

Sp. What is that? I am a girl.

Dr. You have been wandering around as a spirit.

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. You, have lost your body.

Sp. Did I die? I really and truly have not been washing
dishes for a long time. I have not had any one pull my hair for
a long time either. I ran away because the lady was so mean.
I was running away from her. Then I had so little to eat. I
ran away and I got so hungry. I had no money.

Dr. What happened after that?

Sp. I got far, far off, and I lost my way. I was so hungry


that I went to sleep. It came so dark and I was in the woods.
I had to run in the woods so that she would not find me. I
walked and walked, and I thought I would find some one to give
me something to eat.

To the first house I did not go. I went away hungry and I
walked a whole day and night, and it seems there was nothing
but big trees and forest. Then I went to sleep, and I don't
know any more that day. (Passed out.)

Next day I felt better and I walked again and I got to the
city. I walked ever and ever so far, and saw lots of people, but
they paid no attention to me. I got hungry, so I saw a woman
go into a restaurant and we had some dinner. She was eating
it all. I got a little. She did not talk to me.

Then I went out again, and I kept on walking, and after a
while I saw some one else go into a restaurant-some other
people. We ate but they paid for it.

Dr. Do you know what you were doing?

Sp. No.

Dr. You were obsessing some one. As a spirit, you were
hovering around some mortal and were trying to satisfy your
hunger through that person. You probably lost your body in the woods.

Sp. I was so thirsty. The food I did not miss so much, but
I thought everything was drying up in my throat. I thought I
could drink a barrel of water.

Dr. You carried your last physical sensations in your mind,
not realizing that you had lost your body.

Sp. Did I? What time was that? Don't you know me then?
How did I get here?

Dr. We cannot see you.

Sp. Can you see my folks?

Dr. No.

Sp. Can you see me?

Dr. No.

Sp. What is the matter with me?

Dr. You are invisible.

Sp. Can you hear me talk?

Dr. Yes.

Sp. You can hear me talk, but not see me?

Dr. You are not talking through your own body.

Sp. I am not?

Dr. Look at your hands. Do you recognize them?

Sp. No.


Dr. Do you know that dress?

Sp. I never had one like that in my born days.

Dr. You are using some one else's body.

Sp. Some party probably gave me a dress. I have a ring too .

Dr. The ring is not yours, nor is the hand.

Sp. I commence to be sleepy again.

Dr. You have been allowed to come in and control this body.

Sp. Oh! Look there!

Dr. What do you see?
Sp. I don't know myself. There's a lady, and she's crying.(Spirit)

Dr. Ask her who she is.

Sp. (After listening in amazement.) Oh, my, no!

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. Don't cry so much, lady. I don't like to see crying faces.
I want to cry myself when she cries.

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says I am her child. She probably is sorry she left
me. Is she my really and truly mother? She says: "Oh, my
dear child!" She says she has been hunting me for dear life,
but she could not get me, and she did not know what to do.

Dr. You are both spirits and you will find intelligent spirits
here who will help you.

Sp. She was a good girl, she says, but some man got her in
trouble. She says she went to church, and some man wanted to
marry her. He went away. He left her after he got her in
trouble, she says, and she had nobody. She was so sick. She
felt so bad, so she put me on the step of that big Home, she
says, and she has never been happy from that time. Then she
got sick and died.

Dr. Make her understand that she is a spirit like yourself.
You will find intelligent spirits who will help you both.

Sp. My Mother! I want to be with you! I forgive you,

Mother. Don't cry. I have never had a mother, and you will
be my mother now. She says she has been hunting me for a
long time, and somebody said they brought us here to this place
so we could meet. She says: "They said I should find my child."
Now she found me, didn't she? Can I cry for gladness? I
would love to. I feel so glad I have a mother.

Dr. You will both have a home in the spirit world.

Sp. She says my name is Gladys. She says her name is Clara

Dr. Where was her home?

Sp. She says St. Louis.

Dr. You will find other spirits here who will take you to
the spirit world.

Sp. What is that? Why, here comes an Indian girl!
(Spirit.) She's a nice little girl.

Dr. She will teach both of you many wonderful things.

Sp. Oh, I do not want you to look so old, Mother! She was
young a little while ago.

Dr. That will all pass away. That is only her condition of sorrow.

Sp. The little Indian girl, Silver Star, put her hand over her,
and she said: "Think young, and you will be young."
She is! She is! Thinking young, she will be, she says.
Now we go with her. Don't forget-my name is Gladys. That's
nicer than "Minnie-On-The-Step." Are we going to Heaven to God?

Dr. You will go to the spirit world, and you will obtain
understanding of the higher things of life.

Sp. That woman always said: "God is Spirit; God is Love;
God is everywhere." Silver Star says we must thank the doctor.
Doctor what?

Dr. Dr. Wickland. You are controlling my wife's body.

Sp. My mother is young and pretty now. Think young and
you will be, Silver Star said. Can I come back here sometime?

Dr. Certainly, as far as I am concerned.

Sp. Don't think of me as Minnie-On-The Step, will you?
Think of me as Gladys Watsman. Thank you all. I am somebody
now. I've got a name. That's worth something to me.
Don't you want to be my Grandpa?

Dr. Maybe.

Sp. Thank you all for being patient with me. Goodbye.

Minnie-On-The-Step became an ardent helper of wandering
spirit waifs, and has brought a number of them to our circle for
understanding, the first one within a few weeks after her own enlightenment.


Spirit: ANNA MARY. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND.

Doctor Good Evening. Do you know anyone here?
Spirit Somebody told me if I came in here I would get something to eat.


Dr. You are spiritually hungry.

Sp. Is that something to eat?

Dr. No, it is something for your mind.

Sp. I don't know if I need anything for my mind. I want
something for my stomach. I haven't had anything to eat for a
long time. Isn't it funny? As soon as you talk to me, I am not
hungry. I was awful hungry, but now I'm not.

Dr. What have you been doing?

Sp. Nothing. I get so tired of doing nothing that I don't
know what to do. It is tiresome to have nothing whatever to
do-no aim in life. You do not know what to do with yourself.
I want something to do. You get so nervous when you do nothing.
I don't know what to do with myself. I want to go here,
there and everywhere, and when I get there, I want to be some
place else. I get so tired wanting to know what I should do.
The road is always best on the other side.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. They call me Mary, but my name is Anna Mary. Some
call me Mary and some call me Anna.

Dr. Where did your father and mother live?

Sp. I don't know my mother and father.

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Were you ever in California?

Sp. No, never in all my life. I never went that far away.
I never had so much money to go. We had hot summers and cold winters.

Dr. How did you come in here?

Sp. Sure enough-how did I come?

Dr. Who brought you here?

Sp. Minnie-On-The-Step.
Dr. Is she here now?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. Did you both live in the same place?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. Were you anything like Minnie-On-The-Step?

Sp. She was such a nice little girl. I ran away from that
place. I wanted to see the world. I did not want to stay in one
place all the time.

I was in a Home where there were lots of children, and Minnie
-On-The-Step was there too; that was our home. I worked
awfully hard and had to scrub and scrub, and carry water, and


I got tired of it, so I ran away. They always said I was foolish,
but I never thought I was.

Dr. Ask Minnie-On-The-Step if she brought you here.

Sp. She says she did, and that she has been hunting for me,
and then brought me here. She says she has a home. (Staring
in surprise.) For God's sake in Heaven! If I ever saw such a
nice place! Look at that home! It's Minnie-On-The-Step's.
It's beautiful! She says it is hers. Well, for Heaven's sake alive!
Dr. Ask her how she got it.

Sp. (To Minnie-On-The-Step.) How did you get it? She
say that you, (Dr. W.) and you, and you, and you, (pointing to
audience) helped her to get that home. She says her home is
going to be for all the children she knew when she was at the
Home, and they are all going to that home that she can hunt up.
She's so happy. I never knew she cared for me, because she
was a little better than I was. For Heaven's sake alive, that's a nice home.

Dr. How did you die?

Sp. I'm not dead. Can't you hear me talking? Why, there's
Mary Bloom, and Charlie Hoffman! I don't like Charlie Hoff-
man! He was stuck up. They teased me. He always got other
boys, and they all chased me; they thought I was a horse. They
always pulled my hair.

They always hurt me, those boys, and Charlie Hoffman got
them together. They used to call me "Tow-Head," but when I
got mad they were scared. They ran and I ran after them.
Then comes the Matron. She grabbed hold of me and pulled
my hair pretty good. She was awful mad when they took me back.

Mary Bloom always scrubbed with me. She says she don't
have to scrub any more. Mary Bloom's in Minnie's home.
Esther Bloom, Mary's sister, is here too. Minnie says now I
must be a good girl and then she will see after me. I will have
a nice home and I shall have something to do.

Dr. Do you know who your mother was?

Sp. I was always told my mother was a fine lady. I know
she lived in a beautiful house, but she didn't like me because I was foolish.

Dr. Was she ashamed of you?

Sp. She never cared for me. They said she was very beautiful.

Dr. Do you want to go with Minnie-On-The-Step?


Sp. She's a lady now! She doesn't look like she did. She
is beautiful.

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says that I must understand that I am in the spirit
world. Oh, look at that pretty lady!

Dr. What does she say?

Sp. She says she has a home where she takes care of little
waifs in the spirit world and teaches them the higher philosophy
of God. She is beautiful, beautiful! Such pretty white hair!
It is as white as silver. When she smiles it is like sunshine.

Now she says: "Come, my dear child, with me. You had no
happiness in earth life, but you will have it in spirit life with
me, because I gather together all such little children as you and
teach them the real lesson of life."

Dr. Ask the lady her name.

Sp. She says her name is Abbie Judson. Lady, you won't
call me foolish, will you? Will you be my mother? Can I call
you mother, lady? I never had a mother.

Will you take me in your arms and love me just once, so
that I can feel what mother love is? Will you give me a mother's
kiss? Will you? I never knew what that is.

She says: "Yes, child I will be your mother. I will watch
and guide you. You will have a home with me in the beautiful
land beyond."

She kisses me! Isn't she lovely! Please love me a little
more, lady. Thank God, now I'm happy, for I have found a
mother! I shall try to be good to her, then she will be my
mother. I have prayed to God many times for a mother, and
now I have one.

(To an invisible.) Say, will you forgive me for slapping
you once? And I'm sorry that I kicked you, but I got so mad
at you. I'm so glad that Minnie-On-The-Step brought me here
cause now I have a mother.

Dr. Now you will go to the spirit world, where Happiness
is Heaven, and all is harmony. Heaven is a condition of the mind.

Sp. The lady says I must go with her now.

Dr. We know the lady you speak of. She has brought others
here for help. She was a teacher in earth life.

Sp. She says she has a beautiful home. Not like a home in
earth life, but a home where we shall be taught to praise God in
every way.


Dr. Think yourself with the lady and you will become disengaged
from this body.

Sp. Glory Hallelujah! Minnie says that when I come with
the lady I must not use those words, for they are foolish. But
that's the way I always do talk when I'm glad and happy.
Mary Bloom and Minnie-On-The-Step say I must thank you
for teaching me to go with them. You can call me Anna Mary.

Will my new mother be ashamed of me? I can't read 'cause
I never had time to learn. The big Home, where I was, gave me
to a lady and she made me work very hard. I got sick and I
coughed very hard. But I had to work just the same. I got
sick and then I don't remember any more.
Thank you for helping me. Goodbye.

We had been concentrating for some time for a little girl,
R. G., who was very sensitive to psychic conditions, and troubled
constantly by spirits.

During the weeks preceding the following experience she
had been very disobedient, developed a strong dislike for arithmetic,
and had been especially perverse when taken into the city shops.
The mother, knowing that a spirit was influencing the child,
had several times given the little girl a cold shower, with excellent result.
Spirit: LILY. Patient: R. G.

The controlling spirit stamped furiously, and spoke angrily
in an excited childish voice.

Spirit. No, do not touch me! No, no! I don't want your
hands on me. I do not like you! You have so much fire. I am
afraid of that fire! (Static treatment given patient.)

Doctor Tell us who you are.

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Where did you come from? You must have come from
some place. Do you pay for your board?

Sp. I don't pay for it, but I always get something to eat.
I have no money.

Dr. Who are you?

Sp. I said I didn't know.

Dr. Did your mother call you Jim?

Sp. I'm no boy! Can't you see? I don't want that fire on
my back any more-no, I don't! (Stamping feet)

Dr. Did you always have bad manners?

Sp. Why did you take me away from where I was? I have
no place to go. You made me get away with fire, fire, fire!
(Stamping.) I want to be with that little girl. (Pointing to
R. G.) She belongs to me.

Dr. What right have you to bother that little girl? She
does not belong to you. She is no relation of yours.

Sp. (Crying.) I want her!

Dr. Where did you come from? Can't you understand that
you are dead?

Sp. I want to be with that little girl. I want her! I want
her. (Crying.) You chased me out, You-You-you mean thing!

Dr. I'm very glad of it. What right have you to be with
that little girl?

Sp. I have no home.

Dr. Can't you understand that you are a spirit? You are
invisible to us.

Sp. I liked to ride in that automobile. We had such nice times.

Dr. You will not ride in that automobile any more. You are
going to the spirit world.

Sp. (To the mother of R. G.) I don't like you! You made
me go in the water, you ugly, mean thing! I like to ride in the
auto, but I don't like to go into that store. I got mad. I want
that little girl! I want her! I got lost in that big store you
went to. You had no business to go there!

Dr. You have no business to bother people. You are very selfish.

Sp. I got fire on my back.

Dr. You will get more fire if you do not behave.

Sp. Aren't you ashamed to give a little girl so much fire?

Dr. That was what you needed.

Sp. You gave me so much of it that it is burning my back
yet. I got so mad at you! (To Mrs. G.) You made me go in
the water. It made me so mad at you! I don't like the water.
She took me here and there in that store.

Dr. You will not bother that little girl any more. What is your name?

Sp. My name is Lily. I am a White Lily.


Dr. You must not be so selfish or you cannot find a home in
the spirit world.

Mrs. G. Where did you find my little girl?

Sp. I saw this little girl, so I picked up with her. We had
such nice times together. There were lots of things to play with.

Dr. You must understand that you no longer have a physical
body. Do you know that you are in California?

Sp. I do not know anything.

Dr. What did your father do?

Sp. I did not know much about my father.

Dr. Where is your mother?

Sp. I do not know. I ran away when mother spanked me.
I got mad at my mother and ran away. My father and mother
put me in a place with lots of other children, but I ran away from
there. They put me in a big building. They were mean and so
was I. They always teased me. I got so mad at them. I got
into a fight and then I ran away.

Dr. Where did you go when you ran away?

Sp. I fell down, and then I can't remember what happened.
(Died.) Sometimes it seems like I am a very small girl, but I
was different. I was eleven or twelve years old, and after a
while I was a little girl again. It seems like I was five years old then.

Dr. What did they call you when you were a little girl again?

Sp. They called me R., but that wasn't my name. After I
fell down it was dark for a long time, then all at once I could
walk and play with that little girl.

Dr. Some accident must have happened to you when you ran
away. You lost your body and became a spirit. We do not see you.

Sp. I don't see you either!

Dr. You are a little spit-fire.

Sp. You are a real bogy man! I am a little girl and can't
take care of myself. You let go my hands!

Dr. I'm not holding your hands. I am holding my wife's hands.

Sp. I don't like you!

Dr. You are using my wife's body, but only for a short time.
You are an ignorant spirit and have been hovering around that
little girl and have now been taken away from her.

Sp. She is my little girl.

Dr. Let me tell you something. You cannot have a home if
you do not behave yourself. Intelligent spirits have brought you


here and allowed you to control my wife's body so that we might
help you.

You will find friendly spirits here who will help you and will
show you the wonderful things in the spirit world. There you
will find happiness which you cannot find by hovering around
the earth plane. But you will have to overcome your temper.

Sp. Will they be mean to me? Everybody shoved me here
and there. So many boys teased me, then I got mad and had to fight.

Dr. Now you must go with Silver Star, a little Indian girl,
who will be the best friend you ever had. Forget your past.
Do not be ugly. You will be shown every kindness and nobody
will tease you.

Sp. I always got so much whipping.

Dr. The intelligent spirits will help you to progress.

Sp. Why, here comes Happy Daisy. (Spirit.)

Dr. Does she look as if she would scold you?

Sp. No. The boys used to call me "Red Head" and
"Freckles," and I used to go for them. Could I go with that
pretty lady standing there?

Dr. Yes, and you will not have any more fire or sparks.

Sp. You are sure you are not telling stories? Happy Daisy
says for me to go with her and she will take me to a nice home.
Will that be Heaven?

She says I must learn to do good and be good, and after I
learn I can come back and help this little girl, and I'm going to
help her in school too.

Mrs. G. Do you like arithmetic?

Sp. I don't like school at all. Now I will go. They say I am
going to school-but I don't like school.

Dr. You will go to a different school-the School of Life.

Sp. Can't I have blue eyes and light curly hair? Can I have
it? I want to be beautiful.

Dr. You can become beautiful only as you help others. Think
beautiful thoughts and do kind acts and you will be beautiful.
You will have beauty of spirit. Now go with these friends, and
after you have learned how to be of service you can help little R.
Think yourself with the others and you will be there. Determine
to begin a new life.

Sp. I'm going to help this little girl. Goodbye.


A week after the interview with "Lily," another homeless
spirit wanderer came to the circle, a quaint, investigative philosopher


who had been drawn into the aura of Mrs. G., the mother of R. G.

This spirit was an orphan who had known Mrs. G. in childhood;
she had at that time developed a strong affection for her
and this love had attracted the spirit to Mrs. G., although she
had not recognized in the grown woman the friend of her childhood.

Spirit: LAUGHING ELLA. Patient: MRS. G.

Doctor Why don't you join in the singing?

Spirit I never saw these people before, so why should I join
in the singing?

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. We should like to know more about you. Isn't it strange
that you should be here?

Sp. I don't know anything about it. I shall have to find out.

Dr. Tell us who you are and what your name is.

Sp. Somebody said if I came here I would find a home.

Dr. You certainly will.

Sp. I have not had a home for a long time.

Dr. What have you been doing?

Sp. Walking around everywhere and sleeping where I could
put my head.

Dr. Are you a girl, a man, a woman or a boy?

Sp. Don't you know I am a girl?

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. Probably-but I'm not sure-but I think I am sixteen or seventeen.

Dr. Where were you staying?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Try to think; perhaps you can remember.

Sp. I have been to so many places, I should like to have a home.

Dr. Have you no father and mother?

Sp. No.

Dr. Where did you stay when you were little?

Sp. I always stayed in a big place where there were many
children. We were all together. We used to fight and carry on
all the time. I don't think I ever had a mother. I think I was


born in that big place. I was there as long as I can remember anything.
It was a big place, with lots of boys and girls. Some were
good and some bad, all kinds. I did everything I could do. I
did what they told me to do, and they kept me doing things all
the time. I kept on working like machinery.

They said: "Now, Ella, you go there, and Ella, you go there,"
and after a little while, it was Ella everywhere. I had to fix so
many little boys and girls that I think I was a mother to them all.

Dr. Were they fond of you?

Sp. They all came around me and I had to do things for
them. That was my work and I helped them all I could. And
it wasn't always easy to bathe and dress a dozen little children.
They were very noisy, so I said for them to keep quiet. I got
mad sometimes. You know I tried to do my very best, but when
they stepped on my toes I got mad.

Dr. How long ago was that?

Sp. I don't think it's so long ago. You know, I lost my way.
I went out walking one time and I couldn't find my way back.

Dr. What happened after that?

Sp. Nothing has happened. I have been walking to find that 
Home again.

Dr. Did you have an accident?

Sp. No, but I shall have to keep on walking until I find that Home.

Dr. Do you want to understand why you have been walking
and have no home?

Sp. Somebody said if I came here I would have a home, and
they pushed me in, and before I knew anything, I was sitting
here and you were singing. I was crying, and a girl said you
had helped her, and if I came here I would get happy. When I
walked it was half dark and half light. I have been trying to find a home.

When I was with those children I had to work hard, but it's
better to have them than to have nothing to do. I would rather have my children.

Dr. Were they orphans like yourself ?

Sp. They thought I was not right in my mind, but I was as
good as any of them.

Dr. You are talking to us but we cannot see you. I can see
my wife but not you.

Sp. Your wife! For land's sake alive! (Laughing heartily)
You know, I always like to laugh, and when all the children

began to cry I started to laugh, and I laughed and laughed until
I got them still. That was the only way I knew to get them all
still when they were crying. Then they got good natured again.
If you laugh hard when somebody cries, they will stop crying
and begin to laugh. Sometimes they called me "Laughing Ella."

Dr. Where did you get this ring?

Sp. I never had a ring before. (Greatly pleased and laughing again.)

Dr. This is not your hand, and this is not your body.

Sp. What are you talking about? (Laughing.)

Dr. It may seem foolish to you, but it is the truth. Have
you ever heard that "He who laughs last, laughs best?" Ask
these people whose body this is.

Sp. (To audience.) Is this my body?

Ans. No, it is not.

Sp. Yes, it is.

Dr. This body belongs to Mrs. Wickland.

Sp. Mrs. Wickland! (Laughing.)

Dr. You are laughing at your own ignorance. You are temporarily
controlling Mrs. Wickland's body.

Sp. I never heard such funny talk.

Dr. What I am telling you is not so foolish as it sounds.
You lost your physical body. Probably you were sick. You have
awakened to a new condition of life.

Sp. How could I waken if I had no body?

Dr. You have a spirit body.

Sp. When you say I have lost my body, do you mean I am dead ?

Dr. To the world, yes. The world is ignorant of the facts
When a person loses his physical body, people say he is "dead.'
That is wrong. The spirit has only left the body. The spirit is
the real person; the body is merely the house. Nobody dies, it
only seems so.

Sp. Yes, they do! I have seen dead people. I knew a little
girl that died and she went to Heaven.

Dr. You have only seen dead bodies. You can only stay here
a short time, then you will have to leave.

Sp. Where will I go?

Dr. To the spirit world.

Sp. Say, I am a real lady! I have a necklace round my neck.

Dr. That belongs to my wife. You are an invisible spirit and


have been wandering in outer darkness. If you want a home
you can have one.

Sp. Do you mean Heaven?

Dr. Jesus said: "The Kingdom of God is within you."

Sp. Jesus died for our sins, and if we are good, when we die
we will go to Heaven and be with the angels. We prayed all the
time in the Home. (Seeing little R. G. sitting beside her mother.)
I like that little girl over there. I have seen her before.

Mrs. G. Do you know Lily? She is a spirit who was here last week.

Sp. (To R. G.) You were very naughty the other day when
we had company. What made you so naughty?

Mrs. G. That other girl, Lily, made her behave badly.

Sp. That other girl was awfully mean. I felt like spanking her.
When she came near, that little girl (R. G.) changed faces.

Dr. She was a spirit and was influencing this little girl.
You are also a spirit and are talking through my wife's body.
In just that way the spirit of that girl acted through this child.

Sp. Somebody told me to come in here and I would find a
home, and that I had a mission to do. What does that mean?

Dr. Probably you can protect this little girl.

Sp. They say I am going to be a watcher; that I must see
that nobody gets hold of her. I don't know what they mean.

Dr. That will all be explained to you. Listen to a little
Indian girl whom you will find here. She will take you to a home.

Sp. Will they like me? In that big Home all the children
liked me because I made them laugh. They say -I must stay
around this little girl and protect her from influences.

Dr. That means spirit influences.

Sp. I am going to look into that business.

Dr. You will need to have understanding first. Do you see others here?

Sp. I see many girls jumping around and feeling happy.
There is a nice lady here and she says her name is "Pretty
Girl." She's awfully pretty. There's a young girl and she says
I can come with her. She says she brought me here. They say
I always tried to do everything I could to help; now they are
going to take care of me.

Sometimes when I got a whipping, I thought: "Well, maybe
I needed it." I cried for a few minutes and then I went into my


little corner, and said: "Now, Ella, you were naughty and you
needed that spanking."

I thought about it for a while, then I began to laugh, and I
never felt the spanking at all. When you feel good inside from
laughing, you can't feel things on the outside. You just try it.

Dr. Now you must go with these friends.

Sp. They say when I get understanding I am going to be a
little helper. (To R. G.) Don't forget, when you feel naughty,
just laugh and then you won't be naughty. When I get to be
nurse girl for that little girl, I won't let anyone in. I will see
that they stay out-I will show you!

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. In Kansas. (Mrs. G. had formerly lived in Kansas.) I
had to dress ten or twelve of the children, and wash them and
put them to bed. Some went to school and some went to play.

Mrs. G. What town did you live in?

Sp. Why-near H. (Verified later.)

Mrs. G. Do you remember the name K.? (Superintendent
of orphanage at H.)

Sp. Why, yes.

Mrs. G. Do you know M.? (Assistant Matron, in charge of girls.)

Sp. She was in another room. There were some naughty
girls in M.'s room. Sometimes even the Matron could not control
some of the girls, even when she spanked them, so I had
to go to them. You know spanking isn't good all the time.
When the Matron spanked the little ones and they cried, I
would go to them after she had gone and make them laugh. A
good laugh always made them forget the spanking.

Mrs. G. Do you remember seeing me when I was a little girl?

Sp. (Staring, then excited.) Yes! Why yes, I remember
you now! But you were not there all the time. (Mrs. G. came
to the orphanage occasionally as a visitor.) You used to come
and then go away. You always had such pretty hair, and you
used to have such pretty dresses. Do you remember you had a
parasol and walked around like a big lady?

Mrs. G. Do you remember the time I fell into the water?

Sp. Oh my, yes, and everybody was so excited, and you got
wringing wet, and your Grandmother scolded you. I took a
liking to you. The time you went into the water I felt so sorry
for you. You. spoiled your nice dress. That was a long, long time ago.

Now I remember lots of things. My eyes seem to open! I


took an awful cold and I got sore throat, and then I remember I
went to sleep.

I always liked you, and now I've found you again, I am going
to help, and stop walking to find that home.

Mrs. G. I am grown now and married, and this little girl is
my child. Spirits have been bothering her for some time.

Sp. I will help you. I have found you and we will be together
again. Silver Star, the little Indian girl, says I must learn to
protect your little girl.

Dr. The first thing you must do is to go to the spirit world
and learn about your new conditions, then you will understand
how to help someone else.

Sp. I will do all I can. Now I will say Good Night, but I
will come again. Don't forget Laughing Ella.


CHAPTER XI -- Materialism and Indifference

THE binding influence of skepticism, of mental apathy
and unconcern regarding the higher life is so powerful
after transition that many are held in a condition of helpless
despair, darkness, bewilderment and rebellion, often clinging
to mortals as their only means of expression.

Some years ago a friend of ours, Mrs. F. W., was living in
New York, very happily married and leading an active, normal
life. She had an understanding of the higher laws of life, but
her husband, although devoted to her, maintained the viewpoint
of a materialist and fatalist.

Believing in no form of religion, Mr. F.W. was convinced
that death ended all, and had often declared that if his wife
should pass away he would commit suicide, and frequently urged
her to promise that if he passed away first she would take her
life, but to this she would not consent.

After a brief illness this gentleman suddenly passed away,
but his wife could still see him very distinctly, especially at
night when he repeatedly awakened her, frightening her so that
she could not sleep.

Unconscious of his true condition, he still sensed that some-
thing strange had occurred, and wishing to remove the barrier
which separated him from his wife, he constantly urged her to
come to him, calling insistently:

"Kill yourself--you must come to me! I want you, and I
will finally get you, so kill yourself now!"

The continual cry of "Kill yourself!" was with Mrs. F. W.
day and night, until she feared for her own safety. Anxious to
prevent any rash act on her part she left New York and came to
us in Chicago for assistance.

During an interview, the spirit of F. W. was allowed to
control Mrs. Wickland, and when he found himself sitting beside
his wife, he grasped her hand, kissed her wedding ring, and
asked if she were angry with him, since she would not answer
him when he spoke to her.

Then, seizing her in his arms, he kissed her frantically, and
crushed her in so powerful an embrace that she could not free
herself and called for aid.

I explained to the spirit that he was controlling a body not

his own and that he had passed out of the physical life. When
he at last realized the situation, his regret for having unintentionally
annoyed his wife was profound, and he was eager to
learn the higher laws in order to understand how he might help her.

Mrs. F. W. then returned to New York and experienced no
further disturbance.

F. W. became a loyal member of the Mercy Band, and in several
of many communications since received from him he related
the bewilderment of one suddenly finding himself on the spirit
side of life without understanding.

Spirit: F. W. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

Well, here I am again.

I want to come in to tell you that I have not gone. I have to
speak through this instrument, but otherwise I am here to help
you all do the good work you are doing, and you know I am
always here ready to do what I can to help you, and also to help
all who are in trouble.

I want to thank you for having helped me, otherwise my wife
and I would be in trouble, and through my own fault. I would
not listen to the great wonders of the life beyond.

When I was in my parents' home, my parents were so orthodox,
so strong in their belief, that they condemned every one who
did not believe as they did, and they hypnotized themselves with
the idea that nothing was right except what they thought.

I could not live in that atmosphere and I left home. I was only
a boy when I left home, and why did I go? Because the atmosphere
was so strongly orthodox that it drove me away. I could
not believe as my parents did, and they said if I did not I was a sinner.

I was not a sinner and I could not believe as they did, so I
ran away from home.

I am not sorry that I left, for I learned to know something
of the outside world. I had my troubles but I learned from them.

I learned the condition outside of the church, and I learned
how to battle for myself, but I was bitter, and so hard toward
churches that I would not have anything to do with any religion.

I had heard so much of it through childhood, and had seen too
much of what was going on in the churches.

I do not mean that all churches are alike, but you will find


that when there is too much orthodoxy the people are hypnotized
and feel they are so good that no matter what they do,
whether they are right or wrong, they are right, because they
cannot do wrong. They are so holy that even the wrong they
do is considered right.

I traveled and saw the world, but I had a great longing for
home. I came home again after I had seen enough of the world
and I thought I would remain with my parents.

But the same conditions were still there; I wanted to stay at
home to do my duty and work, but I could not. I felt as if I
were being crushed by orthodoxy, so I went away again.
I traveled still further and I had new experiences. I opened
my heart and tried to look for the brighter and happier side of life.

Later on I met one who loved me, one who made a home for
me. That was the first time I felt I really had a home, and it
was the first time in my life that I was happy.

We had only a few short years of happiness together on
earth, but those few years will always be with me.

I did not think there was a life after this. I did not believe
in anything. I was tired of orthodoxy and everything else. I
thought when I died that would be the end, and there would be no more.

That was also wrong. Do not let us go to one side of the road
or the other, but let us stay in the middle and investigate everything.
Find the truth and stay in that narrow path-the path
of reason and understanding of God's wonderful manifestations.

I passed to the other side of life with the thought that there
was nothing after death.

I passed on very suddenly. When death came it was like a
sleep. I woke up and saw my dear little wife crying; she was
very sad, but I did not realize that the change had taken place.

She did not listen to what I said--she did not seem to hear. I called
to her and asked what was the trouble, but she did not speak to me.

I wondered what was the matter, for we loved each other
dearly. I began to grow stronger and I did not want to leave
her. I came in direct contact with her and felt that she must
come to me and be with me, for we had never been parted.

I was attracted to her through her sadness and I felt she
must come to me. I did not realize the change, and I knew she
wanted to be where I was, so I made up my mind that she was
coming to me.


Before I knew it, I was in her magnetic aura. I stayed
there because I could not get away. I was unhappy, she was

But I thank God she had an understanding of the life hereafter.
She knew the condition I was in and she wanted to free
herself from the influence I was throwing on her, so she came
to these dear people. (Dr. W.'s.)

I was helped and so was she. We would both have been miserable
if she had not understood, for I did not know about the life after this
and I did not care.

I want to give a warning to all of you here--do not doubt
the next life. Some day you will all have to go the same way.
Let us investigate; let us know the truth before we pass on to
the Great Beyond so we may go with open eyes and know where
we are going with a definite knowledge.

If my wife had not had understanding I would have made her
take her own life-then where would we have been?

There are many passing from earth life who are in a similar
state. They find themselves in somebody's magnetic aura and
cannot get out, and then they obsess that person.

I wanted to get out of my misery but I did not know how, and
the only way I could think of was that my wife should come to me.

When there is an understanding of life then one cannot be
in such a situation as I was when I passed to the spirit side of life.

I want to thank you all for helping me. Since I have been
helping other unfortunate spirits that cannot see and do not
know of the higher life, I am happy. So I am working, and now
I can be with my dear wife to help and guide her.

Learn all you can of the wonderful life beyond. I wish every
one of you here would do your part to spread the truth that
there is a life after this and that we must find it.

If we do not learn this while in the body we must do so when
we reach the other side. Many, many times we are sorry that
we did not look into the truth before we passed out of earth life.

I want to say a few words to the two young girls who are
about to leave here. (One had been a patient, the other her companion.)
When you leave, keep in your hearts what you have learned.
 Remember it, and learn more, because you will have to protect
yourselves. Learn all you can. Help others in similar trouble and you
will help yourself and gain strength. Now that you have found the truth
do not put your light


under a bushel. Helping others will strengthen you. You will
receive strength and power to keep well, and you will not then be
obsessed any more.

Each and every one should be proud to help spread the truth,
because there is a wave of obsession going on everywhere. Let
us all do our part, and do our work while we are here, gaining
all the knowledge of the life beyond that we can.

This is F. W.


Spirit: F. W. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

How do you do? Don't you know me?

I think you should. This is F. W.

The time must come when there will be circles of this kind
in every little society, every church. Then people will not be
taken to the insane asylum-they will be helped.

Many of the poor afflicted ones who are in the asylums are
controlled by spirits and should be helped, but most persons
think they are not worth bothering about. They prefer to send
people to the insane asylum and let them stay there.

We must not condemn the spirits who are controlling sensitives,
because they were not taught regarding the higher life
while in the physical, and have no knowledge of it.

Many believe that after "death" they will go straight to
"Heaven" and will see God on a throne, and there they will sit
and sing, and eat figs, and all that.

When I was a boy, my father and mother were very religious.
My father professed holiness, and the environment was such that
I felt as if I were being pulled to pieces. I could not stand the
atmosphere at home.

My father and mother were good people, but had such a narrow
way of thinking that I felt I was in a cage, so I ran away
when I was only a child.

I had many struggles and  many hardships, but I thank God
today that I ran away. I learned many bitter lessons during my
life, but I also learned not to be a mere believer, and when I
reached the spirit side of life and received an explanation of my
changed condition, I was not held back by any orthodox religious doctrine.

When I was on earth I made the best I could of circumstances,


but when it came to religion I did not believe in anything. I felt
that death was all and there was nothing more.

I would not, and could not, believe as my parents did. I felt
God was the Life of all things, not an angry God who threatened
hell and damnation as the churches taught.

I felt there was nothing after this, and that after death all
would be ended.

I made up my mind to do my best while on earth. I went to
church sometimes, I traveled around, saw the world and gained
experience which is worth a great deal to me now.

After I was married my wife taught me a little about the
other side of life-a more cheerful view than the orthodox one-
still I did not believe. However, there was a little light of understanding.

I wanted my wife to promise that if I should die first, she
would go too, and if she went first I would follow, but she would
not make that promise, because she understood more of the next
life than I did.

The time came when I had to leave, and very suddenly. I
seemed to go into a pleasant sleep of rest, and I woke up-where?
It says in the Bible: "Where your treasure is, there will
your heart be also." My treasure was my dear little wife and
when I woke up I found myself in her magnetic aura.

She would not pay any attention to me and I wondered what
could be the trouble and why she would not talk to me when I
spoke to her. I felt queer, and I did not know where I was.

Death is only a sleep, a sleep as natural as that which you
have every night on earth. When one awakes from the sleep of
death everything is so natural that you feel you are still with
your relatives. Then if you get into a person's magnetic aura,
you live right with him, and you are there.

I was in my wife's aura, and could not realize why I should
have to go wherever she went, and not be an independent individual
as I used to be, and it annoyed me. I felt desperate. I felt that my wife
must come with me; I did not know where, but I wanted her.

My love for her was so strong that I tormented her against
my will, because I had no understanding of the real life on the other side.

I loved my wife dearly, yet I disturbed her, for I did not
know any better, and she was tormented--tormented by the one
who loved and idolized her.

But she came to these kind people (Dr. W.'s) and was freed,

and I thank you, as I have many times before, for having helped us both.

I had to learn by experience. When we know about the other side we are
happy to go and meet friends who have already gone over.

It is very necessary for every one to know the truth, because we all have
to take that journey.

I know now that God is Love, God is everywhere. Since He is Love and
Wisdom, He knows the past, present and future. How could He then have
created a world only to lose control of it? For if He later found the people
full of sin, He certainly must have lost control of His creation.

Yet the churches teach that, having lost control of the world, God created
a person for the particular purpose of being sacrificed, and that those who
believe this will win a golden crown.

Let us not misconstrue God. God knows everything, and He reveals
Himself to Himself. Everything has life in Nature. Where can you go without
Life without God? He is in everything. Humanity should know that each is a
part of this wonderful life.

Nothing should be condemned, because everything in Nature is perfect.
Any disturbances in Nature are only for development. As soon as you have
trouble and something disturbs you, you begin to long for a higher life; you
want to attain it and you work for that end.

Life goes on on the other side, and it is always progressive. Teach
children the truth. Teach the higher things of life. All is God.

Now I must go. Good Night.

In the following case the apathy and characteristics of the spirit were
recognized by Mrs. H. W., the mother of the patient, who had known the
spirit well during his earth life.

He was the son of a neighbor, and his statements were confirmed by the
patient and her mother, who were from Chicago, and both present in the circle.

Spirit: FRANK BERGQUIST. Patient: MRS. A.
Psychic : MRS. WICKLAND.

Doctor Who are you, friend? Some sleepy one? Wake up


and tell us who you are. Have you found a happy condition, or not?

Spirit No.

Dr. Why not?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. What was the trouble? Didn't you have any faith, or did you have
too much?

Sp. I don't know what is the matter with me.

Dr. Do you know who you are?

Sp. No.

Dr. Can't you recall your name or anything about yourself? Do you
know how long you have been dead?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Where do you think you are?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Have you been sleeping for many years?

Sp. Not many. I don't feel natural.

Dr. Does it interest you to know the reason?

Sp. I can't find out. I have asked many but they do not understand and
they do not know. They cannot inform me.

Dr. They have been in darkness as well as yourself. What have you been
doing recently?

Sp. Doing nothing.

Dr. Don't you get tired of nothing?

Sp. It is monotonous, but what can you do?

Dr. Acquire understanding.

Sp. How can you find it?

Dr. You cannot find understanding; you have to develop your mind. You
are controlling a woman's body, yet possibly you claim to be a man. Are
you a man, or a woman?

Sp. I am a man, but have been a woman so long, I do not know.
(Confusing himself with the patient, Mrs. A.)

Dr. You have been a woman a long time? Have you caused trouble ?

Sp. Not that I know of.

Dr. Don't you find that things do not seem just right?

Sp. It has been queer, I told you that before.

Dr. Did anything disturb you?

Sp. A whole lot.

Dr. What woke you up and disturbed you, and caused you to come

Sp. I don't know.


Dr. Have you been disturbed at all? Have you had any peculiar
experience lately?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. In what way?

Sp. In many ways. I cannot talk as I want to talk, and I cannot do as I
please to do.

Dr. What do you please to do?

Sp. I like to talk and sing.

Dr. Have you not been able to do that?

Sp. No.

Dr. What is your name, if I may ask?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Surely you do.

Sp. It seems I have forgotten everything I ever knew.

Dr. There probably was not much to forget anyhow. That is very often
the case. What did you do in life?

Sp. Any little thing, now and then.

Dr. Did you have religious belief of any kind?

Sp. (Yawning, and stretching lazily.) Why, yes.

Dr. What did you believe in?

Sp. I believed in God and Christ and the devil, and the other things.

Dr. Have you seen any of them? You have probably been dead a long

Sp. I don't know. I do not feel dead.

Mrs. H. W. Were you a Baptist, a Methodist, or what?

Sp. I was a little of everything.

Mrs. H. W. Where did you live?

Sp. I don't know. I'm tired.

Dr. You have been sleeping long enough. What else have you been doing?

Sp. Nothing.

Dr. Don't you get tired of that?

Sp. You get pretty tired of doing nothing. It is monotonous. And to be a
fool woman all the time! I have seen nothing but women, women, women and
women. (Other spirits obsessing patient.) I saw nothing else.

Dr. Don't you get tired of women?

Sp. They do get pretty monotonous.

Dr. Do they know you are there?

Sp. I don't know. I talk, but they do not answer me.

Dr. That is very foolish.

Sp. It seems so to me.


Dr. Do you seem to be in a strange condition yourself?

Sp. I cannot tell what it is, but it is queer.

Dr. You don't care very much.

Sp. No, I don't care.

Dr. Isn't that an unfortunate condition to be in?

Sp. I have been walking from one place to another.

Dr. Why did you do that?

Sp. I had nothing else to do.

Dr. Couldn't you find any work?

Sp. Nobody wanted me.

Dr. What could you do?

Sp. Anything, but nothing in particular.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. In Chicago, at times.

Dr. Did you go from one city to another?

Sp. I was in Rockford and Galesburg. I was anywhere,
everywhere. It is a tiresome job.

Dr. You must have been born tired, you are so indifferent.

Sp. What was the use?

Dr. Did you try to understand the wonderful facts of life?

Sp. Life? No.

Dr. I suppose you only believed that Christ died for your
sins, and that is a lazy man's job. That is not enough.

SP. It's good enough for me. It was good enough for my
father and mother, and it's good enough for me.

Dr. Are your father and mother alive?

Sp. Why, yes, I think so, but I don't know.

Dr. Where did they live? Chicago?

Sp. Somewhere around Bethany Home, near the Methodist

Dr. Did your father and mother belong to that church?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. What was your father's name?

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. What was your name?

Sp. It's a long time since I heard it and I don't know.
Mrs. H. W. (Recognizing from the foregoing the traits of a
former neighbor.) Was it Frank?

Sp. I don't care what you call me; call me anything.

Dr. We don't want to do that.

Sp. I don't care; call me anything. I am pleased with anything.

Dr. You are mentally lazy.


Sp. What's the use?

Mrs. H. W. Do you know anybody by the name of B.?

Sp. Along time ago.

Mrs. H. W. Who was he?

Sp. He was somebody.

Mrs. H. W. Were you related to him by marriage? Whom did he marry?

Sp. He married somebody I knew.

Dr. What was her name?

Sp. Names have gone from my memory. Yes, I know-it was my
sister. Say, I don't know what is the matter with me!

Dr. You are "dead."

Sp. Dead? Then I'm gone.

Dr. Do you remember how you died?

Sp. I didn't know I was dead. How can I remember how I died?

Dr. Well, you are "dead."

Sp. I am? That's a funny thing-but I don't care.

Dr. You are occupying a lady's body now.

Sp. I've had enough of ladies. I have been walking and walking
between ladies, until I am sick and tired of them.

Dr. I think you were born with that tired feeling.

Sp. I think so myself, because I am always tired. I do not care very
much for work anyhow. It was just as well not to work. I was born to
be traveling around, because I was never satisfied to be in one place.
I liked to see the world. I did not want to do very much except what
came along, just enough so I could get along.

Dr. Were you a sort of tramp?

Sp. I was a little better than a tramp, but next door to it.

Mrs. H. W. Do you remember that you had a twin brother?

Sp. Something like that--but what is the matter with me anyhow?
I cannot recall anything; everything is gone. I do not know for sure what is my name.

Dr. Sit quietly and think.

Sp. (After a moment.) It is Bergquist. I think it is Frank-yes, it is
Frank. I heard that some years ago. It's an awful long time since I
heard it. It seems so far away that it is miles and miles away, that
name is. It seems like I was walking away from it.

The more I walked, the more I forgot. After a while I walked so
long that I forgot who I was. I walked with women, women, women,
until I thought I was a woman myself, and

really sometimes I thought I was. And probably I am a woman, for all I
know, and for all I care. What is the use anyway?

Mrs. H. W. Did you live on Paulina Street, Ravenswood?

Sp. Yes, Chicago; that was where I was some of the time.

Dr. Do you know where you are now?

Sp. In Chicago.

Dr. You are in California.

Sp. California! Well, if I didn't walk after those women clear to
California! Well, that was a long walk! I know I haven't been riding. I
have walked for miles and miles and miles. At last I got to California!
That was some walk!

I am pretty tired. Why did you tell me I walked that far? Because
that makes me very tired, and now I feel I have to rest.

Mrs. H. W. That is natural for you. Do you know me?

Sp. I thought when I looked at you I had seen that face before.
Didn't you go to the Methodist Church? I think I have seen you there.

Mrs. H. W. Do you remember the bakery on W. Avenue? (Across
the street from the boy's home.)

Sp. Some time ago that was.

Mrs. H. W. Look at me again and see if I am not the one who had
that store.

Sp. Yes, and you had two girls.

Mrs. H. W. Yes, I did. Would you know one of them if you saw
her? Would you know L.?

Sp. I didn't know them very much. I liked that girl, but you could
only look at those girls with one eye.

Mrs. H. W. Somebody looked at them with two eyes. They are
both married.

Sp. I looked at them with a quarter of an eye. They wouldn't look
at a fellow like me.

Dr. Has anybody else looked at you?

Sp. I don't know. Women, women, women-I have been with them.
It is a funny world anyhow.

Dr. What did they call you when you felt that you were a woman?

Sp. I don't hear anything. Of course I have had a long walk, if I
have walked to California. Sometimes I got chased out when I was
behind; then I ran fast as I could, and sometimes I got in front.

Dr. In front of what?

SP. The people. Do you suppose I walked that long distance


alone? I was walking with a big crowd. (Spirits obsessing
patient.) At times I was before and then I was behind. What's the
use? We all talked the same thing.

Dr. Where did you get food when you were out walking?

Sp. I didn't seem to need much. I have learned to fast.

Dr. Didn't you go to different houses and ask for food?

Sp. At times, but that was long ago. Somebody said if you fast
three or four days you would not feel your stomach. It was a bother
to feel hungry if you didn't have anything to eat. I fasted pretty good,
and it was a good thing I did.

Mrs. H. W. Did your parents live on the top floor?

Sp. In the basement.

Dr. (To Mrs. H. W.) Is that correct?

Mrs. H. W. Yes, it is. I think his parents are dead now.

Sp. They are? When did they die?

Mrs. H. W. Not long ago. Your mother died a year ago, and your
father a few months ago.

Sp. Who told you that?

Mrs. H. W. Your sister.

Sp. Why didn't she tell me?

Mrs. H. W. You are dead.

Sp. Dead? I am dead? I feel full of life.

Mrs. H. W. Didn't you used to go to saloons?

Sp. Oh, don't talk like that in company!

Mrs. H. W. We have no company.

Sp. I went, but don't tell them that.

Mrs. H. W. Why don't you want them to know?

Sp. Because they wouldn't like it. Mother doesn't like me to go there.

Mrs. H. W. You had a good father and mother.

Sp. I wanted to live my life, but they wanted to live mine for me.

Mrs. H. W. What did you do when you were home with them?

Sp. Nothing.

Mrs. H. W. Didn't you help in the kitchen?

Sp. Mother wanted me to, but I didn't do very. much of anything. I
used to wash the dishes for her, but I didn't want to do it.

Mrs. H. W. She made you.

Sp. You know, she said: "If you want to eat, you will have to
work." Say, that isn't right. I always liked to slip out if I could. That's


Dr. No, it is not. It may be to some, but not to others.

Sp. Everybody likes to get out and do some idling around. You
want a little freedom.

Mrs. H. W. You wanted all freedom; you wanted to just loaf around.

Sp. I worked sometimes-once in a while. I gave my mother money
at times, but it was not often I had any.

Mrs. H. W. You liked best to walk from door to door and beg your
food, and get five dollars wherever you could.

Sp. What was the use anyhow?

Dr. We want you to understand that you have passed out of your
body. You have been dead a long time. This lady (Mrs. H. W.) seems
to know who you are.

Sp. She made good biscuits. I wished sometimes I had one.

Mrs. H. W. Did you ever have any of my doughnuts?

Sp. Yes, sometimes you gave me some. I was supposed to look for
work, but some way or other, I did not work, and I didn't care very
much either.

Dr. Now then, understand, friend, that you are so-called dead. You
have been an ignorant spirit for a long time, in the outer darkness
which the Bible speaks of. This is not your body.

Sp. Yes, it is.

Dr. It is my wife's.

Sp. How could I be your wife when I am a man?

Dr. You are an invisible spirit. We do not see you. We only hear
you talk. Do you recognize these hands? (Indicating hands of psychic.)

Sp. I have been so strange for a long time. What in the world is it?
It has been so strange at times. There was lightning and thunder
(electricity given patient) and it bothered me terribly. I have not been
left alone for one minute. It was fierce, that thunder and lightning.

The lightning is the worst, the thunder is not so bad. The
lightning is so bad that it doesn't seem as if I should really see
afterwards. I should say it was coming down in torrents. It seemed as
if you got knocked in the head, and then got it again and again. It was
wonderful how you got it. It was a wonder, for it woke me up. It woke
me up good and plenty at times, so that I could not stand it any longer.

Mrs. H. W. I am glad of it.

Sp. I don't see why you should be glad.

Mrs. H. W . I will tell you why I am glad. You have been bothering
my daughter for a long time.


Sp. How do you know I have?

Mrs. H. W. That is the reason you were with women all the time.
You are ignorant and have been troubling my daughter. You got
"thunder and lightning" for it, when my daughter had electric
treatments, and you got out. I am glad of it.

Dr. I am the one who gave the electricity to you. We chase
ignorant spirits away with it.

Sp. I think you had better be a little milder with it then.

Dr. I do not like to give it, but it is sometimes necessary.

Sp. I do not see why I should need to have so much of it coming
down like thunder and lightning. You get it in the head like a sledge

Dr. But we succeeded in driving you from the lady.

Sp. I didn't bother any lady; I didn't have a chance. I was walking
behind them, but it does not seem to me -that I had any way of
bothering them.

Mrs. H. W. You surely bothered my daughter.

Dr. That was why we had to give you electricity. Were there any
others with you?

Sp. There are many with us.

Dr. Are there any more left?

Sp. I don't know. There are some that come and go.

Dr. They will get electricity every time they come.

Sp. I'm not going to have it any more. I don't think I need it.

Dr. If you stay around you will get it.

Sp. I don't care for any more.

Dr. Have you ever been called Mrs. A ?

Sp. No. I never was a woman, so I never could be anybody by
that name. I was with women.

Dr. Did you hear that name at all?

Sp. No.

Mrs. H. W. That is my daughter's name, and you got that
electricity for being around her.

Sp. Did you order that for me?

Mrs. H. W. Yes, I did.

Sp. Then you are a bad woman to do that.

Mrs. H. W. I wanted you to leave my daughter alone.

Sp. I told you I never bothered your daughter. I walked behind
the women.

Dr. You walked a little too close. Were you the only man among
so many women?

Sp. There is something like what you would call a line and


you have to walk in that line and you cannot go out. I did not want
to work. (The patient suffered from a heavy listlessness.)

Mrs. H. W. You were too lazy.

Sp. What was the use when you could get your food without? It
is just as well to take things instead of working yourself to death.

Dr. That is a poor argument. People who accomplish something
are happy.

Sp. I do not fancy it. If people want to work like slaves they are
welcome to it, for me. I would not work.

Dr. (To Mrs. H. W.) Is that like this man's disposition?

Mrs. H. W. Yes, every inch of him. His name is Bergquist.

Sp. How do you know?

Mrs. H.W. Your disposition and actions are clear to me.

Sp. Can you know one's name before you know the person?

Mrs. H. W. I know you by your actions. I used to know you well. I
knew your brother, who went to war in Cuba. He came home, had
consumption and died.

Sp. I had another brother who died.

Dr. Now friend, I want you to understand.

Mrs. H. W. Listen to the doctor.

Sp. Doctor? I am not sick.

Mrs. H. W. You need advice from the doctor.

Sp. Advice? Then I must go to a lawyer. When I was sick, I went
to a doctor, when I needed advice, I would go to a lawyer.

Dr. You are mentally sick.

Sp. I wouldn't say I am sick; I feel pretty good. I feel better than I
have for years and years in the past.

Dr. You will not feel yourself so very long, unless you change
your attitude. You are controlling my wife's body.

Sp. I can do as I please for that matter.

Dr. You cannot in this instance. Do you think that I want you to
sit here indefinitely, controlling my wife's body? Look at those hands.
Are they yours? Wake up, and don't be so sleepy. Do you know that

Sp. How did I get it? I have been with women so much that I have
a woman's hands.

Dr. You must wake up and listen. The fact is, you are an ignorant
spirit. You have been taken away from that lady; you have been
bothering her for a long time. You lost your body years ago..

Sp. That doesn't interest me.

Dr. It will have to. You died a long time ago. You are an

invisible spirit. You have been hovering around that lady and
troubling her. She has been brought to California to be freed from
spirits-of which you are one-and I have had to give her the electricity
to get rid of you.

You have been driven away from her and allowed to control my
wife's body. The point is, you will have to leave this body and
become sensible.

Sp. I want to ask you this--if I haven't any sense what will you do?
Mother used to say I had no sense.

Dr. You have been lazy, but now you will have to use the sense
that God gave you, even if it is only a little. You cannot be lazy any longer.

Sp. I will not work either.

Dr. You will have to in the spirit life.

Sp. How do you know? How do you know they will make me work?

Dr. You will be glad to work. You cannot bother people any more.

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. Ignorant spirits hover around the earth plane interfering with
mortals, and make them act as if insane.

Sp. What is a poor fellow to do?

Dr. Use the sense God gave you.

Sp. I have none. What am I to do? You say I am controlling a
body that does not belong to me?

Dr. Yes, and you must leave this body and listen to spirits who
will help you. My wife allows you to control her body in order to free
the other lady.

Sp. What kind of a wife is that?

Dr. She is a psychic sensitive who allows ignorant spirits like
yourself to control her body. If you will look around, you will find
spirits who will help you.

Sp. Spirits?

Dr. You will find spirits who will help you and teach you how to
progress. You can also find happiness.

Sp. My legs are getting numb.

Dr. That body is not yours. We do not see you.

Sp. No?

Dr. You are invisible to us. Can you understand that?

Sp. I suppose I can't get that in my head.

Dr. Look around and you will find invisibles like yourself, who will
help you.

Sp. I don't need help.


Dr. You do; you need help to progress to the spirit land.

Sp. Where is that place?

Dr. It is an invisible plane around the earth, and you will find it if
you look for it. You will be taught that life is something worth while.

Sp. I think I could go to sleep.

Dr. If you do I will give you some electricity.

Mrs. H. W. Think of the sorrow you caused your mother.

Sp. I was a fool.

Dr. You were not one, you allowed yourself to be one. You were lazy.

Sp. Mother is here (spirit), but I can't see what she wants with me.

Dr. Listen to what she says.

Sp. She says: "You have been a very wayward boy. Now try to
wake up and be different, because life is different on this side and you
will have to earn your happiness."

Dr. Then you will find that life is worth while.

Sp. Mother seems to be very happy.

Dr. She will help you if you are in earnest.

Sp. I want to go with her. I must learn.

Dr. You must be obedient.

Sp. Mother says she is happy she got me to come to her
now. I am happy in my way to see her.

Dr. Try to realize that life means something.

Sp. I will go with her then. She says I must not bother that lady
any more. After the last bombarding I got, I will leave that body alone.
I thought my head would come off. I got it all right.

Mrs. H. W. You certainly did. Can you see your sister F.? (Spirit.)

Sp. She's here with a lot of people. I think I will go now.

Dr. How will you go? I will explain to you.

Sp. No, I am ready to go.

Dr. How?

Sp. I will get up and go. (Trying in vain to rise.) I can't move.

Dr. You have only partial control of this body now. You will have
to think yourself with your mother.

Sp. Think myself?

Dr. You will have to travel by thought.

Sp. You come over there, Mother, (pointing) then I will jump over
to you by thought. (Sitting still for a moment, then laughing heartily.) 


I can't jump! That would be quite a jump.

Dr. You are in California now; how long does it take you to think
yourself in Chicago? You can be there instantly in thought, for you
have no physical body to take with you. In the spirit world thought is
the motive power.

Sp. Now I am going to think quick and jump. But I don't get there.

Dr. You must relax and quietly think yourself with your mother,
and then you will lose control of this body.

Mrs. H. W. Can you see F., your sister?

Sp. Yes, and father too. They are coming to get me. They say they
want me to reform and be a good fellow. Yes-I suppose I must.

Dr. You must go now. Your first lesson in spirit life is to think properly.

Sp. It seems foolish to me to think. My mother says, Thank you,
and please forgive me for my ignorance. Goodbye.


Many earthbound spirits are conscious of influencing mortals but
enjoy their power, seeming to be without scruples. Often these have,
during earth life, turned away from orthodoxy and become hardened
to higher ethics and ideals.

A spirit of this type was dislodged from Mr. G., who had since
childhood been subject to violent attacks of temper.

During the weeks when this spirit was being "brought to the
front," preparatory to removal, Mr. G. was very irritable, especially
when driving his automobile, and developed moods during which he
wished to be away from every one. After the spirit was dislodged the
gentleman's characteristics changed completely and he became
natural again.

Both Mr. and Mrs. G. were present at the time this spirit controlled
Mrs. Wickland.

Spirit: FRED HAUPT. Patient: MR. 0

The spirit made violent attempts to escape and when the hands of
the psychic were held, fought furiously.

Doctor Who are you? Come, be sensible. This will not do you any
good. There is no use in fighting. Who are you?

Spirit It's none of your business who I am! I don't want


to be here with you. I didn't want to come here. I will not come any
more! You won't trap me again!

Dr. With whom did you come?

Sp. It's none of your business who I came with.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. I'm not dead. You will find that I won't stand for anything. (To
Mrs. G.) You don't care for me any more.

Dr. I don't care for you?

Sp. I don't mean you. I am going to fight you all right. You gave
me that awful lightning on my head and back. (Patient's electrical

Dr. That was electricity and it evidently put life into you.

Sp. I told you many times that I would never come here again.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. Dead! I'm not dead, and you're not going to make me come
here any more. You think you have me this time, but I'll fix you! You
don't trap me any more. I get so mad at you!

Dr. What are you so angry about?

Sp. The world and everybody.

Dr. If you have a grudge on your mind perhaps we can help you
remove it.

Sp. You can go your way and I'll go mine! I'm through! You can
go just wherever you please! You think you've got me where you
have control over me, but you'll find you will get left. I'll not tell you
anything, so you don't need to ask.

Dr. We are anxious to know who you are.

Sp. That makes no difference to me. You think you have me in
your claws, but you'll get left.

Dr. Won't you tell us who you are?

Sp. I don't want to get acquainted with you and you don't need to
get acquainted with me. I want to be all by myself, and I'm going out. I
don't want any one around me; I want to be alone. I enjoy my own
company best.

Dr. What experiences have you had?

Sp. I will not talk to you any more.

Dr. How do you happen to be here?

Sp. You made me come with those funny lights. (Electricity.)

Dr. It will relieve you if you will tell us what you have on your
mind, because we can help you. Where did you get that ring you are
wearing? (Referring to ring on hand of psychic.)

Sp. That's none of your business. It needn't bother you where I got it.


Dr. Were you always so sarcastic?

Sp. You keep your hands off me! I will go.

Dr. Where will you go?

Sp. That makes no difference to you where I go, and I don't care
where you go either!

Dr. But you have no place to go.

Sp. (Angrily.) Do you think I'm a tramp? I always had enough
money to pay for my lodging. I can go where I want.

Dr. Then you were somewhat of a gentleman?

Sp. When I am in gentlemen's company, then I am a gentleman.
You don't need to talk to me, for I don't care for you with your electric sparks.

Dr. Are you despondent?

Sp. No, I'm mad!

Dr. Tell us who you are.

Sp. I have no use for you. As soon as you leave your hands off
me I will attend to myself.

Dr. What will you do then?

Sp. That's none of your business.

Dr. Tell us how long you have been dead.

Sp. I'm not dead, and never have been.

Dr. Would you understand if I should tell you it is 1922? Would
you believe it?

Sp. I won't have anything to do with you! I have no business
here. I'll never go to that place again.

Dr. We did not ask you to come here.

Sp. You put me in a prison.

Dr. How did you get into prison? Who put you there?

Sp. You put me there yesterday.

Dr. Is that so ?

Sp. I will haunt you until you don't know where you are at. Dr. I
am used to things like that.

Sp. I will attend to all my business and you attend to yours. We
part right here. I will have nothing more to do with you. I am going my
own way and you can go yours.

Dr. Suppose we will not let you? Try to understand your
situation. You are a spirit and have lost your mortal body.

Sp. I don't care if I have lost my mortal body ten thousand times.
What of that? I am living just as well as if I had my body. What do I care?

Dr. Whose body are you talking through?

Sp. I have many bodies. I go from one place to another.

I can be a lady at one time, and a gentleman another. Nobody can
catch me.

Dr. This time somebody has caught you, and you will have to
stop interfering with the lives of others.

Sp. I have been attending to my own business for many years.

Dr. Didn't you say you had been in prison?

Sp. That won't last long.

Dr. If you don't change your behavior you will be put into a dark

Sp. You'll get left! I've been in tight places before, and always got out.

Dr. Did you ever own a Ford car?

Sp. No, I didn't-what's that?

Dr. I'll tell you a story. A man who owned a Ford machine died,
and his last request was that his Ford should be placed in his grave
with him.

Sp. What for?

Dr. He said his Ford had helped him out of many a tight place.

Sp. Did they put it in?

Dr. Oh-I suppose to.

Sp. Ha, ha! Such fools! They couldn't have a car with them if they
are dead.

Dr. Don't you know there is no actual death? No one really dies.

Sp. You say I am not dead?

Dr. Your body is dead.

Sp. Well, I can be just what I want. Sometimes a man, sometimes a

Dr. No, you cannot; you only obsess men and women.

Sp. No, I don't. If I want, I can boss the whole family. I have a
mighty good time. I go where I please; I am my own boss.

If I am hungry, sometimes I eat, sometimes I don't. The best thing
to work up an appetite is to get hungry. Then you eat everything and
it tastes good. If you are not hungry, nothing tastes good. I tell you,
I'm no spirit.

Dr. You are talking through my wife's body.

Sp. We are just wasting time, so I will go.

Dr. You and I are going to be good friends, I hope.

Sp. I will have nothing to do with you.

Dr. Come, friend, let us talk things over. Life is a wonderful thing.


We can think and act, and yet we do not know ourselves.

Sp. You don't? Well, that's too bad about you.

Dr. Did you ever stop to think how wonderful sound is?

Sp. It's no more wonderful than anything else. Now let me go; I
don't want you to hold me any longer.

Dr. No, I can't let you go until you behave yourself.

Sp. If you didn't hold me I would knock you down as quick as
lightning! I can get mad! I have a temper.

Dr. Now, Johnnie, listen to what I have to say.

Sp. Johnnie! That's not my name. I will not tell you what it is.

Dr. Did you kill any one, and is that why you are so full of hatred?

Sp. No, I am an honest man. I want to have my own way, and I
always do. I get so mad.

Dr. What church did you belong to?

Sp. That's none of your business.

Dr. Were you a minister or a deacon?

Sp. No, I wasn't. I'll not tell you anything, so keep still! (Closing
lips firmly.)

Dr. Why are you sitting so quietly?

Sp. Be still! I am thinking. I want to be by myself.

Dr. What evil thoughts have you in your mind now?

Sp. You look out, asking me such questions! When I get mad I
could knock this house down in a minute. I could knock everybody down.

Dr. Talk is cheap.

Sp. You might as well say big things as little ones.

Dr. Tell us who you are, and how long you have been dead.

Sp. (Stamping feet violently and struggling.) If I could get loose,
I'd show you I'm not dead! I've told you that before now keep quiet!

Dr. But you are talking through my wife's body.

Sp. Just let me get free, and I'll show you a few things.

Dr. That is bombastic and does not amount to anything. You are
talking through my wife's body.

Sp. I will not listen to you any longer. I have no use whatever for
you. Only for that electricity, you couldn't have chased me out and
put me in prison! I'll knock you down when I get loose.

We can part right here, you going your way and I mine. That will
suit me just right.


Dr. But we want to part friends.

Sp. You say friends? You can never find a friend in me when you
give me electricity like you did.

Dr. Those were just friendly taps. That was the best thing that
ever happened to you.

Sp. (Sarcastically.) You think so!

Dr. Try to understand that you are talking through my wife's body.

Sp. I don't want to have anything to do with your wife. All women
can go their way, and I'll go mine. I want nothing to do with women,
and I don't want your wife any more than the rest. I never knew your
wife. Keep her yourself!

Dr. You are talking through my wife's body. You cannot realize
your condition because you are so ignorant.

Sp. You are just as ignorant as I am.

Dr. Be free and open-minded. Try to realize that you are a spirit.
You are a foolish spirit and do not know it.

Sp. A gentleman, to call a man a fool!

Dr. You are a foolish, selfish spirit. If you were intelligent, you
would listen to me.

Sp. I don't care-just leave my hands alone!

Dr. I am not holding your hands; I am holding my wife's hands.

Sp. For God's sake, can't you see I am a man? Don't mix your wife
with me. Take her; I'm sure I don't want her.

Dr. If you were not stubborn, you would realize there is
something the matter with you. Look at your hands.

Sp. (Refusing to look.) They are mine. If I could get loose, I would
show you a thing or two! I have more strength now than I have had
for some time. Now I can talk again. Before, someone always
interfered with me. Now I am myself and can talk and fight.

Dr. You are talking through my wife's body.

Sp. I'll knock you in the head if you don't stop talking about your wife!

Dr. My wife is a psychic.

Sp. Well, what of that? What do I care? I don't care if your wife is
a thousand psychics!

Dr. Intelligent spirits have brought you here to be helped, and
unless you are willing to listen to reason, you will be put in a dungeon.

Sp. You can do just as you please.


Dr. What do you gain by acting this way? We are trying to bring
you to an understanding.

Sp. I was converted once by a rascal of a minister. He took all of
my money and then kicked me out.

Dr. Probably that was a good thing for you.

Sp. What! To kick me out? I just asked him a few questions about
life, and he said: "You big sinner, get out of here!" All he wanted was money.

Dr. But that didn't settle the question of life.

Sp. The question of life? Life is life, that's all. We are born here,
we stay for a while, and then go.

Dr. Where was the church you speak of? What denomination?

Sp. I will not tell my secrets to you. I will not talk anything about
myself. I won't tell my name or the ministers.

Dr. You do not understand that you are among friends. We can
help you. You will find we can help you to understand things of
which you are ignorant now. I have told you many times that you
have lost your body and are a spirit, and yet you do not understand it.

Sp. I have not lost my body, because I have lots of bodies.

Mr. G. How could you have more than one body?

Sp. I don't know about that, but I had enjoyment with others.

Mrs. G. How did you find these others?

Sp. I don't know, but that doesn't bother me a bit.

Mr. G. How could you be a man one time, and a woman another?

Sp. I didn't stop to think anything about that. I don't know myself.

Mr. G. Who brought you here?

Sp. They brought me here.

Mr. G. Who?

Sp. I don't know., I was not going to come here at all, but they
made me come. I said I would never come here any more.

Mr. G. Have you been here before?

Sp. Sometimes.

Mr. G. Who brought you here?

Sp. I told you I didn't know.

Mr. G. Look closely; don't you recognize the one who brought
you here?

Sp. I don't know and I don't care.

Mr. G. Have we ever talked to you before ?


Sp. It seems so.

Dr. Do you recognize the man talking to you? You may have been friends.

Mr. G. Is there anyone here whom you have seen before?

Sp. I don't know. With all that electricity on my head, it hurts, and
I feel like knocking somebody down.

Mrs. G. How did you get here?

Sp. That's nobody's business. I have a temper that no one can
conquer. I get mad as quick as lightning, and it comes like thunder.

Mrs. G. When you get into another body, do you have a temper
at that time?

Sp. Yes, I have a bad temper. I don't know why I get mad sometimes, 
but I get mad like fury at everything. I have to go here and there.

Mrs. G. Can't you stay at a certain place if you want to?

Sp. No; I have to go along, and I get so mad.

Mr. G. You are not independent then?

Sp. I don't know. I get so furious when I have to go places and I
don't want to go. I get awful mad.

Mr. G. Would you like to get over being mad? (Pointing to Dr. W.)
There is a gentleman who can tell you all about your condition as he
is a physician.

Dr. If you will be sensible we can help you.

Sp. Sometimes I fly off about things that don't amount to a pinch
of snuff. I don't know why I do that.

Dr. You allow yourself to fly to pieces over nothing.

Sp. Things don't always go my way, and when they don't, I don't
feel right. Sometimes I feel as if I did not have whole control and I am
only half and half, and then I get mad.

Dr. You are hovering around people and using their bodies. You
are not really dead. The mind is one thing and the body another. You
have lost your mortal body, and your spiritual body looks like your
mortal body. You are ignorant of your condition and come in touch
with mortals who are sensitives; then you try to control them, but
they have wills of their own too.

Sp. I always get mad at that machine.

Mrs. G. Don't you like machinery?

Sp. No; I feel sometimes as if I could knock it all to pieces, I get so
mad at it.

Mrs. G. Do you mean the automobile?

Sp. I don't know. What does that mean? Is it that machine that
runs without horses?

Dr. You have never seen an automobile, have you?

Sp. Is it that machine that goes "Whz-z-z?" (Circling arms around wildly.)

Dr. Have you never seen one of those machines? Who is President?

Sp. I don't know. I haven't read a paper for years.

Dr. Was McKinley the President?

Sp. No-Cleveland.

Dr. Do you remember the Chicago World's Fair?

Sp. No, I don't.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. I lived in Kansas.

Mr. G. (Whose early years were spent in Kansas.) In H., or N.?

Dr. You talk things over with that gentleman. (Mr. G.)

Mr. G. Did you know a family there called G.?

Sp. Yes, they lived in that pretty house, a big house.

Mr. G. Did you live in N.?

Sp. No, a little outside. I was a helper here and there. I never
stayed long in one place.

Mr. G. Did you live on farms?

Sp. Yes, where they had horses. I don't like to ride in that "Ch-ch-
ch!" I get so mad when things don't go just right.

Mr. G. You can go so much further with a machine than you can
with horses.

Sp. I like air, and you don't always have the windows open in that
machine-shut up in there!

Mr. G. Were you ever sick, or did you have an accident?

Sp. I am not quite sure, but it seems I have something the matter
with my head. I do not really know what happened. I lose my temper
so often that I know there is something the matter with me.

Mr. G. Do you remember any of the G. boys?

Sp. I have heard of them.

Mr. G. How old were you? About as old as R.?

Sp. He was that stout fellow.

Mr. G. Were you as old as he?

Sp. No, no. He was more lively than the other fellow, and liked to
have a good time. The other fellow (Mr. G.) studied. He wanted to go
off by himself. I think he was going to study for a minister, or a
lawyer, or something, because he always had a book with him. (This
was correct.)

Mr. G. Did he ever sing?


SP. Who?

Mr. G. This other fellow.

Sp. I don't know very much about him. I was just a helper around.

Mr. G. Did you work around at their home?

Sp. No, I lived Southwest. The farm was in the hollow, in the
distance. You go up the hill and then down in the hollow that's the place.

Mr. G. Down toward W.?

Sp. Yes.

Mr. G. Did you have an accident there?

Sp. I can't remember. I know I had something the matter with my
head. There were a lot of fellows out with the threshing machine-the
threshing gang.

Mr. G. You must have been hurt very badly at that time.

Sp. Do you mean when they were threshing on that farm? What is
the matter with my head?

Mr. G. You must have been so badly hurt that you passed on.

Dr. Possibly you thought you went to sleep. You lost your
physical body. Most people would call you dead, but you are not
really "dead."

Mr. G. Did you know Tom? (Another spirit who had previously
been dislodged from Mr. G.) He is a good friend of mine.

Sp. Yes, and he is here. He says he came here to help you. But
how is he going to help you?

Mr. G. Ask Tom.

Dr. Ask him why he is going to help this gentleman, and why he
needs help.

Sp. Tom says to me: "You get out!"

Dr. You listen to him; he will tell you the truth.

Sp. If he tells me anything that isn't true I'll knock his block off!
Tom says that I-for God's sake, no! (Excitedly.) Tom say that I--he
says that I have been sponging on that man (Mr. G.) for years!

Dr. It sounds strange, but it is true.

Mr. G. Tom did it too. He bothered me a great deal. Now he is a
good friend of mine, as you are. You and I are going to be good
friends, are we not?

Sp. Why did I get so mad at things?

Dr. When you hurt your head you may have disturbed your mind.

Sp. Tom says he is trying to help you get rid of me--that's


what he says. He's going to get left! Why does he want to get rid of me?

Mr. G. Then you will be free. He is a good friend of ours. We are
all going to work together. You will have your own body and you will
not have to get out of anyone.

Sp. I don't understand what you folks mean.

Dr. I will explain. Don't contradict me, no matter how foolish it
may seem to you. I will tell you nothing but the absolute truth.

Sp. If you don't, you look out!

Dr. You lost your mortal body some time ago. It is now 1922.

Sp. You mean 1892.

Dr. That was when Cleveland was President the second time. You
have been so-called dead all these years. There is no actual death.
The mind is one thing, the body another. It is the physical body
which dies, but not the mind or spirit. You are not talking through
your own body now.

Sp. I'm not?

Dr. No; you are speaking through my wife. She is so constituted
that spirits can control her and speak through her, and we are having
these investigating circles to come in contact with spirits like
yourself. Ignorant spirits often influence mortals and disturb their
balance. You conveyed your temper to this gentleman (Mr. G.) and
made him act as if he had a bad temper.

Sp. I did?

Mr. G. Did you ride in that machine?

Sp. Yes, but I hate it.

Dr. I'll tell you about those machines. About 1896 they began to
invent what they call automobiles; these machines go without horses,
for they run by their own power. We have millions of them now.

Sp. What have they done with their fine horses?

Dr. They do not use them now. Automobiles are very convenient;
you can travel one hundred miles an hour, but the average is twenty
or twenty-five miles an hour.

Sp. I wouldn't ride in one that goes that fast.

Dr. You can travel two or three hundred miles a day. These
machines have been invented since you lost your body. We have
aeroplanes now that fly in the air, and we can telegraph without any
wires. We can even talk across the ocean without any wires.

You cannot realize what wonderful things have happened


since you passed out. Do you know that you are in California now?

Sp. I feel so weak.

Dr. Don't lose control, friend, until you give us your name.

Sp. I don't know it, my head is in such a mess. Don't bother me
and I will tell it to you in a little while. For a long time I have had so
many different names that I don't remember my name at all.

Dr. Look around; your mother may be here.

Sp. I heard my mother call me one time. Sometimes I am Charlie,
sometimes Henry, sometimes a man and sometimes a woman, so I
don't know what name to give you. It's so long since I heard my own
name that I seem to have forgotten it.

Mr. G. Ask Tom what your name is.

Sp. He says my name is Fred. Yes, that's it-Fred?

Mr. G. Fred what? Ask Tom.

Sp. How can a man forget his own name? There must be
something the matter with him.

Dr. What did they call your father? What did your father do ?

Mr. G. Was he a farmer?

Sp. No, he was not a farmer, but he had some land. We were
further down from that college, where that church was. My father was
a German.

Mr. G. Was he a Mennonite?

Sp. No, my father came where they were, but went further back.

What is the matter with me? Why can't I think what my name is?

Mr. G. Tom will tell you, if you ask him.

SP. I can get certain places and things, then I can't go any
further. I remember Fred, because everybody called me that.

Dr. Well, I wouldn't worry about it any more. Your memory will
come back to you. You are a spirit and when you leave here
intelligent spirits will take care of you.

SP. Tom says he is going to take me to a home or rest. I have
been so worried, and I get so tired out that I get mad at everything. I
will not be angry any more.

Whenever I got mad I suffered terribly after it. I always felt so bad
because I could not control myself. I always felt so sorry I said such
mean things, and I was too proud to acknowledge it, but I knew it,
just the same.

Tom says: "Come on, we must go." I want to go now. (To Mr. G.)
Tom says I must ask you if you will forgive me for making so much
mischief for you.


Mr. G. We are going to help you, and let bygones be bygones.

Sp. You are not mad at me, are you?

Mr. G. Not at all.

Sp. I feel so weak, what will I do? I am too weak to go with Tom.

Dr. That weakness is a common experience with spirits when they begin
to understand. It is only a temporary sensation; you are merely losing
control. Think yourself with Tom and the Mercy Band of spirits.

Sp. My head feels so funny! Am I going crazy? You had better get a
doctor because I think I am going to die.

Dr. You will be all right as soon as you leave this body.

Sp. I need a doctor, for the blood is all coming up in my throat and I can't
breathe! I feel so choked. Maybe I can get to sleep. Doctors always say if
you can sleep it is better, when you feel weak. I am not going to die, am I?

Dr. You must remember that you are a spirit and are controlling a mortal body.

Sp. Fred Haupt is my name. Tom says I must ask you to forgive me
because I have made so much trouble in getting you in a temper.

Mr. G. Certainly I forgive you. Thank Tom for helping both you and me.

Sp. Goodbye.

Silver Star, the Indian guide of Mrs. Wickland, then came in and said to
Mr. G.:

"We got the man! Now we are going to take him to a hospital. We worked
hard to get him; he was so in your magnetic aura that it seemed like taking a
piece out of your body to detach him from you.

"He had been with you for a long time; he was with you when you were a
child. When things did not go right for him he flew into a temper. It will be a
great relief to have him away, and you will feel like a new person. You will
not feel so irritable.

"He has been working on you nearly all your life, but lately he has
become stronger and stronger, until he almost had control of you.

"Now we have him and he won't bother you any more. He is very weak
and needs hospital care; he can hardly walk. He will have to be nursed. He
has been living on you, and with that strength taken away from him he is
very weak, but he will he taken care of."


CHAPTER XII Selfishness

THOSE whose earthly interests have been superficial, who have been
dominated by pride, vanity, greed, ambition and selfishness, are held in the
earth sphere after transition until these tendencies have been conquered and
love and sympathy have been developed through service for others.

Frequently spirits whose earth lives were spent in pursuit of pleasure
and the pastimes of wealthy society have attained realization of a higher life
through our psychic circle.

Among these was one who sank with the "Titanic" in 1912.

Spirit: JOHN J. A. Psychic: MRS.

After the spirit of W. T. Stead had visited with us a few moments,
another spirit came in, struggling desperately, as if swimming, and called
loudly for aid.

Spirit Help! Help! !

Doctor Where did you come from?

Sp. That man who just left told me to come in here.

Dr. Have you been in the water?

Sp. I drowned, but I have come to life again. I cannot see that man now,
but I heard him talking and he told me to step in. He said that you know the
way and would teach me, and that I could go with him afterwards. But now I
cannot see him.

I'm blind! I'm blind! I don't know whether the water blinded me or not,
but I am blind.

Dr. That is only spiritual blindness. When a person passes out of his
physical body without a knowledge of the laws of the higher life, he finds
himself in a condition of darkness. It is the darkness of ignorance.

Sp. Then I will not always be blind?

Dr. You must realize that you are in the spirit world and that spirit
friends are here who will teach you how to progress out of your condition of

SP. I can see a little now. For a while I could see, but the door was shut
again and I could not see through. I was with my wife and child for a time,
but no one noticed me. But now the door is closed and I am out in the cold.


I am all alone when I go to my home. Changes seem to have taken place.
I do not know what I shall do.

Dr. You have not realized your own situation.

Sp. What is the matter anyway? What is causing this darkness? What can
I do to get out of it? I never was so handicapped as I am now. I was all right
for just a minute. I hear somebody talking. There, now I see him again. Was it
Mr. Stead?

Dr. Mr. Stead was speaking through this instrument just before you
came. Mr. Stead probably brought you here for help. It is our work to
awaken earthbound spirits who are in darkness.

Sp. This darkness is terrible. I have been in this darkness for a long time.

Dr. Understand that there is no death. Life continues in the spirit world,
where each one must serve others in order to progress.

Sp. I really was not what I should have been. I just lived for self. I
wanted amusement and to spend money. But now all I have seen is my past,
and I have been in the darkness, and it is terrible.

Every act of my past stands before me, and I want to run away from it,
but I cannot. It is there all the time and accuses me, because I could have done
differently. I have seen so many places where I could have done good, but
now it seems too late.

Dr. When a person lives for self alone he usually finds himself in
darkness when he passes over to the other side of life. You must obtain
understanding of the glories of the spirit world and realize that life there is
service to others. That is the true "Heaven"--it is a condition of mind.

Sp. Why are not these things taught in the world?

Dr. Would the world listen? Humanity as a whole does not look for the
spiritual side of life, but looks for other things. The world is seeking for
amusement and for selfish gain, not for truth.

Sp. There is such a queer feeling coming over me! Mother! Mother my
loving mother! (Spirit.) I am a man, but I feel like a child in your arms again. I
have been longing for you, but I have been living all by myself in the terrible
darkness. Why is it that I should be in the dark? Cannot my eyes be cured?
Will I be blind all the time? Isn't it strange that I can see you, yet I seem to be

Dr. You have a spiritual body now, and when your spiritual


eyes are opened you will see the beautiful things of the spirit world.

Sp. I see Mr. Stead there. We were both on the same boat, but he does
not seem to be in the dark.

Dr. He understood the truth of spirit return and life on the other side
while he was on earth. Life is a school and we must learn all we can about the
spirit side of life while we are on earth, for the only light we have when we
pass to the other side is the knowledge pertaining to life's problems which we
have gathered here.

Sp. Why did no one ever tell me these things?

Dr. Would you have listened to any one who would have tried to talk to
you on these subjects?

Sp. No one ever approached me with such ideas.

Dr. What year do you think this is?

Sp. 1912.

Dr. It is 1916.

Sp. Where have I been? I have been very hungry and cold. I had a very
great deal of money, but lately when I have wanted some to spend I could not
get hold of it. Sometimes I seemed to be shut up in a room, very dark, and I
could see nothing but a procession of my past life.

I was not a bad man, but you probably know what society people are. I
did not know until now what it was to be poor. It is a new experience to me.
Why should humanity not be taught differently before death? Then there
would not be such suffering as I am in now.

Dr. If you will go with your mother and other spirit friends and try to
understand what they tell you, you will feel much happier.

Sp. I can see Mr. Stead. I met him on the boat but I had no use for his
teachings. I thought he was old and that he had a hobby. You know when
people get old they have hobbies of one kind or another.

I never had time for such things, because all I thought of was my money
and society. We do not see the poor people and we do not care to see them.

I could do so differently now, but money is of no use to me any longer.

My mother is waiting for me and I should like to go with her, for I have
not seen her for years, and it is so good to see her. She says she could not
reach me, for I was like a crazy man and would not listen to her.


Bless you all for the help you have been to me, and for having opened
my eyes. It is misery to be blind, yet able to see the procession of your past
life, and not be able to see or hear anything else.

Dr. We should like to know your name.

Sp. I am John J. A., and I am glad I met you all. I am so grateful for what
you have told me. Now I can see and hear, and understand something that I
did not know existed.

My mother and friends are coming for me, and now I am going through
that beautiful gate into what will be to me Heaven.

I again thank you all, and hope some day to come and see you again.



A few weeks later the foregoing spirit brought a friend, another member
of New York's aristocracy, who had met his death at the sinking of the

Spirit: ALFRED V. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

Spirit Somebody told me to come in here and I would get warm.

Doctor What is your name?

Sp. Alfred V. I was on a boat. John J. A. came and told me he would try
to help me get in here. He said if I would come in here I would get help.

Say, I have never been hungry in my life before, but I am both hungry
and cold, and my clothes are all wet.

Dr. That is only a condition of your mind. You have lost your physical
body and should not feel the need of food.

Sp. I know I drowned and I have been in misery ever since.

Dr. If you had an understanding of the life hereafter and of progression
in the spirit world you would soon find happiness through serving others.

Sp. I never was happy. I suppose I had my own way too much, yet
sometimes I felt, what was the use. But I thought: "Just forget yourself and
have a good time."

You may not care for society life, but in society you can drown yourself
in gaiety. I really did not care for society life.

I used to forget myself with my horses. If you have a beautiful horse he
is faithful to you through life. But when you


get into society, women just show you one side-smiles, and sometimes they
hate you.

The love I know most is the love of a beautiful, faithful horse. Horses
were my pleasure and I felt they loved me.

Women liked me only for what I could do for them; they wanted money
and pleasure. Women wanted all the money they could get from me. I let go
of things and tried to lose myself in pleasure, but I was not happy.

Society does not know anything about honor and respectability. If I
could find people as faithful and true as my horse was to me, I tell you I
would thank you for that society. But go into the kind of society I have
known, and men and women are nothing.

I was a sport myself, but there were things that drove me to forget that
little thing within me, conscience. I longed for something that was good, but
where can you find it?

Not amongst society, but amongst horses. Society is all right if you want
that kind of a life. You will probably realize that I developed a great deal of

Dr. You must try now to forget your past life with all its sorrow and
bitterness. Look for higher things; then your spiritual eyes will be opened.

Sp. Friends that took an interest in me brought me here, and my eyes
have been opened since I came. I feel that probably-but I am not sure-a time
may come when I can be happy. I have never been really happy, for when a
child I had my own way too much.

I thank you for allowing me to come here. If I ever am truly happy I will
come back and tell you so.

A sequel to the above occurred several years later, when John J. A., and
Alfred V., brought to our circle a friend of theirs, Anna H., stage celebrity.

Spirit: ANNA H. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

Spirit Water! Please, water! (A glass of water was given and eagerly taken.)

Thank you so much! I have been very sick and am still weak. The
doctors really do not know what is the matter with me. They said I must
be kept quiet. My legs and arms pain me so.

Doctor We will relieve your pain. (Manipulating arms of psychic.)

Sp. Be very careful about my bones. I want to retain my beautiful form.
I want to get well and return to my work. I have been very sick, and I am
still very weak.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. My name is Anna H.

Dr. How did you come to Los Angeles?

Sp. I am not in Los Angeles. I am in New York.

Dr. Who brought you here?

Sp. I thought I had a dream and that Alfred V. came and spoke to me. He
always liked me, but he is dead. Now he says that I must wake up.

I am so sick. My bones, my bones! I don't want to lose my beautiful
form. I feel that I am commencing to get better and stronger. Will I live now,
and can I perform again and do my work? I do not want to lose my beautiful

Dr. You will never perform on the physical plane again.

Sp. I hope to. Alfred V. bothered me so much, but he is dead.

Dr. Does he look as though he were dead?

Sp. He seems to be very well, but I thought I was dreaming. Why, here
is John J. A., too! They are both dead.

Dr. So are you.

Sp. When did I die?

Dr. A short time ago.

Sp. Alfred says that they do missionary work to wake up spirits. But
they do not believe in such things as spirits. I don't want to die.

Dr. Nobody actually "dies."

Sp. Of course they do. The doctors said I could never get well. I fought
and fought to live. I want to live. I want to overcome my sickness and get
well again, and I want to retain my beautiful form.

Dr. From now on you must try to develop a beautiful spirit.

Sp. The two men want me to go with them to find understanding.

Dr. They have found the truth through this little circle. They were very
poor spiritually before they came here, but became rich, through an
understanding of a more beautiful life than they had here on earth.

Sp. What is this place? They say it is the Gate to the Understanding of
Real Life-The Gateway.


(Noticing dress.) This dress does not fit well. (Touching neck and
shoulders.) This is not my neck, or face, or form. They say I am weak yet,
but I am to go with them and they will show me the way, but that I have
much to learn.

Dr. Did you ever ask yourself: "What is Mind?"

Sp. No. I just wanted my beautiful form. If it were not for my beautiful
form and acting I could not have attracted people to me and earned my
living. There are quite a few people here. (Spirits.) Alfred said if I came here
he would bring me to my relations, and to a beautiful home beyond the

Dr. What do they call that place?

Sp. I do not like the name, but they say, "The Spirit World." They say
that is the home beyond the grave. They say I shall have to overcome my
earthly condition before I can open my psychic eyes. I do not know what
they mean.

They say if I go with them I will find beautiful conditions after I have
understanding, but that I shall have to overcome a great deal of self and live
for others.

Alfred says that we lived for society and ourselves, and we have to
suffer for it. He says I must go, but I cannot, for I am very sick.

Dr. Your body was sick, but you have lost that body. It is in the East.

Sp. I feel better now than I did a while ago.

Dr. My wife is a psychic sensitive, and you are speaking through her
body. Alfred V. and John J. A. at one time controlled her body as you are
now doing.

Sp. My bones are so sore.

Dr. That is only in your mind. Mind is not the body. Mind is invisible.
We do not see you at all; you are invisible to us.

Sp. (Touching face.) This is not my face, and I don't want this form. I
want my beautiful form.

Dr. It will be your duty to serve others in the spirit world.

Sp. These people want me to go with them. They took quite an interest
in me and my work. My pains seem to be leaving me.

Will you please tell me how I could come here when you are all strangers
to me? I do not know why I should be here tonight. I feel so well now.

Dr. We are carrying on experimental work to learn what becomes of the
dead. My wife is a psychic and you are controlling her body.

Sp. Alfred says I must go. I thought I had a dream and
that I was going to die, but I fought and fought for a long time.


I did not want to die, so I used all my will power to live as long as I could.

One day I felt very weak and I went to sleep for quite a while, but I
woke up again, as I wanted to live. They thought I was dead, but I was not. I
had only gone to sleep. I wanted to live because life is dear to me, but I was
sick so long and suffered so severely.

I went to sleep again and I slept a long time, and when I woke up it was
all dark, and I could not see anything at all. Everything was dark, dark, dark. I
could not find any light and it was so dark. I felt so distressed-all dark.

I thought then I went to sleep again, and as I slept I dreamed Alfred V.
and John J. A. came to me and said: "Anna, wake up! We are here to help
you. Come with us. Come!"

I thought I was waking up, but I was so sick, so sick, that I could not go
with them. My crippled body was so sick.

They said: "We will take you to a place where you will have a new body,
and you will be well and strong. Come with us to a more beautiful world than this."

Here I am, all well and strong. Will I not have those terrible pains again?
They are so hard on me.

I felt I must not eat too much, or drink too much, or I would not be able
to retain my beautiful form. I would not eat meat, because I would get too
fat, and I must eat just enough to retain the roundness of my form.

What have I now? Why did I not do more helpful things? Life was so
sweet. I liked to be flattered and I liked to have admirers. It is so hard to lose
your admirers.

Dr. Do Alfred V. and J. A. flatter you now?

Sp. No. They do not look as they used to. There is a seriousness about
them. They look so sincere that I feel different with them. While to me they
look much younger, I know they are older. They do not say to me as they
did once: "Come along and have a good time."

Life was very sweet while I had admirers. But I suffered for my vanity.
The doctors said if I had not laced so much I would not have been so sick. I
would not mind the doctors either. They wanted me to eat to get strength,
but I was afraid if I lay there and ate, and did not get my regular massage and
baths, I could not keep my form, so I starved myself.

When I was in the dark Alfred came to me and said: "Come I will show
you something far more beautiful than a beautiful form and selfishness and
vanity. They are only shadows. Now


come, and we will show you why we should live for others. You will be
beautiful again when you have served others, but you must forget self and
overcome all selfishness."

Now I must serve and I must help.

Suddenly the spirit lost control and was gone.


Two years later, after Anna H. had brought the spirits of Olive T.* and
Anna D. to our circle, she spoke to us again.

Spirit: ANNA H. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

Good Evening. I came here tonight to thank you for what you have done
for me. I am now very happy. I only lived for myself and for my body and
beauty. I lived only for a good time.

When you live for a good time you are not really happy. You are always
afraid that some one will shine brighter than yourself, or that some one will
take your place and charm away your admirers.

Here in this room I found harmony, when I was in such darkness. I could
not see anything except all the promises I had made and broken, and I felt sad.

Now I have understanding of the real life. The real life is to serve others,
to do good for others, to help others; then you yourself will have help. This
brings happiness, which is "Heaven"-it is the Heaven of Contentment.

When I first came here I was very sad and gloomy. I had only thought of
self, with never a thought of God, our Maker. We should all think of Him
and learn to know Him. He is the, one we should pray to and we should try
to realize what life is.

We should learn to know, not be satisfied with blind belief. Learn to
understand God in His truest sense.

I was once quite a church-going girl. I believed and believed and
condemned others, and thought if you did not do so and so you would be
lost. That is the reason many fall by the wayside.

People only have time for amusement. They do not go to church. Why
are they not taught to understand the real Christ spirit?

Give them innocent amusement of one kind or another, and do not keep
them wrapped in gloom, praying and praying all the time. They fall. They
want to go to church and they want

*See Chap. 7, Pages 155, 159.Spirit: Olive T.


to have a good time, but they are taught that if they do not go to church and
pray they will fall lower and lower and they will be condemned, not by God,
but condemned by the people.

If a girl falls, who will raise her up? Does the church do this work? No;
churches will not have anything to do with her, because they say she is bad.
They say: "We do not want our daughters to go about with her or be seen in
her company, because she will make them bad."

Since churches teach the Gospel of Christ, why should they not help
such a soul to rise? Christ did not accuse the fallen woman. He said that he
who was without sin should cast the first stone. Because a woman had fallen,
accusers stood ready to throw stones at her. When Christ spoke, the accusers
went away. Then what did Christ do? He took her hand, lifted her up and
said: "Where are your accusers? Go and sin no more."

He meant she should try to enter a new life and do better. But society
will not have her. The churches will not have her. She is down. Where will
she go? Where can she go?

She has not sinned against any one but herself. Her own self accuses her
for what she has done. How can she rise? If she goes to church she will not
be helped there. She can only go to the lowest condition where there is a good
time and champagne, and try to drown her conscience.

Suppose we tell the people that this unfortunate girl has fallen, has had
to go into a wild underworld, has been bad, has had no chance to rise, and
that her character has gone-will they help her? No, they will not.

We should always try to help others, especially the weak and fallen
ones, and try to raise them as Christ taught us. Do not condemn, but raise
them to society again, and help them to be honest and sincere. Then we shall
convert the world of men as well as women.

Men are also greatly to blame for trying to ruin poor innocent little girls.
Just because a girl has a beautiful face and has charms men should not praise
and flatter. They ruin the girl. The man goes back to society but the girl goes
lower and lower. She cannot go back to her former life but has to remain
where she is.

If you could see the lower life of Paris you would shudder and realize
that that is hell. People who go there have lost their pride, their senses. The
women there have lost all modesty.

They do not believe in God; they do not believe in the Christian religion
any more, because the Christian religion and its

people have driven them to what they are. They think there is no God and
so they can do whatever they wish.

Let us try to help these unfortunates. I am now working in the slums of
earthbound spirits. I am serving. There was a time when I would not soil my
hands to help anybody, because I had to be waited on. I had my maid, and if
I were not waited on at once, just when I wanted things, I scolded and was
very irritable.

Now I wait on the lowest with the true spirit of Christ, who taught us to
serve others and love others as ourselves and God above all things.

When the one who has fallen by the wayside is given true understanding,
then that soul will serve, and his love for his fellow man will be much
stronger than that of the one who does not have that understanding.. One
who has always had a good home, gone to church and is pure and good,
knows nothing of evil.

Let us all understand our Maker, the God of us all. Our Maker is God
for the one who has fallen just as much as for the pure. God is Love.

When you have shining in your heart that light of love which is the love
of God-not love as people understand it, lukewarm, sentimental love, but
love which has suffered and which understands, which does not ask
anything, which sacrifices and will serve from the lowest to the highest-that
is real, true love.

When people are crushed we should raise them again with love and
sympathy, then we could not condemn any one. God does not condemn.
Why should we? God loves all his children. He has given them all free will to
go their own way for a while until they are ready to say: "Not my will any
longer, but Thine."

Each one of us has had experience in one way or another, but let us all
look to God, and let the love of God and understanding so shine in our souls
that each will he a part of that divine spirit of love.

No minister, no one, can reach you, but you yourself will have to see and
feel what God really is. Then you will sin no more.

That is Heaven; that is Bliss. It is beautiful, it is harmonious. When each
understands the other in God's love, then there is peace and harmony; but
you will have to feel this beautiful condition, which we call Heaven, within you.

You cannot be contented in this beautiful condition unless


you help others. We stand by our brothers and sisters. We call them so
through love of God.

Say to those in misery: "Let me reach my hand down to you and I will
help you to an understanding of the true love of God and you, too, will shine
in this Heaven of Love."

From your own home in the spirit world you reach down to the lower
plane and you see some here, some there, in all kinds of agony. Some have
taken their own lives because of disappointment in love. Others are
overcome by sickness. Others are all crippled.

Others are being punished by conscience. Through lack of understanding
they pray and pray and sing. They are only ignorant. They pray to the
personal God they believe in, but the poor things do not understand the truth.

Others are earthbound because of their belief. They do not want to talk
to you because you do not belong to their church. They say: "I do not want
to have anything to do with you. You stay there, and I will stay here," and
the praying and singing goes on.

They do not know that they have passed out, neither do they know of
the wonderful God of Understanding. When you have understanding, the
knowledge of God will shine in your heart.

I am in the spirit world now, and it is all so beautiful, but I would not
have had all this happiness so soon had I not come here and been given
understanding. I would not have had it if I had not served. I have brought
many here who were crippled through lack of understanding and they
received light.

These two young girls, Olive T. and her little friend, Anna D., who both
took their own lives, are ones whom I will look after. I could do nothing with
them, because they knew I was dead. Their fear of me kept me from them.
They shunned me. I could not reach them. I did not want them to go to any
other place. I did not want them to go to earth life and obsess some one.

I brought both of them here tonight and I shall take them to my home in
the spirit world. I will take care of them and help them to an understanding,
and some day they may come and thank you as I have come to thank you tonight.

Let us all have an understanding of truth. Do not only believe. Belief is
all right, but to your belief add knowledge and understanding of God's
wonderful love.

Do not let others tell you they will save you, because they cannot do it.
You will have to find the saving spirit within


yourself. When the love of understanding shines in your heart you will
realize the wisdom of God.

Then you will not need to think that God is in His "Heaven." He is here,
there and everywhere. He is in the drop of water, He is in the flowers; all are
a part of His wonderful work. Let us worship Him and let us see Him with
open eyes, and we will be happy.

Thank you for allowing me to come.



In Chicago we had known two Jewish ladies, Mrs. Sr. and Mrs. Simons,
who were excellent friends, although the latter was somewhat tyrannical in
her exactions.

She particularly disapproved of the automatic writing which her friend
was experimenting with, declaring that Spiritualism was a fraud, since after
death everyone became a flower, a bird, or a tree.

Mrs. Simons passed away in the presence of her friend, suffering from
dropsy and intense lumbago pains. A number of years later, when Mrs. Sr.
was in California, she developed melancholia and was afflicted so severely
with pains in her back that she could not walk erectly.

After spending three weeks in the hospital without any improvement she
came to us and after the following experience, during a circle at which Mrs.
Sr. was present, she was entirely relieved.

Spirit: MRS. SIMONS. Patient: MRS. SR

The controlling entity groaned and immediately placed hands on back,
apparently in great pain.

Doctor Are you in trouble? Have you lost your body without
understanding it?

Spirit I don't know.

Dr. We can relieve your pain. Tell us who you are.

Sp. I don't know.

Dr. Surely you know your own name.

Sp. I cannot think.

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. I don't know if I am dead.


Dr. What did your friends call you?

Sp. Mrs. Simons.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. Chicago.

Dr. Where did you live in Chicago?

Sp. It's a long time ago, and I don't know. I have not felt just right.

Dr. In what way?

Sp. I felt so small, and was so uncomfortable.

Dr. Do you realize that you were interfering with some one? Sp. I
know that I am in such a stupor. I don't feel natural. Dr. Do you
know the reason for that?

Sp. No.

Dr. You did not believe in spirits, did you?

Sp. No, and I don't believe it yet.

Dr. Then you do not believe in your own self, do you? You
thought any one who believed in spirits was foolish. Is it not foolish
to be an earthbound spirit? Do you realize that you have been one?

Mrs. Sr. Do you know me?

Sp. I know that voice; it belongs to a friend of mine.

Dr. Where is she?

Sp. In Chicago.

Dr. What was her business?

Sp. I don't know. Everything is so dark and I cannot remember
anything. I know that voice, but I cannot tell you who it belongs to. I
cannot remember her name at all, but I knew her in Chicago. She used
to call and see me. My friend was always like sunshine to me. She
helped me.

Dr. What did she do?

Sp. She always came with such a nice cheerful disposition, but
she got interested in Spiritualism once. I told her not to bother with it
because there was nothing in it. I would not have anything to do with that.

I miss her so. I only see her once in a while. I feel so little and
uncomfortable. To save my life I cannot think of her name.

Dr. What was her first name?

Sp. It comes to me now! It was R. Something ails my memory and
things are so queer to me. Once in a while I get a glimpse of light, then
I feel I am locked up in a small place. You know I am a big woman and
in that little place (aura of patient) I was so crowded that I had no feeling.

Dr. Did you get warmed up occasionally?


Sp. Yes, once in a while. I do not know what is the matter, but
something burns me sometimes. (Static treatment given patient.) Now
it is all dark, dark. I do not see a thing. I do not know which is the
best, the fire, or being crowded so that I got no breath. I could not
breathe. I do not know why it is. But I seemed to have gotten a shock.

Dr. Did you die from a shock?

Sp. I cannot tell that I am dead because I do not feel dead. I have
had fire, and sometimes it was like thunder, shooting pain.

Mrs. Sr. Do you remember Dr. Wickland?

Sp. Yes.

Mrs. Sr. Do you remember that machine he had?

Sp. The one that shot fire?

Mrs. Sr. Yes, and that is the fire you feel.

Sp. Why, I didn't take treatments from him.

Mrs. Sr. You have been bothering me all these years.

Sp. Why did I bother you?

Mrs. Sr. Have Doctor explain it to you.

Dr. It is not hard to explain. You are now a spirit and have been
hovering around your friend. That is why you feel uncomfortable.
You are not in Chicago now, you are in California. You are in Los
Angeles, California. Don't you remember Mrs. Sr.?

Sp. Yes, she was in Chicago.

Dr. You are both in Los Angeles now.

Sp. I was in Chicago. I always had pains in my legs, and very
often in my head.

Mrs. S. You gave me those pains lately.

Dr. You loaned Mrs. Sr. your pains.

Sp. No, you are mistaken in that.

Mrs. Sr. Do you remember Mrs. Wickland of Chicago-Dr.
Wickland's wife? Do you remember she was a psychic?

Sp. I don't seem to remember. It is strange I don't know anything.

Mrs. Sr. You thought you knew so much.

Sp. I supposed I knew. You meddled with that foolish thing,
Spiritualism, and I did not want to have anything to do with it. Have
you been fooling with it again?

Mrs. Sr. No, you have been fooling with me.

Sp. No, I did not want to have anything to do with that; there is
nothing in it.

I didn't like that fire-I could not stand it. It chased me

away. I suffered terribly. When I was chased out I was locked up in a
new room.

Dr. You were locked up in a room of ignorance.

Mrs. Sr. It is a long time since you died.

Sp. I am not dead.

Dr. Look at this hand. Is that yours? You are using another body
now. You are proving that what you thought was humbug is true.

Mrs. Sr. Do you know what year it is Mrs. Simons?

Sp. I don't know anything. Where is my home? Where is my girl?

Mrs. Sr. Your girl is not here.. You are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. No, now you are a little off. Mrs. Sr., don't you know you are
in Chicago?

Mrs. Sr. I have been here in California for six and one-half years.

Sp. We are in Chicago. Such a foolish woman! She is hypnotized
and wants to have me believe such a story.

Dr. Wouldn't you like to understand matters? You have been
dead a good many years, and were hovering around your friend, Mrs.
Sr. You were driven away from her by electricity. Now you are
allowed to control my wife's body temporarily so you may acquire

Do you know anything about the purpose of life? Did that ever
interest you? No, therefore you think there could not be anything in a
higher life.

You call yourself Mrs. Simons. This body belongs to Mrs.
Wickland and she is in Los Angeles, California. You claim you are in
Chicago and we cannot convince you of the facts. You have been
obsessing Mrs. Sr.

Sp. I came to her because it was so dark. It seems I had been
sleeping for a while, then I woke up. I saw a light, then I was here. I
could see just a little light if I could be with her.

Dr. You got into her magnetic aura and made her suffer. In order
to get you out I applied electricity to her.

Mrs. Sr. Do you know what I told Doctor? I told him to give you
that electricity.

Sp. You have no sympathy for a poor old, lady like me.

Dr. Would you have liked to have an earthbound spirit control
your body?

SP. I will not listen to you.

Dr. You are willing to bother your friend.


Sp. I do not know whether I have been bothering her. I have only
been around her to see light.

Dr. Then how did you happen to get the electricity when I gave it
to her? I have never treated you.

Mrs. Sr. By right you ought to pay Dr. Wickland for that
treatment, Mrs. Simons.

Sp. Tell me one thing-how did I come here? I do not think you are
right, Mrs. Sr., but if you should be, how did you come to California?

Mrs. Sr. By paying my railroad fare I came here. Did you pay anything?

Sp. I never paid anything, so how did I get here? I don't believe it
anyhow-you cannot say that to me! I am in Chicago, and Mrs. Sr. was
never in California.

Dr. Do you hear that rumble? That is a train leaving Los Angeles
for Chicago.

Sp. That is the Northwestern train.

Dr. There is no Northwestern out here. What do you gain by
arguing? When you understand the situation you will appreciate what
I am trying to tell you.

What would you think of a person who refused to understand life,
who has been dead seven or eight years, whose body is lost and in
the grave, and who is an ignorant spirit, bothering one who was
formerly a friend?

Sp. I cannot see how that is.

Dr. We are telling you facts.

Mrs. Sr. Your body was buried in Waltheim. Cemetery six or eight
years ago.

Sp. I have been sleeping. I woke up with very severe pains and I
could not move very well, and I felt so crowded.

Dr. That was because Mrs. Sr.'s body is smaller than yours, and
you have been obsessing her.

Sp. How could I get in that body? I felt I could hardly move. I
have to find out what you are talking about. I don't believe it. I want
to know what object you have to say such things?

Dr. Did you ever study Life at all?

Sp. I studied trees and Nature.

Dr. Did you ever observe how the tree grows? It is wonderful. God
puts life into it and it grows. What is life?

Sp. God, I suppose.

Dr. Have you ever seen mind?

Sp. Mind is mind.


Dr. Have you ever seen mind?

Sp. No, you could not talk if you had no mind.

Dr. Mind is invisible, isn't it?

Sp. I haven't seen it.

Dr. Suppose we tell you that you are invisible to us. When I speak to
you I can see only my wife's body.

Sp. Your wife's body? Mrs. Sr., what is the matter? Have I lost my body?

Mrs. Sr. Yes, you have.

Dr. Only your stubbornness keeps you in the dark.

Sp. I haven't seen or heard anything. There was a time, I tell you, when I
walked on and on, but always in the dark, and it seemed like I never could get
there. I rested, then I kept on walking. At first I could see just a little light,
and it seems like it came to me in a flash-"Mrs. Sr.!" I thought, "Yes, she was
a friend of mine" and then I could see her.

Dr. You transferred yourself by thought.

Sp. Then I had a terrible pain. I thought I had lost all my pain for a little
while. I woke up and felt no pain at first, but when I got to that light all the
pain came back.

Dr. You had pain when you had your body. You must understand you
are a spirit, invisible to us. When an earthbound spirit comes in touch with a
mortal body he again has the pains he passed out with. You got in touch with
Mrs. Sr., and had your mortal pains again.

You have caused trouble. You were selfish and you have not gained
anything by it. In the spirit world you will have to serve others. Realize that
you are now a spirit; you no longer have a physical body. Why did you not
become a tree as you expected to ?

Mrs. Sr. Your body is buried in Waltheim Cemetery, Chicago. Go to the
cemetery and see if you have a tombstone there.

Sp. I don't want to go and examine my tombstone in the cemetery.

Dr. Did you go to church?

Sp. I believed that when I died there was nothing more. I didn't want to
have such foolish thoughts as you had, Mrs. Sr. I had my own ideas and did
not need yours.

Dr. God created the world but you did not investigate anything.

Sp. (In great excitement.) My God! My God I see my


mother! (Spirit.) Why, she is in her grave- yes, many years
ago! It must be a ghost. She looks so beautiful.

Dr. She did not limit her mind as you did. She did not want to be a tree.
You must be willing to learn. Jesus said: "Except ye become as little children
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven."

Sp. (Of Jewish faith.) I do not believe in Jesus.

Dr. What you believe, or what you do not believe, has nothing to do with
the fact of life

Sp. Mother, is that really you? Why, look at that beautiful road, with
beautiful trees and flowers!

See that beautiful garden and those beautiful houses, and my mother
walking around.

Dr. Your mother is not a tree, is she?

Sp. Now she is walking on that beautiful road. She says: "Come, this is
my home." Her home, but not mine. Can't I go with my mother?

Dr. Ignorance cannot enter the "Kingdom of Heaven."

Sp. Look at that steep hill which I have to climb! I cannot climb that hill
with the big body I have. Mother says: "No, you cannot climb it with your
body, but you have to climb the hill of understanding, and you must forget
yourself. Forget that you have existed in your selfishness. You must serve."

I know; I. know. Yes, I was selfish. Mother, I will try, but help me! Help
me up there! I cannot do it alone. (Crying.)

I cannot stay in this misery any longer! Take me, take me, Mother, with
you. Take me with you and show me!

She says I must work and not be lazy as I was in life and expect
everybody to do something for me. If they did not do what I wanted then I
got angry.

My mother says: "Now you have to serve. You have to work to climb
this hill of understanding to a higher life. You have now to learn the first
lesson of life, the lesson of understanding, and you will have to go up that hill
until you have gotten away from all selfishness, jealousy and envy. You must
do that.

"You must also ask forgiveness for what you have done to Your old
friend. You will have to do it," my mother says. "You will have to be
forgiven. (Crying.) No, you must ask for forgiveness, because you have been
selfish, very selfish. All thoughts of self must be thrown away, and you must
live for others. I am your mother, but I cannot take you to my home yet,
because you must learn."


(Doubtfully.) She says she is my mother-but I do not know. Yes-I
believe it must be, but she looks so beautiful.

Dr. That is because she is filled with the spirit of truth.

Sp. Mrs. Sr., if I ask you to forgive me, will you forgive me?

Mrs. Sr. I surely will. You didn't know any better.

Sp. You have helped me to light, and it was because of you that I
reached this understanding.

Mrs. S. You must thank the Wicklands for it.

Sp. I don't feel like thanking them for it. Mother says I must, because I
would still be in that terrible pain and agony but for them. She says I got into
your magnetic aura with a mind full of pain and selfishness and envy. Love
was not in me, except selfish love, and she says now I must have love for
others and not self. Forget self and work for others, then, she says, I will be happy.

Dr. "Love is the fulfillment of the law."

Sp. I don't know. I didn't have much interest in those things. I now see
myself as I was. I was a bundle of selfishness. Mrs. Sr., I must also ask you
to forgive me because many times I spoke to you in a very rude way, and I
was selfish. I felt people should always come to see me and they had to do
it. I see now my selfishness.

Mrs. Sr., please forgive me. I ask it now from my heart. I see now, but
before I did not want to see it, because that was putting my past life before
me, and how I had lived for self. I do not want that evil, ugly, homely body
of mine, which they (guiding intelligences) show me. That is not my body.

Dr. That is your spiritual body, for you have made no other. You have
made a spiritual body of only selfishness and jealousy.

Sp. It is all crippled and wrinkled.

Dr. You will have to alter it by your good acts for others. You will have
to wear the garment you made until you have earned another.

Sp. To think I should have to wear such an ugly, homely, old fool thing!
That-that spiritual body of mine-just because I did not do anybody any good!

Dr. You will have to wear that and be happy until you have learned
how to earn another, and to climb the hill of understanding and wisdom.

Sp. So I have to live now in that awful body of mine. I have to get in.

Dr. Serve--serve your fellow man.

Sp. I will be brave, and I will try, because now I see what I

should have done, but I did not do it. They say it is not too late, and I will
try to wear that body, all wrinkled and so homely. They tell me I can soon
wear it out by good acts, and each time I do some good act, some wrinkles
will be taken away, and there will be a change for the better. I will try to be
happy. It is hard. Mrs. Sr., help me!

Dr. We will all help you.

Sp. Give me some little sympathy because I have to be in that terrible,
homely body of mine that I have made only by selfishness and hate. I will
wear it until I can do better. I need help and strength so that I can stand it.

Mrs. Sr., forgive me. They say I have done harm- to you, and that now I
have to wear that homely body and have to serve you. I will serve you and
help you. My first lesson will be how to be kind. I will, I will.

Dr. You will find many good friends who will help you. Ask the
intelligent spirits to help you. Will you ask them?

Sp. Yes, I will. They say I must thank you for those thundershots.

Dr. Do you believe in spirits now?

Sp. I must, I suppose. Don't be like I was, selfish, but do what you can
so that you will not have to get into a crippled-up body like mine. They say,
no one can help us to work out our own salvation. Make your spirit body
more beautiful than mine.

Now I will go and begin my work. Goodby.


Miss F. H., a talented young musician, of gentle disposition, was a
student in college when she suddenly became violent and destructive, tore her
clothes into shreds and struck every one who came near her.

She was finally placed in a sanitarium, kept in a locked room for some
time and her case diagnosed as dementia praecox. When brought to our
Institute she had become almost a skeleton.

At this time she declared constantly her name was not Miss H. but that
she was Margaret Young, of England, and had two children.

One noon, as Miss H. was seated at the table, Mrs. Wickland
clairvoyantly saw the spirit of a newsboy take possession of the patient and
reach eagerly for food, exclaiming: "Gee whiz! I'm hungry! I haven't had
anything to eat for a long time."

His hunger satisfied, the newsboy left, and after this occurrence the spirit
of Margaret Young ceased tormenting the patient.


Miss F. H. had with her as companion a younger sister, Miss C. H
who understood obsession and was of great help to her.

One afternoon while Miss F. H. was seated at the piano, she
suddenly became controlled by a strange entity, but the sister
sharply ordered the intruder to leave, and the patient again became herself.

This spirit controlled Mrs. Wickland during a physic circle held
that evening, and after this the patient improved rapidly. Within four
months she returned to her home, entirely well, graduated from
college and later took up music professionally.

Spirit: ALICE. Patient: Miss F. H

Doctor Where did you come from?

Spirit I came here as a visitor.

Dr. Would you please introduce yourself ?

Sp. I must find out where I am. I do not know any of you people.

Dr. Will you please tell us who you are?

Sp. I do not know whether I want to tell you who I am.

Dr. Then tell us how long you have been dead.

Sp. Dead?

Dr. Do you understand your situation? Why are you here?

Sp. I do not know what I came here for. Somebody told me to
come in here but I do not see any object in coming.

Dr. Perhaps we may learn something from you. You could tell us
about your life and present condition. Tell us who you are; introduce

Sp. Oh, I do not know.

Dr. Who told you to come in here? Do you know the party?

Sp. No. I was walking around trying to find some place.
Everything had been so dark and I have been walking such a long
time, and I am very tired. I do not want to be talked to. I want to rest.

Dr. You cannot do that because you are a stranger here. Are you
a man or a woman?

Sp. That's a very strange question to ask.

Dr. It may seem so to you.

Sp. Can't you see whether I am a man or woman? Don't they dress


Dr. This is a lady's body in this chair. Are you a lady?

Sp. I most certainly am not a man!

Dr. Were you a woman or a girl?

Sp. I have not changed to a man, I tell you.

Dr. You evidently changed your bodily form. If I tell you that this
is the body of my wife you would be surprised. Evidently you are still

Sp. Asleep, this time of day?

Dr. Why not try to understand matters? You know you are in a
strange situation. Try to understand it, try to learn the reason. This
body is not your own.

Sp. How you talk! I came into this room, and I certainly could not
come in without a body. I did not come in like a feather, floating

Dr. Do you recognize these hands?

Sp. Those hands belong to me.

Dr. I want you to understand that you are using some one's body
temporarily. You do not recognize these hands.

Sp. I am not used to such treatment. (Haughtily.) I used to be in
society. (General laughter.) Oh, dear! Everyone is laughing at me. I
do not know what to do, it is so provoking.

Dr. Did you have a great deal of wealth when you had your own body?

Sp. Why should I tell you of my affairs?

Dr. Were you only pretending to be aristocratic?

Sp. I never heard such talk before.

Dr. You are a spirit but do not understand your condition.

Sp. I can't see how I happened to come here. (Struggling to leave.)

Dr. You must be sensible and listen to reason.

Sp. Oh, dear! What shall I do? Why should you hold my hands?

Dr. I am not holding your hands. I am holding my wife's hands.

Sp. I am not your wife!

Dr. Ask these persons if this is not my wife.

Sp. I do not know these people and I do not care to.

Dr. When you are ready to talk we will talk sensibly.

Sp. You need not dictate to me!

Dr. How long have you been dead?

Sp. Dead? What are you talking about? I have never died.

Dr. You have lost your physical body and have evidently


been wandering around for a long time. You are allowed to control my
wife's body and you must behave sensibly.

Sp. I do not like that girl with the yellow waist. (Miss C. R., the
patient's sister.) She bothers me so very much. She drove me away
when I was getting along so nicely. (To Miss C. H.) What right have
you to do that to me? I do not like you one bit.

Dr. She probably drove out an earthbound spirit. You do not
realize your own condition.

Sp. She chased me away, and I don't like her.

Dr. You were controlling her sister, and she did not like it. You are
an earthbound spirit.

Sp. I am no such thing! (Stamping.)

Dr. You are a spirit, ignorant of your actual condition.

Sp. You need not talk to me! I will not listen to you.

Dr. Do you realize that you are using another person's body?

Sp. You certainly are crazy!

Dr. Do you not wish to be helped?

Sp. Do you think I need your help? Why, I came in here just to
see what things were. I have been walking so long, and then there
was a little light (aura of sensitive) and that girl in the yellow waist
talked to me as if she owned the whole earth. Talking
to me like that!

Dr. Does it not seem strange to you that you are in the dark?

Sp. I was lost and have been walking around for a long time. It
has been very dark and I have felt so badly. I have not seen anything.

Dr. Strive to understand why you are in the dark.

Sp. I heard music (patient at piano) so I thought I would listen to
it, and then before I knew it I saw a light, and then came this thing to
me (Miss C. H.) and talked as if she owned the earth.

Dr. Let me tell you something. This girl's sister is a psychic
sensitive, and has been controlled by different spirits who have
disturbed her life. Today she was playing the piano, you listened and
got in touch with her magnetic aura. Through that you saw a little
light and then you controlled the girl.

Sp. I have never seen you before today, young lady! (To Miss F.H.)

Dr. At the present time you are controlling my wife's body.

Sp. I am sick and tired of hearing that.

Dr. Can't you understand what I am telling you?


Sp. I do not understand it one bit, about controlling. How can I
control another body? That is such nonsense.

Dr. My wife is a psychic sensitive and allows spirits to control
her body.

Sp. Spiritualists, then? I suppose you are all Spiritualists. I see, I
see. -- They are all crazy, all crazy.

Dr. You are proving the fallacy of your thinking at the present
moment. You are a spirit and are using my wife's body.

Sp. Keep still with that wife business. I was never married, and I
certainly will not marry you.

Dr. I said this is my wife's body.

Sp. There you are again, insinuating about the wife business!
This body belongs to me.

Dr. For a little while only.

Sp. Have you ever seen a person change bodies? What are you
talking about?

Dr. Did you ever stop to consider what mind is?

Sp. That belongs to the soul, and the soul is part of the Divine God.

Dr. That sounds very well. Do you understand what God is? I am
trying to reach your understanding. You have lost your body, and
are now a spirit, absolutely invisible to us.

Sp. Crazy, crazy, crazy! You are the craziest person I ever saw.

Dr. How would you explain the situation?

Sp. That girl came to me with such force and told me to get out,
and before I knew it I was gone. I stayed around and tried and tried to
get back, because I was not going to be driven out as she thought. I
have been watching for another chance to get in again, and here I am,
and now you can't drive me out.

Dr. Should not such an experience cause you to think?

Sp. Why should I?

Dr. You realize that you are in a strange condition. You are very
selfish; you know that I am telling the truth.

Sp. You have not told me any truth yet.

Dr. Ask one of these gentlemen whose hands I am holding.

Ans. The doctor is holding his wife's hands.

Dr. You are a spirit and are invisible to us. I am holding the hands
of Mrs. Wickland.

Sp. How in the world am I Mrs. Wickland?

Dr. You are not Mrs. Wickland. You are only using her body.

Sp. Now you know we cannot change bodies. I know this.

Dr. You have lost your own body and are a spirit.

Sp. Then why did I lose it? If I were dead and had lost my body
how in the world could I have been walking around as I have been? I
was so hungry for a while and I wanted to get something to eat, but
that thing (pointing to Miss C. H.) chased me out. I put up some fight,
because I was so hungry.

Dr. It is your body that is dead; you have lost that, but you
yourself are not dead. Paul said: "There is a natural body, and there is
a spiritual body." You have lost your natural body.

Sp. When did I do that?

Dr. I do not know. After you stepped out of your physical body
you continued to live in your spiritual body. You were brought here
to obtain an understanding of your condition. When you have that
you will not need to walk in the darkness any longer. You will then
have an understanding of the spirit life.

Sp. I have been walking but I am on earth, not in Heaven.

Dr. What do you understand "Heaven" to be?

Sp. That is where God is.

Dr. The Bible says: "God is Love," and "Ye are the temple of God
and the Spirit of God dwelleth in you." If you have love in your heart
then you are a part of God.

Sp. I have always done the very best I could.

Dr. Do you know what year it is? It is 1920. Can you realize that
you have been in the dark for some time?

Sp. I have been in the dark and cannot remember things very well.

Dr. That is because you have lost all physical contact, and have
no understanding of the higher life. You have been brought here for
the purpose of being helped. You can only stay for a short time.

Sp. But where will I go?

Dr. To the spirit world. What is your name?

Sp. I do not know.

Miss C. H. You told it to me this afternoon. You said your name
was Mary Bulwer and that you were from Germany.

Sp. I did not say that. You were speaking to my friend at that time.
(Another spirit controlling patient.)

Dr. Do you realize where you are now? Do you know that you are
in Los Angeles, California?

Sp. No.

Dr. Where do you think you are?

Sp. My friend and I were traveling on the railroad.


Dr. Did something happen?

Sp. We were going to-now I can't remember where. Oh, Mary! (To
a spirit.) Don't go! You know you were my companion, my traveling
companion. I always paid your way and you must not leave me now.

Dr. What does she say she is going to do?

Sp. Mary, won't you please tell me my name? Look! Look at that
fire! The whole thing is on fire!

Dr. You are again going through the condition under which you
passed out.

Sp. Mary, Mary, look at that fire!

Dr. Were you in a railroad accident?

Sp. Yes, yes!

Dr. That has all passed.

Sp. Look at Mary! She's dead! She was crushed!

Dr. They are revealing to you the conditions under which you
passed out. That is all in the past. You must quiet yourself.

Sp. I only got a glimpse of it for just a minute.

Dr. What does Mary say? Does she understand that she has
passed out?

Sp. She is lost and so am I. We are both lost. We lost our way.

Dr. That is because you are ignorant of the real life. If you had had
understanding when you had your physical body you would not
have been lost.

Sp. I have been walking and Mary is dead.

Dr. She is not really dead; she only lost her physical body. Mary
is no more dead than you are. You are both spirits.

Sp. I died in that terrible fire. Look at them all! All those people
are burning up! (Greatly excited.)

Dr. Forget the accident and collect yourself. Try to calm yourself
and forget the past.

Sp. (Agitated at sight of several spirits.) I don't want to see them-
any of them! Look at that one! He is coming he's coming! I don't want
to see you! I don't want you and I told you I did not want you.

Dr. You probably wronged these persons in life and are now
having to meet the consequences.

Sp. I just had a good time with you, but I don't care for you. I only
wanted to see how much you loved me, but I don't love you. Now
they say they come to accuse me. I do not want any of them. There
are three.


Dr. Men or women?

Sp. I do not love a woman. Why do they come here?

Dr. What does your conscience tell you?

Sp. (Sneeringly.) He killed himself because I would not marry him-the

Dr. Didn't you play vampire in the first place?

Sp. That's my affair.

Dr. You will now have to strive to do better.

Sp. Let me remain in darkness-it is far better than this. There I just
walked. I did not see anything, but I am tired of walking.

Dr. What does your conscience tell you?

Sp. Do not talk to me about conscience.

Dr. Jesus said: "Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter
into the kingdom of heaven." You will have to start a new life; you will have
to develop a newness of spirit. Sacrifice self. You will have to sacrifice self
and become as a little child; you will have to correct your mistakes.

Sp. (To another spirit.) What have you to do with me now?

Dr. You have wronged these men you speak of.

Sp. There is a woman here too. What have you to do with me, I said? No,
 I never paid her for my dresses. Accusing me, just because I did not pay!

Dr. Was that the right thing to do? Your conscience told you what you
should have done. Now you will have to serve others. Selfishness is the root
of all evil.

Sp. I was taught nothing except to have a good time and spend money.
Money was just what I was taught in my childhood to be proud of. Not a
serious thought for any one that was beneath me. Why should I have been
taught that and now have to suffer for it?

Dr. Was truth in your heart?

Sp. I was taught always to have the respect of others and to remember
that I was rich, and that I should have all the world could give me. I wanted
money, and when I broke a heart it was good cheer to me. (To spirits.) I said,
Don't come, don't come!

Dr. You have been brought here for help. lie quiet and listen to me. You
will now have to try to undo your mistakes.

Sp. I could never do that.

Dr. You can and you will. Others are here to help you, and they will
show you a better way. Don't be selfish.

Sp. I am. very selfish and I have always been very selfish.


was never taught anything else. My mother was a proud woman and she
was very pretty.

Dr. Unfortunately for you. You must quiet yourself; you have been
allowed to come here for help. Do you see any one else you know?

Sp. I do not care to look around any more; I see only those whom I have
wronged. They are all standing here! Oh! (Shrinking back.) Why should I
suffer so?

Dr. You created that suffering yourself. There is help for you if you will
be sincere. Intelligent spirits will help you.

Sp. I thought that I could live and have a good time. I traveled
everywhere I wanted to go. I saw everything and had everything I wanted
that money could buy. Every wish I had was gratified.

Dr. You stupefied your soul. You will now have to undo your own
follies by kindness. You will have to serve others.

Sp. I cannot serve anybody. They will have to serve me. I have never
done anything in my life. I have always been waited on.

Dr. Understand that unless you help these spirits you will continue to
suffer. You will have nothing but the torment of your own conscience until
you ask for mercy and say, "I will serve."

Sp. I never can wait on any one; that would be a step beneath me. What
would my mother say if I should wait on any one beneath me?

Dr. There is nobody beneath you. Money does not make intelligence nor

Sp. Nobody beneath me? Would I associate with my dressmaker?

Dr. When you go to the spirit world you will probably find that your
humblest servant has a higher position than you have. You will often find
that the people you think beneath you have the most beautiful homes in the
spirit world. You have much to do to overcome your own disposition. There
are many advanced spirits here who will help you. Jesus taught us that we
must humble ourselves.

Sp. You do not know what that would mean to me.

Dr. My wife allows spirits of all kinds to control her brain and body.
Would you be willing to sacrifice yourself as she does? She allows you to
control her body so we can help you to a better understanding. Look around
and you will find spirits here who will help you.


Sp. Oh, Rudolph! (Spirit.) I loved you, but you know that my pride and
my mother would not consent to our marriage. I know you suffered, but you
did not know that I suffered also. You know you could not give me the social
standing I was used to. I loved you, and I love you yet. Rudolph, will you
forgive me? I would have liked to have married you, Rudolph, but I could not.

Dr. Why should pride and money be obstacles to love?

Sp. I was not happy, but I had to crush that. I did not dare go contrary
to my mother. I had to shine in society with a broken heart. I had to smile at
all those fools.

I had to be another person when my heart and love were with you,
Rudolph, but forgive me! I know you suffered.

I went to your funeral but mother did not know it. I wished I were dead
and could go with you, but I had to close the door to love. From the moment
you had gone, I said I would conquer and shut out love and sympathy, and I
would now live for selfishness and let others suffer as I had suffered for the
love I had to shut out of my heart.

Rudolph, forgive and help me. You were such a good man, but religion
and money and mother stood between us and love. You were poor but you
were good.

He says if he could have been with me he could have taught me to be a
good woman.

Yes, Rudolph, but the good influence you brought with you was shut out
for me; then I did not care what became of me. I went into society and had a
good time trying to drown my sorrow. I tried to lead every man on so that I
could get him down at my feet. I did not care if I crushed men. I wanted
others to suffer as I had suffered.

Dr. That was selfish.

Sp. I was taught nothing but selfishness.

Dr. What does Rudolph say?

Sp. He says: "Alice, come with me to the spirit world." (Crying.) He
says in Heaven there is no pride to interfere; all is love and harmony.

Dr. We can help you. Strive to understand. When you realize the better
life you will have much to do to correct your mistakes. You can undo your
mistakes by kindness to others. You will have to work out your own salvation.

Sp. (Stooping forward.) Carl, don't go. I know you meant well, but I
could not love you when my heart was with another. I knew I was at fault
when you killed yourself. See--he just lies there! (Crying.)

Dr. He, too, will find understanding. Others will help him. Spirit is

Sp. Look there! That cannot be! My mother! Look, look, how wrinkled
and homely she is! That cannot be my mother. She says she is-but it cannot
be. Oh, she is so homely! She was very lovely and beautiful. That cannot be
mother. She is so homely, so homely! Mother, what is the matter with you?
You had such a beautiful form, now you are all shriveled.

Dr. That is the spirit form which she developed by her selfishness. Her
spirit body is of her own making. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

Sp. Mother, Mother, what is the matter with you?

She says: "Alice, I am at fault in the way I brought you up. I am at fault
for not bringing you up to be a better woman than you were. I am at fault for
breaking up that true love with Rudolph, which probably would have
brought out your better nature."

She says that she closed the door, that she did not do any kind acts in
life, so her spirit body was all crippled because of her bad deeds. She says
she is now serving, and when she does a good act some of her crippled
condition disappears.

She is so crippled and she has ragged clothes on. She says she is now
serving with the body she earned when she was in earth life. She is now
showing me the body she has earned in spirit. It is better than the other, but
her face is all wrinkled.

Dr. Her face was her pride.

Sp. She says she has to serve and help every one she wronged, that she
must do good acts, many of them, before her face will be beautiful.

She says: "Alice, try to be different. Here is your spirit body, Alice."

Oh, no! Not that! Rudolph, come and help me! You know how I feel.

Dr. What is your name? Ask your mother.

Sp. My mother cannot tell me; she cannot remember.

Dr. Can you remember who is the President?

Sp. McKinley.

Dr. He was killed in 1901. Did you know he was dead? He was shot in
Buffalo in 1901. You must have been dead twenty years or more.

Sp. Have I been walking all that time?

Dr. You must have been.

Sp. I was born in Milwaukee. I wish I could tell more, but


I cannot. The door is shut and I cannot even think. Why cannot I get
my name? My memory is gone. Please remember Alice.

Dr. Your memory will come back to you. Realize life as it is. Think
yourself with Rudolph now.

Sp. I will. I also want to thank you. Goodbye.


Haughty superiority and pride of station had long kept the spirit
of a cultured English lady in the earth sphere, but with an
understanding of life's higher purpose came spiritual discernment and


The controlling intelligence was very arrogant and gazed
disdainfully about.

Doctor Is your condition strange to you? What has happened to you?

Spirit Many things have happened to me, but that is not strange.

Dr. We should like to know who you are and where you came
from. You are a stranger here.

Sp. (Condescendingly, with marked English accent.) I fancy I am a
stranger to you.

Dr. May I ask to what nobility you belong?

Sp. What sort of a gentleman are you to ask such personal questions ?

Dr. Do you not like this gathering?

Sp. (Greatly bored.) I do not know anything about you.

Dr. Do you belong to royalty?

Sp. Why are so many looking at me? Some are standing, some sitting.

Dr. Some must be spirits.

Sp. Spirits! I fancy it is only imagination. I see people sitting and
standing. It may be you have no glasses to see with. I fancy you are
of the more common class.

Dr. We were not fortunate enough to be born in the upper class.
You have not introduced yourself to us yet.

Sp. I would not care to have an introduction to any of you here.
(Loftily.) I do not think you belong to the set I am used to going with.

Dr. We are not particularly anxious to belong to that set,


but unless we know who you are we cannot pay you the honor due

Sp. I do not know if I should like to have honor from you.

Dr. We should like to treat you with proper respect.

Sp. You have joked so rudely.

Dr. Lady, at least please tell us your name.

Sp. I do not know if I should do so. (Looking her questioner over
from head to foot through an imaginary lorgnette.)

Dr. It would not do you any harm, you know.

Sp. (Pointing to reception room.) Who stands there? (Invisibles.)
There are quite a few people here. It seems like a meeting of some
sort. I do not know why I should have come here.

Dr. Won't you please ask those people in the other room who
they are? I cannot see them. Ask them why they are here.

Sp. I fancy that is a select crowd, and I think I had better go with
them. I fancy they are more my set. (Attempting to rise.)

Dr. Please remain seated and ask those people who they are.

Sp. I do not see why I should ask them that.

Dr. Introduce yourself to them.

Sp. I do not think I should introduce myself. We do not do that.

Dr. You are a total stranger to us; you might be an imposter.

Sp. (Turning frigidly away, and speaking to the gentleman at her
right.) Recently I have not been able to express my thoughts as well
as I would care to.

Dr. Just ask those people who they are.

Sp. I told you I do not want to talk to them. If you feel like talking
to them you are welcome to go there and speak.

Dr. But we cannot see anybody there. How can we talk to them?

Sp. I cannot help it--I cannot help it.

Dr. Ask them if they are spirits. What do they do when I say they
are spirits? (To the invisible assemblage.) Are you all spirits? (To
controlling spirit.) What do they say?

Sp. Some nod their heads, Yes; some do not answer, but I cannot
see why they should do that. Most of them answer in the affirmative.
I see a soldier in uniform.

Dr. That might be one of your relatives. Are you of English

Sp. I am English.


Dr. Do you know that Queen Victoria is dead?

Sp. Queen Victoria was the English Queen. She was a wonderful,
wonderful woman. She died a long time ago.

Dr. I think it was in 1901.

Sp. Yes, I think it was, was it not?

Dr. King Edward is dead, too.

Sp. They used to say he was a wonderful King. Everybody
respected and loved him. He was very much for everybody. He
mingled with the common herd as well as with fine society.

Dr. That is a good suggestion for you. You should feel more at
home with the common herd. Do you remember the Great War.

Sp. What Great War?

Dr. Do you know Lord Kitchener? He died in the Great War.

Sp. We had war with the Boers.

Dr. That was about 1898. Did you know Lord Kitchener?

Sp. He was a good man but not much in any war. I do not know
anything about the Great War you speak of.

Dr. There were twenty-three or four nations fighting each other.
England was fighting Germany.

Sp. I fancy that is remarkable. I do not know anything about that. I
used to read a great deal at one time.

Dr. Do you remember the Kaiser?

Sp. He was a strange man.

Dr. Do you know that the Kaiser is deposed? Do you know that
the Czar and his family were killed?

Sp. How?

Dr. By the Bolshevists.

Sp. What? Who are they?

Dr. They are the ones who upset the royalty business in Russia.

Sp. No, they did not call them that. They called them what is that
word I wish to say?

Ques. Nihilist?

Sp. Yes, that is it. They were sent to Siberia.

Dr. The Czar was sent that way, and then killed.

Sp. Fancy that!

Dr. Do you remember the Emperor of Austria? He has passed on.

Sp. Where have I been all this time not to know about the things
of which you are talking?

Dr. The Hapsburg House is no longer in power.


Sp. No! What is the world coming to?

Dr. Coming to Democracy.

Sp. All royalty gone! Then the common herd is starting in to do wrong.

Dr. There may be no aristocracy in time.

Sp. We have noble blood in our veins.

Dr. Suppose a commoner were made a King; would that change
his blood? Do you remember that the King honored Napoleon and
gave him a title? That did not give him blue blood.

Sp. I was born of noble blood and I will stick to that all my life.

Dr. What is your name? Were you a member of the English royal

Sp. My name was in olden times-well, I have not had my name for
a long time. It seems to me-yes, my name was Esther Sutherland.

Ques. Were you the Duchess of Sutherland?

Sp. (Indignantly.) No, I was not the Duchess, but one of the
distant relatives. They all had more money, while I only had the title.
That is worth a great deal.

Ques. Do you know you are in America?

Sp. I am still in England.

Ques. Do you see any of your old friends around here?

Dr. Look in that crowd you spoke of; can you find some one you

Sp. I never knew that Kitchener had passed away as you state.

Dr. He was drowned when a war vessel was torpedoed on the
Scottish Coast. Do you know him?

Sp. Yes. He is here, and he says that I must try to understand my

Dr. That is why you were brought here.

Sp. (Pointing to further end of hall.) Why, there's an old gentleman
(spirit) lecturing that I heard many years ago! Just fancy! I never
thought I would hear him again.

He is talking to a great many people. (Spirits.) It seems we have
many here who just came to investigate what kind of a meeting this is,
and what is going on. They all seem to be trying very hard to find out
what they really are.

He is now standing on that platform. He is lecturing just as he
used to in England some years ago. I went to hear him, but he talked
Spiritualism. I did not really know what he

meant. He spoke well. He said his name is Dr. Peebles. (Famous lecturer on
Spiritualism.) He said to me, "You go in there," so I came.

He says: "I want you to get understanding, and I do not-" no, no, what
does he mean? He says he does not want me to stay in the earth sphere, but
to lift my soul up to God and understand the real spiritual meaning of Him.

He has a big crowd around him; some he is trying to lift up to higher
things, others he is trying to wake up, so he tells me. They are not sleeping,
are they?

Dr. Yes, mentally. The Bible says: "Blessed is he that hath part in the
first resurrection: on such the second death has no power."

Sp. What does that mean?

Dr. It means that for those who have a spiritual understanding while in
the body there is no death.

Sp. Of course there is.

Dr. No one ever "dies." The spirit, or mind, is not the body.

Sp. It is not?

Dr. You are dead to the world and your own relatives, and evidently
have been so for many years, but we know that you yourself are not really

Sp. I have been walking about a great deal, and I have traveled
extensively, but I have felt very strange. Whenever I wanted to go anywhere,
all I had to do was to think, and it seemed that I did not need a train or
anything, but I was there. At times I felt I must be in America, because I
always heard they run their trains much faster than in England.

Dr. You are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. California! How did I get here? The old gentleman is talking to a big
crowd. He says he has to bring them here to get them to understand, and to
have them open their spiritual eyes to see.

Dr. You are having yours opened now.

Sp. Why should I come here and speak? Why do the rest not speak? The
lecturer says he could take me quicker than any of the others. Still I do not
look different than they. He says he could take me more quickly to control a

Dr. He is right.

Sp. What does he mean by that? He said it was necessary to bring this
crowd here. He met most of them in England when he was lecturing there
many years ago. He says some


will listen to his lecture, but many he cannot reach, nor even waken, so he
brought them here.

He says he did not bring me here to waken me, but I had come with
others in that room over there. There are so many there. Some are crippled
and some cannot speak at all. It seems as if he speaks and lifts them up, and
then they waken. He has a wonderful power for healing.

Dr. They are lifted up by his thought. He makes them understand that
their crippled bodies are in the grave.

Sp. Now he says that I must thank you for the privilege of meeting you
and of talking with you. I do not see why I should do that. He says also that
I shall have to put all my pride aside. Yes, but the rest are the same as I.

Dr. You might see Queen Victoria or King Edward* in the crowd, and I
am told that you will find them very common now.

Sp. Of Queen Victoria they always said she talked to spirits, and
everybody thought she was a little crazy on the subject.

Dr. She was open-minded.

Sp. She had spirit communications very often.

Dr. She is not a Queen any longer.

Sp. Some said she had a medium with her a great deal to ask what things
to do and what not to do. His name was Brown, I believe.

Dr. Yes, John Brown.

Sp. She said she always had to ask her husband about things.

Dr. What more does Dr. Peebles say?

Sp. He says I had better say Good Night to you all, and he also says that
he will take all the crowd away with him, and that he will show them the
spirit world and try to help them. That is his work.

Dr. He passed out about Six months ago. Now he is active on the other side.

Sp. I think I am growing weak; I feel strange.

Dr. You are losing control. This body is not yours; it is my wife's.

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. She is a psychic through whom you are talking. You are
experiencing only a temporary sensation.

Sp. There is my mother! (Spirit.) I have not seen her for many years.

Dr. How does she look?

See Chap. 4, Page 83. Spirit: Lillian R.


Sp. She looks very young.

Dr. Ask her if she has understanding?

Sp. She says, Yes, she was very much interested in Dr. Peebles' lectures,
and also she used to go and listen to Mrs. Britten.

Dr. She was a wonderful woman. She is now showing object lessons in
spirit life.

Sp. Mother says she used to go and hear her quite often, and also some
man who lectured.

Dr. Was his name Mr. Wallis?

Sp. Yes. He was quite a young man at that time.

Dr. He has also passed on. They all pass along to the better land.

Sp. (With transfigured face, gazing raptly upon some vision.) Look at
that open door! It is so beautifully engraved. It has engraved on it:

The Door of Life.
Understanding of Life.
Understanding of God in the True Sense.

The door is opening, very slowly, and we look in. What a beautiful Hall!
The altar in the front is so beautiful, so beautiful! On the altar, in the center,
is a beautiful statue which represents Wisdom. There is a statue of Truth,
one of Love, one of Understanding, one of Honesty, one of Life and one of

Wisdom is the center statue. There are seven statues in all, each holding a
light, each one of the seven colors. Three on each side of Wisdom, each with
a light, all blending into Wisdom, the beautiful White Light.

Truth Honesty
Love Life

Understanding Modesty

From these colors come the seven musical notes. Each note corresponds
to a color, and then goes toward the center and lends into Wisdom.

There the real truth of life and an understanding of God is learned.

Dr. The Bible says, "God is Love," and "God is Spirit, and they that
worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."

Sp. That is beautiful. See those colors blend! They go on


and on, blending in all ways, into all forms, into all kinds of shapes, into
stars and flowers, and then they become music.

Now they form into leaves, buds and flowers-music taking form and
color. The music itself-I never heard such beautiful music! Is that Heaven?

Dr. You may call it Heaven, or the spirit world. Heaven is a condition of
mind. The Bible says: "Ye are the temple of God and the Spirit of God
dwelleth in you." God is Love and Wisdom.

Sp. They say to me: "This is the Gateway to the Higher Life. You have
had a glimpse of it, but you cannot be there." Why cannot I go there?

Dr. You are carrying a load of which you must rid yourself-your pride
and your ignorance of spiritual laws.

Sp. There is one who says: "We have to learn our lessons, to be humble,
to be charitable, to serve. Learn to be honest and sincere, then you can enter.
that beautiful hall. Take up the cross and follow me.

"That cross represents the crucifying of self-selfishness, jealousy, envy,
bigotry, dogma, creeds, false belief and pride. Take up your cross and follow me."

That means that I must crucify self, learn to serve, learn the lesson of
life, learn to love others better than myself. "Selfishness is the cause of all
trouble. Crucify self-conceit." Oh, I have much of it. I have much to crucify.
I must take up my cross and learn my lesson down there. (Pointing downward.)

Dr. Jesus said: "Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter
into the kingdom of heaven."

Sp. (With meek humility, and a beautiful expression of resignation, hands
uplifted.) Take me-I am ready to serve, and also to seek for truth. I will begin
here and now to do the will of Heaven.

Whatever is the will of God, find me there doing it. I must not go to
church to find God, I must find Him within if I wish the opening of the door
to that beautiful Hall of Understanding, Wisdom and Glory.

Now I have to start at the bottom, at the very bottom, to serve. Is that
to be my mission? Is it?

Dr. Yes; every one must serve.

Sp. Amongst all those crippled and blind people-I am to show them the
way. The door was opened for me to have a glimpse of what I am to work
for, but it was closed again, and I--I have to serve.


I have never served. It will be very hard, for I have always been waited
on. I have never had to dress myself or comb my hair. I never have done it in
all my life, never.

Now I have to serve, and comb the matted hair of those cripples down
there-I--but I have to do it.

Dr. Jesus said: "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."

Sp. (Earnestly.) It is worth it, to gain that crown of wisdom. It is worth
all I must go through with to enter that beautiful hall and listen to the
wonders there.

I will serve, yes, I honestly will. I will do that and more, for all. God help
me in my great struggle. Yes, I promise I will serve and do all within my power.

I must go. Good Night.


THE science of religion should teach an intelligent realization of the
nature of God and the life hereafter, but humanity is still kept in
subjection by fear, superstition, dogmas and creeds, and has not yet
attained liberation through a full understanding of what becomes of the dead.

Passing through the change called death, a great majority remain in entire
ignorance of their condition, and are bound for a time to the earth plane by
their false doctrines. These cling to their orthodox ideas, often influencing
those still in the body, and the mental derangements which frequently follow
in 'the train of revivals are examples of these obsessions, as are the phenomena
known as "The Gift of Tongues," and "Seizure by  The Power," which
accompany many revivals.

Religious exhortations readily lead to mental aberrations since invisible
religious fanatics are always present who are unconscious of their transition
and, having found no higher life, retain their mortal bigotry, and by their
presence add to the insane fervor.

These spirits often make themselves audible to excited sensitives, for at
such gatherings many are encouraged to listen to "the still, small voice,"
supposedly of God. During religious excitement the psychic faculty is highly
sensitized, giving mischievous spirits, as well as fanatical spirits, the proper
opportunity to impress credulous persons with their whisperings.

Such entities, for their own deceptive purposes, may pretend to be
angels, the "Holy Ghost," or "The Spirit of God," and the thoughtless
victims, elated and unwilling to listen to reason, heed these whisperings,
which so frequently lead to obsession and possession, resulting
in madness, insanity and other psychoses.

The most difficult to enlighten of the earthbound spirits are
the religious fanatics. Dominated in earth life by one narrow, fixed idea,
opposed to logical analysis and independent thinking, they are found, after
passing out of the physical, in a state of self-hypnosis, ceaselessly repeating
their empty "religious" jargon.

Nothing exists for them but their dogmatic creed; they are adamantly set
in their self-assurance and it is often many years before they can be brought
to a semblance of sanity.



The spirit who assumed control of the psychic tonight was
vigorously singing a religious hymn.

Doctor Have you been here before?

Spirit Let's sing some more.

Dr. We are going to talk now.

Sp. I think we'd better sing another song.

Dr. If we did, you might become too enthusiastic.

Sp. We are in church, and you know you have to sing. Sing!
Hallelujah! Tell the story!

Dr. We are going to be sensible.

Sp. You have to sing. You have to do that. That belongs to
church. Let us pray, in Jesus' name, for evermore!

Dr. That would be very tiresome.

Sp. Let us sing and pray to the Lord. Hallelujah! Jesus Christ!

Dr. Now stop; that is enough. What is your name?

Sp. Let's sing and pray!

Dr. You must be sensible or leave. Tell us who you are and where
you came from.

Sp. What church is this anyhow, where you talk in this way?

Dr. Be sensible, otherwise you will have to go. How long have you been
dead? You know something happened to you. You have been
hovering around the earth, probably for years, and have never gotten
anywhere. Be sensible.

Sp. I am sensible; I'm not crazy.

Dr. You are religiously insane.

Sp. We all pray to God and the Holy Ghost. (Loudly.) Hallelujah!

Dr. We do not need that shouting.

Sp. I am doing work in the name of Jesus Christ.

Dr. We have heard such talk before.

Sp. Not from me, you haven't. I am working for the Lord Jesus

Dr. This is not the place for such talk as that.

Sp. Are you a sinner?

Dr. Listen to me. Whoever you are, you have lost your body.

Sp. What church is this?

Dr. It is no church.

Sp. I am glad of that, because I thought the church must surely
have changed. Let me talk, in Jesus' name!


Dr. You have been brought here by kind spirits so that you can
understand your condition. You are a spirit and probably have been
for a long time. You will not listen to any one who tries to enlighten you.

Sp. Go ahead then, and say what you have to say. Then I can talk, too.

Dr. Understand your condition. You are temporarily controlling
this body. Some friend brought you here for help. Do you realize that
something happened to you?

Sp. No.

Dr. You would if you were honest. You know that you are in a
strange condition. You are not honest enough to pay any attention to
it. Do you know that you are in Los Angeles, California?

Sp. How did I get there? I suppose I sang and prayed as a
missionary. A missionary must have taken me away.

Dr. You were brought here because you are an ignorant spirit.
What did your mother call you?

Sp. I don't know just now; I can't think.

Dr. You have lost your physical body. Ignorant spirits often lose
the memory of their earth lives. You do not even remember your name.

Sp. My name is Sarah, in Jesus' name!

Dr. Sarah what?

Sp. McDonald, in Jesus' name!

Dr. You know that all that shouting is useless. Do you not realize
that you have been "dead" for some time?

Sp. Hallelujah!

Dr. You do not even know that you are dead. You are only using
this body for a short time. Do you hear me? Do you know what year it is?

Sp. In Jesus' name, I do not care.

Dr. Religious fanatics never care.

Sp. I am a Christian woman, in Jesus' name. Glory to God! Hallelujah!

Dr. Do you know what Jesus said?

Sp. Yes; He said: "God forgive them, they do not know any
better." I will pray for you.

Dr. We do not need your prayers.

Sp. Glory to God!

Dr. Do you know that you are dead?

Sp. That doesn't interest me.

Dr. You are controlling the body of a mortal sensitive.


Sp. Jesus is my friend! Glory!

Dr. We carry on experimental work to learn what becomes of the
dead. We always find that the most ignorant, stubborn spirits are the
religious fanatics, shouting and singing all the time. Jesus said:
"Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Sp. God forgive them, they don't know better! I will pray for you all.

Dr. You need not trouble yourself. You do not understand your
condition at all. What you say is nothing but foolish talk. In your
heart you know you are a pretender.

Sp. God forgive! Let us pray!

Dr. We do not need your hypocritical prayers.

Sp. I never was in such a place before. I never saw anything like
this. (Crying.) I do not know what will become of me!

Dr. Try to understand what I am saying to you. Stop your foolish
religious talk. You say "Jesus" and "Lord," and you have no
understanding of true religion.

Sp. God help me! God help me! God forgive!

Dr. He does not need to. Listen to what I say.

Sp. (Drawling.) What more do you want?

Dr. Why speak with such affectation? Do you know that you are
controlling a body that does not belong to you? Aren't you ashamed
of yourself? You know that you are not sincere. Tell us how long you
have been dead. You must realize that something has happened to you.

Intelligent spirits have brought you here and allowed you to
control my wife's body, and we are trying to help you understand
your condition, but that does not seem to interest you.

Sp. I don't care! (Trying to bite.)

The spirit would not listen to any line of reasoning and was
forced to leave. She was immediately followed by a little child, who
came in crying dismally.


Doctor What is your trouble? Don't cry. We are going to help you.

Spirit Where is Mamma?


Dr. Have you lost your mother? We can help you find her. Tell us
who you are. What is your name?

Sp. Mary Ann McDonald. (Coughing, choking and crying.)

Dr. You must not do that. Why do you cry?

Sp. What's the matter with my Mamma?

Dr. Have you lost her?

Sp. She's gone. I don't know where she is now.

Dr. We can help you. What was your mother's name?

Sp. Sarah McDonald. Will you bring Mamma to me?

Dr. We are going to help you. Where was your home?

Sp. I don't know. I can't remember. All my Mamma does is to pray
and sing, and she says if I do not do the same, I will go straight to the devil.

Dr. You will not go to the devil.

Sp. I cannot pray and sing in my heart like they do.

Dr. You do not have to pray and sing. There is no religion in that.
We can help you; our work is the helping of unfortunate spirits.

Sp. I don't know what to do!

Dr. You have lost your body, just as your mother has lost hers.
We could not see your mother and we cannot see you. You are using
the body of another for a time. Your mother was here and controlled
this body before you came.

Sp. Have I lost her?

Dr. She is being taken care of. She has been taken to a spirit
hospital. She is insane on religion and would not listen to what I said.

Sp. She says if she does not pray and sing all the time God will
not forgive her.

Dr. There is no religion in that, only insanity. That is not what
Jesus taught.

Sp. Do you see that big fire?

Dr. No, we cannot see it. Where is it?

Sp. The whole house burned all up. My mother was praying and
singing. I didn't know what was the matter. I was sleeping and did not
know anything about the house burning up.

Dr. Don't worry about that

Sp. When I woke up I was all choked. I couldn't breathe.

Dr. That is all past now. What town did you live in?

Sp. I don't know. Just wait a minute while I try to think. I was so
scared that my mind can't remember. We prayed and sang all the time,
and I am so sick and tired of it that I don't know what to do.

We did not get anywhere. We just prayed the same thing
over and over again. I do not know what will become of me,
because I cannot feel like my mother does at all.

Dr. Our work is to help spirits who are in trouble, and you
will find happiness when you leave here.

Sp. I will tell you. The minister at the church we go to, he
says: "If you do not do so and so, and pray every night, and
sacrifice everything, you will go to hell." He says we must not
eat, but must lay on the floor and torture our bodies for Christ's sake.

Dr. That minister is insane.

Sp. He said we must not eat anything except dry bread with
water. He said I had been a sinner, and I must give all the
money I make to the Lord, and I must be His slave.

I asked him if the Lord was so poor that He needed all my
money, and he said that question was from the devil.

I worked very hard and Mamma took all my money away from
me for the church. I went out sewing in a shop, but my Mamma
took me to church every night. All I got was a hard crust of
bread and some water in Jesus' name.

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. About sixteen or seventeen.

Dr. What kind of a shop did you work in?

Sp. I sewed overalls.

Dr. In Chicago?

Sp. No, but we were in a big town. I can't remember. That.
minister preached and preached.

Dr. That is all over now.

Sp. Sometimes I asked Mamma why we had to sing and
pray all the time. It came to my heart that God is Love, and
we are His children, so why does He let us work so hard and
sacrifice our bodies so that we hardly have any strength, then
give all our money to Him. Is He so poor?

Dr. The Lord has nothing to do with any of that. Only
ignorant, insane persons say such things.

Sp. He is a minister.

Dr. What church did you belong to?

Sp. The minister said if we did not do as he told us to, we
would go to hell. He talks and talks, and we have to listen to him.

I don't know why, but I haven't sewed since I was in that
fire. It seems like a fire and an earthquake. I felt so bad because


I choked and coughed. My Mamma and I have not had
any house to sleep in.

The minister told us we could sleep most anywhere, but if
we worked and gave all our money to the Lord we would be all right.

Sometimes I wanted a new dress awful bad. I didn't earn so
very much money, but if I could have kept it I could have got a
new dress sometime. Mamma took it all.

She said: "Mary Ann, you must sacrifice for the Lord."

Sometimes I said: "I may go to hell for it, but I think it would
be better to go to hell than to hear about the Lord all the time."
I don't know if it would be better, but I thought it would be.

Dr. All that fanaticism is wrong, every bit of it. God is
Spirit, and God is Love. God has nothing to do with such fanatical
talk. He does not need any one's money.

Sp. Then why do they give it to Him?

Dr. God doesn't get it-the ministers do. God doesn't need it.

Sp. Doesn't God need our money?

Dr. No. God is Spirit. Spirit is invisible. I am talking
to you and you are talking to me, but you are invisible to us.
We cannot see you. Mind is invisible. You see my body, but
not my mind. God is invisible and He is not in a certain place
as we are. He is the Soul of all things.

Sp. But the minister says He sits on a throne with Jesus
on His right hand. Why did he tell us that if it is not true?
Dr. Because "the truth is not in him." He is not honest.

Sp. But Jesus died for our sins.

Dr. No, he did not.

Sp. He said: "Take up my cross and follow me, and go to
church every day."

Dr. Jesus never mentioned going to church. His teachings
were about the higher life.

Sp. Heaven?

Dr. Not as you understand it. Heaven is a happy mental
condition. If you could have had a new dress, as you wished,
you would have been happy, wouldn't you?

Sp. Yes, I should like to have a new dress. I don't care so
very much for fancy things. Once in a while I wanted a nice
new dress, and not what the minister told us we should have.

But we had to give our money to the Lord.

Dr. No, you didn't. You gave it to the minister.

Sp. He gave us some old dresses that had been given to the


church, and my Mamma said we must sacrifice. When I kicked,
Mamma said: "You will go to hell if you don't do what the Lord says
you should do."

Dr. There is no such place as "hell."

Sp. No hell?

Dr. Of course not.

Sp. Isn't hell a burning fire? I have seen it burning, and I see it yet.

Dr. Possibly your mother, in her religious insanity, set fire to the house.

Sp. No, I don't think so. It seems like there was an earthquake, and
then after that there was the fire.

Dr. Who is President?

Sp. I don't know. I'll tell you, I didn't have so very much school. I
went to work when I was nine years old.

Dr. Did you have a father?

Sp. I did not know my father.

Dr. Your schooling does not make any difference. You have lost
your physical body and are now a spirit.

Sp. I lost my physical body? But I have a body.

Dr. This is not your body; it belongs to my wife.

Sp. Where did I get these clothes from?

Dr. They belong to my wife.

Sp. But I should like to have my own clothes.

Dr. You will have your own soon.

Sp. I do not like to take them from your wife. I am sorry, but I must
not wear them.

Dr. Look at your shoes.

Sp. I must be in Heaven!

Dr. You feel better, do you not, than when you were praying all
the time?

Sp. I feel strong. Did I get something to eat, because I feel so
strong ?

Dr. You are controlling a healthy body. This is my wife's body.

Sp. I don't like to have your wife's body.

Dr. You will only stay here for a short time.

Sp. Then where will I go? I won't have to go back to that minister,
and hear all those crazy people sing all the time, will I? When the
minister talked about hell and damnation, I saw a big fire, and I saw
the devil with his pitchfork, and he pushed people in.

Dr. When that minister was preaching, he was thinking of


hell fire, and made a picture which the rest of you saw, and it
appeared like a reality. But it was only a phantasm which he created.

Sp. He scared us with it.

Dr. As he talked it would appear to you as a reality.

Sp. But it looked like real. I suppose they have those things in
hell, but I want to go to Heaven.

Dr. Your mother and the minister are spirits, but ignorant of the fact.

Sp. Do you mean all those people are spirits? There must
be a thousand all singing and praying, all the time. Sometimes we got
just bread and water, and we lay down on boards. We must be there
all the time, otherwise the minister is not pleased with us, and he says
if we do not get down on our knees, we go into the fire.

Dr. That is. all nonsense. All those people have lost their physical
bodies, and are in the outer darkness that the Bible speaks about.
They are in blind, religious ignorance.

They will remain in that condition for a very long time if they do
not change their way of thinking. They are filled with religious

Your mother was brought here for understanding and controlled
this same body.

Sp. Someone pushed her in, and then I could not talk to her any
more. The whole crowd down there will not listen to any
body; they just sing and pray.,

Dr. They can stay there for years and years, and their
"Lord" will not care anything about them.

Sp. There, that hell is not there any more!

Dr. The minister thinks of hell and devils, and creates phantasms,
which seem real to ignorant spirits.

Sp. Will you help my mother?

Dr. Intelligent spirits will take care of her. It was they
who "pushed" her in here, to bring her to an understanding. The
difference between you and your mother is that you will listen and
she would not.

Sp. Then you do not think God would be angry with me I

Dr. Of course not.

Sp. Sure?

Dr. God knows everything. He is All in All. He is the Creator and
Creation both.

Sp. Don't we fall in sin?

Dr. No, never. If you say we fall in sin, you say God made


a mistake when He created us. He is All-Wise, All-Powerful and
everywhere present. When such a God as that created the world and
mankind, He did not make a mistake, allowing man to "fall in sin."
Otherwise He would not be All-Wise.

Sp. Why do they say that then?

Dr. People worship creed. The truth is given allegorically in the Bible.

Sp. Didn't Jesus die for our sins?

Dr. Of course he did not.

Sp. The minister said there is power in the blood.

Dr. No, there is not. Some of those people you speak of have
probably been dead a long time, We cannot see them.

Sp. Can't you see all those people over there? (Pointing.)

Dr. No; they are spirits and have lost their bodies long ago. They
are blind to the higher life. You are not satisfied to be with them and
you ask questions, therefore we can help you to an understanding.
We must add understanding to our faith. You lost your own body,
perhaps many years ago.

Sp. Everything was all mixed up. I got hurt in the head.

Dr. Don't you remember any of the streets in your city?

SP. No, I can't remember. It seems like I was in San Francisco.

Ques. (By a former resident of San Francisco.) Did you go across
the Bay to Oakland?

Sp. Yes, and we went to Oakland to the prayer meeting,

Ques. Did you work at Strauss Brothers Overall Factory? Was it
on Mission Street?

Sp. Mission Street! I remember now. We lived on Mission Street.

Ques. Near Daly, toward Golden Gate Park?

Sp. No, it was near the depot.

Ques. Toward the Ferry?

Sp. Near the Southern Pacific Station. They had a Mission House
on Mission Street.

Ques. Was that toward the Bay?

Sp. I don't know. We lived in a little house we rented. My mother
went to the factory too, but she got sick because she sang and
prayed all the time. I had to do her work too.

We did not get much, just kept enough so we could live, The
minister said it was a sin to eat meat, or milk, or butter, or eggs. He
said they cost too much and that we must sacrifice our bodies.

Dr. Was your father dead?

Sp. I think he died when I was a little girl; I don't really know.

Dr. Look around and see whether there is anyone here whom you
know. Other spirits are here who will help you and take you to the
spirit world. That is the invisible world around the physical world.

Sp. I see such a pretty garden. Look -at those beautiful flowers-
just look at them! I never saw anything so beautiful! There's trees and
flowers. Hear the pretty birds, how they sing! Look at that beautiful
lake, and all the children swinging on the shore!

Dr. That is the spirit world.

Sp. It is so much better than over there, where they sing and pray.
Sometimes I was so hungry that nothing satisfied me. Isn't this
different from those crazy singing people? Can't you see them all?
Couldn't you help them to see this beautiful place?

Dr. Your mother was here, controlling this body, but we could do
nothing with her.

Sp. Oh, look at that nice little house over there! It has two rooms
and a beautiful garden full of flowers.

Dr. Do you see any one around there?

Sp. Somebody says my grandmother lives there, and it's
going to be my home, too. They say she is waiting for me.

I only know grandmother a little. She visited us once but she
could not stay, because Mamma was carrying on so and grandmother
didn't believe in it. So she went far away, I think East somewhere, and
after that she died.

Mamma got some money from grandma-I don't know just how
much, but I think she said a little more than a thousand dollars. I
thought then I should get a new dress, but the Lord got it all.

The minister said the next Sunday that she would go up into the
Seventh Heaven, because she gave the Lord all that money. She
would not eat one thing all that day.

I thought sure I would get a new dress, but I didn't. Can you hear
that beautiful music? Listen!

Dr. We cannot hear it.

Sp. I never heard anything so fine. All the flowers bow to the
music, and when they hear it they look happy. The music seems like
colors, and it seems to go with the flowers. When the music changes
the flowers have a different color.

Dr. You will find many beautiful things when you leave here.


Sp. There is a gentleman standing there, and he looks at me and says:
"Come, little child."

We are many, because each mother had her children that she took to
church with her. One time--I'll tell you. There was I, and Bertha, and Clara
and Joe--Joe's a boy--we all went into a corner and we just sat there and talked.

The minister saw us, and you don't know how mad he was! He said he
would have to punish us all, and he did. He said: "The Lord will punish you
all," but the minister did it--and his hand was awful hard.

My grandmother is here, and she says: "Mary Ann, you can come with
me and we will try all we can to help your mother."

This gentleman who stands there says he is my father. Grandma was my
father's mother. Grandma says he died East.

Mother joined the Salvation Army, but the Mission Friends got hold of
her. We came from Kansas when I was a little girl. The money my grandma
sent was to be given to me, but my mother said we would put it in the Lord's

So the Lord kept it-and I didn't get any new dress.

Dr. The Lord did not get that money either.

Sp. Whether he got it or not makes no difference now; I will get my new
dress. I have one, but that is not mine, because you say this is not my body.
I will have a new dress, but I don't want sackcloth. I must not say that, it
isn't nice.

Dr. Now you are going to serve others, and be where there are trees and
flowers and beautiful music.

Sp. This gentleman comes; he says he is my father, but I don't remember
him. He says he will help me. You know my father died-or passed out.
Sometimes people say that.

Dr. "Passed out" is right. There is no actual death; nobody ever "dies."
Your father only lost his body.

Sp. Isn't that dead?

Dr. His mind, or spirit, being invisible while in the body, is still invisible
to mortals when he steps out of his body. His body is only the house where
his spirit lives, and when the spirit leaves the body, the body is placed in the
grave. But the spirit is not dead.

Sp. Sometimes I prayed for my father, because mother said he went to
hell. Father says there is no such place. He looks awful nice, and he's all
dressed up. I wish my mother would understand.

Dr. Don't worry about your mother. After spirits like she control this
body, they are placed in a spirit hospital.


Sp. Can you talk to the Lord too? I wish you would talk to Him, because
He takes too much money from the poor.

Dr. The Lord does not do that, it is the minister.

SP. Why, here comes a little Indian girl. (Spirit.)

Dr. Isn't she nice? She will show you beautiful things.

Sp. Can I go with her? What is her name?

Dr. Silver Star.

Sp. Is that her name? Will you play with me, little girl, and can I play
with you? She says, yes, and that she will take me to her home and
show me pretty things.

Won't I be happy! I will have a new dress, not this sackcloth-but
probably the Lord would not like that.

Dr. Forget all about that. Go with the intelligent spirits and they will
help you and teach you.

Sp. Silver Star says I should come with her, and she will take me to my
grandmother, and my father and my brother. (Surprised.) Oh, my brother ! I
forgot all about Lawrence. He was so little when he died.

Dr. How old was he ?

Sp. I don't know. He was only a little baby. I don't know much because I
couldn't go to school when I wanted to. I had to work for the Lord.

Dr. After you leave here you will learn many things.

Sp. But my mother said the Lord did not want us to learn, because we
must sacrifice everything. If you read and write you get away from the Lord.

Dr. Just remember I said that was all wrong teaching.

Sp. I will find it out, and I will find out if the Lord gets all
the money. If that minister took all that money, I will tell him he is not nice.

Dr. You will find that belief about the Lord is not true.

Sp. And I thought it was gospel truth. They would not let me go
to school. I saw lots of children learn but I could not. They said I
would not go to Heaven if I learned. I cried when I could
not have a new dress, and the minister told me I would go to hell.

Dr. Now you will learn the truth. You have been dead probably many
years. Have you seen "Heaven"? Why are you not there?

Sp. That's true.

Dr. The Bible mentions the "outer darkness"; you were in darkness, but
it was all of your own making.

Sp. How can they sing and pray all the time when they are


dead? These people have churches. Once in a while they go to other
churches (on earth) when God wants them in some other church.
Sometimes, before the minister (mortal) knows it, the people in the
church do something like that (swaying motion of the body) and
every one gets up and jumps and sings. (The mortals having opened
themselves, through wild emotionalism, to spirit obsession.) Their
minister says that is the influence of the Holy Ghost. Some of our
crowd get into that other crowd and make them all jump.

Dr. Spirits such as you speak of often go to churches on the
physical side and unbalance the people, making them demented.
Then the people say they are controlled by the "Holy Ghost."

Sp. Silver Star says she will take me along, and that I will have a
new dress. Maybe it is not right, but it feels good to know I will have one.

Silver Star says that I must thank all of you for being patient with
me. Some day I will come and tell you how I like things, and then
probably I can remember more. If you do not come there, then I will
come to see you.

Mary Ann McDonald is my name. I will see you some time. I feel
like saying "God bless you," but I suppose I shouldn't.

Dr. That is all right. Now go with Silver Star.

Sp. All right. Goodbye.


That conscientious church attendance, faithful meeting of
obligations and upright living do not in themselves insure spiritual
enlightenment hereafter has often been evidenced.


The controlling intelligence was apparently crippled, with body
bent over knees.

Doctor Can't you straighten yourself ? Wake up.

Spirit I'm not sleeping.

Dr. Why are you bent over?

Sp. My back is broken.

Dr. You are mistaken; it is not broken.

Sp. Oh, yes, it is.

Dr. It may have been broken but it is not now.

Sp. I tell you I cannot straighten up; my back is broken.

Dr. We can change that condition.


Sp. Many times they told me that, but they never could.

Dr. But we are going to do it for you this time.

Sp. I will give you ten dollars if you can straighten me out.

Dr. Where is the money?

Sp. When I can stand up I will give it to you. If you can cure me it
is worth all of ten dollars.

Dr. Just think, "I can walk," and you will be able to walk.

Sp. You will have to show me.

Dr. Move your legs and you can walk.

Sp. I did that many times, but it never helped.

Dr. Nevertheless you can be cured.

Sp. But I have no money. I haven't had money for some time.
Every time I see money I grab it, but it gets away just like it had life.

Dr. I will explain. Do you know that you are a spirit? Do you
know you are "dead"--yes, dead to the world?

Sp. Then I don't know it, and I haven't been in Heaven. I was a
good Methodist. I went to church every Sunday and also to Sunday
School. I prayed and prayed that I might get well. I was a shoemaker.

Dr. Where did you live?

Sp. Down in Texas.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. My name is Henry Wilkins.

Dr. How old are you?

Sp. I am an old man in the sixties. One time I was driving
a horse and he ran away. I fell off the wagon and broke my back.

I used to be a farmer, After that I could do no farming.
At that time I was in the thirties. After I was hurt all I could
do was some cobbling. I earned my living but it was surely hard

Dr. Have you any idea what year it is?

Sp. I can't remember.

Dr. Who was President?

Sp. Let me think a little--I ought to know that. I think, if

I remember right, it was Cleveland.

Dr. What was the cause of your death?

Sp. I did not die. I did some work but I never got any
money for it, because as soon as I was going to take the money,
somebody else grabbed it. I heard many times that my shop
belonged to somebody else. I have been working there a long

time, but the young fellow there he always takes the money all the
time and I never get anything.

Dr. Did you start the shop?

Sp. Yes, many years ago. Some young fellow came to my shop
and helped with the work, but I had to show him how to do it, and I
had to teach him how to do lots of things. He got all the money--I
never got a smell of it.

. Dr. The fact is, my friend, you have passed out, and are so-called dead.

Sp. I have done nothing for some time except help that young
fellow get rich.

Dr. Now listen to me. You lost your physical body probably while
you had that shop, and now the shop belongs to somebody else. The
young man did not know you were there, but you may have
impressed him how to do things. He did not know you were there.

Sp. He did not know, because I did the work. I sat there working,
and once in a while he would sit right on me. I could not chase him out.

Dr. Do you know what year it is?

Sp. It is 1892.

Dr. That was, thirty years ago. Do you know where you are? You
are in Los Angeles, California.

Sp. California
Dr. Look at these clothes you are wearing.

Sp. Who put these clothes on me? I don't want to be dressed in a
woman's clothes!

Dr. Let me explain.

Sp. Bring my pants, please!

Dr. Look at these hands.

Sp. They do not belong to me. I have a ring on, but I never owned
a ring.

Dr. Suppose you sat here mending shoes. Do you know what
people would say? They would say: "Why is Mrs. Wickland sitting
there, mending shoes?" Mrs. Wickland is my wife, and you are using
her body.

Sp. I am no woman, I am a man. I was engaged to be married, but
when I had my accident and became a cripple, the girl said she did not
want to marry a cripple, so she married some one else. I told her I
could earn just as much money by mending shoes as I did when a
farmer, but she said she would not marry a cripple. I loved her just the
same, and I love her still.

Dr. What was her name?


Sp. Mary Hopkins. She said she was ashamed of me. I could not
help my accident. I felt that if she loved me she would have thought
more of me because I needed her more. Of course I did not look so
nice. I could not dance and do the things she wanted to do.

One day she said to me: "I am ashamed to go out with you all
crippled up." I felt so bad because I did not think she could be so
cruel. I suffered terribly. It was not enough that I had a crippled body,
but my heart was broken as well. From that time I said: "Women are
all devils." I had no use for them; I hated them.

Dr. There are many good women.

Sp. Sometimes I felt there is no God, because He would not have
let me suffer such mental and physical pain. I tried my very best to be patient.

Dr. You will have your reward for it now.

Sp. I gave money to the church. They said I must give money
because God needed it. Sometimes they made me give so much that I
hadn't enough left for bread and butter. They said if I didn't, I
wouldn't go to Heaven.

Dr. There is no such "Heaven" as the preachers teach.

Sp. Then why should they preach that way?

Dr. For a living. Do you realize that the teachings of Jesus were
wonderful? "God is Spirit," Jesus said, and we should worship
Him "in Spirit and in truth."

The orthodox Christians think Heaven is a place up in the sky.
"Heaven" is a mental condition, not a visible place.

The fact is, we are spiritual beings, invisible while occupying the
mortal body. When we step out of the mortal body we are
still spiritual beings, and if we are free-minded those gone before will
meet us and will show us the way to the spirit world.

God is not a visible spirit, but God is Spirit, God is Love.

You say you loved a girl. Did you ever see love?

Sp. No, but I have felt it.

Dr. "He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God." We are talking to
you, but we do not see you. I do not see you-I see only the face of
my wife.

Sp. I don't see why you keep calling me your wife. You say we
never die, yet you tell me I am dead, and I still have my crippled body.

Dr. If you had had understanding you would not have been
crippled all these years since your "death."

Sp. Could I have been well all these years?


Dr. Yes, if you had been taught the truth. Jesus said: "The people
honoreth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me."

Sp. People believe that Jesus died for our sins, and that if we are good
we will go to Heaven when we die. I am not there.

Dr. You will never go to any orthodox "Heaven." And if there were such
a place, you would be lonesome after you arrived there.

Heaven is a mental condition attained through understanding. Think of
the wonders of Nature and God's revelations. Do you like music?

Sp. I used to. I used to sing in the choir. My girl sang too. We were so
happy. I always felt when we were singing there was such beautiful
harmony, but then the minister got up in church and condemned everybody
that did not give enough money to the church.

He said we would go straight to hell. I could never see the justice of that,
that when a man does the best he knows how and lives a clean life, that he
should go to hell if he does not give enough money to the church.

Dr. Do you know who was the founder of the Methodist Church? John
Wesley. He understood the real life on the other side and lectured on spirits
and spirit communion. He knew the truth-he did not just believe-and he
wrote of it, but his people do not follow the teachings of the founder of their
own church.

Christians do not understand the teachings of Jesus. They do not want to
understand, because that causes them to think. It is easier to merely believe.
Spiritual things must be spiritually discerned.

Sp. When I was in my shop, once in a while I saw my father and mother,
but they are dead and I knew I could not be with them.

Dr. Why not?

Sp. Because I was in life, cobbling in my shop. Mother said to me:
"Come along with me!" I could not go because I had my crippled body, and I
had to earn my living.

When I did not work I did not get anything to eat, and I was awfully
hungry. Once in a while I got a smell from the restaurant, but that was all,
unless I worked.

Dr. You were a spirit so could not eat. Your parents came to you because
they are spirits. All these years you stayed


around your shop, because that was your greatest interest. You did not
know the higher laws of life.

Sp. I was taught that if I did not go to church I would go to hell and burn
for ever and ever.

Dr. There is no such thing as burning for ever.

Sp. Thank God for that!

Dr. Look around; perhaps you will see somebody you know.

Sp. I am sick and tired of mending shoes.

Dr. After you leave here you will not have to mend any more shoes.

Sp. I would like to play and sing. I love music. I was getting along very
nicely with my singing lessons until I got crippled.

Dr. Perhaps Mary is here now.

Sp. Mary? She gave me up and married, but she was not happy. She
married a drunkard. She suffered. (Seeing a spirit.) Oh, there is my mother!
She was good to me.

Dr. Does she speak to you?

Sp. She says: "My son, you need not be crippled any longer."

Why, I have a new body, Mother-but, oh, Mother, (crying).
I am a woman now! Such a foolish thing-to be dressed up like a woman!

Dr. You are only talking through my wife's body.

Sp. Can I talk through another person's body'?

Dr. Yes. My wife is a psychic instrument through whom spirits can talk.
She is entirely unconscious while you are speaking through her.
It is strange, but true. Did you ever ask yourself what life really is?

Sp. No, I had no time. I had to use my mind to make shoes.

Dr. That is no excuse at all.

Sp. My mother says --.

At this point the spirit was removed and his mother assumed control.

2nd Spirit: Henry, life is real. There are no mysterious things as we were
taught. I believed in the same church as you.

You know father never cared for church, and do you know, he progressed
more rapidly than I in the spirit world. My belief and dogma held me back.

You remember father studied, and we called him crazy, because once in a
while he went to Spiritualist meetings, but he was right. You know he had
that book "Heaven and Hell," by


Swedenborg, and we used to look at each other and think he was going
out of his mind.

We went to church and he did not, yet he was the one to open my eyes
to see better things when I reached the spirit side of life. If he had not
opened my eyes I would still be bound in my former belief, and that means I
would be in the earth sphere.

I was always afraid if he died he would go to hell, and I was in misery.
You remember father died before I. He came to me after I passed out but I
thought it was imagination. He tried very hard to get me to understand.

I want to tell you that creeds and dogmas of the church cause many
earthbound spirits. These spirits do harm to mortals.

Henry, the Bible says: "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be
also." Your treasure was your workshop. You have been in your shop
helping that young fellow, unknown to yourself. We could not get you.

First you were crippled, and we could not get you to realize that your
spiritual body was not crippled, but your mind was so set on your crippled
body that you could think of nothing else. We have been with you for some
time, trying to get you to come with us, but we could not.

One day we were passing by this place and we heard singing, so we came
into the meeting. We saw that spirits were made to understand when nobody
could reach them otherwise, so I said: "Let us bring Henry here." That was a
long time ago. We had to wait our turn before we could bring you here.

Now, Henry, open your spirit eyes and see that your spirit body is fresh
and new. Don't think of your old crippled body, because then you will be
crippled. Think of your young spirit body and you will be young. You will
be happy.

You were a good man. You had your sorrows but you tried to do the best
you could, It was only ignorance, false doctrine and belief that held you back.

Henry, we have a beautiful home in the spirit world, and I will take you
there, where you will have to learn many things.

The first thing is to throw away all selfishness, ignorance, self-pity and
jealousy. Come with me with an open heart. Open your heart to God in a
spiritual way, and you will find the Kingdom of Heaven within you.

You have much to learn. When you are happy you will find that
happiness and love are Heaven. Selfishness and ignorance are hell; darkness is
hell. People make hell for themselves and others.

Let us do all we can to help others and forget self. If you think only of
self, when you pass to the spirit side of life you will find yourself shut up in
a room, alone, and all you will see will be your ignorance and selfishness.

You will be kept in this condition until you cry out: "God help me to
forget my selfishness."

Let us do the work that is always waiting for us to do. We
must say: "Get thee behind me, Satan." "Satan," or the "devil,"
as he is often called, is not a man. "Satan" is only selfishness,
ignorance and bigotry-these are the devil. I was a good woman
but I had to suffer, because I lived only for self. I worshipped my
church. My husband was taken away from me. I worshipped my
 family more than I did God. I loved my church and when I passed
away I clung to it.

I had a daughter, and I got into her magnetic aura and clung to her, and
she was sent to the asylum. I could not get away from her. She died; then she
was free and so was I.

Then father came and told me what I had done by my selfish thoughts.
Then I had to serve. All my work was with little children-not my own
children, for they were taken away from me. They told me I would have 
to develop as much love for other children as I had for my own, and when
I reached that point I was very happy.

Now I have children, not my own, but any child is mine, because one
child is as much God's child as another and we should love them all. We
should care for one as well as the other.

I have, my reward now. Every one loves me and I love them, and my
home always has a new child in it. I take a new child, one who has not
known love. I tell him of the life beyond. I want him to have an understanding
of God.

Love should govern all, not one child, but all. The great Universal Love--
that is all, everything. One child should be loved just as much as another.

Therefore, be very careful in concentrating your love on one child or just
your own family. Do not put your mind on one child, because when you
pass out you will be in hell. You will stay around and disturb that child, and
sometimes, as in my case, the child goes insane.

My poor girl was called insane because I was with her and could not get away.
I was crying all the time because I wanted only my child. I did not realize I was
controlling her. I could not see her.


They told her she was not married and that she had no child. I was the
one who was crying for my child, my daughter. Because she asked for her
child, when she had none, they said she was crazy and sent her to the asylum.

So you see, friends, how necessary it is that we should all learn to know
these things before we pass to the spirit side of life. Let us be wise and learn
all we can while here. The more we learn here about the other side of life, the
better and happier we shall be.

The spirit body is only a counterpart of the physical body. As we
progress in mind we grow.

If we intended going abroad we would do all we could to find out about
the places we were going to visit and what hotels to stop at. How much more
important it is that we should find out all we can about the next world. You
will all be there some day.

Find out all you can, then when you are ready to go you will just say
goodbye and wake up in the spirit world. You only say goodbye to the
physical body and find yourself in your spiritual body. If you have lived
only for self, as I did, you will stay right where you have been, just where
you left off, as I did, and suffer.

This is a lesson and you can profit by my experience.

Do not love and worship your own children more than others; that is
selfish love. Many children have no mother, Why not try to help them?
Divide your love with some child who has no mother.

I have over one hundred to care for now. I have tried to bring them up
and give them a mother's love. They never knew the comfort of a home.

I have worked and worked for Henry because I loved him, but I could not
reach him. My husband was not held down as I was, so he has progressed
much higher than I. Some day I shall probably reach where he is. He studied
deeply, while all I had was belief.

Friends, take advantage of what I suffered and learn from it. I thank you
for allowing me to bring my son here. I also have my daughter with me. I
have found the light and am now doing missionary work among the little children.

Remember, do not be selfish enough to worship your own children, but
have a mother's love for all children, and above all things, worship God first.


Mrs. A.,* a patient from Chicago, was unusually sensitive to psychic
influences, and her mother, Mrs. H.W., had for some time noticed in her
daughter's actions a similarity to the mannerisms of a minister, former pastor
of a church which she had attended, who had been killed by a train a number
of years before.

Mrs. H.W. had spoken to Mr. A., her daughter's husband, of this
similarity, and both were in the psychic circle when the patient, also
present, was concentrated for.

Spirit: J. 0. NELSON. Patient: MRS. A

The controlling spirit was dazed and seemed to be suffering from severe
chest pains.

Doctor Think strength and you will be able to talk. Who are you?

Spirit I don't know.

Dr. Where did you come from?

Sp. I don't know that either.

Mr. A. Can't you tell us where you came from?

Sp. I don't know, but if I should say anything, I would say that I came
from hell.

Mr. A. What kind of hell?

Sp. Real hell. I was burning up.

Mr. A. What caused that?

Sp. I don't know what it was but it came like fire. (Static treatment given
patient, which is felt much more keenly by the obsessing spirit than the patient.)

Dr. It woke you up all right. Where did you come from?

Sp. I don't know what I have been doing for a long time. I think I must
have slept and then I woke up in hell. I saw all kinds of sparks. I guess I did
not pray enough.

Mr. A. What were you doing when you were living?

Sp. I don't know. I don't know what I did. If I could only know what is
the matter with me.

Mr. A. What were you doing, the last you recall?

Sp. I have such a pain here. (Rubbing the chest.) I feel as if I had been
sick. I can't remember yet what I have been doing.

Dr. Your memory will soon return.

*See Chap 3, Page 24, Paragraph 3.


Sp. You know when a man walks and walks, and does not know
where he is going or what he is doing, it's bad.

Dr. Were you on a journey?

Sp. I don't recall things yet. I think I have been in a coma state for
a long time. When I was walking everything was so dark. I couldn't
see anything. I have such pain here. (Placing hand on chest.)

Now I remember something-I got into a crowd, and they pushed
me and pushed me. (Earth sphere condition after death.) Then I saw
just a little star of light. (Magnetic aura of psychic sensitive, the
patient he had been obsessing.)

They seemed to be crowding me in and in until at last I got to hell.
The crowd was pushing me forward, and I did not know where I was
going; then I got these sparks.

I always thought I had been chosen to save others, and here I
was in hell myself. The fire was awful. I had it for a while, then I
seemed to get lost again. I don't know what is to become of me.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. I do not know yet, I am so dazed. I can't recall anything. I seem
to be getting somewhere. I must have gone through a very severe
sickness. People crowded me and they came after me, and I felt I had
not done right. I was always sincere.

Mr. A. Did you believe in hell?

Sp. Yes, I did.

Mr. A. Did you believe in Jesus?

Sp. Yes. I was one chosen to save others, but yet I went to hell--and
I was to save others!

Dr. Now we will try to help you out of it.

Sp. There are so many people around here. They seem to want so
much of me.

Dr. They must be the people you tried to save but did not.

Sp. They all ask me to save them now, but I cannot save myself.

Mr. A. Did something happen to you?

Sp. I think so. My head hurts me so much and I have pains here.
(Chest.) I don't know where I am. I wish you could take away this dark
gloom. At times I have felt that I did not know anything.

Mr. A. Who are you? Are you a man or a woman?

Sp. I am a man, and I do not know anything except that the crowd
pushed me and I got to hell.


Mr. A. Did anything happen to you?

Sp. I don't know.

Mr. A. Where did you live?

Sp. In Chicago, I think. I seem to be blind and I feel so strange.

Mr. A. Were you going to any particular place while you were walking?

Sp. I don't know, but I see a train coming so fast, and then I
remember getting into a crowd. Say-do you think my name is Nelson?
Sometimes that seems to be my name and sometimes it doesn't.

Mr. A. Were you Pastor Nelson? Were you a minister?

Sp. It seems I was at times. That's my name! My name is Nelson.

Mrs. H. W. Do you know me?

Sp. I recall the voice.

Mr. A. Where did you know her?

Sp. In Chicago. I can see a train coming so fast, and then
everything got dark, but I remember something hit me in the chest.
Didn't I have a wife?

Mr. A. Yes, and several children.

Mrs. H. W. Don't you know me?

Sp. Yes, you used to come to my church. You were a good church
member, but you got away.

Dr. Do you know that lady? (The patient, Mrs. A.)

Sp. No.

Dr. Did you know L. W.? (The patient's maiden name.)

Sp. Yes.

Dr. That is she.

Sp. She was much younger.

Mr. A. Do you remember coming from Western Springs?

Sp. Yes, I had been preaching.

Mr. A. You were hit by a train and killed.

Sp. I cannot recall that I am dead, but I know I have been mixed
up. I am in such a crowd. What is the matter with my head ?

Mr. A. Do you know a Mrs. Nelson who used to live on Foster Avenue ?

Sp. Yes, that's my wife. There was somebody else along with me
when I came to the trains and they pushed me ahead of the train. The
train was coming this way, and I was going over there. Somebody got
hold of me and then there was such a big crowd. I remember the big
crowd after I was hit by the

train. That big crowd has been after me all the time. (Spirits.)

Dr. That is because you did not teach them correctly.

Sp. Somebody says: "These are your followers that you have
misled in the wrong path."

Dr. Why did you mislead them?

Sp. I taught them God's truth.

Dr. Possibly, as far as you knew.

Sp. I tried to save humanity from hell.

Dr. And then you went there yourself.

Sp. I was only in it for a little while, but it was terrible. I did not
imagine it that way. I thought hell would be different than pouring
down fire-fire and brimstone-and it smarted like everything. I cannot
see why I should have been in hell.

Dr. It must be because your teachings were wrong. All these
people accuse you of having misled them.

Sp. I gave myself up to God.

Dr. Did God ask you to do that? Or did you do it for a living ?

Sp. I tried to save people from sin. I suppose I did save some.

Dr. You did not save yourself.

Sp. That lady over there (pointing to Mrs. H.W.) should go to hell.
She did not stick to the church as she should.

Dr. You stuck to the church, and yet you say you have been in hell.

Sp. Yes, that's so.

Dr. Then how do you know your church and your teaching were
right? You were a "Servant of God," yet you went to hell. You were
supposed to be better than the congregation.

Sp. (Pointing.) Is that Mrs. W.?

Dr. Yes.

Sp. (To Mrs. H. W.) Why don't you go to church?

Mrs. H. W. I do, sometimes.

Dr. She doesn't want to go to hell, where you say you have been.
You went to church and yet you went to hell. You taught the wrong
thing. You do not want her to follow in your footsteps, do you ?

Sp. I don't want her to go to hell where I have been.

Dr. Then the church must be wrong.

Mr. A. Was your name Nelson-J. 0. Nelson? Your wife is living in
the same house on Foster Avenue.

Sp. Yes, that's my name. Now I remember.

Mr. A. You were killed eight years ago.


SP. I have not seen my wife and children for a long time.

Dr. You did not preach the truth when you were trying to save souls,
and you did not save your own. For years you have been in the purgatory
of ignorance.

Sp. How is my wife? She loved me.

Mr. A. She is well.

Sp. How could my wife leave me as she did?

Mr. A. She did not leave you; she buried your body in Graceland.
Do you know Graceland Cemetery?

Sp. Yes.

Dr. Do you believe in spirits?

Sp. What do you mean?

Dr. Ghosts ?

Sp. No.

Dr. Doesn't the Bible speak of them?

Sp. Not particularly.

Dr. Yes' it does. Jesus used to cast out unclean spirits, and the
apostles did also. Have you met Jesus?

Sp. No. I have not met any one. I have been in the crowd, and
they have been pushing me all the time.

Dr. Those were people whom you had taught falsely before they died.

Sp. One day I saw a little light.

Dr. You got into the aura of this lady, Mrs. A.

Mr. A. She is my wife. Why are you bothering her? Why don't
you go to the Heaven you taught? Why do you stay around the earth?

Sp. Are you in hell too?

Mr. A. No, we are on earth. Your "hell" was static electricity that
we gave you.

Dr. That was the only way we could drive you away from this lady.

Mr. A. Why didn't you go the way you taught?

Sp. I do not know.

Mr. A. Why didn't you teach the truth when you lived on earth ?

Sp. I taught the way I learned, and the Bishop told me what to do.
I taught the religion taught on earth.

Dr. That is a misconception. You yourself have proven that it is a
fallacy. You have been dead eight years and yet you are an
earthbound spirit.

Sp. I certainly expected to be in Heaven.


Dr. You did not teach the truth. That lady (Mrs. H. W.) will reach
"Heaven" quicker than you will.

Sp. She will! How do you know that?

Dr. She has learned the real truth, the truth of the spirit world and
spirit existence. Paul taught about spirits. Jesus cast out unclean spirits.

Sp. We cannot compare ourselves with Jesus. Jesus was the son of God.

Dr. The Bible says, "Ye are all the children of God" and Jesus
said, "I and my Father are one. 

Sp. He was God's Beloved Son. God sent Him to save us from sin.

Dr. I will tell you who said that. In the year 325 A. D., at the
Council of Nice, Italy. Constantine declared Jesus to be "The Son of
God, and very God," and his declaration was officially accepted by
the Christian Church.

Sp. Christ was God's Beloved Son, and if we believe in Him, we
shall inherit salvation.

Dr. Why didn't you do it?

Sp. Jesus is God's Son, and if you believe in Him, you will be saved.

Dr. Then where are you now?

Sp. I don't quite understand it yet.

Dr. But you said you had been in hell. Does your conscience not
tell you you were wrong? I think it does.

Sp. It accuses me.

Dr. If you will listen carefully you will realize that you were wrong.
You never felt quite satisfied with the story of God's creation of the
world, did you?

Sp. We should not argue about God. God is perfect, and we are
His children and if we believe in Him we shall inherit salvation.

Dr. You say God is perfect. You say God created everything and
that He knows everything, therefore, He must have known
beforehand that His creation would be imperfect, and that man would
"fall in sin." Would you create a world and then destroy it?

Sp. People fall in sin and God's Son came to save us.

Dr. Did God know that the world would fall in sin? Did
He know it, and yet create it? Does that sound reasonable?

Did He know that "fallen angels" would obsess people? Was He All-
Wise? The preachers are at fault in their teachings.


Sp. We were taught that. When we are teachers of the Gospel we
must live up to it, and we must believe it.

Dr. You did not use your reason or you would not have believed
what you were taught. The people who are crowding you now are
evidently the very ones you tried to save, and they too, are in
darkness. They did not find Heaven.

What does the Bible say? "Ye are the temple of God and the Spirit
of God dwelleth in you." "God is Love, and he that dwelleth in Love
dwelleth in God."

According to your teachings you should have. found God before
this. But you have not. The teachings of Jesus contain wonderful
truths, but they are not understood. It is easier to teach that Jesus
died for our sins and that we will be saved and everything will be all

Now you will have to obtain understanding.

Sp. If I am dead, then I should see God.

Dr. You will never "see" God. God is not a person on a throne'
God is Spirit and God is Intelligence. Have you ever seen music?

Sp. I have heard it.

Dr. Did you love your wife and family?

Sp. Yes, I did.

Dr. Have you ever seen. that love? If you understand the Love
Principle in the higher sense you will understand that God is Love.
That was Jesus' own teaching.

Sp. We have to teach as I did. Don't you think, Mrs. W., that I did
all right?

Dr. She left your church.

Sp. She went astray.

Dr. You say you are a man, and yet here you are, controlling my
wife's body. Did you ever believe in mediumship?

Sp. That is all humbug.

Dr. There must be some truth in it. You are proving it yourself.

Sp. I didn't feel that anybody should give up church for that humbug.

Dr. You yourself are proving that it is not a humbug, for you are
talking through a medium now. Look at these hands and see if they
belong to you. Did you have a wedding ring?

Sp. That's a woman's ring.

Dr. You are using my wife's body.

Sp. How did I get into it?

Dr. You are an invisible spirit. We do not see you. You


are talking through my wife's physical organs. Now you see how little you
really know of the laws of Life, and Love and the Hereafter.

Sp. Things seem so strange. There was a time-I recall now-I am getting
some of my memory back. I recall I got hurt.

Dr. When the train struck you, you were driven from your body.

Sp. I remember going home, and I stayed at home, but my wife didn't
seem to notice me.

Dr. Your wife did not know you were there. You were invisible to her.

Sp. I tried to talk to her and the children, but they took n
notice of me, so I thought, what's the use? I prayed and prayed.
I went away from my wife and I could not get back. I was
parted from her and everything was so strange.

Then I got into this crowd, and they followed me, and again I tried to go
home, and after I got there I talked to, my wife and children, but it seemed as
if no one cared for me, because they would not talk to me and took no notice
of me.

I put my hand on my wife and it seemed as if my hand went right
through her. I talked to my wife again, but no response, so I went out again,
and got into that crowd, and I was with them until I got into hell.

There were so many in the crowd that we were like sardines. One came
after another, and then I was pushed ahead. (Controlled the sensitive.) I saw
a little light and after that there was fire and brimstone.

Dr. You were in the magnetic aura of that lady (Mrs. A.) and obsessed
her, and finally controlled her body.

Sp. How could I do that?

Dr. I am going to answer your question in true Yankee style by asking
another-How could you control this body? You see how little you know
about the mysteries of God. You preached only a doctrine but did not
understand the truth.

Sp. When you go to a Seminary and learn what they teach you, you
have to preach it whether you like it or not..

Dr. You "sinned against the Holy Ghost" because your better judgment
told you it was not right. Jesus did not teach what you taught.

Sp. I was not very successful in my ministry, (this statement was
afterward confirmed) as many others are not, because

it seemed as if the audience, my followers, did not stand by me, and then I
was discouraged and felt what was the use.

No one seemed to care for my preaching. I was very discouraged. I felt
sometimes as if I should give up the whole thing.

Dr. Why didn't you?

Sp. If I should tell you the truth and tell you why I didn't, I should say
it was because I had a wife and family to support. But I was not successful
as a minister.

I wish I had never studied for the ministry, but had been more of a
mechanic; I would have had a happier life. (It was later learned that during
his earth life the spirit had made this same remark to a fellow minister.)

I could not provide for my wife as I wanted to, and she is a good
woman. My salary was small, and when you have a family to support, and
have to get your salary "by your mouth," it is hard when you don't get any
encouragement from your followers.

Some found fault with me. I would go into the pulpit and my heart
would not be in my work because I knew they did not like me. I was not
happy. I wished that I had not studied in my younger days but had earned
an honest living.

I see things now that I did not see before. I was blind, and I see now that
I was greatly at fault. I should not have followed in the path I did.

They found fault with me here and there, and the Bishop sent a poor
fellow from one place to another, and sometimes it meant a whole month's
salary. Sometimes I had to borrow money so that I could move.

At last I got tired of being moved around. I would get a few friends in
one place, then we would have to move, and I got discouraged.

Finally I got a house and I said I was going to stay there, and told them if
they did not want me, or they could not find anything for me to do, I would
go to work.

I never could get enough together to properly support my family,
because they changed me so often. The Bishop would move me from one
place to another.

That is not the right life to live. I would not wish my worst enemy to be
a minister. It's pretty hard on a fellow.

Now I am in a worse condition that I was, because I'm blind.

Dr. Before you leave here we will open your eyes and send you on your
way rejoicing. First tell me if there is any cure for my blindness.


Dr. We will open your eyes. The Bible says: "Eyes have they, but
they see not; they have ears, but they hear not." Yours is only
spiritual blindness.

Sp. I wish I could open those spiritual eyes.

Dr. It is not the fault of Jesus' teachings that you are spiritually
blind. It was wrong to teach as you taught. That is the cause of your
present condition.

If you say that God sent Jesus as a special Savior, you infer that
God made a mistake when He created man, and He did not.

Sp. Jesus was God's Beloved Son.

Dr. That conception is wrong. Jesus said: "I and my Father are
one," and we are told in the Bible "Ye are all the children of God.` Are
we not strangers to ourselves?

Sp. We fall in sin. Do you believe in the Devil?

Dr. In the first place God is not a person. He is Spirit, All-Wise,
All-Powerful, everywhere present. We accept that as the first
principle in the Universe. God is All in All.

If God is All in All, as the Bible says, would He make the big
mistake which Christianity implies he made when it asserts that God's
creation was so imperfectly planned that man was doomed to fall in
sin, and that the sending of a Savior was the only means of rectifying
this mistake?

The church teaches that some of the angels fell. That means they
became something inferior. How could that be if they were created
out of God's own substance?

That Something Supreme created the world and placed us here-
had He not forethought and foresight enough to see what would

Sp. We were born into this world and fell in sin.

Dr. Didn't God know what would happen?

Sp. I suppose so.

Dr. I am showing you that the orthodox teaching is wrong. Much
of the Bible is simply a collection of allegories. Jesus always spoke in

Spiritual things must be "spiritually discerned." When Jesus
wished to teach the people that they should love their fellow man as
themselves, what did He say?

He told them the story of The Good Samaritan--the story of a
certain man who went from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among
thieves who beat him and left him half dead.

A certain priest came that way, and when he saw him he passed
by on the other side. Then a Levite came and he passed by on the
other side. But a certain Samaritan came, and when


he saw him he had compassion on him and bound up his wounds
and brought him to an inn and cared for him. And when he left the
inn he paid the host to take care of the man.

Then Jesus asked the lawyer which one represented his fellow
man, and the lawyer answered, "He that showed mercy."

Sp. But that is history.

Dr. No; that is allegory.

Sp. How do you know?

Dr. The very Bible tells us so. Jesus told that story simply as a
parable-to show what? The principle. Your doctrine blinded you.

Sp. Then don't you believe that really happened?

Dr. No. Jesus spoke in parables.

Sp. I was not taught that way. When I was not taught that way
how could I know more than I did? Ministers teach as I did all the
time. The way you say it is all new to me.

Dr. That is the true teaching of Jesus.

Sp. Don't you believe he died for our sins?

Dr. No, I do not. Did Jesus die to please God?

Sp. No, he died to save us from sin.

Dr. Do you mean to say that God created a special son for people
to kill so they could be saved?

Sp. We must not talk against God.

Dr. I am talking against erroneous teachings.

Sp. Do you believe in such things, Mrs. W.?

Mrs. H. W. I do now.

Dr. Jesus said: "Except ye become as little children ye shall not
enter into the kingdom of heaven." What do children do? They ask
questions. They want to know. Did you seek to understand? No. You
only tried to teach the doctrine of belief. Did you ever understand flowers?

Sp. They belong to Nature. We must not worship Nature.

Dr. God made Nature. We must not worship Nature, we must worship God.
But God is in Nature, He speaks to us through Nature. The corrected
translations of the Bible tell us that Jesus said "God is Spirit." He did
not say, "God is a Spirit," but "God is Spirit, and they that worship
Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth."

Sp. I never heard things explained like that before.

Dr. We want to open your spiritual eyes so that you can see.
"God is Love; and he that dwelleth in Love dwelleth in God." Where
are you going to find God outside of yourself? What is love? What
does love look like?


Sp. I cannot describe how it looks. You feel it.

Dr. "Love is the fulfillment of the law." "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

Sp. Are you a minister?

Dr. Not as you understand the term. I honor God, but not dogma. I
realize that the Universe did not make itself. God is Spirit, Power, the Soul
of the Universe. He is a Practical Something in which the heavenly bodies all move.

If we want to understand God we must understand ourselves. We must
try to understand why we are living beings. What is the size and breadth of
mind? How large or small is mind?

Sp. You say that I am a spirit, and that I am talking through this lady's
body. How is that possible? You also say that I bothered that other lady.
(Mrs. A.)

Dr. There is a psychic law whereby spirits can control mortals. When
correctly followed we have spirit communication of the highest order.
Perversion of this law results in obsession.

Mrs. A. is a natural psychic, and you and other spirits came into her
magnetic aura and interfered with her life. She came to California to be
helped. She is in California now, and so are you.

Sp. California! How did I get here?

Dr. By another wonderful law. You followed her. The obsession of
mortals by spirits is a fact that has been known in all ages.

Sp. You do not mean that I have been bothering that lady?

Dr. Yes, and would have helped to ruin her life.

Sp. How did I get to her?

Dr. How did you come here? How are you controlling the body of Mrs.

Sp. I don't realize that I have ever done any wrong.

Dr. We had to give the lady the electrical treatment we did in order to
expel you from her aura. You are not the only one that has been removed.

When many minds try to function through one body, it creates a

Others would say that my wife is insane just now because she is a
woman and yet you, speaking through her, say you are a man and a minister.
Another mystery is that Mrs. Wickland is entirely unconscious at this time.

Sp. How did I come to this body?


Dr. Spirit helpers brought you here and allowed you to control my wife,
because she is a psychic sensitive.

Sp. I did not mean to do anybody harm. I just followed the crowd and
they pushed me in. I did not know any one in particular in the crowd. I was
blind and could not see, so I just kept with them.

Dr. Do you know why you were blind? You had lost your physical eyes
but were not aware of the fact. You were in the spirit world but you knew
nothing of the spiritual laws. You were in what the Bible calls "outer darkness."

Sp. Does outer darkness mean when you don't understand?

Dr. Yes. When you lost your physical body you lost your physical eyes,
but you did not know it, and since you did not understand the higher life
your spiritual vision was not open.

Sp. I have had a body and I have had eyes.

Dr. You have a spiritual body, but you were mentally blind. Do you
remember that Paul spoke of a natural body and a spiritual body? "First that
which is natural and afterward that which is spiritual."

Sp. Do you mean to say that I was spiritually blind when I was a
spiritual adviser?

Dr. Yes. When you have your spiritual eyes open you will realize what
Jesus meant when He said: "I and my Father are one." Jesus said: "Be ye
therefore perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect." The
Bible says. "Add to your faith . . . knowledge," and Jesus said: "Know the
truth and the truth shall make you free."

The Bible states: "Blessed . . . is he that hath part in the first
resurrection"-that is, obtains understanding while in the body-"on such the
second death hath no power," meaning that when ignorance is replaced by
understanding spiritual light is obtained.

Sp. Do you mean to say that I had no real comprehension of the truth?

Dr. You had faith, but you did not have knowledge; you only had orthodoxy.

Sp. Then you mean that all my followers and the church people who
came to hear me will all be spiritually blind?

Dr.  Many of them may be if they follow your teachings. If you look
you will probably see others here.

SP. There is a big audience here and they are all listening. (During a
psychic circle of this nature, many earthbound spirits are brought

to profit by the experience of the spirit who is controlling the psychic.)

Dr. It is our own stupidity that keeps us back. We should use the
wonderful mind that God gave us. We have the marvelous universe
to study and try to understand. Did you ever stop to think how fruit
grows? You plant a seed in the ground, it decomposes and out of it
grows a tree.

Sp. That belongs to Nature.

Dr. Nature is the body of God. God is All in All. You taught that
in church.

Sp. I have said that many times but I did not see it as you do.

Dr. If God is All in All would not creation itself be a part of God ?

Sp. I never thought of it in that light. It seems strange that while I
gave truth to my people I should find myself in this darkness. Say,
are you a minister?

Dr. No, I am not, but I try to understand God's wonders and the
meaning of existence.

Sp. You have studied the Bible pretty well. You seem to know the
Bible much better than I did myself.

Dr. I regard its teachings differently.

Sp. You seem to quote the Bible by heart. I should like to have
you write down all you have told me. I should like to have your
statements written down, and if I could give it to the people as you
have given it to me, I should be very glad.

Dr. Now your spiritual eyes will be opened and you will see
others who will teach you the same things. Advanced spirits will
teach you how to progress in a rational way in the spirit world, and
you will be taught much more than I tell you. You will not be in the
dark any longer. If you will look around you may see some one you
know, who has passed on.

Sp. Should we call them back?

Dr. Call them back from where?

Sp. From Heaven.

Dr. Jesus said: "The Kingdom of God is within you," and in the
Bible you will find: "Ye are the temple of God and the Spirit of God
dwelleth in you."

Sp. Don't you think we should all go to Heaven?

Dr. "Heaven" is not a place.

Sp. We must have some place to stay.

Dr. "Heaven" is a condition of mind. When you are happy, is that
not Heaven? The more happiness you create around


yourself, the more "Heaven" you will have. Happiness is Heaven.

Sp. But we have to be in some place.

Dr. You are in the spirit world; I have told you that. You can only
attain "Heaven," or happiness, as you develop.

Sp. Where is that place-the spirit world?

Dr. It surrounds the physical world. You will be taught all that.
Jesus said: "Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened
unto you."

Sp. There are many people here. (Spirits.) Some are very happy
and contented, and they seem to be asking me to come to the home.
of understanding, life, happiness and the spirit world. What is the
spirit world?

Dr. That is the world of the spirits who understand Nature's
higher laws.

Sp. Before I go with them, I should so like to send a message to
my wife. Will somebody take it to her?

Mrs. H. W. I will be glad to.

Sp. Tell my wife I have found that life is more serious than I
thought and we should try to understand more of God's wonders and
not only believe.

(Spiritual vision opening, with a flood of understanding, face
upturned and arms outstretched.)

I want to tell my wife that I have learned more about the wonderful
world beyond than I ever knew before. My spiritual eyes are open. I
wish so much that she could accept the proof that has been revealed
to me.

All this time, as you have told me, I have been dead. I have been
in darkness but, as this gentleman tells me, it was a spiritual darkness.
My eyes are open and I can now see.

A beautiful world lies before me. I want my wife to understand
these things so that she will not be in the dark as I have been. Tell her
not to have belief alone. Investigate, and find out what the life beyond is.

I do wish I could teach about the beautiful land beyond as I see it
before me. There are wonderful landscapes and homes of all
descriptions. My eyes are open and now I see. Here is one beautiful
home, and there another.

A man stands here and he says to me that the homes in the spirit
world are not bought with money, but are acquired by good acts done
here on earth.

This man, this teacher, says: "Be unselfish, and have love for
others, then you will have a beautiful home in the spirit


world. If you live for yourself alone you will have only a little shanty, for
you have done nothing to help your fellow man. Give help to others and
serve the ones who need help. These are also the teachings of Jesus."

I see beautiful homes around, but where is mine? I have none. I have not
seen it yet.

Dr. By helping and serving others you will soon have one.

Sp. I want my wife to know that we should live so on earth that when
we come to the beautiful world beyond we shall have a home. We must do as
our better nature tells us to do.

Dr. Now you are preaching an excellent sermon.

Sp. I am not preaching it. This man (spirit) tells me that. He stands right
here by me. He says: "The Bible states, 'It is easier for a camel to go through
the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God'."

He says: "I will illustrate to you what a home would be if a man sells his
soul for money and does not help others."

There is the home of a millionaire who has taken money from the poor
people and grasped all he could. In the spirit world his house will be a mere
hovel in the ground, for he could not enter one of those beautiful homes.
Those homes were built by good deeds done for others and not for self. He
will have to work, through service, to an understanding of a higher condition.

There are homes of all descriptions, and castles, too. This teacher says
that many times there are in these beautiful castles poor old widows and men
who were outcasts, but who lived for others and not for self.

Their acts were acts of kindness, not selfishness. They made many
sacrifices. There are many homes, from castles down and down, until they
are made of dirt, many surrounded by snakes a miserable condition through
which the selfish must pass.

Now he points to a house and says: "This is yours-this little, tiny house.
You were honest in what you taught, so you have a house, even though
small. Some have none. You did not seek for the truth; you accepted things
as they were presented to you.

"Now you will have to work for others, and make a home for your wife
and children. You must work now and try to help them realize the beauties
of the life beyond.

"Is it not more beautiful to see the spirit world in the true sense of life
than to preach the gospel of condemnation? Why should we not open our
spiritual eyes and understand God as He is, instead of picturing Him as a
monster of cruelty?"


He says: "Christians murder their fellow men. The war has grown out of
selfishness. The churches will soon fall, and there will be a new religion that
will bring true understanding, and all people on earth will open their eyes and
see the real truth of God's wonderful manifestations."

Isn't it wonderful? How I wish I could come back and tell people the
truth as I see it now. I would tell my people that I had not taught properly
and so had not helped them. Now I could give them the truth and help them.

I would not need to tell them that if they did not live the right kind of life
they would go to hell. "Hell" is only ignorance and selfishness.

If only I could give this truth to my followers! How I wish I could go
back and preach what I know now.

I would work to help them to a spiritual understanding and I would not
teach condemnation, as I sometimes did. I would try to help them open their
eyes and understand what life really is. I wish that they could see the
beautiful land and homes that I have seen.

I will work, and work hard, to make a home for my wife and children.
The home I want is not mine yet, but I have a small beginning. I will work to
give my wife and children the home I have always wanted them to have.

What is this? (With great excitement.) This man says this is the lower
sphere I see, where ignorant spirits travel in darkness.

Here is another scene which is the result of my work. How sick these
spirits are, and how crippled! They are blind and grasping.

Dr. They are showing you the lower earth sphere.

Sp. This man says they are showing me the result of orthodox teaching.
Look at those drunkards and murderers!

Dr. They are now showing you these scenes so when you leave this
body and begin to progress you can better help others.

Sp. He says this is a condition which false teachings and human
selfishness have created.

These spirits look like snakes. Look at the nails on their hands! This is
terrible! Some are on their knees, crawling, and some are on all fours.

That-and that-and that-is my work! Oh, God! This is the result of wrong
teaching. It is terrible!

Now this man shows me an asylum of crazy people, and there


are crazy spirits around them all. Oh, that is hell-hell! They shout and howl!
What a sight, what a horrible sight

They are showing me the real things. Here is a human being with three or
four spirits crawling on him!

Now he shows me another place-it is this place, here. (Institute Hall.)
There is a Spirit Home built within this room an Inner Hall. There are many
spirits here.

He says: "We take them from obsessed mortals and bring them into this
Hall and keep them there until we can convert them. Often we must have
them control this psychic to bring them to an understanding.

"By bringing one to an understanding, the door is opened for many
others. One or two are allowed to control and the others see how they are
enlightened, and then they learn that they also must go with friendly spirits
to the world beyond.

"Let us preach the gospel of truth so there will not be this earthbound
spirit condition, caused by ignorance and selfishness."

If only I could return to help preach this great truth that I have found!

Dr. Now you have been shown the way and you must go with these
advanced spirits who will help you.

Sp. Will I go with that man?

Dr. Yes. He will teach you many great truths.

Sp. He says that it is false teaching of ministers which brings people to
this hell. He says I must go, but before I go I want to thank you all for
helping me to a home in the spirit world.

(To Mr. A.) He also wants me to ask you to please forgive me. I meant
no wrong to your wife; it was only ignorance on my part.

(To Mrs. A.) I want to ask you to forgive me. I will help you all I can,
but not before I know how. I will do all within my power to help you
become free from the condition you are in. Now I see those around you.
Fight, and we will help you win.

I also want to thank you, Mrs. W., for helping me, because this man
says you helped me to an understanding.

God bless you and my dear wife. Please bring this message to her.

Three years after the above experience, when Mrs. H. W. was again
present in our circle, the spirit of Pastor Nelson returned and spoke through
the psychic.


I have come here tonight to thank you all for the help I received in this
little circle. You gave me the truth, and I also learned that I had
unconsciously been obsessing some one.

I wish all could understand and know the laws that govern the spirit
conditions on this earth life. I was not a bad spirit, but I was ignorant of the

I should have been much more enlightened, because I used to preach to
people and try to help them understand the real life, but how few ministers
who stand in the pulpit today give out the truth? They all know there is a
life after this, but they cling to the old orthodox belief. Some are ready to
grasp the truth and some are not.

I thank you for helping me. I felt like saying I was in hell because of
those electric sparks, for I thought the devil himself was after me, but I was
brought to a realization of what I should have done when in life, and that I
should not obsess any one.

(To Mrs. H. W.) I also want to thank you, Mrs. W., for helping me, and
to ask your forgiveness for having obsessed your daughter. But I assure you
I did it unconsciously. I did not realize the laws that govern.

I was not taught myself. I thought I was teaching my people about the
real life, but I was not. I preached about Christ dying for our sins, that you
must believe, and faith will make you free.

That is not so. To faith, we must add knowledge, and that will make us
free, so the Good Book says. I did not preach that. I taught, to faith add
belief and you will be saved.

How very little ministers do to help uplift people or to give them a right
understanding of God. We always tell them to believe, believe. We do not
want people to have knowledge, because then they begin to ask questions
that we cannot answer, so we tell them to believe and have patience, and
they will be saved.

Why should we not teach them the real truth and have them understand
God and life in the true sense?

The time is coming when the ministers cannot preach the old dogmas to
the people. They will have to change if they want the people to fill their

I know I was not a good minister-I mean I was not popular.


I could never hold my people because I did not have my whole heart and soul
in the work.

I felt that we should believe, but at times a strong power came to me and
I felt that I should have more real knowledge of the life hereafter, but I shut
the door to it. Now I am sorry that I did not try to investigate more.

When I went out of my body I went so quickly that I did not realize the
change. You know, Mrs. W., there was quite a company of us and we were
all rushing to get home. I stepped over to the other track and another train,
which I did not see coming, killed me.

I did not even realize that I was hurt. When the rest of them went home, I
went with them. I went to my home but I did not realize that anything
unusual had taken place. I could not understand things. I went first to one,
then another, but nobody seemed to notice me. It was very queer.

I did not know what to do. Where should I go, where could I go? I went
to my church and stayed there, still I did not realize that I had passed out.

One day, Mrs. W., you came to church. In your thoughts of me I saw a
light, because I was in darkness. I did not feel sick, but I did not feel quite
myself, so I followed you to see if I could get an explanation.

When you reached home, suddenly I seemed to be closed up in a room,
and I was in very close quarters. (Obsessing Mrs. W.'s daughter, Mrs. A.)

After a while I went to sleep. I slept in a way, and still I felt weak and
had such a strange sensation. There were several others with me, but I cannot
describe the condition except to say that we seemed to be in a room too small
for us. We were all packed in like sardines. I could hardly get my breath.

Then I fell asleep and I slept for a long time. I did not realize anything
after that until I got fire all over my body. (Static electricity given patient.)
There seemed to be fire all over me and I could not realize what it was. All I
could see was this fire-and how it thundered!

At first I thought I was really dead and in hell, because I could not
imagine anything else. I thought: "I, a minister, trying to save people from
hell, and here I am, right in it myself!"

Then I woke up and there was more fire, but before I knew it, I was alive
again and I could talk, which I could not do before. (Having been transferred
to Mrs. Wickland.)

While I did not know I was dead, yet I felt I had to come to


life again. I found I had been brought to this little circle for help, and I want to
thank you all for waking me up. I have no grudge against you for having given
me that "hell fire." It helped me from "hell" to "Heaven," or as we like to call
it, the spirit world.

I found the hereafter very different from anything I ever dreamed of.
What do we think, we ministers?

I want to say that we do not think at all. We preach, but we do not
practice. We do not realize what we are doing when we try to "save" people-
save them from what?

Since I left you and you gave me the true understanding of life as it is, I
have seen much. I have learned much.

In the three years since I woke up-I do not say three years since I passed
out, because the rest of the time I was in a dream state-but in the three years
since I have had an understanding of life, everything has been so beautiful,
and I have been very happy and busy. I have my hands full with my work.

My mission is to go to the religious fanatics in the spirit world and
preach to them the truth. They are in darkness. They pray and sing and they
think that Christ died for their sins. All they do is to pray and sing, and they
do not get anywhere.

There are many people on the earth plane who go insane, but they are
only controlled by crazy spirits who are religious fanatics, and all they do is
sing and pray. They are wild. Some I cannot reach; some I can turn to an
understanding of the higher life.

I hope the time will come when the ministers who preach the gospel will
preach a true interpretation of the Bible, not the one Orthodoxy teaches.

Mrs. W., I want you to tell the Pastor of your church that I said he must
not hide his light under a bushel, but must teach the truth. He must study and
learn the true lesson of life. He must give out the truth to his people.

Tell him I said he can give it out, little by little, and before he knows it he
will have given them the whole truth, and he will have many more people
attending his church than he has now. People do not believe now in the old
dogmas, but they want something-the truth.

Tell him that I wanted you to say this to him.

I have found my home in the spirit world and am happy, but I have a
great deal to do. I have to undo the wrong teaching I gave to the people when
I was on earth. I taught dogma and now I have to give them the truth.


Mrs. W., please forgive me for having obsessed your daughter. I had
no intention of doing what I did, for I did it unconsciously.

Before I go I want to ask a favor of you, Mrs. W., and that is, tell Rev.
W. to study and look into the truth before he comes to the spirit world, so
he will not be in darkness as I was. Tell him he can give the truth to his
people because the majority are ready for it. It is very monotonous to sit and
listen to the old time dogmas over and over again.

Tell him I said if he does not do this, people will leave his church. He is a
good speaker and a good man, and if he teaches the real truth, as he will find
it if he studies, he will have many followers, but if he keeps on with the old
doctrine he will not have many attending his church.

If he interests his congregation and has a revival meeting to tell them he
has found the real truth, he will see things will soon be different. Nearly
every one in his church has been to some Spiritualist meeting. They want the
truth, so tell him to give it to them.

Tell him the old people in the Home should be rightly taught, because
they will soon come to the spirit side of life, and it is better that they should
know about the land they are going 'to.

The young men of the present day do not want to be orthodox ministers.
They want other doctrines. They know the old dogma is not the real truth,
and they do not want to preach contrary to their knowledge. There are not
many applications for the ministry now.

Tell Rev. W if he will preach the truth he will have many young people
in his church. Tell him to present the ideas of the founder of his church. John
Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, lectured on spirit phenomena.
All he has to do is to present Wesley's doctrine.

Now I must go. Good Night!


CHAPTER XIV Christian Science

THE domination of any one fixed opinion to the exclusion of further mental
growth holds the spirit in a state of nonprogression, as has been attested by
intelligences who on earth had held strongly to the Christian Science teaching
regarding the non-existence of matter, and who have told of the difficulties
encountered in freeing themselves.

A friend of ours had been a deep student of Christian Science and at the
same time an investigator of the facts concerning spirit return. Shortly after
he had passed away he was brought to our circle to be awakened through
controlling Mrs. Wickland, and has since told us something of the conditions
in the spirit world.

spirit: MR. H. M. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

I am pleased to come here again. I felt that I must take advantage of this
evening to say something to my dear wife (present in the circle). I am so glad
I can talk to her as we always talked. I am happy she is here.

God bless you, my wife. We were so happy together. I would not care
to come back here at all if it were not that she is still on earth.

This world is only a school where we gain understanding through
experience. In the spirit world we go on and on, progressing, but before we
can progress we must have understanding of the spiritual laws. If we have
not the right understanding then we remain in darkness and hover around the
earth plane.

I am pleased that I had even a little knowledge of the higher life, for when
I reached there my spiritual eyes were open and I could see and realize the
beauties of the spirit world.

I have met many of my dear friends on the spirit side of life. Many
whom I knew are still in darkness and I have tried to help them understand
their transition.

If I could only express the conditions on the spirit side of life so that
you would get the full meaning! There is such beauty, such harmony.

I have to thank little Silver Star (one of Mrs. Wickland's guides) for
having awakened me when I reached the other side. Even with my knowledge
of the other world I might have slept a long time, because when I passed out
I was in a heavy sleep from an opiate which was given me on account of the
nature of my sickness. But this little Indian girl called me by name and woke
me up, and brought me to the spirit world.

You know I had been sick for a long time and I was very sick before I
passed out. I made my mistake in trying for so long to cure myself. Christian
Science says we should overcome matter.

We cannot overcome matter by will. When we are in the physical body
and the body needs certain forces of which it is made, if we do not get them
in our food we must get them through medicine and so build up the body,
because will cannot conquer substance.

God has given us a will to use as a force in Nature and we should use it
rightly. When as Scientists we refuse to do this we must suffer the
consequences. I was an example of such a consequence. I went into Science
with full will power and full faith that there is no such thing as matter and
that we should overcome it. I tried and failed.

Mrs. Eddy is suffering now for advancing that idea. When you have a
dress that is wearing out you try to get some material of the same color and
quality with which to mend the dress. We do not do that with our bodies.
We think the body should develop the substance it needs when it wears out.

I did not get enough elements in my food to build up my physical body,
my organs became atrophied and sluggish and were inactive because I did not
take the right food to give them proper activity.

I should have gone to a physician to have them put in normal condition,
but instead I tried to use my will to make them work. I tried by intelligence
to overcome and build up the weak part of my body. That is just as if one
refused to mend a worn place in a dress, insisting that no hole could come in
that dress. I was just as foolish about my body, and I had to suffer the results.

When the body needs toning up we must do something to tone it up and to
get the electric forces set right. I passed out because I wore out my body with
my mind and did not feed it or take sufficient care of it. 

God gave us our bodies and He also gave us minds to take care of them.
If we become one-sided and think mind is all then we get into trouble.


I took good care of my clothes, but how little I took care of my body. If
I had paid half as much attention to my body as I did to my clothes I feel
that I would have been on earth today.

Probably some day things will be so understood that there will be no
death-I mean that we will merely step out of the physical body into the
spirit world.

If one would prepare himself for passing out of the body as he does for a
journey he would be able to say: "Now I am ready to go. I am through with
this world. It is time for me to go, and I want to go to the spirit side of life."
Then there would be no dread.

Many Christian Scientists ruin their bodies by lack of right care and
often go as far as I did; they use will, no reason, and take improper
nourishment, or not enough.

I knew about ten years ago that I should attend to my inactive organs. If
I had had them attended to, I would not have suffered as I did. I suffered a
great deal and I used my will to make inactive parts act.

I should have liked to remain on earth long enough to do the work I felt I
should do; but I will do the work on the spirit side of life, and when my wife
comes we will work together.

My dear wife, if I had thought less of mental, or Christian Science, and
given more thought to the material side of things, then you would be in a
better position than you are now.

I really lost all thought of things material and I guess I thought we could
live on air, and I always thought conditions would change some time. I did
not realize. I was so hypnotized in my work that I hardly lived in the
material world.

If it had not been for my wife I think that sometimes I would have
forgotten that I should eat at all. I. thank God she was not so deeply
interested in the work as I, because then there might be two dead people.

Before leaving I must tell you of a little experience.

When I passed out I was awakened by hearing somebody say: "How do
you do?". I listened, and once again I heard the quaint voice of my little
friend, Silver Star.

Then I thought I must be in California, because I remembered that Dr.
Wickland and his wife were there, and I thought that Silver Star was
speaking through Mrs. Wickland.

Nobody says "How do you do" like Silver Star. I did not realize that I
had passed out of my body. Again I heard Silver Star say "How do you do"
in her strange way, and then I began to wonder where I was.


All at once I seemed to be alive again. Then I felt better. I thought, "I
must have gone through the crisis of my sickness and now I am feeling better
and am waking up."

That was the time Silver Star brought me in to control Mrs. Wickland. I
realized that I was weak from my sickness, but, having no pain, I thought I
was getting better. I felt so light and strong that my first thought was that I
could finish my book, but when I really came to myself I heard Dr. Wickland
talking to me.

Then I thought, "Well, how did I get to California? How did I get here? I
must be dreaming." It was some time before I realized where I was. I did not
even then realize that I was controlling.

Doctor asked me who I was. I thought it strange that he did not know
me, but I told him that I was Mr. M., and asked whether he did not know me.

Doctor was very much surprised and explained as gently as he could that
I had passed out of my mortal body a week before and was now a spirit.

That was the first time I realized that I had passed out of my physical
body into a spiritual body. It was very pleasant to think that I had wakened
in a mortal body instead of in darkness.

Afterwards I saw many of my friends and I felt that there is no death.

Doctor talked to me for a while and then my father, mother, sister and
brother all came to me, and they brought many relatives and friends, and we
had a happy reunion, one that can never be forgotten. Only, I wanted you,
my wife, to be with me when I met all my relatives and friends.

When I realized that I was using an earthly body I felt sick again and my
will power seemed to fail me. I began to feel very weak and a sensation of
sickness came over me.

I at once thought of my little friend, Silver Star, and she said I must
throw away my old clothes because I had no use for my old body, for I had
new clothes now.

When I thought of my spiritual body, I arose; I felt I had new clothes
and I received strength and left the physical altogether. The magnetic current
was cut and I dropped my old clothes entirely.

I was then lifted bodily, so it seemed, and I felt I was floating, and we
went through conditions of all kinds. I felt so strange and saw so much that I
grew fearful, so they told me to shut my eyes and keep them shut, which I did.


I did not know anything after that until they placed me on a beautiful
bed. I was very tired and all I wanted was to rest, just rest.

When I awoke from that sleep of rest my relatives and friends were
around me. Somebody said: "Now you are well and strong and we will take a
journey to our home in the spirit world."

We went to many of their homes. Each had a little home. We were united
and happy, for here only harmony exists. We traveled from one place to another.

When I had been to visit quite a few friends, they said: "Now you have
seen the spirit side of life. Here we are not idle. This is not a world in which
one is idle; it is a world of busy minds. It is each one's duty to work. Now
you are strong and we will take another journey-to earth."

I wanted to see my wife so much. You were in my mind so much, my
wife, and I wanted to see you. We passed through the spirit world and earth
sphere to matter again.

The earth is a little globe. The globe has a sphere around it. The distance
between the spirit world and the world of matter is about sixty miles. This
sphere is the world of the spirits in darkness.

Christ went to the spirits in darkness and prison-the prison of ignorance.

We passed through conditions that cannot be described, the most
hideous, the most fiendish, so ugly that I cannot describe them.

It made me shudder to see the condition of the crippled minds, the
selfish minds, the jealous minds. Each had the countenance of his mind. They
were dressed as when on earth, but only because of their minds.

They were like vermin. They were like a lot of worms stirred up and
crawling over one another. Talk about hell-that surely was hell! They told
me that was the earthbound sphere.

Then we came to matter again. We saw the people walking around in a
life of matter, each one in some kind of business. It looked like a world of
ants, and each one seemed to have some of these evil-minded spirits clinging
to him. They are like the barnacles on boats; some are shaken off, but others
come on. I cannot describe the sight.

I have been with you, my wife. You have felt me. I could not impress
you because I was not strong enough to use my mind for that purpose, but
still you have felt me. It has only been


a little, because I had not strength enough to come closer. I am with you a
great deal. After I learn in spirit how to overcome matter then I can come to
you and help you.

I will build a home for you in the spirit world and when that home is
finished and your work here is done then I shall be the one to meet you, and
we will have a real home.

I want to thank you all for the privilege of coming to your little circle,
and would like to come again some other time.

An extract from another communication from Mr. H. M. follows the
same line of thought as the previous remarks.

Spirit: MR. H. M. Psychic: MRS. WICKLAND

I wish that I had had less belief that I could cure myself by thought.

Everything that God has put in Nature is for man to use, not misuse. We
should not condemn anything that God has given the world to use, but we
have so many beliefs and creeds that we forget the principle of our Maker.

If we would understand His wonderful work through Nature we would
love others better than we do. Do not condemn anything but teach men and
women to love each other, teach them to know what their duties are in this
mundane sphere.

Those on earth have so many creeds and fads that they drown
themselves in their faith, forgetting that it is their duty to help the weak ones
instead of stepping on their feet.

So it is also with the body God gave us to take care of and not misuse.
For my part I should have done more to learn what was the matter with me
instead of only thinking there was nothing the matter, that I only imagined it
and that there was no such thing as sickness.

If I had not hypnotized myself in that belief of Mrs. Eddy's that mind
should overcome matter, and that it is only our mortal mind that is so-called
sick and we have not the right understanding-if I had tried to find out what
was the matter with me and called on some physician, one who had studied
anatomy and the philosophy of life, one who had spent years in studying
human nature and the human body, I should have been better off.

Christian Scientists condemn physicians, yet physicians have devoted
their lives through centuries to the study and control

of all sickness. Should we condemn them and say there is no such thing as
sickness? Why should anybody condemn another who has devoted his whole
life to study?

Christian Science says there is no such thing as sickness and that you are
not in the understanding.

Suppose that in olden times we had held the theory that there is no
matter. How about Harvey? He discovered the circulation of the blood. Poor
man! He was killed because of his discovery; he was killed by ignorant
people who did not believe the truth.

So one thing after another has been discovered in human anatomy. Yet
Christian Scientists discard that altogether, and also say that there is no such
thing as the body.

I did not take care of the body that God gave me. I thought mind should
overcome it. If I had consulted a physician I might even be with you today.

Do not let yourselves be hypnotized by ideas. Every theory has some
good in it, but let us take the good and discard the rest.

As Mrs. Eddy now sees these things, she wishes she could correct many
of her statements. She now has to suffer for her mistakes, and it is very hard
for her. Her followers come to the spirit side of life and expect to find things
as she taught them.

Mrs. Eddy herself has spoken in our circle several times, and has brought
invisible audiences which she endeavored to free from the misconceptions
acquired from her teachings relating to the problems of life and matter.


I am here again and I feel so sad. Do not doubt me, do not doubt me!
Why will people doubt me?

Help me! God help me! I am in a terrible condition.

I knew about the wonderful truth of the life beyond. I knew it well while
in life, but I shut the door because I wanted a religion of my own.
Spiritualism belonged to the past days. I wanted something new, something
higher, something better than spirit return.

I taught that you must not let any entities control you, or influence you,
or give you any inspiration, but that you must be Yourself and develop
yourself, and be one with the Infinite.


Shut the door to the spirit world and be selfish-that was I.
I had the truth of healing the sick.

I was a medium, and in my younger days, my childhood, I
was obsessed. As I grew older no one knew what was the matter
with me, for I had such queer spells. Now I know what it
was-an influence was controlling me whenever I had the spells.
I was of a very nervous temperament and I was cured of
those spells by Dr. Quimby. He believed in the work of obsession.

I took some of his doctrine and used it for my own. The
doctrine would have been all right if I had not denied the finer
forces in Nature.

I denied matter, but friends, as I told you one time, I had a
vision, and I saw how they treated patients in the other world,
but at that time I thought it was a dream.

They were teaching the spirits that there is no such thing as
matter. They said: "Forget it, it is only imagination. You are
not sick, you just imagine it. That belongs to matter. That is
only your mortal mind. You should overcome and develop the
spirit within you."

I thought that this vision meant that I was to teach that on
earth, and I set to work. Now I see my mistake, because there
is matter, and so long as you live on the material plane you will
have to recognize matter.

When you reach the spirit side of life your mind has to be
taught to overcome matter, not cling to it, because spirits in
darkness are clinging to matter as much as we cling to matter
when we have our physical bodies.

I took this and taught it, and started on my work. It was so
misunderstood, because I could not myself explain why matter
was not.

If only I could get people to recognize matter and recognize
the truth of life after this! If I could only go back to my
Church and teach the truth, the genuine Truth of God! God is
the Spirit of the Universe and we are a part of that Great
Spirit. Understanding this, we can overcome matter.

You are in the material body and you become sick. You become
sick because there is a lack of something in your body
which you must have, some element that helps in some way or
another. But your mind can help to overcome. If I had taught
that instead of denying matter altogether, it would have been
so much better.

I wanted money and we concentrated to have the grandest


churches in the world. My aim was to have churches of my own
teaching all over the universe.

I lost the opportunity to develop people's finer nature, the
finer nature of men and women, because I shut the door of love
and sympathy.

Do not doubt who this is-do not doubt me! I am here, I am
here. I am no more than any human being. Mine was a life
which did not do what it ought.

I want to be helped. My people come to me and want help,
and I need help myself. They cling to me and hold me down,
and I shut the door for their happiness.

We have only one mind. You understand where I got the
mortal mind part from? I thought that should be taught here,
but it should only be taught beyond the grave, beyond the veil,
and only to the earthbound spirits who are in darkness and
cling to matter. That should be taught on the spirit side of life
and not on the earth plane.

Have love and sympathy and do the very best you know how
for others. I could not leave this matter alone and I do not feel
that I should, because it crushes me so.

I came to this circle because so many have been helped here.
I go from one place to another, and you will hear of me at different
intervals because I can explain to a few at each place,
and in that way people will wake up.

We cannot do much yet, but will you allow me to come here
once in a while, when I see I can be helped?
You know I have so many people who hold me down, and say:
"Why did you teach this? Why did you shut the door for us?
Give us light, give us light and understanding!"

So many people are here, but they cling to matter. So many
of my people are here and in talking with you I talk to them.
You understand, I knew the real truth, but I shut the door. I
cannot open the door to many of my followers because I shut the
door for them and closed the door for myself, and when they
pass out the door is closed. They want me to help them and
when I explain things to them in the true light they doubt me,
and say that I am not Mrs. Eddy because she did not preach
such lessons.

I thank you for giving me this little time. Tonight many of
my followers came with me, and through my talk to you they
will be helped. Their subconsciousness, which is asleep, must
be awakened.

Question: Is the little pamphlet, recently published, called


"Confession by Mrs. Eddy, from the Spirit World," authentic?

Spirit  Certainly it is. I am trying through every avenue to speak; I am not
going to stop here. I will take advantage of every chance there is
for me to tell the truth and reach my people.

You may hear from others that I have talked with them. I will bring
up the above subject here and there. People doubt me now, but I
shall keep on; I will not rest. We will have centers for the work.

I want you here to help me spread the news, not much, just a little
thought now and then will help. I will get my people together and
bring them here and talk to them, if I may come once in a while, for I
can reach them more easily when I control a mortal body.

God bless you all, and again I thank you for the privilege of
having this opportunity of speaking to some of my people and
helping them.

Further evidence of the fact that Mrs. Eddy, when on earth, knew
the truth regarding the spirit side of life and the earthbound condition
is found in one of the early editions of the Christian Science text book
in the chapter on "The Science of Being."

"If the Principle, rule, and demonstration of Being are not in the
least understood before what is termed 'death' overtakes mortals, they
will rise no higher in the scale of existence at that single point of
experience; but will remain as material as before the transition, still
seeking happiness through a material instead of through a spiritual
sense of Life, and from selfish and inferior motives. So long as the
error or belief lasts, that life and mind are finite and physical, and are
manifested through brain and nerves, so long the penalty of sickness,
sin, and death will continue. To the other, the spiritual class, relates
the scripture: 'On such the second death hath no power.' "

A spirit who had become fanatical over the Christian Science
teachings was brought in by Mrs. Eddy as an example of the
difficulties which she encountered in the work of enlightening her


Spirit What kind of a meeting is this?


Doctor This meeting is held for the purpose of helping ignorant
spirits-spirits in darkness.

Sp. We should not sing so much as we do, for that belongs to the
mortal mind. We should be quiet and concentrate our minds to understand.

Dr. To understand what?

Sp. The true understanding.

Dr. What is that?

Sp. The Spirit of God.

Dr. And what is that?

Sp. If you do not know then you had better study and understand.

Dr. If you can tell us something about God or Spirit we should all
be glad to hear it.

Sp. God is All in All, and we are a part of that great Divinity. We
should concentrate and put our mind toward the Great Spirit. We
should develop the finer forces within us-but I am not here to talk to
any one.

Dr. Should you not like to enlighten us?

Sp. I do not know if you belong to The Church.

Dr. Did you not say that God is All in All? Then we are a part of
Him also.

Sp. If you have the right understanding, you are. If you do not
have that understanding then you are not; you are more of the mortal mind.

Dr. Are we not a part of God, if God is All in All?

Sp. I do not care to answer your questions.

Dr. Is the mortal mind also of God? What happens to people after death?

Sp. I have nothing to do with death.

Dr. Have you found God?

Sp. God is within you when you have the right understanding of
His wonderful works.

Dr. How is it with yourself?

Sp. I am one with that Great Spirit because I have understanding.

Dr. Understanding of what?

Sp. God, and how to develop your own self.

Dr. As far as I can tell, you have developed selfishness.

Sp. That all belongs to the mortal mind.

Dr. What happens to people when they lose their bodies?

Sp. They go back to the Infinite.

Dr. Where do they go?

Sp. Don't you know? I know, but I do not care to speak of it. I do
not argue. I know myself, but I do not like to teach. I am one of His Elect.

Dr. Then you do not like to teach ignorant people?

Sp. No, I do not.

Dr. What church do you belong to?

Sp. I belong to The Church of Understanding.

Dr. Where does it exist?

Sp. It is the church that should be all over the world, the church
where the people understand and know they can overcome matter and
overcome mortal mind and be one with the Infinite.

Dr. Are you a Christian Scientist?

Sp. Yes. Why do I have to come down to such mortal-minded people?

Dr. Don't you think you must have made some misstep which
brought you down to such people as we are? Don't you think if you
had read and studied the Bible, and had acquired an understanding of
the real mystery of life, it would have given you more peace of mind?

Isn't it strange that you should come down to such common clay
as we are?

Sp. I suppose I have come here to do some missionary work
among you. I suppose I came to teach you to forget mortal mind. You
should all be loving and kind-one with the Infinite.

You are not in the understanding. I may have come to lead you up
to God-to the right understanding. I must help you all to understand.

You must take the first step and read Mrs. Eddy's books, then you
will be one with the Infinite and leave all mortal mind behind. You go
on and on.

You have to go through a great deal to get understanding. You
can be led up to the Infinite God if you read and study. You have not
understanding of the Infinite.

Dr. What does that "Infinite Understanding" call you?

Sp. I do not care to talk or argue with you.

Dr. What did they call you when you had a mortal mind?

Sp. Call me? Names belong to the mortal mind and I have nothing
to do with that. It degrades one and drags one down.

I came to teach you regarding the Infinite, the Spirit within you.

Dr. Do we have to give you two dollars for your teaching?

Sp. That belongs to the mortal mind. Develop the Spark


of the Divine within you, then you will rise to the Infinite God.

Dr. Do you suppose we could ever climb so high?

Sp. Yes, by studying and studying. It is the only salvation for you.

Dr. You seem to have gone so far that you cannot join in anything
with us.

Sp. I have passed beyond mortal mind, and we do not need to go
back; we go forward.

Dr. It hurts to come down to mortal mind again, doesn't it? There
is an old saying that "What goes up must come down."

Sp. What kind of people are you?

Dr. We are just common sense people, just "mortal-mind" people.

Sp. Then I must raise you to a higher level.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. Just call me "Infinite."

Dr. Christ went among sinners. Are you better than He?

Sp. I am one with the Infinite God myself.

Dr. Have you seen God?

Sp. God is within you. You are a part of the Infinite. You are
happy with Him-the God of the Universe; just beautiful Bliss and

Dr. How did you happen to come here?

Sp. I suppose I came to be your teacher.

Dr. You spoke of going forward and that God is All in All. Is He
within you?

Sp. I am one with the Infinite. I am in love with the Lord and the
Infinite. You people, here are still in your mortal caskets. You do not
know anything.

Dr. That is a very elaborate statement.

Sp. We have to overcome; it is just an error.

Dr. On your part or ours?

Sp. I must help you to climb higher. I came to be a teacher to you
all, to help you to understand and become one with the Infinite.

Dr. Probably an exchange of ideas might be helpful.

SP. I do not need any teaching. I am one with the All in All.

Dr. What do scientists think will happen when they die?

SP. They shall be a part of the Divine. I was a follower in one of
the churches of Christian Science. I belonged to the Mother Church
in Boston. I am one of the Elect.

Dr. Did you ever see Mrs. Eddy?


Sp. Mrs. Eddy is Christ Himself. She is my Christ; she is God
Himself. She is the most wonderful, woman on earth and she is the
one we should worship.

Dr. How long have you been so radical on that subject? Sp. I will
not answer you.

Dr. How long has Mrs. Eddy been dead?

Sp. I do not care to argue with you.

Dr. Who died first-you or Mrs. Eddy?

Sp. (With asperity.) I will not answer your questions!

Dr. I did not think you had so much "malicious magnetism."

Sp. Mrs. Eddy never died. She never will, because she is the Teacher of the
Infinite Spirit.

Dr. Have you ever seen Mrs. Eddy?

Sp. She is in Boston.

Dr. She is dead.

Sp. She is not dead and she never will die.

Dr. Mrs. Eddy died several years ago.

Sp. Her teachings were that she would never die. She will go from
the mortal casket into the Infinite.

Dr. How long is it since you died?

Sp. I did not die; I only left my mortal casket. I was a fine practitioner.

Dr. How did you come to Los Angeles, California?

Sp. I am not in Los Angeles; I am in Boston.

Dr. Some intelligent spirits have brought you here to be helped.

But the entity was so wrapped in her own ideas that she would
not listen to anything else and was taken away, after which Mrs.
Eddy came.


Good Evening. I am Mrs. Eddy-Mary Baker Eddy. I wanted to
come back here again to give you one demonstration of what I have
had to deal with. (Referring to preceding spirit.)

I cannot do anything with people when they are like that until
they contact matter again.

I feel so sad and sorry, for I shut the door myself.

I want you to let me come here and extend help to a great number
of spirits (by speaking through the psychic to an invisible audience)


that have the same understanding of my doctrine. If I had only
opened the door of the real spiritual understanding and taught
the real truth on earth, things would be different. I knew I
had the truth.

We should unite and be one strong body, because I know there
is power in concentration, and I only wish that I could have the
whole world understand this doctrine.

If I could only come back and tell my people what I now have to
do. You saw the demonstration you had here tonight. I asked the
Band of Mercy to bring one of my followers in to show what I have to
deal with. With this one we could probably demonstrate to a hundred
similar spirits the folly of the mortal mind idea.

Concentrate your mind over and over, again and again, round and
round, and read and read-that was the way I taught one was to reach
understanding. I said my followers should read my books, and read
them and read them until they became second nature.

When you are in matter the mind has to have some food. But
when my people pass to the spirit side of life and matter is no more,
and they have thrown off the mortal error, you see just where they are.

What can I do with them? How much could you do with them
under similar circumstances?

There is my work and more is coming. Every day there are more
and more people coming. I try to help them because I taught mortal
error and did not teach the truth.

I feel so sad, and I do wish I could tell them to open the door for
the spirit of understanding, and not keep on just reading and reading
and concentrating.

In every church, all over the United States where we have
churches, they use the same lesson on the same Sunday. They form a
circle, round and round, and you must know they form a very strong
magnet and draw people into the same condition.

When they come here they cling to me, cling to me so closely, and
what am I to do? If I tell them the common sense things I should have
taught them, they will not believe.

I knew I had the real truth and I had power, but I was selfish. I
wanted to have a religion of my own. I wanted one that the whole
world should know.

What have I now? When my people pass to the spirit side of life
the door is closed and I cannot open it. What progress could you
make with the spirit you had here tonight?


I thank the Mercy Band, and all of you here, because through this
experience we took this spirit to the spirit world, and they will teach her
through object lessons.

There were many Scientists here tonight and they saw how foolish it all
is; their eyes were opened and the spirit friends took them away with them.
The one here we could not do much with, but she was an object lesson to
teach the others, and in time she will be helped.

My people read and read, and the majority come over here without any
understanding. I closed the door for my people and it is hard.

It is easy for them so long as they are in the mortal body, but when they
have lost the mortal body they see nothing. For them there is no spirit
world, it is all "Infinite." I taught them to close the door to the spirit world,
and I taught them to read only my books.

I wanted a religion of my own.

I was a trance medium and I gave readings, but I must confess I felt that
was too common. I wanted to reach more intelligent people, because I found
that Spiritualism would not reach the people I wanted to reach, so I took
Quimby's doctrine, and also, as I told you previously, the vision I had of
mortal mind in the spirit world, and combined the two.

I want it understood that I used to give readings in Boston. I was very
selfish and wanted to be somebody and have some kind of a religion where I
could have a following.

I wished once that on my birthday church bells all over the United States
would ring, and before I died I had that wish. I wanted to be one that would
be looked up to.

I was brought up in such orthodoxy that I would not have anything to do
with any of the churches. I went into Spiritualism first, and found that was
much better than Orthodoxy, so I followed it for some years, but I felt I
could not get very far with it, and in the end I was obsessed.

What I saw in visions I put in "Science and Health." That book was
written through the visions I had. It was not from my own brain.

If only with that I had given the truth which my brother wanted me to-
he was in the spirit world-but I would not. I did things Albert (brother) said
I should not do, and I closed the door for him.

During the last of my days I was not myself very much. All through life
I was back and forth on the invisible plane.

You know I was a psychic and I could have been a very good one, and have
done more good to the world through my psychic power than I did. At the
last I was too obsessed to be responsible for all I was doing.

If I had used my psychic power I could have helped thousands.

Now I have to deal with what you saw here tonight. So long as my
people are in the mortal body they are all right, but once the body is lost
things go round and round. My followers are in just as bad a condition as are
those who followed orthodoxy. When they pass out of the body everything
they see is "mortal mind."

Possibly you felt sorry you did not convert the spirit you had here
tonight, but while not successful with her, hundreds of others were converted
through seeing how foolish it all is, and were helped through your talk. This
room was crowded with people, and I hope you will all be liberal enough to
never shut the door for the beautiful truth of spirit return.

I bless you all and give you my solid support and help and I hope you
will allow me to bring more unfortunate ones sometime. I thank you for
keeping the door open for me to come. I am only mortal and I am not of the
"Real Infinite" either.

We all have our ups and downs, here as well as on the other side of life.
People think that they change their condition when they die, but they do not.

My people are especially fixed because everything with them outside of
themselves is "mortal mind" and their own mind is "Infinite."

Many who were followers of my Church have gone into New Thought.
From New Thought they come into a more spiritual understanding. New
Thought is more liberal.

In New Thought they branch out and, being liberal, will look into spirit
return. They are more liberal in their reading of books.

I forbade my people to read anything but Science books. That was
because of my selfishness. I wanted a church of my own with my people
under my thumb.

How I do wish I had taught obsession, which I knew was true, but I did
not. When I used to go into trances I wrote -a great deal, and when I came to
myself I would deny what I got.

I was obsessed by some spirit who wanted me to do such work and I
could not really help myself. If I had written the books as they were given to
me, and credited their source, I might have revolutionized the world.


I again want to thank you and hope I can come another time. I also want to
thank you, lady, (Mrs. M. mentioned in the first experience of this chapter)
because your husband helped me in the very beginning. (In the spirit world.)
He was one that helped me to a better understanding, and brought me here
where I could get help.

I hope you will have all the success you wish. Concentrate your mind
on success and have no fear that you will not succeed , and all over the world
will spread this wonderful truth of spirit return and obsession, and through
your obsession work you will cure many more people than I did.

In our work, often when a healing was instantaneous, it was an obsession
being relieved. You understand also that all the healers are in the circle of
concentration with the power of the whole church to aid them, and that
power of concentration is so strong that an obsession cannot live in that

Many I cured were obsessed, but they concentrated that they were not
sick. How are they helped? I will tell you. The average doctor tells a patient
that he has such and such a sickness. He creates a fear in his mind.

Let us take a case of gall stones. It is very hard to diagnose such a case
correctly. The doctor says the patient has gall stones; sometimes he operates
when that should not be done.

Sometimes the patient gets well without an operation. That is due to his
mind. He concentrates his mind on gall stones, gall stones, until he can think
of nothing else.

You understand, you have in your mind a creative power. We have a
spark of the Infinite within us. In that Divine spark God created the world,
all in it, and you as a part. Each of us has much of that creative power and
when you set your mind working with that power you create your condition.

When you go to one of my practitioners, the first thing that is done is to
take your mind off your sickness. You are given absent treatment to get rid
of fear.

You have the same creative power within yourself.

In a case of diphtheria the mind can help, but we cannot kill germs. There
are many things we fail in, but we have success with chronic cases.

We have more success because so many are obsessed. When you have
fear you are negative.

I will be with you to teach obsession to the world. Teach the real truth
and do not care for people's opinions.


If only I could go to my Mother Church and teach them the truth!

Thank you each and every one of you, and sometime I shall come again.


That the mind has power to create the condition in which a spirit finds
itself after transition is illustrated in the following experience.

A former patient of ours, Mrs. Anna R., who had at one time been under
our care and had been entirely restored to health, many years later left her
home to care for a sister-in-law, Mrs. Jessie R., who was very ill.

The latter was a Christian Scientist and denied that spirit obsession had
been the cause of the former illness of her sister-in-law, claiming that
Christian Science and her own concentration had cured her. She was a
masculine type, a very large woman, preferring to assist her husband with his
oil station rather than care for her home.

After a long illness she died in the arms of Mrs. Anna R., who then
remained in the house to care for the widower, and also keep house for him.
She occupied the room and bed of her sister-in-law, and not only attended to
all household duties but spent much time working in the garden until her
strength failed when she became, negative and was again disturbed by spirit

She acted in a masculine manner and a brother, Mr. Herman M., realizing
that some spirit had taken possession of his sister, at first thought the entity
was a man. But Mrs. Anna R. began to talk as though she were Mrs. Jessie
R. and authoritatively ordered everyone to leave the house.

Mr. M. urged his sister to come to us for treatment but this she refused
to do, insisting, under control of the obsessing entity, that "Christian Science
cured me the last time."

Mr. M. then telephoned us regarding the situation and attended a seance
in our home, mentally commanding the spirit that was troubling his sister to
come with him. We concentrated for the patient and when Mrs. Wickland
became entranced a corroborative conversation with the controlling spirit ensued.

Spirit: MRS. JESSIE R. Patient: MRS. ANNA R

Doctor Can you tell us something about yourself? (Touching arm.)


Spirit: Leave me alone.

Dr. We want to enlighten you.

Sp. I am enlightened enough. They thought they were going to
get me but they got left. (Intelligent spirits.)

Dr. To whom do you refer?

Sp. Those people. I don't want you to hold my arm. You have no
right to touch me.

Dr. I have a right to touch the arm of my wife.

Sp. (Struggling.) I don't want to be held down!

Mr. G. Be a nice fellow.

Sp. Fellow! I'm not a man, I'm a woman. Can't you see that?

Dr. When I look at you I see my wife.

Sp. I don't care. There must be something the matter with you.
They all think they are smart! (Evidently referring to intelligent spirits
who had been endeavoring to free patient from influence of this
entity.) I tell them they can't fool me. I don't want to talk to any of you.

Dr. To whom are you talking?

Sp. (Flourishing hand.) I'm talking to all of you. This is my house
and my home.

Dr. Can you tell us your name?

Sp. I don't think I need to tell you my name.

Mr. G. The gentleman on your left is Dr. Wickland.

Sp. Oh, so that's it! (Dramatically.) Now you can all get out of here.
This is my home and I'm going to stay right here.

Dr. Just now you are in our home. Do you know me?

Sp. Yes, I knew you some years ago. (When visiting the patient,
Mrs. Anna R., who had been restored to health while under our care.)

But I never believed in you. I was a good Christian Scientist. Now all
of you get right out of here! This is my home. What right have any of
you here?

Mr. G. You speak as if you were omnipotent.

Sp. I am not God but I am next to Him. When you are a true
Christian Scientist you come next to God!

Dr. What about the lady whom you have been bothering?

Sp. She can go to the dickens. When I get well I'll show her !
That's my home.

Dr. Did you buy it?

Sp. I worked and helped pay for it. Now others are occupying my
home but when I get well I'll chase them out!

Dr. Who is occupying it?

Sp. My husband is there for one.


Dr. Do you want him to leave?

Sp. I want everybody to get out.

Dr. Did you pass out?

Sp. Oh, no, you'll find out that I'm not dead yet. I scared one woman.

Dr. Who was that?

Sp. She laid down on my bed, but I made her get up. I scared her!

Mrs. N. W. (Remembering that upon a recent visit to the patient's
home she had lain down to rest upon the bed which had belonged to
the former mistress of the house but had been unable to remain there
because of an unpleasant influence.) I wasn't at all frightened.

Sp. Just the same I made you get up!

Dr. What satisfaction do you find in staying around the house?
Don't you realize you are a spirit?

Sp. I don't believe in spirits and never did. Several years ago you
talked spirits to me but I didn't believe you and would not listen to
you. (This had been the case.)

Mr. M. Do we know you?

Sp. I am Jessie R. (Sister-in-law of patient, Mrs. Anna R.) You
thought you would chase me out, Herm, but you got left.

Mr. M. I think we succeeded in getting you away. You are
at Dr. Wickland's home now.

Sp. All of you tried to chase me out, but you got left.

Dr. No, they didn't, because you are now at our home.

Sp. I never liked you. You believe in spirits and I don't.

Dr. You believe in the continuation of life, don't you? What are
spirits but those who have passed on to a continued existence?

Sp. (Angrily.) I tell you I have not passed on. I live in
my home and I want everybody chased out!

Dr. Christian Scientists die just as other persons do.

Sp. Not if they are in the understanding.

Dr. Mrs. Eddy died. Where does a Christian Scientist expect to go
when he loses the physical body?

Sp. Body! The body is only imagination.

Dr. Then why do you object when I touch your arm?

Sp. Because I feel tied up. I was a big, fat woman and here I am
with a little body. I have told you before, I don't like you and I never did.

Dr. Why?

Sp. Because you always talked about spirits.

Dr. Yes, we often talked about the subject. You are now proving
the fact of spirit return.

Sp. (Addressing patient's brother, Mr. Herman M.) Herm, why did
you bring me here?

Mr. M. I thought you needed a little education. You were not
doing the right thing where you were.

Dr. Did you come here in an auto?

Sp. I don't know how I came. Herm made me come with him.

Dr. Did you bring anyone else with you? (Referring to spirits
obsessing the patient.)

Sp. Three of us came. They help me. They are all good Christian
Scientists. They don't associate with anybody but their own people
because it causes cross-currents. I was the leader.

(Laughing.) They all thought I was a man. I did a man's work, so
why shouldn't I have the honor of being a man?

My husband was sick, but he is well now. Just as soon as Anna
came he braced up.

Dr. Because your sister-in-law took proper care of him.

Sp. What business had they to bring me here? I said I would
never go to Wicklands' again. (Patient had made similar statements
the day before, although normally very friendly.)

Mr. M. I heard last Sunday that the Christian Scientists take the
credit for curing Anna some years ago, when the Wicklands
straightened her out and got rascal spirits away from her.

Sp. (To Mr. M.) I will get you yet.

Mr. M. Don't worry about me. You had better try to get

Dr. This body belongs to. Mrs. Wickland.

Sp. I used to talk to you folks when I came to your house to see
Anna but I had no use for you. If you had become Christian Scientists
I would have been interested in you.

Dr. You are controlling the body of Mrs. Wickland and she is
unconscious while you talk through her. You claim you are Jessie R.,
but when I look at you I see the face of my wife, hence you are a spirit.

Sp. How could I get in this little body when I am a big, fat woman?

Dr. You are a spirit and spirit does not need a big body. You must
realize you are a spirit and understand your situation. When spirits
are ignorant of their condition they often cause much trouble.


The spirit of Mrs. Eddy has spoken through this same instrument
several times and she has always expressed regret that she failed to
include in her teachings the truth of spirit communication, which she
knew from her own experience to be a fact.

Sp. Where is Wes? (Wesley R., her husband.)

Dr. On the ranch, because that is his home.

Sp. He likes it there much better now than he used to. Why is Mel
R. bothering me? (Referring to spirit husband of patient.) He is here
now. He says I have no business to bother his wife.

Dr. Ask him whether you are so-called "dead"?

Sp. He says, Yes, and that everything you have said is true. He
bothers me all the time.

Dr. He is not in the physical; we cannot see him. You know that
he has passed out. You say he bothers you?

Sp. Yes. He is here and he says I shall not stay around the house
but must keep away and leave my husband and Anna alone.

Dr. Does any one ever talk to you?

Sp. No, they take no notice of me, and that's what makes me so
mad. (Listening to some invisible.)

You tell Anna that I feel sorry for what I have done to her. Her
husband (spirit) has opened my eyes. I am also sorry for Wes.

Dr. You must acquire understanding.

Sp. Pray for me. Tell Anna how sorry I am that I have disturbed
her. I did not have a proper understanding and I was angry. I had a
quick temper. Herm, you know that.

Dr. It was wrong to upset Mrs. R. She thought a great deal of you.

Sp. (Penitently.) I can see how selfish I have been. My Christian
Science belief was only a cloak.

Dr. The higher ideals of Christian Science are excellent, but
should include the whole of life.

Sp. Help Anna!

Dr. Are there any more spirits troubling her?

Sp. Yes, there are.

Mr. M. Isn't Mel trying to get them away?

Sp. He chased me all the time and I didn't like it.

Dr. He wanted you to realize your condition and leave his wife alone.

SP. Will you help her, Doctor?

Dr. That is what we are trying to do.


Sp. I liked my home very much. I was taken very sick and I went to
sleep (died) and after awhile, when I woke up, things were changed. Anna
was taking care of my home and I stood it for awhile, then I wanted my
place as I had always had it. I commenced to bother Anna. Poor girl! I
wouldn't let her come here. Please help her, and help me, too.

Dr. Yes, we will, but you must also help yourself.

Sp. They (spirits) tell me I have to go-but where, I don't know.

Dr. Mrs. R.'s husband and other spirits will take care of you and teach
you how to progress in your new life. Forget the past. You must broaden
your mind. Realize there is a spirit world. We are all spirits whether in the
body or out of it.

My wife allows spirits to control her body in order that we may
enlighten them and learn the facts.

If the future life were more clearly understood such conditions as yours
would not exist. If you had understood the truth of spirit existence, spirits
could have helped you at the time you passed on. But your mind was on the
earth plane. Now you have an opportunity to learn and advance.

Sp. Clint is here. (Spirit, a brother of the patient.) He says I should come
with him. I had him on one side and Mel on the other; you can imagine how I
have been bothered. Where shall I go when I leave here?

Dr. These spirit friends will take care of you.

Sp. (Addressing Mr. M. in audience.) Will you forgive me?

Mr. M. Surely; we know you did not understand.

Sp. Tell Anna I will do the best I can to help her when I learn how. I
bothered her because I did not like the way things had been changed in the
house, then, all at once, I lost myself. (Obsessed patient.)

Doctor, I never liked you because you believed in spirits, but now I have
to thank you for helping me.

Dr. Be open minded; think yourself with your spirit friends and you will
be with them.

Sp. Goodbye.

The following day a sister of Mrs. R. telephoned that a noticeable
change had taken place in the patient and that the latter