Report on Spiritualism of the committee of the London Dialectical Society

[Published 1871]







Adams, John S.—Answers to Seventeen Objections against Spiritual Intercourse.

——    Review of Beecher's Report on the Spiritual Manifestations.

Ashburner, John, M.D.—Notes and Studies on the Philosophy of Animal Magnetism and Spiritualism, &c.

Atkinson, H.G., F.G.S.—An Exposition of Spiritualism, London: 1862.

——    and Miss Harriet Martineau. Letters on Mesmerism.

Abbott, O.—The Davenport Brothers.

Abercrombie, John, M.D.—Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers.

Agrippa, H. Cornelius, of Rettesheim—De Occulta Philosophia.

Auguez, P.—Les Manifestations des Esprits.

Apocatastasis, The; or, Progress Backwards. A new Tract for the Times. Burlington (U.S.): 1854.

Acqua, Ruggero Dall'.—Almanaco dello Spiritismo. Turin.

Buffum, Mrs. Adeline.—Spirits' Oil Well, alias Artesian Well, near Chicago.

Beecher, Rev. Charles.—A Review of the Spiritual Manifestations. New York: 1853.

Bayley, Rev. Dr.—True Spiritualism.

Robinson, Dr.—The Spirit Rapper.

Ballou, Rev. Adin.—An Exposition of Views respecting the principal Facts, Causes, and Peculiarities involved in Spirit Manifestations; together with interesting phenomenal statements and communications. London: 1852.

Barkas, Thomas P.—Outlines of Ten Years' Investigation into the Phenomena of Modern Spiritualism. London: 1862.

——    Lecture on the Brothers Davenport.

——    Discourse on Modern Spiritualism and Seducing Spirits.

Bertolacci, William Robert.—Christian Spiritualism.

Brigham, Joseph.—Messages from the Spirit of John Quincey Adams.

Birt, William Redcliffe.—Table Moving Popularly Explained, with Enquiry into Reichenbach's Theory of an Od Force. Also an Investigation of the Spiritual Manifestations known as Spirit Rapping.

Boismont, A. Brierre de, M.D.—Hallucinations: A History and Explanation of Apparitions, Visions, Dreams, Ecstacy, Magnetism, &c., (Translated into English by Robert T. Hulme.)

Bray, Charles.—On Force, its Mental and Moral Correlates, and on that which is supposed to Underlie all Phenomena: with Speculations on Spiritualism and other abnormal Conditions of Mind. London: 1866.

Brittan, Prof. S. B., M.D.—Review of the Rev. Chas. Beecher's Report concerning the Spiritual Manifestations.

——    Review of the Rev. C. M. Butler.

——    Review of the Rev. Asa Mahan on the Modern Mysteries.

——    The Tables Turned.

——    Man and His Relations. New York: 1868.

—— and Dr. B. W. Richmond.—Discussion of the Facts and Philosophy of Ancient and Modern Spiritualism. New York: 1853.

Bushnell, llorace.—Nature and the Supernatural.

Bersot, Ernest.—Mesmer et le Magnetisme Animal.

Billot, G. P., M.D.—Recherches Psychologiques sur la. Cause des Phenomenes Extraordinaires observes chez les Modernes Voyans improprement dits Somnambules Magnetiques, ou Correspondance sur le Magnetisme Vital entre an Solitaire (i.e. G. P. B.) et M. Deleuze, etc. Paris: 1839.

Bodin.—Demonomanie, 1580.

Bonamy, Michel.—La Raison du Spiritisme.

Blackwell, Anna.—The Testimony of the Ages.

Boltinn, Apolon de.—The Dogmes de l'Eglise du. Christ Expliques par le Spiritisme (traduit du Russe).

Brown, John P.—The Dervishes, or Oriental Spiritualism. London: 1868.

Buchner, Dr. Louis.—Kraft und Stoff.

Braid, James, M.R.C.S.E., &c.—Neurypnology, 1813.

—— Magic, Witchcraft, Animal Magnetism, &c., 1852.

—— Observations on Trance, 1850.

Bauche, A.—Causeries Mesmeriennes.

Bounemere, E.—Le Roman de l'Avenir.

Borreau, J. B.—Comment et pourquoi je suis devenu Spirite.

Bennett, J. Hughes, M.D.—The Mesmeric Mania of 1851, with a Physio&endash;logical Explanation of the Phenomena. Edinburgh: 1851.

Boguet.—Discours des Sorciers. Lyons: 1605.

Chauvet, Le docteur, de Tours.—Esprit, Force, et Matiere.

C— M.—Instruction Pratique pour l'Organisation des Groupes Spirites.

Clowes, Rev. J., M.A.—Mediums; their Divine Origin and Important Uses.

Charpignon, Dr.—Physiologie, Medicine, et Metaphysique du Magnetisme, 1845.

Canalejas, Dr. Don Francisco de Paula.—Carta de un Espiritista.

Castle, M. A., M.D.—Phrenologie Spiritualiste: nouvelles Etudes de Psychologie.

Carpenter, William B., M.D.—Electro‑Biology and Mesmerism (Quarterly R Review, October 1853).

Calcagnini.—Miscell., Magia Amatoria Antiqua, 1544.

Collignon, Mdme. E.—Entretiens Familiers sur le Spiritisme.

Colquhoun, J.C.—History of Magic, Witchcraft, &c. London: 1851.

——    Isis Revelata 1836.

Crookes, William.—Spiritualism viewed by the Light of Modern Science. London: 1870.

Chardell.—Esquisse de la Nature Humaine.

Cruikshank, George.—Discovery concerning Ghosts, with a Rap at the Spirit‑Rappers

Cahagnet, L. Alph.—Arcanes de la Vie Future devoiles. (Translated into English.) London: 1856.

——    Sanctuaire du Spiritualisme Paris: 1851.

——    Encycolpedie Magnetique et Spirituelle.

Capron, E.W.—Modern Spiritualism.

Coleman, Benjamin.—Spiritualism in America.

Chase, Hon. Warren.—The Gist of Spiritualism.

Clark, Rev. Uriah.—Plain Guide to Spiritualism.

Crosland, Newton.—Apparitions: A New Theory.

——    Mrs. Newton.—Light in the Valley. My Experience of Spiritualism.

Cooper, Robert.—Spiritual Experiences.

Cridge.—Epitome of Spirit‑Intercourse: a condensed View of Spiritualism.

Chevalier, J.O.—Experience of Spiritualism; or the Adjuration of Spirits.

Courtney.—Review of Dr. Dod's Involuntary Theory of the Spiritual Manifestations.

Chevillard, A.—Etudes Experimentales sur le Fluide Nerveux, et Solution Definitive du Probleme Spirits, 1869.

Crows, Catherine.—Night‑side of Nature.

——    Spiritualism, and the Age we live in.

——    Ghost Stories, and Family Legends.

Carpenter, William.—Tracts on Tabooed Topics.

Consoni.—Varieta Elettro‑Magnetico e Relativa Spiegazione.

Close, Rev. F.—The Testers Tested, with an Appendix.

——    Table Moving not Diabolical.

Dyonis.—L'Ame, son Existence, ses Manifestations.

Dozon, Henri.—Revelations d'outre Tombe.

——    Revue.

Danskin, W. A.—How and Why I became a Spiritualist.

Davis, Dr. D. S.—Anthropomorphism Dissected and Spiritualism Vindicated.

De Morgan, Mrs.—From Matter to Spirit. The Result of Ten Years' Experience in Manifestations. With Preface by Professor De Morgan.

Douglas, Miss.—Remarks with Reference to certain Phenomena.

Dupotet de Sennevoy, Baron J.—Cours de Magnetisme. Paris: 1840.

—— La Magie Devoilee. Paris: 1852.

—— Traite Complet de Magnetisme Animal. Paris: 1856.

Deleuze.—Instruction Pratique sur le Magnetisme Animal. Paris: 1846.

—— Bibliotheque du Animal.

Debay.—Les Mysteres du Sommeil, et du Magnetisme.

Dendy, Walter Cooper.—Philosophy of Mystery.

—— A Gleam of the Spirit‑Mystery.

Dodds, Dr. John Bovee.—Spirit Manifestations Examined and Explained.

—— The Philosophy of Electrical Psychology.

Davis, Andrew Jackson.—The Principles of Nature, her Divine Revela&endash;tions, and a Voice to Mankind.

——    The Philosophy of Special Providences : a Vision.

—— The Magic Staff: an Autobiography. A well‑authenticated History of the Domestic, Social, Psychical, and Literary career of the Author, with his experience as a Clairvoyant and Seer.

—— The Great Harmonia: being a Philosophical Revelation of the Spiritual, and Celestial Universe. In five volumes.

——    The Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse: being an Explanation of Modern Mysteries.

——    The Harmonial Man; or, Thoughts for the Age.

——    Free Thoughts concerning Religion; or, Nature v. Theology.

—— The Penetralia; being Harmonial Answers to Important Questions. The History and Philosophy of Evil, with suggestions for more ennobling Institutions and Philosophical Systems of Education.

—— The Harbinger of Health. Containing more than three hundred medical prescriptions, given in the light of the Author's Clairvoyant or "superior" condition, with practical hints and suggestions.

——    Answers to Questions. Answers to ever‑recurring Questions from the People.

——    Morning Lectures: a series of Discourses upon a variety of important topics.

—— The Organisation and Management of Children's Progressive Lyceums.

——    The Approaching Crisis.

——    The Present Age and Inner Life. Death and the After Life.

——    Arabula; or, the Divine Guest: containing a New Collection of Gospels.

——    A Stellar Key to the Summer Land.

Dazur, Victor.—Le Regiment Fantastique.

Denis, Ferdinand.—Sciences Occultes.

——    Monde Enchante.

Edmonds, Hon. John Worth.—Spiritual Tracts. (Including his Letters to the New York Tribune.)

——    What is Death?

——    and George T. Dexter, M.D.—Spiritualism. 2 vols.

Edwards, Rev. Henry, D.D., L.L.D.—The Doctrine of the Supernatural Established.

Elliot.—Mysteries; or, Glimpses of the Supernatural.

Emmett, J. F., B.A.—Spirit Dialogues; or, Voices from above, around, and beneath; including a revealed Theory of Universal Cosmogony; and the peculiar formation of the Planet Earth. (Translated from the French.)

Edwards, Wm.—Mesmerism: its Practice and Phenomena.

Esdaile, James, M.D.—Clairvoyance, Natural and Mesmeric.

Elliott, John Henry.—A Refutation of Modern Spiritualism.

Edoux, E. V.—Appel des Vivants aux Esprits des Morts.

Ennemoser, J., M.D.—Anleitung zur Mesmerischen Praxis. Stuttgart: 1852.

——    Geschichte des Thierischen Magnetismus. Leipzig. 1844.

—— Geschichte der Magic. Leipzig: 1844.

Ferguson, Rev. Jesse Babcock, A.M., L.L.D.—Supramundane Facts in the Life of: including Twenty Years' Observations of Preternatural Phenomena. Edited by T. L. Nichols, M.D.

—— A Record of Communications from the Spirit‑spheres, with Incontestible Evidence of Personal Identity. With Explanatory Observations.

Fowler.—Modern Spiritualism. Its Truth, its Errors, and its Dangers.

Fowler, J. H.—New Testament Miracles and Modern Miracles. The comparative amount of experience for each; the nature of both; testimony of a hundred witnesses. An Essay read before the Divinity School, Cambridge, U.S.A.

Feuchtersleben, Baron von, M.D.—Medical Psychology. (Translated for the Sydenham Society, by H. Evans Lloyd.)

Flammarion, Camille.—La Pluralite des Mondes Habites.

—— Les Habitants de l'Autre Monde.

Figuier, L.—Histoire du Merveilleux.

Faraday, Professor, F.R.S.—Observations on Mental Education.

Forbes, J., M.D.—Mesmerism True—Mesmerism False.

Garcin.—Le Magnetisme Explique par lui‑meme.

Garth, Dr. J. J.—A Proposal to treat Lunacy by Spiritualism.

——    Evenings with Mr. Home and the Spirits.

Gougenot des Mousseaux, Le Chevalier.—La Magie au Dix‑neuvieme Siecle.

Gautier Theophile.—Spirite: Nouvelle fantastique.

Grand, Dr.—Lettre d'un Catholique sur le Spiritisme.

Glanville, Joseph.—Sadducismus Triumphatus. London: 1681.

Gorres.—Christliche Mystik.

Graesse.—Bibliotheca Magiae. Leipsic: 1843.

Gregory, Professor.—Letters on Animal Magnetism. Edinburgh: 1851.

Gordon.—A Three‑fold Test of Modern Spiritualism.

Grant, Elder Miles and Rev. J. S. Loveland.—Discussion of Spiritualism and Immortality, at the Melodeon, Boston.

Green, Frances H.—Biography of Mrs. Semantha Mettler, and of the Wonderful Cures performed by her.

Gridley, J. A.—Astounding Facts from the Spirit World, witnessed at the House of J. A. Gridley, Southampton, Mass., U.S.A.

Grimes, Prof. J. Stanley, and Leo H. Miller.—Great Discussion of Modem Spiritualism, at the Melodeon, Boston.

Gasparin, Comte Agenor de.—Des Tables Tournantes; du Surnaturel en General et des Esprits. (Translated into English by E. W. Robert.)

Goodwin, Philip.—Mystery of Dreams: Historically Discussed.

Guldenstubbe, Baron L. de.—Pneumatologie Positive et Experimentale ou la Realite des Esprits et le Phenomene Merveilleux do de l'Ecriture directe. Paris: 1857.

——    La Morale Universelle.

Gillson, Rev. E., M.A.—Table Talking Disclosures of Satanic Wonders and Prophetic Signs : A Word for the Wise.

——    Pensees d'Outre Tombe.

Godfrey, Rev. N. S., S.C.L.—Table Moving Tested, and proved to be the Result of Satanic Agency.

——    Table Moving, the Devil's Modern Masterpiece. London: 1853.

—— Theology of Table Turning, Spirit Rapping, and Clairvoyance, in connection with Antichrist.

Glaybrook, Rev. A.—Table Turning a Fraud; or, " Godfrey's Cordial."

Guppy, Samuel.—Mary Jane; or Spiritualism Chemically Explained, with Spirit Drawings; also Essays and Ideas (perhaps erroneous) of a Child at School.

Haddock, Dr.—Psychology; or, the Science of the Soul. Somnolism and Psychism.

Houat, le Docteur L. T.—Etudes et Seances Spirites.

Herrenschneider, Frederic.—La Religion et la Politique dans la Societe Modems.

Holland, Henry, M.D.—Chapters on Mental Physiology.

Hammond, C. (medium).—Light from the Spirit World.

Hardy, H.—Researches in Spirit Magnetism.

Hallock, R. T.—Road to Spiritualism. Four Lectures.

Hare, Professor Robert, M.D.—Experimental Investigations of the spirit Manifestations, demonstrating the existence of Spirits and their communications with Mortals. Doctrine of the Spirit-world respecting Heaven, Hell, Morality, and God, &c.

——    Lectures on Spiritualism.

Harvey, Rev. C. H.—Millennial Dawn; Or, spiritual Manifestations Tested.

Hayden, Rev. W.—Phenomena of Modern Spiritualism.

Home, Daniel Dunglass.—Incidents in My Life.

Howitt, W.—History Of the supernatural in all Ages and Nations. 2 vols.

——    Throwing Stones, and other Substances, by Spirits.

——    What Spiritualism has taught.

Hall, S. C.—The Use of Spiritualism.

Hopps, Rev. J. Page.—Six Months' Experience at Home of Spirit Communion.

Hornung, D.—Neue Geheimnisse des Tages durch Geistes Magnetlsmus.

—— Neueste Erfahrungen aus der Geisterleben.

—— Heinrich Heine, der Unsterbliche.

Hardinge, Emma.—Extemporaneeous Addresses.

—— Modern Spiritualism in America.

Hermes.—Les Forces Forces Physiques Inconnues a propos des Freres Davenport.

Hern, J. P.—Bible Reply to the Modern Delusion.

Hallowell, Rev. H.—Polity of the Kingdom of Darkness.

Hugo Vamp; or, Table Turning Electrical.

Johnston, James.—Intercourse with Angels; or, the Second Coming of the Lord, our Great Creator and Everlasting Redeemer. Last Legacy, and Solemn Information. The Everlasting Church: as represented in the remarkable manuscripts entitled "Intercourse with Angels."

Jones, John.—Man: Physical, Apparitional, and Spiritual. With Illustrations from the Natural and Supernatural.

Jeanne d'Arc.—Histoire de, Dictee par elle‑meme.

Jacob, Zouave.—Les Pensees du.

Kerner, Justinus, M.D.—Die Seherin von Prevorst. (Translated into English by Mrs Crowe.)

—— Die Zwei Besessener.

—— Die Somnambulen Tische. Zur G Geschichte und Erklarungen dieser Erscheinung. Stuttgart: 1853.

Kardec, Allan.—Le Livre des Esprits.

——    L'Evangile selon le Spirititisme.

——    Le Livre des Mediums.

——    La Genese les Miracles et les Predictions.

—— Le Ciel et L'Enfer.

Ker, Rev. W.—Immortality, Eternal Punishment, and the State of Separate Souls.

Kieser.—Archiv fur den thierischen Magnetismus.

Lewis, E. W., M.D.—The Spiritual Reasoner.

Lumb, Rev. John.—Spirit Rapping and Modern Necromancy.

Lee, Edwin, M.D.—Animal Magnetism, and Magnetic Lucid Somnambulism. 1866.

—— Lecture on Animal Magnetism, &,c. 1819.

—— Report upon the Phenomena of Clairvoyance, or Lucid Somnambulism. 1843.

Loveland, E. W.—The Kingdom of Heaven.

Linton, C.—The Healing of the Nations. With Appendix by N. P. Talmadge. New York: 1855.

Loth, Florent.—Abrege de la Doctrine Spirite.

Lamothe‑Langon.—Inquisition de France.

Leloyer.—Histoire des Spectres. Paris: 1605.

Lytton, Right Hon. Lord.—A Strange Story.

Llorente.—The Spanish Inquisition.

Millet.—Cours de Magnetisme.

Mirville, Marquis de.—La Pneumatologie.

—— Des Esprits et de leurs Manifestations Fluidiques.

Maitland, Rev. S. R., D.D., F.R.S., F.S.A.—Superstition and Science. (In Reply to the Zoist, Professor Faraday, &c.)

Mandell.—Evangel of the Spheres.

McWalter, J. G.—The Modern Mystery.

Mesmerism, Spiritualism, Witchcraft and Miracle.

Maude, William.—Spiritualism Prophetically Considered.

Madden, R. R., F.R.C.S., M.R.I.A.—Phantasmata; or, Illusions and Fanaticisms of Protean Forms, productive of Great Evils.

Morgan, R.C.—On Table Miracles.

M— D— Lo Spiritismo. Pignerol.

Michelet, J.—La Sorciere.

McDonald, Rev. W.—Spiritualism identical with Ancient Sorcery, New Testament Demonology, and Modern Witchcraft.

Mahan, Rev. Asa, President of Cleveland College, Ohio.—Modern Mys&endash;teries Explained and Exposed.

Magic and Pretended Miracles.

Mattison.—Spirit‑Rapping Unveiled.

Morgan, R. G.—Inquiry into Table Turning and Spiritualism.

Macario, Dr.—Du Sommeil et Du Somnambulisme.

Mangle, Edward, A.M.—Spiritualism Fairly Tried.

Maury, A.—La Magic et L'Astrologie.

—— Les Fees. 1843.

Mayo, Herbert, M.D.—On the Truths contained in Popular Superstitions: with an Account of Mesmerism.

Morin, A S.—Du Magnetisme, et des Sciences Occultes. Paris: 1861.

——    Alcide—Philosophie Magetique. Paris: 1855.

Magic du. XIXme. Siecle. 1860.

Newton, A. E., and Mrs.—The Ministry of Angels Realized.

——    Answer to Charges of Belief in Modern Revelations, &c.

Nichols, Thomas Low, M.D.—Biography of the Brothers Davenport.

Nangle, Rev. Edw.—Spiritualism Fairly Tried, and its Phenomena Traced to their True Cause.

Novra, Henry.—Spirit Rapping made Easy.

Neale, Rev. J.—The Unseen World.

Nus, Eugene.—Les Grands Mysteres.

Owen, Hon. Robert Dale.—Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World, with Narrative Illustrations.

Oberlin.—Berichte eines Visionars Uber den Zustand der Seelen nach dem Tode. 1837.

Peron, S. Don Alverico.—La Formula del Espiritismo.

—— Un sueno filosofico.

Psellus, Michael.—Energie des Demons. 1050.

Paracelsus.—Opera Omnia. Geneva: 1658.

Perty, Prof.—Mystiche Erscheinungen der Menschlichen Natur.

Packard and Loveland.—Spirit Minstrel. A collection of ninety Familiar Tunes and Hymns, appropriate to Meetings for Spiritual Intercourse.

Penny, E.B.—Mystical Philosophy and Spirit Manifestations; Selections from the Correspondence of Louis Claude de Saint Martin, and Baron Kirchberger. Translated and Edited by Edward Burton Penny.

Powell, J. H.—Spiritualism: its Facts and Phases.

——    Mediumship: its Laws and Conditions.

Putnam, Allen.—Spirit Works, Real, but not Miraculous.

——    Natty, a Spirit; his Portrait and his Life.

—— Mesmerism, Spiritualism, Witchcraft, and Miracle. Boston, U.S. 1858.

Puysegur, Armand Marie Jacques, Marquis de.—Appel aux Savans observateurs du dix neuvieme siecle de la Decision portee par leurs predecesseurs contre le Magnetisme Animal. Paris: 1813.

—— Du Magnetisme Animal. Paris: 1807.

—— Recherches, Experiences, Observations Physiologiques sur l'Homme dans l'Etat de Somnambulisme. Paris: 1811.

Pond, Dr. E.—Familiar Spirits and Spiritual Manifestations.

Pugh, Rev. Giles.—Spiritualism: an Old Epidemic under a New Phase.

Petetin, Dr.—De l'Electricite Animale.

Page, C. G.—Psychomancy. Spirit Rapping and Table Tapping Exposed.

Pattison, John, M.D.—Spirit Rapping in Glasgow in 1864: A true Narrative. By One of those Present.

Paul, Bholanauth, M.A., Third Teacher Hindoo School.—A Discourse on Spiritualism. Calcutta: 1867.

Prichard, John, F.R.C.S.—A Few Words of Table Talk about Table Spirits, and the Rev. N. S. Godfrey's Incantations.

Pezzani, Andre.—La Pluralite des Existences de l'Ame.

—— Les Bardes Druidiques.

—— Lettres sur la question du Sommeil, du Somnambulisme et des Tables Tournantes. Lyons: 1855.

Roustaing, J. B.—Spiritisme Chretien, ou. Revelation de la Revelation.

         Les Quatres Evangiles.

Rateliffe, John Nelten.—Fiends, Ghosts and Spirits, including an account of the Origin and Nature of Belief in the Supernatural. 1854.

Randolph, Dr. Paschal, B.—Dealings with the Dead. The Human Soul&endash; its Migrations and its Transmigrations.

—— The Unveiling; or, what I think of Spiritualism. Partly in opposition to Spiritualism: this writer has since again become one of its most thorough and earnest advocates.

——    Guide to Clairvoyance.

Redman, G.—Mystic Hours, or Spiritual Experiences.

Rich, Elihu.—Glimpses of the Supernatural. Articles contributed to the Encyclopoedia Metropolitana, by the Rev. G. Smedley, W. Cooke Taylor, Rev. H. Thompson, and Elihu Rich. Edited by Elihu Rich, and first published in a separate volume under the title of The Occult Sciences.

Roessinger, M.D.—Journal de l'Ame Fragment sur L'Electricite Universelle.

Rutter, J. O. N., F.R.A.S.—Human Electricity and Magnetism.

Ramsay.—Spiritualism, a Satanic Delusion, and a Sign of the Times.

Rogers, E. C.—Philosophy of Mysterious Agents, Human and Mundane; or, the Dynamic Laws and Relations of the Natural Philosophy of the Phenomena styled Manifestations."

—— A Discussion on the Automatic Powers of the Brain; being a Defence against the Rev. Charles Beecher's Attack upon the "Philosophy of Mysterious Agents" in his "Review of Spiritual Manifestations." 1853.

Ricard.—Traite du Magnetisme Animal.

Rymer, J. S.—Spirit Manifestations. London: 1857.

Rose, J., Medium,—Revelations du Monde des Esprits, Dissertations Spirites obtenues par. Paris: 1862.

Reichenbach, Baron Karl von.——Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization and Chemism in their Relation to Vital Forces. (Translated by Dr. Ashburner‑Bailliere: 185l‑and by Professor Gregory.)

——    Odic Magnetic Letters. (Translated by J. S. Hittell.)

Richard.—Les Revolutions Inevitables.

—— Les Lois de Dieu et l'Esprit Moderne.

Remigius.—Demonolatria. 1569.

Southson. Rev. L. H.—The Word of God and Spirit Manifestations.

Smith, Francis H.—My Experiences; or, Footprints of a Presbyterian to Spiritualism.

——    Mrs. E. Oakes—Shadow‑land; or, the Seer.

Snow, Rev. Herman.—Spirit Intercourse; containing Incidents of Personal Experience while investigating the Phenomena of Spirit Thought and Action, with various communications through himself as Medium.

Spicer, Henry.—Sights and Sounds. The Mystery of the Day. Comprising an entire History of the Spirit Manifestations. 1853.

——    Facts and Fantasies. A sequel to Sights and Sounds.

——    Strange Things Among us.

Spiritual Instructor, The.—Containing Facts and the Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse.

Spiritualist, The.—Being a short Exposition of Psychology.

Squirrell, Elizabeth.—Autobiography of, and Selections from her writings; together with an examination and defence of her statements: also facts and opinions illustrative and suggestive, by one of her watchers (D. G. Goyder?).

Stence, Cyrus.—Natural History of Apparitions.

Supernatural Illumination.—Translated from the French, by Major Blight.

Szapary, Comte de.—Tables Tournantes.

Stecki, H.—Le Spiritisme dans la Bible.

Stehr, L.—Der Magnetismus als Urkraft. Berlin: 1865.

Spear, J. Murray.—The Educator.

——    Messages from the Superior State, from the Spirit of the Rev. John Murray.

Salverte, Eugene.—Sciences Occultes.

Shorter, Thomas.—The Two Worlds.

—— Confessions of a Truth Seeker.

Samson, G. W.—Spiritualism Tested; or, the Facts of its History Classified, and their Causes in Nature verified from Modern and Ancient Testimonies (The first edition was published under the title To Daimonion; or, the Spirit Medium. By Travers Oldfield.

Stilling, Jung.—Theory der Geisterkunde.

Secrets of the Invisible World Disclosed; or Universal History of Apparitions. 1738.

Soldan.—Histoire des Proces de Sorcellerie, 1843.

Sauvage, Elie.—Mirette: Roman Spirite.

Scifoni.—Lo Spiritismo. Turin.

Table Turning and Table Talking.—Reports of Experiments, &c., with Professor Faraday's Explanation.

Tiffany, Joel.—Spiritualism Explained—Twelve Lectures.

Teste, Dr.—Manual of Animal Magnetism.

Thaumaturgia, or Elucidations of the Marvellous.

Tuttle, Hudson.—Arcana of Nature.

——    Scenes in the Spirit World.

Tiedemann.—Diaputatio de quaestione, quae fuerit artium magicarum origo. 1787.

Tournier, V.—Le Spiritisme devant la Raison.

Townsend, Rev. C. H.—Facts in Mesmerism.

——    Mesmerism proved True.

Vaughan, Robert A.—Letter and Spirit. A Discourse on Modern Philosophical Spiritualism.

V—, H.—La Femme et la Philosophie Spirite.

Vavasseur.—Echos Poetiques d`outre Tombe.

Van Helmont, J. B.—Opera Omnia, Francos. 1682.

Werner.—Guardian Spirits.

Wilkinson, W. M.—Spirit Drawings. A Personal Narrative.

——    A Month's collection of Facts in spiritualism.

——    The Revival in its Physical, Psychical, and Religious Aspects.

Woodman, J. C.—Three Lectures on Spiritualism, in reply to W. T. Dwight. D.D.

Wilson, Rev. B. P.—Lectures on Spiritual Science.

——    Spirit, Discourses through.

Wallace, Alfred B., F.Z.S.—The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural.

Whiting, A. B., and Rev. S. Jones.—Three Nights' Debate on the Evidences of Modern Spiritualism.

Webster, Mrs. B.—Scepticism and Spiritualism.

Warner, G. O.—Supernal Theology; or, Life in the Spheres.

Wright, Thomas.—Narratives of Sorcery, &c. 1851.

Welton, Thomas, F.S.A.—Fascination; or, the Art of Electro‑Biology.

Welby, H.—Mysteries of Life, Death, and Futurity.

——    Predictions Realized in Modern Times.

Williams, Howard, M.A.—The Superstitions of Witchcraft. 1866.

Wier, Johan.—De Prestigiis.

Wood, Alexander, M.D.—What is mesmerism? Edinburgh 1851.

Xefolius, Manuel de, 1788; redige en 1862.

Y‑a‑t‑il une Vie Future? Par un Revenant.

Zillah, the Child‑Medium.